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Review #1, by Drobbles My life? Yes, it sucks.

9th May 2011:
Loving the story, really looking forward to updates.

I'm confused about one thing though. Is Ron not a prefect? If I recall correctly only professors can give prefects detentions. Since Draco gave Ron detention that would mean that Ron's not a prefect.

Author's Response: Ugh, I thought of that too >.< I should have put something about it in the authors note. Ron is a prefect, but to move the story into the next phase I needed to put that in there. =/
Thanks for the review, and I am glad you are enjoying it despite some obvious turn arounds with cannon.
:D Candace

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Review #2, by RidikulusTheory My life? Yes, it sucks.

8th May 2011:
Candace, what a plot twist! I never would have guessed Gwen being placed in gryffindor. Ravenclaw? Perhaps. But not with the gryffies!
Ginger and the Bush-Baby? Oh my merlin, you are too hilarious!
Thanks for the brills chapter!

Author's Response: xD I like calling my red-headed friend in RL "ginger" so it just popped in. I'm glad you like it! I am trying to make it a little lighter than my previous stories
ps, thanks for the wonderful review!

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Review #3, by kathy My life? Yes, it sucks.

8th May 2011:
omg! this sounds really interesting! Im so excited to find out what happens now that she is in Gryffindor!

Author's Response: Well, let me tell you, hilarity (hopefully) ensues.
;D Thanks for the awesome review and I am so glad you are enjoying the story!

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Review #4, by RidikulusTheory Flying Lessons for the Athletically Challenged

18th April 2011:
I forgive you. I can see how Draco can obviously have a charming side to him...Just with a selected few. After all, he has those pure-blood manners that everyone talks about *rolls eyes*.
Anyways, I love the chapter and can't wait to read more :)

Author's Response: :D You've just given me the inspiration I was needing to continue this story. Chapter three will be up soon!
EMILY! Once again you've inspired me. You can't keep doing that...people will start to talk.

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Review #5, by RidikulusTheory Hello, I (don't) love you

18th April 2011:
Aha! Candace you have done it again! I absolutely love Guinie, and I'm thinking that she might be a bit of a wild child once you really get to know her. Maybe she doesn't even know it yet ;)
So, I'm off to read the next chappie, which I'm sure will be positively brills!
Thanks for the lovely chapter!
P.S: I'm flattered that you call me your inspiration, and though I may have inspired you, the talent is all yours :)

Author's Response: Oh I just love writing Guine. I can't wait to get to the real character developing chapters with her. :D
I'm glad you like her too. I am just in love with this story. I should really have waited to become a TA before posting (now) two WIP's. But I just couldn't wait. This and Measure of a Man will be being updated alternately until I become a TA or the stories are complete!
The next chapter brings Hogwarts, Sorting, and other disasters!

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Review #6, by Theninjamooo Flying Lessons for the Athletically Challenged

13th April 2011:
Ooh! I remember!
It was neither witty, nor important, I just wanted to tell you I (stupidly) couldn't find your story because of the banner! It looks good, by the way!

Author's Response: :D Thanks, I really like it too.

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Review #7, by Theninjamoo Flying Lessons for the Athletically Challenged

13th April 2011:
Ahh! Foreshadows! If I'm right, and she's sorted into Gryffindor, I'm a little torn between whether or not I'm happy. I am SO stuck on their relationship! I like that Draco's all gentleman-ly to her but I feel that it might all be a facade and all he wants is her money! My head is spinning - I'm going mad!
I hope that Fred and George make an appearance... Hint hint... It needn't be anything serious or main just for them to pop in with their crazy antics.
Keep writing!
P.S I had something to say; it was either really witty or it seemed nessecary... I hate my brain for forgetting things! Well, this wasn't it but I may as well say: I cannot, repeat CANNOT, spell her name so is it okay if I just call her 'G' for now? I hope so because you don't reall have a choice... >:=)

Author's Response: Yes, the banner. *nods wisely*
I'm going to hopefully be getting changed. Soon, this one is pretty but before I re-opened it there was one that was...just beautiful.
And who know, maybe Guenevere has to meet Ron's family, maybe Fred/George will be there. Then again...maybe not ;D
I am so glad you are liking the story so far! I hope chapter three doesn't disappoint!
PS. You may call her 'G'. When I first picked the name I had to keep looking at the google tab to spell it right. xD

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Review #8, by TheSerpentsTongue Flying Lessons for the Athletically Challenged

11th April 2011:
I'm so excited for this story! Please try and get another update out as fast as humanly possible :)

Also, I completely understand where you are having Draco's attitude come from. I could definitely see him acting that way around someone whom he wants to impress and be liked.

I can't wait until we get some Ronald Weasley action thought ;D


Author's Response: I am SO glad you like it.
:D This review made my day!
I am currently in love with this story so updates will be faster, I've put my third story on Hiatus to keep the updates for this one coming faster.
Thanks for the amazing review

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Review #9, by theninjamoo Hello, I (don't) love you

9th April 2011:
Wow, this was SCARILY good. I found you as a reviewer of ''I'll Catch You'', and, I've got to say, I was hooked by the time you said 'chums'. Ah, what a brilliant word...
I really enjoy the way you explain the aesthetics of the story; some writers don't do it, and I have a really weak imagination... Hehe.
Grr, this is one of those stories I'll be checking up on everyday to see if you've updated yet, isn't it? Yeah, it is.
10/10! Fahbuuulous dahhrrling!
P.S First reviewer! Gimme a cookie!

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, this review is love!
Thanks so so much, I was getting worried, thinking people weren't liking it when it is so much fun to write.
Chapter two is being validated as I type this. :D
I'm really glad you're enjoying it. Right now it is my favorite of all my WIPs.
Ps. *gives virtual cookies for being first reviewer*!

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