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Review #1, by Jane No, No, No

5th January 2014:
Aw that was really great! Scorpius is sooo adorable! Great job with Rose's voice in her head, it sounds just like what I imagine her to be :)

Author's Response: Thanks! Reviews are always appreciated :)

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Review #2, by slytherinchica08 No, No, No

7th July 2011:
I thought this was cute. I liked the inner banter that she had going on during the chapter and i like that last bit as well "no witty comeback, no oscer-winning line. no. i have to go with oh, thanks." for some reason i think that is a great ending. A very interesting idea. Great Job.


Author's Response: Aww, thanks, Chica :')

Yeah, I was pretty proud of that line haha, glad you like it too :)

Thanks for reading dear!


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Review #3, by chocoholic907 No, No, No

9th April 2011:
Ha ha ha :D
love this
she seems like a squirrel on a chocolate high
any chance of you continuing it?
Pretty please??

Author's Response: "A squirrel on a chocolate high" :D I'm putting the in my Author's note :D

Thank you for leaving a review

As for continuing it, probably a no. I already have a WIP and an Abandoned that I should probably get back to at some point.

But, I might :D You've planted a little seed of thought that I should hehe

Thank you so much for reading!!


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