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Review #1, by Billion Goodbye, Hello

5th November 2011:
Nice first chapter. Your writing captures the characters very well - their ways of talking and acting are spot on. The little details and observations here and there - Slughorn's double chin, Ginny thinking Hermione was talking about Dumbledore, Dean's lingering feelings - give a to put it...lived-in feeling to your HP world. Like everything is just continuing along from canon (which it is, but so many other stories make the post-battle environment into a completely different reality). A big reason I think is because you've brought back characters we're fairly familiar with and that are organic to the HP setting. I don't know if what I'm trying to say is coming across, but anyway. Love the mood, loving the characterizations and the characters you choose to include. I can't wait to see where this story and the relationships between these various characters goes!

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Review #2, by Darylle Goodbye, Hello

19th July 2011:
Hi Mr.Darcy! I really like your other fic Crimes of Passion, I was wondering how can I contact you like twitter.@hellodadasaur that's mine I hope we keep in touch!

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Review #3, by dead_poet Goodbye, Hello

11th April 2011:
hey there,
i'm very curoius where your plot will take me! i'm such a great fan of "crimes of passion" and its sequel. this story will take another path because it is set one year after the final battle when hermione is still a teenager.
i really loved this first chapter. your characters are well sorted-out and this scenario you describe within the walls of rebuild hogwarts left me intrigued.
i'm looking forward to the next chapter to get a glimpse of draco's part in the story!
kind regards, christel

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Review #4, by Mystery Goodbye, Hello

8th April 2011:
this is awesome post more

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Review #5, by Ehlana Goodbye, Hello

24th March 2011:
Uh, I really like this!! Keep on the good work!!

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Review #6, by Daisiana Goodbye, Hello

24th March 2011:
A really lovely opening chapter, you've set it up so nicely and it doesn't seem to be as predictable as I expected. A very good description of Draco and I have to say I ADORE the part with Ron and Hermione as she gets on the train, beautiful. I've added this story to my favourites, and I can't wait for another chapter. 8/10 (I'd give you higher, but it's the first chapter, and I can't judge too quickly.)
-Daisy x

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Review #7, by gran/ger Goodbye, Hello

24th March 2011:
Thank you for a very fine opener! I know it can be difficult to write well when your chapters are long; but you've managed to. It would be nice if all future episodes were as lengthy; but I'll take what comes. Looking forward to your next posting.

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