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Review #1, by Ms V Chapter Four : Transition

20th July 2011:
I like your story a lot. Can't wait for an update! :)

Author's Response: why, thank you! :)
I'll try to hammer out a new chapter as soon as i can!

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Review #2, by Woodrow Rynne Chapter Two : Shock

14th June 2011:
Thanks for the heads-up. It would help a lot ;)

So, this was the only chapter I hadn't reviewed, so I thought I might as well.

I loved Raj Agarwal character! Poor Myra :P.

Oh, no, your characters aren't similar at all. They already have their unique personalities( something I find rather hard to develop).

Well done!

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Review #3, by Woodrow Rynne Chapter Four : Transition

12th June 2011:
I look forward to finally seeing Oliver! Are you from India, too? Because I am, as well. I dunno why I'm saying that..I'm just saying.

Don't get discouraged by the lack of reviews. I've started my first fic as well and I face the same problem-o.

There's a question I've been wanting to ask someone, so i hope you'll be able to help me with that. How do i get a banner? I've registered at TDA, so do I just need to start a new thread and post a request? I would be grateful if you could tell me that. :)

Author's Response: Your reviews made my day! :D
I'll try to get Oliver in the next chapter, and I too look forward to writing him!
Yuss, I'm from India. I decided to do an Indian OC cos I felt I'd be able to do better justice to her character.
I'll try to check out your story asap! :)
As for the banner, I too had issues with it first.
Anyway, go to the request banners arena and log-in. You'll see a thread with the guidelines in how to request a banner. And a blueprint of how to type out the reqest. Copy the blueprint.
Now go back to the request banners arena and you'll see a whole bunch of requests. And a button in the corner that says 'new topic'. Click on that and paste the blue-print you have copied.
Fill it out accordingly.
Read the guidelines. They are helpful.
I think that should do it. :)
Thanks again for the lovely reviews!

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Review #4, by Woodrow Rynne Chapter Three : Stress Cardiomyopathy

12th June 2011:
I don't know why your fic doesn't have more reviews. i love the way you write, the characters are very deftly etched and i love the twists.
The main character's thoughts are WAy funny.
This one's going to my favs for sure. :)

Author's Response: Gah! The lack of reviews has been a downer! But I'm writing for me, so it's okay.
I'm glad you find the characters 'deftly etched'. I fear making the characters far too similar to each other and i'm happy that you seem to disagree.
Thank you for favouriting this story and your review! :)

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Review #5, by Woodrow Rynne Chapter One : Migraine

12th June 2011:
This. is. brilliantly. written. I laughed the whole time while reading this.
Very good job. the ending was epic!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it and it made you laugh!
Thanks for the review! :)

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Review #6, by Hermiohninny Chapter Four : Transition

10th June 2011:
Hahahahahahahahhahahahah I love it. Please continue:)

Author's Response: i definitely will!
Thanks for the review!:)

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Review #7, by SB Chapter Three : Stress Cardiomyopathy

9th June 2011:
This is actually pretty funny so far, and I bet it gets better when Oliver comes in! Anyways love it and can't wait until you post the next chapter. Please don't make it to long!

Author's Response: Hey!
Thanks for the review! :)
The next chapter is upp!
And i intend to get Oliver in at the fifth chapter, so keep your eyes peeled (or is it pealed? i always get confused...)
Enjoy chapter number four! :)

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Review #8, by Nyx Chapter Three : Stress Cardiomyopathy

23rd April 2011:
Wow you update so fast!!! You've decreased the pace of your chapter and so it's even better now. Nice banner!

Author's Response: Hi!
Yeah, i had a pacing problem. I did try to slow it down. I'm glad it worked! :)
Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by EatingLemons Chapter One : Migraine

7th April 2011:
Hi. :) In case you see this first, I left an actual review on the second chapter. I just wanted to correct something- I told you how to get to the place where you can request banners, but I am stupid and told you the longest route possible. -_-'
All you'd need to do is click the link in the sidebar of this page that says "The Dark Arts"

Haha, sorry. ;D

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Review #10, by EatingLemons Chapter Two : Shock

7th April 2011:
Hi! Sorry it took me so long to review- school's been hectic. I should probably tell you that I'm not very good at reviews, so I apologize for that.

Anyway, so I definitely like the concept of the plot and I've always been a fan of Oliver stories. :D The setting is really refreshing as well- most every story takes place at Hogwarts so this is a welcome change of pace. Are you from India? The writing is good although sometimes the pacing is a little too quick. I have that problem as well. :/ The best thing you can do to improve your writing is to write (haha) and every now and again, read what you've written so you can figure out what you can improve on (maybe not as often as me, though... I've been thinking about re-writing chapter 1 again.)

Also, if you want more people to read your story, I'd recommend going to the forums and requesting a banner for your story. I'll confess that I generally don't read stories without banners and they have some AWESOME artists there. If you're not sure where the banners are, go to the "Help Needed" subforum and then there's subforum for requesting banners. You don't have to get a banner, obviously, I just think it'd help. :)

Don't get discouraged just because people aren't reviewing- that doesn't mean they aren't reading!

Author's Response: hi!
yes, i am from india. so, i decided to do something i'm familiar with.
as for the pacing problem, yeah you're absolutely right.
but the reason i haven't provided the complete description of the characters is because i didn't want to shove info on the readers in one go. over the next few chapters, we'll get to know more about them. also, i'm an impatient person. this is kinda coming out in my writing, i think. :p
i'll keep it in mind to slow the story down though!
as for the banner, i had quite some problem grasping on how to get about doing it, but now dream_BIG at tda has agreed to make one for me! so that should be up soon.
the lack of a banner did affect readership, i know.
Thanks for the help and the lovely review! :)

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Review #11, by Nyx Chapter One : Migraine

28th March 2011:
Well done!!! First of all good vocab!! And secondly, India?! That's wonderfully refreshing and courageous at the same time... looking forward to reading the next chp. Is the new patient Wood? Keep up the good work!!

Author's Response: Nyx!!
thank you for reviewing. you're the very first, so i'm kicked about that. :)
and no unfortunately, wood won't be the new patient 'cause i really don't see any reason for him to be admitted for physiotherapy at an indian hospital. =P
i went with an indian OC cause i felt i'd be able to do her justice rather than try to write a character from a country i'm not familiar with.
and as for oliver, he'll be appearing in about 5 chapters or so. she has to shift to the uk first.
the new chapter should be out really soon!
thanks for the lovely review! :)

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