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Review #1, by LeeAnn Flying Lessons

10th December 2012:
This is quite depressing. I've nearly cried at least once every chapter. That being said: the story is brilliant. The idea of incorporating a very muggle illness into the story was brilliant. Your characters are very likeable, and relate able.
I look forward to reading more of it.

Author's Response: Sorry it's been way too long since I've looked at this and even longer since I've updated! (Right, well, I was in Europe for seven months and have been working on an OF in that time but still!) I'm glad that the story's become close to your heart as it has to mine! Someday (we all hope soon) I will update the story! We'll see if any readers have stuck around! :P Thanks for your lovely compliments! I truly appreciate it!

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Review #2, by AJPotter Flying Lessons

8th April 2012:
Good story, can't wait for Chapter seven to be up.

Keep it up,


Author's Response: Thank you very much! :)


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Review #3, by Phoenix_Flames Six Months.

27th March 2012:
Hello there! I'm here to review swap with you like I said I would on the forums! If you're not interested in swapping with me, that's totally fine! I understand things come up or you may not see something on my page that you're interested in. But I'm glad I told you that I would swap with you because I think I have absolutely fallen in love with this story already!

It is absolutely brilliant. So unique! You had me at the very beginning. I'm in love with Laura. She seems like such a great girl, and I feel awful for her that she is going through this. But you're writing everything so well. Just with this first chapter, I can tell how strong of a girl she is. She's so brave, and I love her characteristics! Not only is she original with the cancer, but her traits also make her anything but Mary Sue! Like how she isn't particularly fond of Quidditch - It also makes sense for her, being a muggle born, that Quidditch isn't exactly her sport! - and the dialogue you give her to show personality. Like the wheelchair thing, brilliant I believe!

Ah, and then Oliver Wood of all people! I can't wait to see how this unfolds. I'll be reviewing more and more throughout the day, so you can expect to hear from me soon! :)

I think this is great! I didn't see really any mistakes, and you have a very unique and beautiful way to write from Laura's perspective; you've done a great job with bringing the story to life! And I also think you're doing a fine job with the cancer so far. I know how it feels to write a disease like that that you have to try and get accurate. In one of my stories, James II is epileptic and it was difficult to be accurate with that, so I know what it's like. But you're doing great!

Fantastic job! I'm already in love!


Author's Response: Hi! I am so so sorry if you thought I wasn't going to follow through with my end of the review! It was just like right after I posted the review swap status my niece woke up from her nap and then I had to go to work :/ So that's why it came so late! I thought you had so many interesting stories on your page that it was actually incredibly hard to choose which one I wanted to do! But all in all, I'm glad I chose the one I did! ;)

Anyway, I'm really glad you like this story! This one needs some edits that I'm mostly too lazy to go through and add, but plan to get around to eventually, maybe even this weekend, but I am really proud of it. Also, Laura's story has become really dear and near to my own heart so I can't help but follow through with it!

Aww, you are really so sweet! This has really made my day! :D I'm really glad you said what you did about her not being a Mary-Sue, because that's exactly what I was trying to stay away from. Actually from the beginning, Laura's story came about for a challenge (can't remember if I mentioned it or not in the story note anywhere) and I was trying to come up with a legitimate reason as to why Laura would be a wallflower while still being original so that is where the cancer bit emerged from!

I've loved the Oliver/OC pairing ever since I read justonemorefic's Game, so I wanted to explore what my Oliver would be like and how he would respond to a situation like this! :) I do write a couple chapters here and there (only one so far, but another one will be coming up with the next few chapters) in his POV so you can see how he sees things! :)

Thank you so much again! :) Yes, the cancer thing was big for me- like I said, I did a lot of research but I'm no doctor! However, I think, just like you mentioned, it's hard to be accurate, but that not that many people are really going to challenge you if they aren't doctors anyway! :P And I'll have to check that one out, is it the one about him being a Seer?

I hope you have a fantastic rest of your day and thanks so much for swapping with me! :)


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Review #4, by SexyDoorFrames My Mum

27th March 2012:
Hey :) This was another well written chapter. I love the fact that she's going to make the most of what she's got, it's a good decision but so heartbreaking at the same time. You're writing the emotion throughout the story really well at the moment. I adore her relationship with her father. I can't wait to learn more about her mother either. I can't wait to see what else happens and especially in the end too, you've created such an interesting story and I'm really liking it so far.

Author's Response: Hi again! :) Thanks for the review, I really appreciate the time you took out of your day to do it! And yeah, for me, as the creator of Laura, I feel everything she feels so it was heartbreaking for me to have her give up on treatment even though that meant she could finally have the life she'd always dreamed of having but was too scared to ever pursue. I actually modeled her relationship with her dad after my own, because I think in this kind of situation where she didn't have anyone else, she should at least have an amazing father :) Thanks again for the review Keely!


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Review #5, by apocalypse Flying Lessons

26th March 2012:
Hey! This is apocalypse, here with your review!

I think that I'll address your biggest concern first and then move on to discuss the minor ones. Overall I think that Laura is quite a strong character for your story. You've created her well and are doing a well enough job with maintaining her originality. Initially, I couldn't get why you were so worried about her but as I read along I did see some changes in her personality so I could see why you were worried that she might have drifted away from herself.

Firstly, I think that you should stop worrying about it too much. At the the start of the story, Laura was narrated her story, described her situation in a very good manner; she showed that she had already accepted her fate and that she knew that her death was inevitable. Her feelings regarding her cancer were described very well, so I liked her from the start. You were successful in making your readers feel sorry for her and sympathize with her.

The first thing I noticed that I thought I should mention here was the lack of description. I don't think that the small amount of description would have been a problem had this not been a narration. Moreover, I remember Laura emphasizing the fact that she was very observant and that nothing escaped her eyes. As I've read all six chapters, there were about three occasions where she proved herself to be observant enough and notice things around her. Apart from that I don't think that there was anything else that suggested that that characteristic actually existed in her.

As this is a narration, you need to focus more on tiny details that Laura is most likely to notice given her observant side. For instance, perhaps a shortcut while she was going to the hospital; or a mental note to herself to avoid the broken step on a particular staircase, or even something like the fact that Professor Dumbledore passes through the second floor corridor every evening. These are tiny and very insignificant details if you read them like this in this review but trust me, if things like these were in your story, Laura's character would have another dimension.

Also, there doesn't seem to be very less description of the people she's around. Once again, if she looks at the people so much, she should describe them that much too, don't you think? I don't know if you'll agree with me but I felt that all this could make your story better. =)

I do think that you're doing a good job with her relationship with her father. You've maintained the friendship between them and have described the tension very well. I'm glad that she has such a strong companion in her life who gives her strength despite his own sadness. Also, I think that her first conversation with Oliver was great. Even though she might have gotten a wee bit too sarcastic, it paid off well and did not sound weird after reading the entire scene. So good job there =)

Now, moving on to the part where she found out that she had six months to live. Although you did a great job with her feelings and the way she adjusted with everything, I think that perhaps you did it too soon. Of course, we all know that we have to die and she knew that it had been coming ever since she had been ten but suddenly, she had lost the little hope she had had since the past five years and now she knew that the moments she had lost in her life, refusing to try and live before, they were all gone and were not coming back and that now her future was limited too. I just think that despite the five years she had had to adjust, she should've taken more than just a few minutes to accept the information that she had only six months to live. However, that's just my opinion and you can leave it as it is. =)

When I said that I could see why you were concerned over Laura's character being changed over the course of the story, I meant that I had seen the change. But, that change wasn't a negative one and wouldn't really have a negative affect on your story. You see, what I felt was that the fact that she's changing is actually good and should be there. She's promised to live her life fully, right? So that's bound to bring in some changes for her. Yes, the change might not be as gradual as you wanted it to be, but the girl has six months left to live, I don't think that any change during that period of time can be called gradual. Laura's transformation from a quite person to a talkative one doesn't seem too inappropriate seeing as how you've justified it all very nicely. It all fits and makes complete sense.

I really like the way you've characterised Oliver! His Quidditch obsession is on the surface but you're doing a good job with balancing it all out in his thoughts! It was fun to see him trying to find Laura; the Penelope Clearwater conversation was very entertaining. =P

Ah, I think that Heather is a very good person to be there for Laura. You created perfect circumstances for her to tell Heather though I think that her announcement came out very abruptly. She needed to say it, yes, but the moment she chose didn't seem to fit in with the dialogue. Perhaps you could take a look at that.

Believability: I think that the entire concept is believable. So far the story is developing well and the details of her life have been planned very brilliantly. Her attempt at flying is good way of making her start with the changes in her life and I think that it was very cute of Oliver to interrupt her lesson like that. =P

The flow and the pacing of the story are fine too. =) I read all the chapter in one go so i was unable to review everything separately and decided to just give you combined review. Hope that's okay and that I addressed your concerns. Akh, this review is definitely the longest I've ever written! Nevertheless, if you still need to me to comment on anything else, feel free to PM me. =) Until next time, Good Luck and Happy Writing! =D

Author's Response: I'm going to have to PM you my response to this as it exceeded the length allowed! :P


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Review #6, by Jesabelle Flying Lessons

25th March 2012:
My God . . . Do my eyes decieve me, Another chapter. Egads! : )

I'm Glad to see more up, truely. Your story though chapters few and far between in still one of my favorites.

Right onto the good stuff, WOW go Laura. It was so good to see her stop the fighting like that, step in an sort things out, its good because it adds a nice new dimention onto her personaity and shows that though she doesnt often seam to speak up she can if she wants to . . . i like it alot.

Marian. . . dissapointed that she let Oliver ruin it for Laura, not to say im not glad that Oliver is now her teacher (nice by the way) by so fickle. I'd like to see her apoligise later for that maybe we could get to see Laura choose to stay with Oliver as her Flying coach.

I do have one thing to ask though, please dont keep Oliver out of the loop on her sickness to long, i bet you probably already have an idea about how the story is going to go, and oliver not knowing is probably a part of that but i cant help but thing how amazing it would be to see Oliver, take it on board then see the passion he would put into helping her achieve her goals. I guess I cant see the same determination from him without him knowing about her cancer.

I loved the way Heather was so supportive and pushed her to get some help with flying! i like the way their friendship is going so much. though i can imagine Heather acidently letting the truth about Laura being sick slip, Accident being the key word.

Any who, thanks for submitting more.
Cant wait till the next chapter!

Author's Response: You do, you do! :D Hi! Nice to see you again! ^_^

Aww, that really made me smile!

That's what I wanted to portray of her, and I'm afraid of her characterization changing, but, as she becomes more confident in living her life, I do want her to be able to do things she wouldn't normally do. And you're right, she wouldn't normally speak up or interject herself into a conversation because she usually prefers watching, but in this special case she does it because she knows she'll lose her nerve if she doesn't ask her request as soon as possible.

Ah yes, well, don't hate her too much! Oliver Wood can be quite... infuriating. But yes, Marian makes a few appearances later on, though it's not as if she becomes a major major character, but I like her well enough to make hers a reocurring role :)

Bah, well, actually, these chapters don't leave much time in between them. The first chapter is set on Nov. 1, and this last chapter is actually only set like a week and a half later, so do remember that if it seems like it takes awhile for Laura to open up to poor 'ol Ollie! She won't be telling him before Holiday Break, but sometime after that is when I have it planned ;) I completely agree about needing Oliver to play some part in helping Laura truly Live her Life ;) Although, I don't want it to take a huge A Walk to Remember path, I'm trying to stay away from that as much as possible!

I can see that too, now that you mention it! We'll have to see what happens there and yes, Heather is trying to be as supportive of a friend as she can be! :)

Thanks so much for your lovely long review! It really made my day to see you back and continuing with Laura's story!


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Review #7, by SexyDoorFrames Six Months.

24th March 2012:
Hey :) This was really good! Laura is a really interesting character, I really like what you've done with her so far, she seems well rounded and very thought out. She's quite realistic too. I also think the premise you've got here is quite interesting and I've enjoyed reading your take on it. There wasn't any typos that I could spot and it flowed naturally throughout. Thanks for a wonderful review swap.

Author's Response: Hi! Wow, you all reviewed a different story, that was so cool! Haha. I'm glad you liked this! This is one of the projects I'm DETERMINED to complete! I've taken long breaks from it, but I've promised myself I WILL complete it! :P

I'm glad you like Laura! She's one of my favorite OC's I've ever created, just because she's so different from anyone else I've thought of! Thanks for doing the review swap with me! :D


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Review #8, by casa_bella Flying Lessons

24th March 2012:
Ooh, cool story! Update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you! And I am trying! I hope to get something in the queue during this week sometime!


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Review #9, by daliha Flying Lessons

22nd March 2012:
I can't wait to see her flying lesson with Ollie :P Though poor Marian I do hope se gets an apology.

And I just wonder what Heather has to say about all this :)

Again another wonderful chapter and I love your portrayal of Oliver, it's spot on.

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for reviewing and reading this chapter! :)

Yeah, I know, she was only trying to help after all! Ollie just needs to get his sensitive manliness out now... err, righhhtt ;)

Sorry if I sound loopy! I probably shouldn't be responding to this on 3 hours of sleep but I decided to anyway! So yeah, there's an excuse! ;)

You'll see Heather's reaction in the beginning of chapter seven, don't worry! :) Thanks so much for this lovely review!


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Review #10, by daliha The Right Thing to Do

20th March 2012:
Don't worry there are people who are still reading (me being one :D) This story is one of the few first person POV stories I've read and liked. Laura is a fantastic narrator, she's likable, and despite being at death's door she's not overly angsty or anything of the sort.

My favorite part was when she started praying for Heather's brother.

Now I'm off to the next chapter.

Author's Response: Oh I am so glad to see there are some people left!!! :) That's interesting that you don't like those kinds of stories normally! I'm glad you like this one though ;)

I am really glad you see that about Laura, because that's exactly what I've wanted to portray about her!

That was sweet, wasn't it? :)

Thanks so much for the lovely review and for keeping with the story even though it's been forever since there's been an update! :)


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Review #11, by biggest potterhead Flying Lessons

20th March 2012:
Such a great story :) I love it. Laura's such a lovable character and I cant wait to learn more about her. Curse myself for not finding this story sooner! It's pretty original and that's what I really love about it.
I was really disappointed when there wasn't a next chapter. I don't know if it's really the awesome writing or I'm just a sucker for Oliver/OC stories.
Nah, It's the awesome writing :)
I cannot wait for more Laura and Oliver interactions! And his friends sound very interesting and funny. I'd love more of them too. Maybe they get to meet Laura and totally embarrass Oliver in front of her.
By the way, Oliver sounds very believable in this story and I love how you did that. You write him very well and thank Jesus Laura isn't a Mary-Sue. She's not one in the slightest. :)
Cant wait for more!
-Biggest Potterhead

Author's Response: Hi! Thanks so much for the lovely review! :) It's okay, there are a lot of stories on the site that I'm sure I was reading too, but what with over 70,000 up, that's just not really pliable! :P

I try to update once a month at least now, since I have four WIPS that I try to update that often and it's a struggle, but I really am going to see this story through, so don't you worry! :) I, too, am a sucker for a good Oliver/OC story, hehe!

Yeah, that really will be fun, won't it! :) I'll be sure to fit in a scene with them for you soon! ;) I'm really glad you said that about Oliver and Laura as for me, as a writer, characterization and believability of a character are of the utmost importance to me. I was actually worried that in this chapter, Laura was behaving oddly, but I'm glad you thought she was alright!

Thanks again for such a day-brightening review! I really appreciate it!


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Review #12, by Jesabelle The Right Thing to Do

18th October 2011:
Oh no! Poor Heather, I did not see that coming! Thats terrible. Im glad she told her though and I think it fits Laura perfectly to go with her as support. Wow Heather took the news suprisingly well, no shock or disbelief or anything.
Dont let her brother die though that would just be too sad, or if you do maybe a cool scene would be laura talking to him about what its like to know your dying. Might be a good way to hear what shes thinking.
MORE OLIVER . . . Please : )
Oh and im begging you, please dont take as long again, I was wondering if you had given up!
Jess : )

Author's Response: Hi dear! Ahh my one faithful fan! :) Good to see you didn't give up on the story at least! :) It is terrible :/ It wasn't the situation I had planned, it was actually that I was going to have Heather and Michael (her boyfriend) break up, but I thought it was too trivial, and that it would weaken the scene where Laura told her she was dying so I changed it around.

I know what you mean by that, and I think the real reason I did that was because you have to remember that Laura and Heather were not good friends before, because Laura didn't let anyone in. She talked to Heather some (probably more than she did anyone else at Hogwarts) but she never allowed herself to get close to Heather because of her sickness.

That's a good idea, and I'll definitely keep it in mind... I'm undecided there now, though. I've created another subplot and it'll probably turn into another monster :P

He will be coming up! Within the next chapter I do believe (: Don't you worry!

I'm going to do my best not to do that long period of time again! I hate not writing. I haven't started Ch. 6 yet, but I'm going away for vacation for awhile and plan on starting it once I get back. (:


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Review #13, by Sana Finding Her

12th September 2011:
Please update this story soon! This is really nice.

Author's Response: Hi there, thank you for the review and for reading my story! (: I am trying my hardest to write some more for this story, unfortunately, RL is keeping me from it, but I have over half of it finished so keep your eyes open for the next chapter! :)


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Review #14, by Starkidfaith A Place to Start

22nd July 2011:
I have to say, Laura's dad seems like one of the best dads on the planet. He's so kind and understanding and has been through so much. I'm glad we're learning more and more about Laura each chapter too. I cannot wait to read more of this story! :)

Author's Response: Doesn't he though? He's modeled after my dad, haha, whom I love very much. ;) I guess in a way I'm kind of writing Laura as myself and how I would hope I could respond to situations if I were in her place so it was only fitting that my dad be my model for her dad! I'm glad you like it so far (:

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Review #15, by Starkidfaith My Mum

22nd July 2011:
I love her decision, I would probably do that too. I have a feeling the end of this story is going to make me cry, either of happiness or sadness, I don't know what you have up your sleeve. I cannot wait to see her open up to people! :)

Author's Response: Hey again! I'm glad you respected her decision to do that! I just didn't see any other way for the story to go (: Haha and you won't know until the end! *insert evil laugh here* I actually still am not sure about how I'm going to end it... xD Yes, there will be a lot of that coming up! :)

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Review #16, by Starkidfaith Six Months.

22nd July 2011:
So I'm finally here with your reviews since you won my challenge! Sorry I'm so late! But this story is unlike anything I've ever read, I've never read a fanfiction where someone has gotten cancer! I'm so intrigued by this idea, definitely going into my favorites! :)

Author's Response: Hey there SKF! It's totally fine, I understand completely how that goes T_T Never have any time! I'm glad you liked the first chapter, it's something I think will be going somewhere, so yeah, I'm very proud of it!


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Review #17, by LovelyMioneWeasley (not signed in) Finding Her

15th July 2011:
Hi, the site is having difficulties so I'm not signed in for this review, but I wanted to go ahead and leave you a review because you requested so nicely from me and I was so anxious to come over and read it when I had some free time. And I did---have free time I mean! :)

Anyway, enough rambling and back to the story, I will definitely be expressing my feelings about Oliver but first, I wanted to comment on the really exciting things I liked about this chapter as standout things from other stories.

Number one, I like the use of Heather and I like the idea that you may or may not use her as the close girl friend that Laura needs and deserves! I loved that you used Penelope Clearwater and still displayed her as an unlikeable snob. I think that she comes across as generally unlikeable from JKR but I'm glad to see a minor character utilized. And she stayed in character the entire time! It was a very well done section.

I also liked that you included boys that weren't necessairly on the Quidditch team that Oliver could be friends with because sometimes, authors tend to just stick to the twins and not give Oliver any other options for male friends. He is certainly the type to me to have laidback other friends that he knows from his dorm or his House. I was generally impressed by all that.

Now, I found Oliver's perspective totally believable because I think there was enough focus on Quidditch without seeming like he only had a one track mind. Oliver would seem like the type to intensely focus on things especially involving Quidditch that comes across believable. And it's that attitude and way of thinking that makes it believable for Oliver to be bothered and rather focused on finding out who Laura is. I did find it kind of odd that he mentally reassured himself that he didn't need to be thinking about her because of school and the team. It makes it seem like there is romantic intention behind for me, and I feel like it could be worded or communicated across that it is more like he is reassuring himself that his curiosity has been satiated. Not that he needs to stop thinking about it but rather going with denial. That just might be me personally but it just came across as a little romantic comedy cliche to me. That was my only complaint though!

I'm glad to see that you are sticking with this story! I wish you best of luck and hope that you are enjoying writing this!


Author's Response: Hello hun! (: Thanks for getting to this so quickly! And I suppose the site is back up now or I wouldn't be able to respond to this, so that's good!

Is it a bad thing to tell you that I absolutely LOVED writing that scene? It was so much fun. Haha. She is such an underrated character, and I often wish I would see more of her in fanfiction stories! I also, though I have seen her portrayed differently, had to make her seem the way I pictured her, as a stuck up snob. I mean... otherwise, why in the world would Percy date her? xD

I like his guy friends a lot, too. Although I don't obviously have guy friends like that, and so I apologize if it seemed a little cliche (but that's what, having observed guys hanging out together, I thought would most likely happen) And I think that Oliver is a likeable enough guy that he would have some other guy friends that aren't necessarily on the Quidditch team.

Okay. Here we go. Onto Oliver, haha. That's honestly what I was going for. Yes, Oliver can get obsessive about Quidditch. But he can ALSO get obsessive in other areas as well as that's just his personality! And that's why I agree with you that he can get obsessive about finding someone, especially if he things he should know who she is already as my beta pointed out to me!

Also, I think you're right about this part, and it's something I didn't notice! I just kind of wrote it as a way to wrap up the chapter, and as I'm sure you know, eventually there will be a romance between L & O, so perhaps I somehow channeled that? At any rate, I think your reasoning makes sense, that he would not be thinking romantically about her at this point at all. It was more like she was a riddle that he had to solve. And so I think I'll change that (:

See, I tell you, your reviews not only make my day but they also help me a ton! So thank you so so much again! :)


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Review #18, by Ana Finding Her

12th July 2011:
will you be writting more?

Author's Response: I definitely plan on it! :) I'm going to try and have Chapter Five in the queue before I leave on a two week vacation on Monday, so keep your eyes on the queue! :) Thanks for taking the time to read & review!


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Review #19, by LilyFire Finding Her

11th July 2011:
It's wonderful! Really, I loved it. Oliver is great and seems to be pretty much like the Oliver from the books (and nothing like Rose ;) ). I like how you had him wanting to know Laura's name and how Heather counts Laura as a friend, even if she is closed off. It's still a wonderful story. I can't wait to read the rest.

Author's Response: Lily! :) Thank you so much dear! It's great to see you liked it enough to return, and all that jazz! Ahaha, I can't believe you remember how much I freaked out about that! But I'm glad he doesn't... that would be, well... awkward :P

It's actually really challenging for me to do a first person POV for a guy, but it was definitely a good experience, and hopefully my Oliver chapters will come easier next time! :)

Thanks for reading and the wonderful review, dear!


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Review #20, by Jesabelle Finding Her

10th July 2011:
It was good to hear about Oliver but I am curious still to know what she saw in her dorm!!
No Oliver, dont stop being interested in her! :( screw your ruddy broomstick and notice Laura, shes awesome!! ... Oh and I love how other people know she has a secret, especially her dorm mates. I think it will be so good when she tells them, bring them closer togather hopefully!
I really want her to find a girl that she lets in and becomes friends with. She deserves a good friend.
I do wish Heather said more about what she thinks about Laura, it would have been nice to know what others think of a character which I like so much.
As always your writing was so good, sometimes when I am reading chapters I notice how people have worded sentences and find myself thinking they could have done it better which messes up the flow of the story, but with your writing it never happens ... it draws me in and hooks me into your story line. :)
Brillent as always and im looking forward to more.
please dont keep me waiting long! haha

Author's Response: Hehe, well you'll just have to be patient! ;) I'm working on Chapter Five now, and I'll try to have it posted before I leave for two weeks on Monday!

He is kind of stupid isn't he? Stupid boys... don't know what they have even if it's right in front of them T_T *mutters darkly* Sorry, that got a little personal haha.

I'll set to work at finding Laura a best friend that's a girl, don't worry! I was thinking of using Heather at first, but maybe my muse will create someone new, yeah? She does need a girl best friend, I completely agree.

And thank you so much, that's so nice to hear :)

Thanks for reviewing and reading, as always ;)


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Review #21, by Chanel Six Months.

3rd July 2011:
Hello dear!!

I was so excited that I finally got an excuse to move this to the top of my reading list! I loved the chapter you sent me last week, and I've been curious ever since!

This really got to me, honestly. One of my favorite teachers and mentor passed away about a week ago of cancer. He had been doing so well, and then it struck suddenly over night. That being said, the cancer angle had me in tears!

I love the idea of this story, yet I have a horrible feeling they are going to fall in love and then she's going to die, and it's going to be horribly, horribly depressing! Anyways, you have a real knack for making stories flow and even for an introduction chapter, you fit so much into it, that it didn't feel like the beginning of a story. It felt like I'd been there through everything she'd been through beforehand.

Great job! 10/10!

Author's Response: Oh hi Chanel!! :)

Haha well I'm glad your curiousity got the best of you in this situation, and that you liked the bit I sent you enough to read from the beginning! xD

I am so so sorry =/ I had a similar experience happen with a teacher of mine but it was back in elementary school. I was torn up over that so I can't even imagine how you must feel. :(

Awwh well, I can't reveal any endings to you! I'm just trying my best to stay away from things that have already been done, you know?

Haha well that's so nice of you to say because I feel as if my first chapters always need some work. They either are too dull, or don't hook people, or something, you know? I'm glad this story was able to pull you in in that way!

Thanks for reading and so much for the review dear! (: Means so much!


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Review #22, by MrsKatieGrint A Place to Start

23rd June 2011:
This was quite an enjoyable filler. It gave so much incite to Laura, and gave me a new perspective of her.
Shes a wonderful main character, and I adore how shes turning out.
I certainly hope things work out for her, in her favor!
Please, keep up the amazing quality of work you have here!:D
And don't be afraid to ask for more reviews from my thread!

Author's Response: Hey there! Thanks for reviewing, it means a lot to me (: I'm glad this could do that. In a sense, yes, it is a filler, but on the other hand I love exploring my characters and all their thoughts and emotions so that's why I wrote it like I did.

Awwh, thank you! I will definitely try to live up to it!

Thank you again for taking the time to review!


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Review #23, by MrsKatieGrint My Mum

20th June 2011:
This was great!
You are right! who doesn't love an emotional scene between a father and dying daughter!
Pretty tear jerking for me actually.:)
This was a great chapter, and I'm pleased at Laura's decision.:)
Beautiful, this story, is just turning out wonderfully.:)

Author's Response: Awwh hi there again and thanks for reviewing again!

Heh, well, I'm glad you liked it! *blushes* And I'm glad you thought it had enough emotion in it as sometimes I really struggle with that.

Thanks so much for the wonderful compliment, and again for the review!


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Review #24, by MrsKatieGrint Six Months.

20th June 2011:
This was very surprising to say the least.
It starts off so interesting, and everything just takes off from there. This story has a lovely start, even if it is about a grave condition.
I loved how the connection between the muggle world and wizard world were so blatantly made. Its quite astonishing how well these two clicked.
Congratulations, as I very well know the first chapter is by far the hardest, and I wish you luck!
I can't wait for the coming chapters!:D

Author's Response: Hi there! Thank you so much for the review and for reading my story (:

Interesting that it was surprising, but I'm glad that it was *hopefully* a good surprising, yes? :) And thank you for that, you're right, the first chapter is always the most difficult because you have to keep readers hooked enough to keep reading ;)

Thanks again for the wonderful review!


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Review #25, by LilyFire A Place to Start

18th June 2011:
AHH! I need to know what sight greeted Laura! I liked this chapter, I think it was a great way to introduce us more to her, to get to know her more.

I can't wait to see what Oliver thinks either:)

Author's Response: Hehe hi Lily! :) Glad you liked the chapter, and thanks for reviewing! :) I know it was a bit slow, but at least I was able to introduce her more for you guys, as mainly the point of the story is to show personal growth.

And you will... if I can ever get him to stop sounding like Rose Weasley. Grr. xD

Till next time!


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