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Review #1, by xhannahxrocksx Cry

6th March 2013:
This was one of the most touching stories I've ever read here...
I actually teared up. The only thing stopping the tears from flowing are the less-than-amused looks I'd receive from my co-workers.
Wonderful job!

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Review #2, by potterfan310 Cry

10th June 2012:
Readind this after readin oh baby is Brill. It's nice to see what Scorpius was seeing and thinking.

aww Poor Lottie - I dislike her temp Nanny. That's Horrible thing to do but I'm glad she's Lottie's though.

I love it when she calls Rose mum, especially since she has taken care of her since she was a month old, same goes for Scorp being called Dada.

I really that we see a different side of Draco. A Loving, kind side. It's nice to see instead of him being a big meanie.


Author's Response: thank you! i just love getting into the guys heads, lol!
and as for draco...i figured one of them needed to have a father who could reform -_^

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Review #3, by Allyce Cry

12th February 2012:
Amazing! I'm talking about " Oh Baby" too. It was really cool to read this story, I loved it, and I noticed how alike Rose and I are.
10/ 10
Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you!! that's so cool, i love connecting with a character like that, and my characters always end up with a little piece of me in them :)

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Review #4, by Fiona Cry

20th November 2011:
i think its sweet she calls Rose momma and it was perfect timing as well, please add the next chapter its really intresting reading this from scorpious point of view!

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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Review #5, by 4u4ever Cry

6th October 2011:
its amazing writeee moree

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Review #6, by draco'shotforme Cry

29th September 2011:
i loved it and aw they are so good for each other please can u tell me what happened between rose and her dad and please write more

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Review #7, by draco'shotforme Falling

29th September 2011:
did roses dad rape her

Author's Response: NO! definitely not.

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Review #8, by draco'shotforme Almost

29th September 2011:
so i want to know what roses dad did to her

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Review #9, by draco'shotforme Growing Pains

29th September 2011:
i love it so far i hope u write more

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Review #10, by Crescent Moon  Cry

28th September 2011:
Great chapter!! I loved it!!
I can't wait to see what Rose is going to say XD
Please update as soon as you can!!

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Review #11, by DwellingInDreams Cry

27th September 2011:
I love it! :) I am HORRIFIED that the nanny could mistreat Charlotte like that (probably moreso because it is a real problem that real children have to experience); but the rest of this chapter is fluffy, lovely wonderfulness. I did not expect Draco to be grafted back into this family; but I think it was an excellent choice. And I think Lottie calling Rose Momma is just perfect. Rose obviously needs so much affirmation because of the way she's been let down by her father. This way she sees just how much Lottie loves her; and it gives Scorpius another ready-made opportunity to show Rose that he means business.
I know you have a life outside of fanfic; but please do keep writing these stories. I really, really love reading them. :)

Author's Response: And unfortunately that life outside fanfic keeps getting in the way, lol! but i'll keep plugging away until these three get their happily-ever-after :D
thanks for your sweet review!

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Review #12, by Hope's Mom Cry

27th September 2011:
You made my day! I was just thinking this afternoon that You hadn't updated this for a while. I love it! Poor Lottie - people who abuse children are the lowest form of humanity. It is not surprising that she called Rose "Momma" though she would have had to have heard the word from someone first. Draco seems much mellowed from the man who tried to get custody of Lottie from Scorpius. Making a permanent place in his life for Rose will only benefit all three of them. Thank you so much for the update!

Author's Response: And thank you for your reveiw! I always like hearing what you have to say :)

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Review #13, by irrelevant Cry

27th September 2011:
Yay! I'm really pleased with the turn of events :) Lottie should most definitely call Rose Momma. I also like the change in Draco. Hope more will come soon!

Author's Response: thank you! i thought lottie should have at least one grandpa ;)

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Review #14, by LunaLovegoodwillRockForever  Falling

21st June 2011:
i love it is that sterling knight on the banner

Author's Response: Nope, William Mosely from the Narnia movies. I've got a bit of a crush, and he's the perfect Scorp I think...not so *hard* :P

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Review #15, by Crescent Moon  Falling

20th June 2011:
Just found this after reading Oh Baby, and loved it.
Please can you write Scorp's point of veiw of Chapter 7?? I really want to know what he's thinking during it XD

Author's Response: Thanks! I didn't expect everyone to like it so much :)

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Review #16, by estefania Falling

11th June 2011:
THIS WAS ADORABLE! I'm so happy you write this side story POV from Scorp bc it makes the story more understandable

Author's Response: Thanks! It started out as a one-shot to fill in from sept-dec, but everybody liked it, so I kept going. It drives me crazy when I don't know why guys do things, so I love this :p

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Review #17, by Hope's Mom Falling

7th June 2011:
I can't wait to read ch. 7 of " Oh Baby"! This is such a sweet story. I am very curious about Ron and Roses relationship. I assume that Rose is pulling back from Scorpius because she is afraid of getting hurt and is unsure of his feelings?Thank you, thank you for the update!

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Review #18, by 4u4ever Almost

28th May 2011:
love it!! plzz write some more of scorps view!!

p.s. it is only a nine out of ten cause it is to short!! bu ti still love it!!

Author's Response: thanks! haha. working on it :D

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Review #19, by Laura Almost

13th May 2011:
I really enjoy reading the story from both pov's. You've done a fantastic job! Keep the chapters coming!! This is my favorite Rose/Scorpius story I've read so far.

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Review #20, by qirckyme2010 Almost

26th April 2011:
i want more please, i love the way you write. I wish i could write so well and creative like you!!!

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Review #21, by Fianna Almost

18th April 2011:
oh!!! i'm absolutely in love with this chapter!!! it's so cute!!! this image in my head of this little family is so beautyfull.
i can't wait for the next chapter!!


Author's Response: danke :) :D

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Review #22, by estefania Almost

18th April 2011:
i'm so happy for scorpius! he has his own family to take care of him now. he's no longer all alone

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Review #23, by Hope's Mom Almost

17th April 2011:
So sweet! What did Ron do to Rose? Thanks for writing Scorpius' POV.

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Review #24, by DwellingInDreams Almost

17th April 2011:
Thank you for another Scorpius POV. It's fun to break away from "Oh Baby," and find out what's going on in his head. :)

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Review #25, by busybusybeta Growing Pains

12th April 2011:
this sounds like a really cute story. keep up the great work!

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