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Review #1, by LilyFlower94 Rock. Hay. Human?

11th February 2014:
Actually good! I am a sucker for Cinderella themes.. and one in the Harry Potter world is, well, amazing.

When can we expect the next chapter? Can't wait!

Author's Response: YAY thank you so very much, I am too a huge fan of Cinderella! I have a biology assessment tomorrow and as soon as thats done I'm giving my self completely over to this story so... soon!!!

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Review #2, by Rosey ;) One

13th August 2012:
Please keep going! I really like this story and you ned to keep going because it is amazing!

Author's Response: thank you so much ;D I promise I WILL NOT leave this story unfinished!! I'm really glad you like it! you've just made my day!
Loredana (DK)

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Review #3, by Love Goddess One

30th March 2011:
I luv d story and the Cinderella angle.James is going to be the knight in shining armor isn't he and the two trolls Kelly and Kait will be so jealous!!

Author's Response: thanx i hope i pull it off but youll have to read the next chapter to find out all the little details enjoy ;P

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Review #4, by rolinding stranger One

21st March 2011:
wow. i loved this it was really cool.
its intresting and starnge, your character is realy well protrayed. :)
i have a suggestion though.
GIve her a tatto, like something like angel wings, (since she sweet.) and her back.
Pretend that she got in her villa one day, and her evil mother doesn't noe about no one does only she does.
that would totally awesome and plus it would give your character innocence and strangth, something im sure she has pleanty of :)

Love the story anyways, please update :)

Author's Response: Thanks i might take you up on the tatto thing Ele seems a bit weak and i was looking for a way to make her more defiant and well strong... thanks alot

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Review #5, by dinasayah One

18th March 2011:
Wow,it's different nd I love it!
It's reallly good, it's sorta like Cinderella but with a twist,I love it!
Please update!!

Author's Response: Thank you soo very much
I never really thought of Cinderella but yeah i guess it is, thats pretty cool!!!
You are officially my faverite writer because you and the first and only (so far i hope) to review my story!!!
and i am at the moment writing the next chapter for you so when it gets validated and posted enjoy!!!
ps this is the chapter she meets James! im so exited

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