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Review #1, by Bob The Wedding

28th September 2012:
Really enjoying theses stories. well done.

I would have liked to have seen some sort of meet with Harry and his auntie (Hayley), would have been a nice touch to see how they first reacted to one another.

But still excellent story telling.

Author's Response: Thank you! There was so much to fit into this, I did miss some bits and pieces out I'd have liked to have added.

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Review #2, by Amy Roantree The Wedding

1st September 2012:
I absolutely loved this book! I also love how its a series so we get to follow them through the generations. Amazing story plot, for the whole series.
I also love how your character Amy has the same name as me;) x

Author's Response: Haha I've always loved the name Amy and have several friends called it, plus she's named after the main character from book 1 so double the luck for you ;)

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Review #3, by Shay_Gryff The Wedding

5th December 2011:
What did I tell you about killing people?!?! Ohwell, fantastic story! I can't wait to finish the next one!

Keep writing and try not to kill any more characters!

Author's Response: I'll try my best but no promises xP

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Review #4, by Lunalover1022 Sacrifices and moving on

4th September 2011:
Really good chapter... Idk why but when they fly around on the broom it reminds me of a Christmas Carol... Irrevelant I know.

Author's Response: Thanks, and irrelevant is interesting :) HP

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Review #5, by Lunalover1022 The Wedding

4th September 2011:
I have no idea what youre talking about I LOVED that ending :) This whole series is amazing Ive read all the first second and third, sorry I dont review but Im not a big reviewer... PLEASE KEEP THEM COMING. Kate + Zara stories made me cry. But still a good story and in my opinion a good ending

Author's Response: Thank you, I just felt I rushed the ending and never really planned it properly :) HP

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Review #6, by Elizabeth The Wedding

3rd September 2011:
Beautiful! Amazing! Wonderful! Absolutely loved it!! Keep on writing can't wait for the next one!!

Author's Response: And the next one is up ;) HP

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Review #7, by Loony_Scorpy The Wedding

15th August 2011:
Loved it :D it was cool the way you made your characters fit in with the canon ones (it has been every time :P) :D

Author's Response: Thank you :) HP

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Review #8, by EmilyPotter2390 The Wedding

25th July 2011:
Love it! I love how Lucy is a bit rougher than her sister. I am off to read your next story.


Author's Response: Thank you :) I must admit, I was not a fan of the way that story ended but I really wanted to get onto Book 4

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Review #9, by JohannaMarie Heroic acts

16th May 2011:
:/ well, at least they rescued Lucy, so that mission wasn't a total failure. But with Harry and Hermoine captured, and the injuries sustained... it's hard to call it a victory.

Author's Response: I'd agree, things certainly aren't over yet and they've still got to keep fighting if they want to save the others :) HP

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Review #10, by JohannaMarie Rallying the Troops

10th May 2011:
Huh? what happened to Hermoine?!?!?!?!?!?!? We know it wasn't Avada Kadavra, because the light was black, not green... Oh! and they have Harry too! Harry, Hermoine, and Lucy... this is not turning out to be a good time for them, is it?

Author's Response: Nope, I think it's fair to say it's not a good time but the next chapter will be back from Lucy's perspective ;) HP

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Review #11, by JohannaMarie Night of magic

6th May 2011:
habbabaaahbahbabablablabAAA! (That was my initial reaction- speachless) 1) Great! she and tom are now an item! 2) WHAT?!?!?! She and Tom... right away. and she didn't ask him what he did with Mandy until AFTER? 3) OH NO! Malfoy! And Death Eaters! and now THIS!!! Is she going to be OK? She has to be, doesn't she? I mean, she's THE reason for the story! Noone else is anywhere NEAR as main a character as her! 4) I almost forgot about Tom's parents. I suppose if Malfoy knew that, it would be as good a reason as any for his actions messing with their relationship...

Author's Response: 1) My initial plan was to postpone the pair getting together until the end of the book but i changed it last minute and prefer this way
2) Yeah well the way I see it, they've waited long enough to be with the other, they both know how they feel and that it'll work out
3) Is she going to be okay? I don't know ;)
4) I'm not going to comment ;)
Thanks for reviewing :D HP

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Review #12, by JohannaMarie It's a family thing

2nd May 2011:
Poor Zara! I can't imagine what this must be like for her. :( Things are going to be different now, but maybe Kate will be okay. maybe...

Author's Response: Maybe ;) We will see :) Things certainly are going to be different, and the storyline is about to accelerate very quickly :) HP

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Review #13, by JohannaMarie Friends at war

17th April 2011:
Wow. nothing like magical "handcuffs" to force people to cooperate... but in this case i suppose it just increased the tension between them :( But, hey! at least Zara is back on the team! It's kind of sad that Tom found another girl, but at least he isn't hung up on Lucy so they are both depressed about it. and Malfoy is the leader of the movement? i didn't think the ferret had that kind of ambition and charisma in him. Guess he is more evil than he sometimes seems.

Author's Response: I'm not sure he's necessarily the leader :/ But he's certainly their only way into Hogwarts, much like in book 6 except there's no Snape to keep an eye on him. And as for Tom and Lucy...I'm keeping my mouth firmly shut ;) HP

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Review #14, by JohannaMarie The Dangerous Quaffle

17th April 2011:
:D At least she is friends with Tom, even if Malfoy is preventing her from dating him at the moment. And that was a really great Quidditch match! I can't believe Ron has had such rotten luck, but at least they won and noone was seriously hurt. Great save by Lucy at the end there.

Author's Response: Very much so :) Although friendship cannot compare to the feeling of being together :P HP

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Review #15, by JohannaMarie Heartbreak and Heartthrob

13th April 2011:
:( Poor Lucy! Malfoy really is a piece of work! you'd almost think he was jealous of tom if he wasn't such an abusive git about it. But Neville and Hannah! :) that's adorable, and the ending did add some humor to the chapter. :D oh- and if what i said in my earlier review offended you i'm sorry. I'm probably not the best person to judge how alcohol affects defferent people since i don't drink, so i'll refrain from commenting on such aspects in the future.

Author's Response: No I wasn't offended. Feel free to comment on whatever you want, it's all part of the joy of reviewing :) HP

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Review #16, by Willy_fruhog A charming fella and a repairing bond

11th April 2011:
I really love this nook just wondering how often u post just so i know approximately when to look for the next chapter!!:D thx:D

Author's Response: Well i post as soon as the last chapter goes up so as soon as it reaches the front of the queue, which should hopefully be in the next 24 hours

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Review #17, by JohannaMarie A charming fella and a repairing bond

11th April 2011:
well, good for lucy for telling off ron! AND < 3 neville and hannah! it sounds like tom is going to be perfect for lucy (if nothing else changes or comes up) and ron and hermoine are *almost* back together! ... too bad they caught lucy...

Author's Response: surely if there's one thing you've learned about me by now, it's that something ALWAYS comes up ;) Thank you so much for all your imput and thanks for taking the time and effort to read and review so many chapters :D HP

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Review #18, by JohannaMarie Public indecency

11th April 2011:
YAY for the win! BOO at Ron's actions! really, if she was drunk enough not to remember anything the next morning, and ron was sober enough to remember it fairly clearly, and he could TELL she was that drunk, i am very tempted to use the "r" word in conjunction with "date." WHEN may i ask you did she do anything that indicated that she liked him in that manner EXCEPT when she was drunk and could barely even tell it was him? Granted,she should have set him straight sooner than that incident in the common room. if he even gets the hint from that. i almost feel that he DESERVED the defective broom, especially since it didn't cost him the game.

Author's Response: Well I find that the amount you drink doesn't neccessarily affect memory. Both Ron and Lucy were definitely plastered otherwise i don't think ron would have been so forward but certainly, i don't think lucy did enough to ward him off. it's definitely a case of ron coming on too strong but i think using the "r" word is a bit strong

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Review #19, by JohannaMarie Old rivalries and fresh starts

11th April 2011:
aghchkak. (that's me choking on my popcorn) really? REALLY? i'm glad neville wasn't heart-broken, but lucy and ron - just -bad idea. BAD IDEA. this is why drinking is BAD. oh, and did they just leave draco lying in the woods or something? seriously!

Author's Response: oh draco will be fine. and yeah, you're not the only one who thinks ron and lucy are a bad idea. In fact, Ron is the only person in the universe who thinks it is a GOOD idea xD

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Review #20, by JohannaMarie Potter to Potter

11th April 2011:
it's so nice that she got to talk with Harry! :) And i hope, for neville's sake, that Zara likes him. that's a pretty name, Zara, isn't it? i mean, Neville IS a hero. he defied voldemort and his followers, lead the rebellion at hogwarts along with ginny and luna, and on his own after they were taken/left. not to mention cutting off nagini's head! :) Neville is a cutie with a GREAT personality and heart kind of like a chocolate-covered-cherry.

Author's Response: I do like Neville and I think he deserves a happy ending. whether or not he will get one is another story... ;)

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Review #21, by JohannaMarie Too much Testosterone

11th April 2011:
o. holy crap. nope, i for one did NOT see that coming. though, you DO seem to like writing fights, both physical and magical... along with some other more, shall we say, forward aspects of relationships than JKR did. I know, it's fanfiction, and i think you are doing a great job. ... ... but i do like ron/hermoine as a couple :)

Author's Response: i tend to lean towards more...adult topics than JK does because honestly, they are teenagers. There will be drink, there will be violence and sex and there will be swearing. I do like stories that are a bit more child friendly but certainly i feel that in real life and certainly when they have magic, they would use it. And remember, they have just come back from a war.

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Review #22, by JohannaMarie Nail in the Coffin

11th April 2011:
Yay! she made the team! and she made friends! who are also on the team! oh yeah, i was going to say this earlier, but i forgot- I think it is really clever how you arranged it to have everyone back at hogwarts even though they were already supposed to have "graduated." i don't know how willing harry and ron, not to mention neville would have been to go back for a year after everything unless they had to, but it is TOTALLY something hermoine would have done, no questions asked. :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I figured that unless they headed back, none of them would feel as if they had really graduated properly. Besides, Hermione would never have let Harry and Ron skip their final year :D

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Review #23, by JohannaMarie Chivalry is dead

11th April 2011:
oh, hair problems are the WORST! and really? i didn't think Dean was such a creep. XP

Author's Response: Yeah I think I was a bit hard on Dean, but Lucy really did suffer a nightmare :)

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Review #24, by JohannaMarie Trouble in Paradise

11th April 2011:
Meesa thinks that Lucy doesn't see that neville may likey-likes her! and, OF COURSE she would go ask he dad for the permission for the date!

Author's Response: i would never expect a girl i dated to have to ask her dad but then i've never spoken to my parents about that sorta stuff :)

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Review #25, by JohannaMarie A Friendly Face

11th April 2011:
that was sweet! i don't really like ron having a crush on Lucy, but seeing her end up with Neville, or even Malfoy if his attitude improves isn't a bad ending.

Author's Response: i don't like the way people think Neville and Lucy need to end up together, that's to be honest, bad writing on my part and yeah the whole Ron/Lucy crush is awkward and not something I'm hugely keen on :) Malfoy needs to rot in hell.

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