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Review #1, by HarrietHopkirk Seven

18th July 2013:

Time does not stop because two hands say so. No matter what her dreams dictate, she will not escape that easily. Seriously - some of these sentences make me breathless, such pieces of genius.

And again, I love Lucy a lot. She's so fierce and strong whereas I can't help but feel that Molly becomes more and more weak and dejected with each rejection and with each move to a foreign country. It's more like this love of Teddy is controlling her - Her mind is running like an olden day film, silent and dim, everything around her black except for him and that smile and that touch.

That description of Teddy and Victoire's potential life together, with the family and everything made my heart break. ALSO the following conversation - AGAIN I can't get my head around Victoire, because now she's seeming reasonable and level-headed and I like that. Even the bit where she wants them to be happy.


WELL DONE WELL DONE WELL DONE! SO SO SO SO GOOD! Add to favourites and recommend all over the place. Well done.

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Review #2, by HarrietHopkirk Six

18th July 2013:
Hello there, back again!

TIME HAS FLOWN and in a lovely and beautifully-handled manner. No *-___tEn yEaRs l8r___-* sort of things, and you can even notice the change in Molly - remarkably in third person - from the very get-go, from the very opening of the chapter. AGAIN, that's testament to your writing.

I love Lucy! I love how you've developed her character now she's older. She's so intelligent and observant and honest and, in a sense, she's so much better than her sister. But THEN, you go and describe her as a sadist and manipulative and I can TOTALLY see that negative side to her. GREAT CHARACTERS! AWESOME! WOO!

THE REUNION! AWESOME! I can totally understand and relate to Molly's feelings in this scene, and that's why it totally works, along with your superior writing skills. Your dialogue's great too, as ever. I can really picture the two of them in his house talking. AND THAT ENDING! SO THEY'RE GOING TO BE TOGETHER IN THREE MONTHS! YAYYY!

(Aah! Brighton! I love that city!)


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Review #3, by HarrietHopkirk Five

18th July 2013:
Back again! Woo!

I notice that Molly has quirk where she lists the exact number of days/weeks/months that things last - for example with Alastair, and now with how long the affair's been going on for. I don't know whether that was deliberate... but I like it.

BUT I don't know why I'm going on about exact numbers of things when I should be squeeing at the fact that TEDDY AND MOLLY ARE HAVING AN AFFAIR! WOO! Although actually maybe be not squeeing, but Teddy's still with Victoire and I'm not sure if I like that. You said in the last chapter that Teddy accused Victoire of cheating and that's why they 'broke up' (for a bit, anyway) - he feels just a little bit hypocritical now, and I'm not sure if I like it.

But on the plus side... FLAWED CHARACTER YAY!

The sceptical may call it an affair, a lust-fuelled passion driven by the basest of human desires, but in their minds, this is them, testing the water with a toe, a foot, a gentle paddle before venturing out into the endless rise and fall of an ocean that stretches out into what has until now been a dream. SO GOOD! SO GOOD! AAAH! I'm so sorry, most of these reviews have turned into me, quoting yourself back to you. But it's just so fantastic I don't know what else to do.

IT'S ALL OUT OH MY GOD! So believable! So well written! That dialogue! I still don't know whether I feel sorry for Victoire or not! Aaah! It's like when she's there she's annoying (especially with that horrible wrist thing), but when Molly and Teddy are talking and laughing about her, I feel sorry for her.


Onto the next one.

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Review #4, by HarrietHopkirk Four

18th July 2013:
Back again.

Nooo, Teddy... what have you done? What have you planned? Again, we're straight into the story and it's so easy to read and understand because of your wonderful writing. Really, it's so good. Gahhh. I'm sad about Alastair as well - I felt sorry for him, but then again, all of Molly's boyfriends would never stand up to Teddy.

He's crying! What! And now... they're kissing! And they're... ohhh. He tastes stale, of whiskey and faded peppermint, but there are sacrifices everyone must make for the sake of desire, of fate. Great line, well done. And this bit... not at all awkward, well done!

BUT NO! WHAT?! TEDDY YOU COMPLETE IDIOT! Aah, Molly, I'm so sorry, and for Victoire as well. I feel so sorry for both of them. I think maybe that Victoire's character could have been fleshened out a little bit in this scene/chapter, just because if they were 'one-time best friends', I don't know why she would appear at Molly's flat.

Still great, though. Such a good writer. Onto the next one!

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Review #5, by HarrietHopkirk Three

18th July 2013:
Back again!

Dammit! You got me all excited with that opening (okay, that may sound a bit weird...) because I thought it was Teddy/Molly! Curse you! But this line is really well done: Outside, dawn has long broken, a steady current of brutal wind the sign that rush hour is just beginning and that this is the moment that illusions teetering on the edge of hope must shatter against the cold truth of the real world.

Aaah, I feel sorry for Alastair. Your writing really shows how Molly feels about him - but then there's that bit at the end of the opening section where she's happy to be with him. I don't know whether that's because she's thinking about the family party later... because Teddy will be there and that means she's happy? Gahhh, I don't know.

I love your prose! I love your writing style! I love your choice of words! It all comes together so well that I can't stop reading this story! I love little Lucy, too!

...and in her wake the ice-cold beauty of a girl yet to grow up and the lover who completes the story. SO GOOD!


Onto the next one.

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Review #6, by HarrietHopkirk Two

18th July 2013:
Back again!

I love the opening of this chapter - it really portrays that 'AAAH OH MY GOD REAL LIFE IS HERE' kind of feeling that I'm totally terrified of and my sister is currently feeling right now. I love this line as well: There is only her and her entire life is packed into the trunk by her side, a few clothes and books and photographs; replaceable, breakable, unimportant. It makes me feel slightly sorry for her, because she's not particularly nostalgic or sentimentality (I don't know, I'm probably wrong). Again, it shows another bit of wonderfully-created character.

I love your little insight into Lucy as well - I adore how you develop these minor characters, it really adds to the story. I love this description: Victoire moves out of the dissipating steam is like a picture on a postcard, and how you've dealt with Molly's, and to some extent Teddy's actions with each other when they start to remember their kiss. Really great writing.

Aaaw, that ending! So bittersweet! I love these two characters too much already! I want them to be together, NOW!

Onto the next chapter!

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Review #7, by HarrietHopkirk One

18th July 2013:
Aaah! I've been wanting so much to read and review this story - and here I am! I've heard so much about it and it's been recommended practically everywhere so I definitely had to check it out.

And your writing is superb, right from the start. Your descriptions of the characters and their interactions is superbly done, unravelling the backstory easily so we can understand it. Is it wrong that I've already fallen in love with Teddy? I don't think it is, I think it's testament to your great writing.

I love what you've done with the whole Molly/Teddy/Victoire thing - it feels very real. And that kiss! Gahhh, so beautiful written I wish I could be kissed like that - until we remember that they're cheating and all ;). Onto the next chapter!

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Review #8, by ruby_slippers One

6th June 2012:
This is gonna be god :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you enjoy :)

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Review #9, by Erised Three

11th February 2012:
My heart literally breaks for the two of them, especially Teddy! :( you are so cruel. I sincerely hope that this has a happy ending.

I always find myself having to really concentrate when I read this because otherwise I'll miss something that's super important, even if it doesn't seem it at the time. You have a knack for very slowly formulating the characters and the plot and whatnot, instead of just giving it away all at the same time.

The descriptions of course were lovely, and I loved Lucy in this playing the wise woman role. She seems incredibly perceptive. And the closeness and tenderness between Teddy and Molly is just so cute!

Loved it.

Author's Response: -double squishes-
I'm sorryyy. It's so interesting that Teddy's the one you feel sorry for, though :P I increasingly find myself feeling really disgusted by him!

Also super glad you said that. I love it when I read something where I really have to read rather than just skimming (usually fluff because let's face it, that doesn't need any concentration). That's such a huge compliment ♥

Lucy is my fave in this entire story. She's so much fun to write and Molly/Teddy are adorable but also kind of hateable (or maybe that's me being all bitter and single...)



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Review #10, by Erised Two

11th February 2012:
God Rach, you are SUCH a good writer. Honestly, your descriptions and style are just divine. It's almost as if I've walked into a high-end perfume advert, it's so dreamy. You have a lovely and ethereal way with words that any of us mere mortals can only dream of achieving!

At the end of the chapter it was a little unclear as to why they can't be together (at least I think that's what's happened). Was it something to do with her instinct? I'm still not sure.

Apart from that, it was just lovely. I adore your style of writing!

Author's Response: -squishes-

HIGH-END PERFUME AD IS WHAT I WANTED. Only for the Victoire-coming-off-train bit, to be fair, but that kind of style/black+white 30s movie style is what I was after so THANK YOUUU ♥

It's instinct and guilt, I think. He's still with Victoire and Molly's still got some sense of morality at this point :P She knows that nothing can happen unless he splits up with Vic (and even then, there's that level of 'but she's my cousin' underlying it)



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Review #11, by VioletBlade Two

31st January 2012:
Hey there, I'm back with your other much delayed review! :)

To start out, my favorite line: "She gave Victoire false hope because she thought her own dreams were too fanciful and now, the way he stares at her with the illusion down, she knows she will never trust her instinct again."

That is so powerful, assuming it's the truth. It really just stood out to me!

The transition between chapters was done great! I almost wish we had been able to see a chapter of the awkwardness after that stolen night, but I think it still works really well!

The characterization is again, wonderfully done, they both stayed in character, no matter how much I wanted to smack Ted for only saying he'd leave Victoire if Molly told him too! But that is who is he is!

Again, I really think the tense you picked for this story supremely adds to it, and in a great way. You do wonderfully with writing it!


Author's Response: Aww, thank you. I love it when lines stand out to people. I don't actually remember writing that one but there are definitely lines throughout this story that I can remember agonising over. I think I prefer the ones I don't think about too much.

I'd love to write that chapter but I've had to be so picky with what I put in this and which moments were going to be key in their relationship. I think I probably made the right choice but there are definitely other moments I wish I could have put it in, including stuff from Teddy's perspective.

He's vile, isn't he? Bless him, I think I've given him a bit of an issue with being alone but can you blame him for wanting some security?

Thank you so much for your two brilliant reviews. I'm so glad you liked it :)

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Review #12, by VioletBlade One

31st January 2012:
Hi there! It's VioletBlade with your review after... *looks at the date* nearly a year. Goodness. I deeply apologize! I haven't had much time for HPFF lately at all, and I've just come back after almost a five month hiatus. Still, that doesn't excuse the amount of time you've been waiting.

Well, on to the review then! :)

The tense of this story is really what jarred me, and not in a bad way at all. In fact, I wrote my first novel on the site in present tense! But I don't think I've ever read a story where it was third person present tense, and for that you get props! It was the right way to write it, if that makes any sense. I think with this tense choice, the reader feels as if they are there, with Ted and Molly, and can be witness to everything that is going around.

Characterization: It's interesting, you know, how you've portrayed the next generation characters that feature in this story. I do like the way Ted isn't completely 100% grateful for the way everything has been handed to him in his life-- almost as if instead of that giving him a better future, it actually made him feel obligated then to do what they all expected to do of him. It's something I've never stopped to consider, actually. And for Victoire, though we didn't see much of her in this chapter, I liked her characterization as well. She's not seen as this amazing, gorgeous, perfect person that a lot of stories portray her as in Ted/Molly II/Victoire fics, but actually kind of normal. At least, that's how I felt! And Molly- I think you captured the right amount of angst from her, and the way she kind of separates herself from the family she's always been around because she knows what she feels would be taboo to them.

As for the general flow, I thought it was actually just fine, as long as I remained 100% concentrated on reading! Sometimes my mind likes to wander while I'm reading things (especially online) and in this case I had to go back and re-read to make sure I got everything, but that just means you wrote in a way that I couldn't take everything to be surface-y (I realize that's not really a word!). I will comment on the chapter progression on the next chapter, but I'm afraid I won't be able to do more than two. If you can imagine- you posted your request in April 2011, and it's 2012, there's a lot to get to!

Thank you for not coming after me with a pitchfork for not getting to this sooner. It actually would have been deserved. ^_^.



Author's Response: Oh gosh, this has been ages but because of the sheer size of this wonderful review, it's been hard to find the time to dedicate to sitting down and giving it the response it deserves.

Thank you, firstly, for actually getting to it, regardless of how long it has taken. Many people would just pretend their old thread doesn't exist and give up on it so I really appreciate the time you've given to do this.

I use third person present quite a lot, actually. I really like writing like that and it's more natural for me than past. I have a bit of an aversion to first and second person so I've limited my options a bit, really :P I'm so glad that you think it works, though. I've never given it much thought but I suppose if it didn't work, I'd be in trouble! Thank you for pointing that out.

I definitely wanted Teddy to feel a bit bitter - not completely ungrateful but a little like he's being moulded into this person rather than becoming it naturally. I think, as a teenager especially, that's an issue that may crop up quite a bit and I wanted to continue that thread.

She's normal. They're all pretty normal. I didn't want to set her up as some kind of elite, which may be helped by the fact that I've made her and Molly quite close in age. She's really not that different from Molly, underneath it all.

Haha, that's something people say to me a lot. You really do have to read every word of my writing or you'll probably miss something: less so in longer writing but definitely in one-shots.

Don't be silly! Thank you for actually taking the time to reply to my request and for giving such a wonderful review.

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Review #13, by NadiaX Seven

13th November 2011:
I've read it. Uff.
Well, I can't say I didn't like it, but I can't say I did either. At first it was interesting and I thought: "Oh, this is something". It IS well written after all, but there's too much pathos. Too much to enjoy it, because after about 1/4 of it I was almost tired. There were pain and a lot of negative emotions (and what is more important: only negative emotions). I understand that they were unhappy, but showing them all sad, desperate and stuff wasn't right decision. It made the whole story unreal. People can't be sad all the time. If you write only about sadness without any (even little and rare) happy or funny moments, you make it improbable. It's not that they should laugh all the time, make jokes and live happily - I really understand that they can't, but what about little happy moments? Something to laugh about from time to time? There always have to be a balance. Like it is in life.
And that's all I have to say, I suppose ^^'.
Hope you're not angry at me. I just think that even if I'm not right, it's always better to say what I think - different points of view are always needed for writers :).
If I made some errors, forgive me, English isn't my native language and sometimes I make very stupid mistakes (like, for example, I almost wrote that I "do" mistakes).


Author's Response: I'm sorry you didn't like it but I think you got completely the wrong end of the stick with this story. They have their happy moments but the happy moments aren't for this story. They're referenced throughout, perhaps just one line here or there, but the entire point of this was to show those seven moments that defined them, not the fluffy ones. I never say in this story that Molly has friends that she goes out and enjoys herself with but they're obviously there, just not relevant to the story.

I'm beyond proud of this story and whilst I appreciate your honesty, I disagree with what you said because I think you missed the point somewhat. My writing implies more than it states and obviously it's not quite as well written as I'd hoped if people aren't getting the right message from it.

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Review #14, by Free_Rhapsody Seven

14th October 2011:
Dear PenguinsWillReignSupreme,
I LOVED this. It was a beautiful, totally incandescent story. I adore your writing style, it's so sweet and uncluttered and somehow you manage to perfectly convey the unsaid truths. This was an utterly gorgeous story, congratulations. Honestly, you're one of my very favourite authors because your writing is so succinct and wonderful.
Thank you for writing this story
- Free_Rhapsody :)

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for such a lovely review. I hear this a lot about my writing but it never gets boring and it really makes my writer's block ease when I hear it.

I really cannot thank you enough for reading this story and leaving such a lovely review.

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Review #15, by MajiKat Three

6th September 2011:

I am flailing beyond flailing here. see what you have reduced me too? fangirly squees and arms waving.

i adore this chapter. i think it is one of my favs. we see a different molly in this - she is so sad and empty and lonely and i hate that she is not prepared to smash the preordained fairy tale and have what she knows is right. and i hate that teddy will not do it either - that he plays the role and is prepared to marry a girl he does not love because that is what he is meant to do.

gah. so angsty. i feel like slapping them both.

can i say how much i adore lucy? i love the way you write her - such wisdom beyond the years of the child, and lucy's words to her sister are so filled with meaning i can't even comment on how amazing you are at dialogue. seriously.

im sorry if these reviews make no sense or contain nothing useful - i am filled with nothing but squees and love for this amazing piece of work.

Kate xx

Author's Response: I find it very strange when people pinpoint this chapter as a favourite because it's definitely my least. This is a huge part of my love of writing and the feedback that I get here: it's nothing without the interpretation of a reader.

You know, in those three words you've summed her up so well. Even though it's obvious, I never really thought of her as lonely but she so, so is.

Teddy. You know, I wonder sometimes whether I actually like him and Molly. As time passes, it becomes less about the duty he talks about now and more about being alone and not knowing how to cope with it. He has Victoire because she's there and willing; I think being alone really scares him.

Lucy is undoubtedly my favourite in this. She wasn't meant to be like that. She kind of just happened :P I do completely adore her and I wish I could get back into writing her like this for 'Learning from Love'. It's very strange seeing her vulnerable.

You are now definitely the first person ever to say that about my dialogue! I try and keep it to a minimum; some people think it's an impact thing but the reality is that I'm trying to hide the fact that I'm reallyyy bad at it!

They make perfect sense and they're actually really useful as well as very, very kind! Thank you so much, Kate. Everything you've said has meant the world.


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Review #16, by MajiKat Two

6th September 2011:
my god. this is still so beautiful, even the second,third, maybe fourth time i had read it.

"He touches her like she is spun from silk and beneath her, he feels like gold."

stunning line hunny - such a glorious picture. i love molly, i love teddy. i feel hate for victoire even though she has barely made an appearance yet. that is how invested i am in molly and teddy and how right they are for one another.

again, your descriptive writing is stunning and i am seething with jealously right now. i never feel like i am drowning in your words, merely floating, and that is perfect.

Kate xx

Author's Response: I spent absolutely ages on that line :P It changed so many times, the phrasing and the words and everything. It was a bit of a throwaway and it's never been picked up but I'm so glad you did!

Oh Victoire. I really did hate her in her first incarnation. I edited later to make her more naive and daft than aware of the nature of Molly and Teddy together but I do still feel quite annoyed at her at times!

Thank you so, so much. You have absolutely no need to be jealous of me :P Your writing is so unique and...just amazing. Thank you anyway! I'm so glad you liked it ^_^


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Review #17, by MajiKat One

6th September 2011:

I have been meaning to review this fic for ages darling. I have read it all and I only think it's fair to give you a review for each chapter, cause i love this so darn much!

your writing is so visual - i could see everything! and you write molly so well - you have such command over her and you know her and through that, you let the reader know her, become her. even though this is third person it has the feeling of first for me - i am drawn in and i am molly as i read this.

your description is to die for, your poetic language even more so. i would quote but i'd be quoting half the chapter!

off to read chapter 2 again! this is such a beautiful fic darling - you should be really proud of it.

Kate xx

Author's Response: Oh you really didn't have to! It's enough just to know that you liked it :D

I can't get over the feedback I've had for this story, I'll be honest. It came to me fairly naturally when I wrote it, especially the first few chapters, and I didn't really...think much, if that makes sense? Sometimes I think that's why people call my description fairytale-like; I was in a daydream myself when I wrote it :P

Drawn in is a feeling I love when I read anything so to know that you felt that when reading it is one of the biggest compliments possibly ever! This Molly is someone I think about a lot because like someone mentioned before, she's very much a background person. She's nothing special and I think people maybe feel an affinity towards her because of that, her lack of confidence and general...nobodyness. There's something quite ordinary about her, anyway, that I hope people identify with!

Thank you so much, Kate. It means so much to hear it from you!


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Review #18, by scarlettandgold Seven

27th August 2011:
I think that this is perhaps the most beautiful, well-written, heartbreaking and descriptive story I've ever read. I've been reading it in small pieces because I really wanted to digest it and take the time to marvel everything you've put into each and every chapter. Honestly, I'm amazed at your talent. The depth you've given to every single action of your characters is mindblowing, and this piece is so incredibly gorgeous. The description is the best I've seen. You're such an incredible writer! You really inspire me to write and push myself to try to make my characters into something more than narrow and flat. Sorry if this is a little rambly, I'm just in awe of this piece ^_^

Author's Response: I absolutely have no words to answer this with. I'm going to do my best but I really do just have to say wow. I am completely undeserving of this.

Anyone who comments on the depth of my characters really makes my day. They always come very naturally to me and I do worry that I don't think about their actions enough, so it's a comment that does mean a lot to me when I hear it.

My description is my strength, I'll admit, but by no means the best. The vast majority of TGS put me to shame.

Thank you so much. I really am rambling because you've made me speechless with this. Thank you!


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Review #19, by tangledconstellations Seven

15th August 2011:
I've just tried to start this review about six times and I don't know what to say. I feel like crying and laughing all at the same time, because it was just so beautiful! TEDDY, why are you so adorable! It finally worked out! I'm just so pleased for them and completely overwhelmed at EVERYTHING. UGH. I look like an idiot right now.

WHY have you reduced me to this. Hahaha. It was just all so perfect! They said it, dammit, they finally said it! And Vic, oh lovely Vic, I'm so glad you let him go because you've been in the freaking way for seven whole chapters and its about time you let them have their time together without guilt smothering them. I love how this ending just feels so right, because it HAS to be right, because they're right, and their feelings are right, and everyone who thinks different is WRONG.

Basically, a lot lot lot lot of love for this. Really really beautiful (: Laura xxx

Author's Response: I just clear out my unanswered reviews and bam - this one too :P Not that I'm complaining, of course, because once again it is stunning.

Teddy ♥ I shouldn't really heart him since he's not an overly good person (though to quote Sirius, the world isn't split into good people and Death Eaters). You don't look like an idiot at all.

You hit the nail on the head. It was all about her and her blessing and her forgiveness. That was what they both needed. Of course, it's all Teddy's fault really :P

Thank you so, so much lovely! I'm really glad that you liked it :D


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Review #20, by tangledconstellations One

15th August 2011:
Hey! So I got round to reading this after all, and, gosh, it really truly is something special. I'm just sat here pretty much astounded, amazed, impressed...and 50 other words on top of that. You're such an incredible writer. I'm not even kidding, you lovely lady, you. I am just...just wow. I'm not even being overdramatic, this is just so amazing, and heartwrenching, and passionate.

I felt like I was Molly, and I was so completely there whilst reading this, and I could hear the silence of the room, and I could feel Teddy's hair, and, oh. All of it was so, so beautiful. I wish, wish, wish I could write like you! I can't even pick out individual bits, and I hope you don't think I'm blowing you full of hot air, because not one sentence, no, word, was out of place.

This is a bit of a useless review really, because I don't think I can give you any constructive criticism, any advice, any vaguely sensibly formed thoughts. Just, wow. I can't wait to read more. Don't you ever, ever stop writing, because you really do have something special here. I'm so glad I stumbled upon TGS and found this, because otherwise I would be missing out so much. /ramble

Laura x

Author's Response: Hi Laura! You really didn't have to come and read it. I'm sat here completely dumbfounded after this stunning review. I don't even have WORDS to answer that first paragraph :P

That's really what I strive for, actually. I really want readers to feel some form of affinity with a character, to open up a human side to them, and with the setting and description to give just enough that it's there but not so much that it overbears and stops your imagination from running with it.

It's not useless at all! It's absolutely gorgeous and I just can't really formulate coherent sentences in reply. I have no plans to ever stop writing, even with this horrible block I've got at the minute making me feel like I should.

You've got so many more treats to come from TGS. I could recommend more than a dozen authors far more talented myself. I'm so glad that you enjoyed this, though.

Thank you so, so much, Laura.


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Review #21, by Birthday Panda Seven

12th August 2011:

Okay, I can't commentate a lot because I needed to see what happened. And the meeting with Victoire, okay hearts breaking and tears coming again. I would quote that whole thing if I could. You paint every conversation so perfectly. I thought I saw a thread of animosity between Victoire and Molly until everything started to shift as all these revelations -- my heart can't take it! But homg, unselfish Victoire ;_; I love how each character has grown. Everyone, everyone's just perfect.


AT LAST! And it was a touch tenuous at first and you've got me holding my breath again, but the way you described how they finally can be, after being so many things urgent and secret and passionate and deceitful and now, they have been perfect. Gah!!

Rachel! ♥ This is such a good love story. I just asdfghjk. All my creys I didn't read it sooner. P.S. THIS IS MY MOLLY/TEDDY CANON FOREVER.

Author's Response: I LOVE THAT YOU CONSTRUCT YOUR REVIEW AS YOU GO ALONG. I wish I could have a chapter seven that was JUST that first line to get reactions. Of course that's not allowed but it does get forgotten sometimes :P

Meeting with Victoire ♥ It definitely starts with some tension and Molly especially is unsure about her cousin's motive, even after Victoire tells her to go for it. This is the moment I feel most sorry for Vic. She loves him. She absolutely loves him and she 'does a Molly' and puts everyone else's happiness in front of her own.


I contemplated the angst and something ambiguous or bittersweet but it wouldn't have been right. I wanted Molly and Teddy to finally have their happy ending in my writing.

Thank you so, so much, my lovely. I'm so happy that you liked it :D Best birthday present ever.


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Review #22, by Birthday Panda Six

12th August 2011:
Oh reality comes back as Molly returns home. Okay, I got my math going and my time bearings down.

Molly always thought it was amazing how all except the darkest of secrets came out in her family. I really do love how you worked that in.

Youve brought it on yourself. Lucy, wise as always. Sigh reality, why so harsh?

Oh Lucy, LISTEN TO LUCY, MOLLY. SHE KNOWS THINGS. IT'S KIND OF CREEPY HOW MUCH SHE KNOWS. BUT THAT MEANS SHE'S RIGHT. I adore their sisterly bonding. It fits and I can relate (I hold the sense when compared to my older sister :P) And it is exactly what Molly needs to do. Stop running. Stop trying to be Forrest Gump!

Homg that meeting was so perfect and everything ♥ I can see how Molly feels like nothing has changed, but there has been so much that's changed. A different sort of maturity that comes with her worldliness. But the guilt is still there. The indecision, her smallness is still there. It's not all gone.

I can feel something bad about to happen. D:

Author's Response: If you've worked out how long has passed between chapters, please let me know. I really ought to get it down in a doc (for the Lucy spin-off) but never quite get round to it. The timescale is hugely confusing throughout.

One of my favourite lines. Actually, both of them are.

SHE SHOULD LISTEN TO LUCY. I love her so, so much. If people just listened to Lucy, their lives would be far easier.

I much prefer that meeting to the one in the last chapter. More has changed than Molly would ever care to admit and Teddy's an idiot for letting himself slip into their past again. They're both very weak people and as has been said before, I'm not sure I like them at moments like this.

Wait and seee, my dear. Wait and see. Thank you!


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Review #23, by Birthday Panda Five

12th August 2011:
OH NO THEY'VE CROSSED THE LINE. All my creys. I do adore that they did though, because it's a line that few choose to cross. I don't think it immediately taints everything; these things happen and with their recklessness from before, I was thinking they would actually begin an affair of sorts.

And silly Teddy, of course Lucy knows.

VICTOIRE. AHH. THE WHOLE SPEECH. YOU TELL HER MOLLY! BUT WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. Why are conflicts so complicated ;_; I didn't even noticed until the very end that I had my hand at my mouth and there were tears TEARS I SAY coming out my eyes.

Holding my breath.

Author's Response: THEY HAVEEE. I couldn't put it off. To end this without them knowing what it's like to be in some form of relationship, no matter whether it was known or clandestine, would have made it far less convincing - whether they end up together or not.

Of course she does. Lucy knows all.

I ADORE THAT SPEECH. It's pretty much why I like this chapter so much. It's a huge turning point for Molly; it's the background girl coming into her own and realising what she wants, even though she still can't bring herself to admit it.

Thank you again, lovely.


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Review #24, by Birthday Panda Four

12th August 2011:
Oh my god, I think this might be my favorite chapter yet. You've done up Teddy as this perfect dream, but with obvious cracks (indecision, Molly) and I was just waiting for the cracks to show. And this is like a fault line. It is such a bad idea but I want this to happen so much.

Eep! Victoire! And I feel bad for her, I really do, a bit guilty too because I want Molly and Teddy together so much. It just makes me pull at my hair, SOMEONE TELL THIS GIRL THE TRUTH! D:

The ending breaks my heart so so much. Your words, the very last line ♥

Author's Response: This is my third favourite. Five and two come top but you've hit the nail on the head: this is the moment when those cracks start to show and it was the point for me that I knew what the ending had to be. It was a chapter that really carried itself when I was writing.

Victoire :( I never intended to write her sympathetically. I wanted her to deserve it but I just couldn't. She's so naive, so innocent and also a little arrogant and selfish, to begin with anyway. I must admit I don't feel sorry for her until chapter seven.


The end of this chapter is a highlight of this story for me. I can't remember the last line but the last couple of paragraphs almost made me take this down a darker road - I just couldn't bring myself to make Molly into a(nother) psycho :P

Thank you!


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Review #25, by Birthday Panda Three

12th August 2011:
Hee, I love Lucy. I immediately envisioned that blond girl from (500) Days of Summer, although a lot less caustic of course. Just as awesome.

Tension! Clawing at my face tension D: DON'T MARRY VICTOIRE, TEDDY. All my creys. Molly can't see a future with him! TELL HIM MOLLY. Okay, I need to smack her, like now.

Its a damn sight harder for me to watch you with my cousin, Oooh, burn.


Author's Response: I love her too! I'd never thought about that girl (Rachel...? Might have made that up) but you raise a good point :P

DON'T SMACK HER! Please! Although to be fair, she probably thoroughly needs it... I think Teddy needs one too. LEAVE VICTOIRE, YOU PRAT.

Mmhmm. Love that line.

ONWARDS YOU GO. Thanks, darling.


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