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Review #1, by marauderfan A Most Enchanting Tale

19th July 2013:
I was stalking the story challenge hall of fame and found the "Worst Story Ever Challenge" which sounded like it could be only good things, so I just had to read this! And, congratulations, this really is the worst story ever - of course I mean that in the best way possible! :D I was laughing out loud throughout almost the entire thing, from the string of thesaurus entries describing the lonely boy in the beginning (and the staring at the end), to the intentional typos ("Luscious"!! I'm so glad you spelt it that way), to the absurd love triangle, to the genetically impossible main character, this story was brilliant from start to finish. Well done! :D U has mad skillz at writeing lolz

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Review #2, by D2Diamond A Most Enchanting Tale

4th August 2012:
I knew this story was going to be epic by the third sentence, but I didn't know it was going to be this epic. I just love it!! Awesome job!

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Review #3, by Aether A Most Enchanting Tale

24th June 2012:
OH MY GOSH. This is hilarious. How did you even begin to think of this? I'm literally dying here of laughter. This is parody at it's best. Nice job!

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Review #4, by ikidunot A Most Enchanting Tale

2nd January 2012:
i could not stop laughing the entire fic! I am thoroughly amused *applause*

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Review #5, by MlleShadow A Most Enchanting Tale

28th December 2011:
HAHAHA, it must have been really fun writing this!
Really interesting genre, I had never thought I would find it on here! This is really a piece of art!

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Review #6, by The Empty Frame A Most Enchanting Tale

13th December 2011:
so many cliches. so many.
so amazing. you're awesome.
i honestly don't have any more words. kind of speechless over here.

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Review #7, by Jade Sterling A Most Enchanting Tale

23rd October 2011:
I don't even have words.

This was the best worst ever.

Volgedort. God. I almost died.

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Review #8, by Miss_Bianca A Most Enchanting Tale

1st October 2011:
Oh my god. Absoultly brilliant. A smile was on my face the whole time. It was an awful but good story at the same time! I have favourtied it, so I can go back over and read it whenever I'm in a bad mood and need a laugh! Well dun u sush a gud riter!

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Review #9, by Crimson Zeal A Most Enchanting Tale

18th September 2011:
OH. MY. GOD. I am dying. DYING. This was absolutely hilarious! The incorrect spelling of the names, the OC cliches, "Harrimione" singing the Harry Potter theme song, "Your mother is Grindewald" - it's so fantastically horrible :) Great job!

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Review #10, by Rojia A Most Enchanting Tale

29th August 2011:
I love you, marry me?

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Review #11, by alicia and anne A Most Enchanting Tale

13th August 2011:
Ok this was just amazing! I couldn't stop laughing throughout the whole of this story!
It took her two days to get to the Great hall!! TWO DAYS!! HAHAHA
The amount of sentences used to describe Draco was just hilarious! He has fallen in love with her extremely quickly! I love how quickly the scenes change in this and how Dumbledore is her father! I loved when he was dangling to his death but wanted to talk about other things.
This was just so amazing! I hope you won the challenge you wrote this for!

alicia and anne

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Review #12, by SpringSinger19 A Most Enchanting Tale

4th August 2011:
I. Adore. This.
This is incredible. I've never read anything so funny. It perfectly captures all the cliches that fan-fiction authors overuse! hahahaha like the ORBS and the useless description (I'm guilty of that one! haha) and refusing marriage for extra ANGST hahahaha and I loved the moment with Sirius 'JUST KIDDING' hahahaha I loved this so much. Could you make an entire novel of this stuff?(; 10/10

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Review #13, by wit_beyond_measure3 A Most Enchanting Tale

13th July 2011:
So I believe you are now one of my favorite people of all time. I am in awe of your ridiculous story. I literally laughed so hard I cried. And then I cried some more as I read the reviews. And basically this totally deserved to win Best Worst Story Ever.

My OC's luscious, perfectly shaped fingers give this story an 11 for ridiculous cliches, satire, and general hilarity.

Thank you for making my life. That is all.

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Review #14, by Lunnah A Most Enchanting Tale

10th July 2011:
This is beautiful. I am so happy I randomly decided to read this. AMAZING :-)

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Review #15, by alias093001 A Most Enchanting Tale

5th July 2011:
I have no idea what prompted me to read this story, but boy am I glad I did. You combined every MARY SUE indicator and cliche to create the most insane piece of fiction I have ever seen. And, the thing that surprised me the most was how well-written the whole thing was.

The best part, however, was the following:

"Wait! Ursa!" Dumblydore called urgently, and she paused. "While I am in this perilous position, I think it is an appropriate time to tell you the truth about your family," he said, looking grave, but still wise and omniscient.

"Are you sure now is the time, Dad? I mean, honestly, you can tell me once you're not hanging onto a root over a piranha-infested pit of rocks," she offered generously.

"No," Dumbledore said, shaking his head, his beard swaying in the wind. "This is important. It is time you knew. Your mother... was Grindlewald."

There was a stunned silence, interrupted only by Harry splashing enthusiastically in the water behind her. "Dad," Ursa said gently, "I don't think that's possible."

"DO NOT QUESTION OUR LOVE," Dumbledore roared, shaking his head violently. "Love can conquer all things, even basic anatomy."

"But Dad-"

"Love!" he interrupted stubbornly.

"No but seriously-"


"Okay, Dad, I get it, but-"


"It is the power the Dark Lord knows not," Harry offered helpfully from behind her.

Ursa Major sighed. "Whatever," she accepted, shaking her head. "Someone climb down there and unhook Dumbledore from that root."

The improbability of the whole thing, and the logic used to rationalize it is what made it funny. Thank you for sharing this literary work.

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Review #16, by wingsatmidnight A Most Enchanting Tale

20th June 2011:

I literally barked with laughter when Harry cried, "EGADS!"
and when Dumbledore was yelling about love...
and when Draco called Lucius, "Genetic source!"


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Review #17, by adahpfan A Most Enchanting Tale

10th June 2011:
She wept. He wept. Madame Pince wept, but only because Draco was kneeling on a first-edition.

PURE GENIUS! i never thought that i could love such a terrible story THIS MUCH!!

thank you for making my day!


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Review #18, by xxFlutterStutterBOOMBOOMxx A Most Enchanting Tale

4th June 2011:
Okay, forget laughing out loud, I was cackling like a hyena the entire way through. This is nothing short of HILARIOUS, honestly one of the funniest things I've ever read, and it has that awesome quality that makes you want to read it aloud (except you can't, because you're laughing so hard).

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Review #19, by _bliss A Most Enchanting Tale

27th May 2011:
this had me cracking up laughing the whole time, I loved it!

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Review #20, by pennyardelle A Most Enchanting Tale

20th May 2011:
Oh. My. God. I just happened to stumble across this story because of the new challenge winners thread on the forums, and I couldn't NOT review, because this is truly, truly hilarious. I burst out laughing when Dumbledore said, "Your mother...was Grindelwald." :D And the Golden Trio Honourary Member necklace...and all the ridiculous substitutes for the word "eyes"...and of course, LUSCIOUS.

Well done! This truly has all the elements of the worst story ever. As someone who has trouble writing humour, I'm in complete awe that you managed to pack so much hilarity into one chapter. And thank you for pointing out that the idea that a mask at a ball would make someone unrecognizable is a bit ridiculous...only, you know, in a lot funnier way than I just did. :P

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Review #21, by Metempsychosis A Most Enchanting Tale

11th May 2011:
I swear to god I don't even know how I stumbled over this, and I admit if I hadn't read the first review I probably would not have read it, but now, my lord, this is one for the glory books. I literally burst out laughing at "It is the power the Dark Lord knows not," Harry offered helpfully from behind her. Literally lost it right then and there. This entire story is glorious and the first review says everything I could possibly think of to say for it. Well done, seriously. 10/10 for satire, and the best collection of mockery I have ever seen put together.

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Review #22, by Toujours Padfoot A Most Enchanting Tale

9th May 2011:
This is truly the stuff of literary history. I feel like I'm watching Shakespeare feed some pigeons, that's how masterful this is.

I'm not quite certain whether or not you saw my last blog, but in case you have not, this fic won first place in my challenge. And really, it just blew me away.

URSA MAJOR = COMBINATION OF EVERY OC EVER. I am IMPRESSED. Her heels! Her dark hair and violet eyes and black clothes and tough, mysterious mannerisms! The dreamchild of every other teenage female author on this site, who chooses to project what they wish they could be into the world of Harry Potter. Only, Harry Potter usually isn't in it unless he's yelling at Hermione because she was caught making out with Draco in a convenient broom closet somewhere. Or unless it's a Harry/Severus or a Harry/Draco. Otherwise, he and Ron are pretty much one entity, eh?


Ursa can't be with Draco because it's too early in the story! Dumbledore is still cheerful when he is clinging to life by a root! Descended from a pharaoh! Dumbledore waving his beard at her. GRINDELWALD AS HER MOTHER.

Genetic source! Offspring! Lucius with ankle-length hair! Everyone's names spelled wrong! Voldemort popping in! Sirius saying, "Just kidding!" Pansy looking around for her lost characterization! HOW DO YOU COME UP WITH THESE THINGS? It was like comic genius! I implore you to write a sequel. It would be marvelous. More Harnold and Harrimione and Hagrid doing a line-dance. More photosensitive ganglion cells staring into pretty peepers.


Her flimsy mask covering up her entire identity was just brilliant. It's like you are taking every single cliche and exposing it and making it twenty times more ridiculous because it occurred in the same paragraph as Remus and Severus sucking face in a closet and Ginny yelling because she has red hair and red hair makes you super fiery and whatnot.

But to that creature I say nay, creature. Nay. My heart is hers. My soul is hers. My almost impossibly shiny mane of lustrous man hair is hers.


And the descriptions about how the sky is black and about the journey being described in the narrative because the author can't be bothered to detail that part of the trip - My Synthetic Mixture of Basic Elements Romance - McGongahall - Golden Trio Honorary Member - convoluted heritage - the list goes on. It's the whole thing. It's just this giant mess of epic awesome and I absolutely adore it.

You should give yourself a nice round of kudos for producing this piece of art. Charles Dickens would be jealous.

PM me whenever possible, please, to tell me which ten stories/chapters/whatever you would like me to review.


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Review #23, by LynnHelven A Most Enchanting Tale

7th May 2011:
I actually died laughing. This is my corpse, reviewing because it would be a terrible thing not too. Seriously, this was one of the funniest stories I've ever read on here- I planned on picking out my favourite bits and quoting them back at you but I'd just be regurgitating the story in a different order.


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Review #24, by Snapdragons A Most Enchanting Tale

7th May 2011:
-snickers- Oh, God. I honestly don't think I stopped laughing. I consider my day made.

I heart Drapo/Darco/Luscious' offspring in this, he's so dreamy with his silvery stormy orbs! Captivating. Really. Swoon!

"She wept. He wept. Madame Pince wept, but only because Draco was kneeling on a first-edition."

"DO NOT QUESTION OUR LOVE," Dumbledore roared, shaking his head violently. "Love can conquer all things, even basic anatomy." It is, after all, as Harry pointed out, the power that the Dark Lord knows not. Basic anatomy has nothing on Voldemort.

-sniffs- This was a glorious tale of great sorrow and romance and - dare I say it? - general hooliganery. Truly a most enchanting tale. A golden standard for all archive-goers!

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Review #25, by momotwins A Most Enchanting Tale

7th May 2011:
Oh my God. I don't think a review can cover the sheer level of awesome that is this story. I laughed; I cried; I shipped. The romance! The description! The genetic impossibilities! The mix tapes!

Epic. Total, complete, and epic win. Great job. Loved it.

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