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Review #1, by Nesa Esera Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

23rd August 2013:
Omg you Biar** !! Did you just make the most significant 4 chapters ever then ABANDON it!! Gr come back. Baby come back too me ~ jk. Pwweeasse update *infants spell* get it. Get it?? No. Okay :( PLEASE COME BACK !!

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Review #2, by kcool Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

24th July 2013:
i think shes had enough of all the pranks 4 now. make albus die. painfully.

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Review #3, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Prologue

24th January 2013:
Haha i enjoyed this chapter. I just don't like how Albus is all big headed. I'm sure i'll enjoy the rest like i did with this. Charlie is adorable, i like how she's funny and talks a lot in her mind.


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Review #4, by harrypoettergirl55 Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

30th December 2012:
more, more and still more!

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Review #5, by Ellyn Rose Champions, Bimbos and LOST CLOTHES

22nd November 2012:
so good, so promising, just needs a bit of editing work. just basic stuff, really. but still super good! off for more

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Review #6, by Ellyn Rose Prologue

22nd November 2012:
This is such a good story and you have such a good flow. You need a bit more punctuation in a few places, but overall it just went really well. Off for more!

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Review #7, by s2rocks Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

22nd November 2012:
your story is really good and hilarious.

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Review #8, by firebolt_31 Champions, Bimbos and LOST CLOTHES

20th November 2012:
but great story, it's really funny !

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Review #9, by Caitlin Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

12th January 2012:
I recently found your story and I love it! Every chapter makes me laugh I love how long the chapters are, I'm not sure if I have reviewed before but I came back to see if it has been updated and I am very upset that it hasn't been updated in so long! I understand your life is busy but you haven't updated since July and I was wondering if you had given up with the story (hopefully you haven't) or you just haven't updated in ages? I really hope you continue this story as I really like it especially Andrew as he reminds me of basically every guy I know, I can relate to every character and Charlie always has me giggling! PLEASE don't quit the story, hope you get inspiration for a new chapter soon:)

Author's Response: OMG I'm so so so sorry, I just saw this most epic of epic reviews. and i must say that i was going to abandon this story before this inspired me to continue it. So if you still read fanfic and my fanfic. I dedicated the next chapter to you :) even though it won't be for a little while cause these take a while to write. :) xoxo

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Review #10, by AJ101 Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

20th December 2011:
this is looking really good

Author's Response: thankyou :)

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Review #11, by Mary Ann Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

3rd October 2011:
lol super hilarious!!! update soon!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much,you're so sweet I'm trying to update soon but I'm not getting any inspiration but hopefully one day. :D

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Review #12, by Crescent Moon  Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

4th September 2011:
Hilarious!! I can't wait for the whole school's and her friends reactions XD
Please continue as soon as you can.

Author's Response: Thanks, sooo much, yeah news spreads fast. i will continue but i'm not too fast on apdating but thanks for the lovely review. you are an awesome reader!

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Review #13, by _supermegafoxyawesomehot_ Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

12th July 2011:
Ahaha. This story makes me laugh.
If I was charlie, I would BRING THE HURT on Albus. So bad.
I suggest age turns him into an ugly woman. Or a FERRET!

Author's Response: hahahaha. Thanks so much. That's a funny idea btw. thanks for the review :D

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Review #14, by abigail Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

6th July 2011:
omg , i loved this it was awesome , update soon :D x

Author's Response: Thanks will do as soon as the queue open up again. Thanks so much for the review. :D

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Review #15, by navajogirls Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

1st July 2011:
Poor Charlie, It just never ends for her. I can't wait to see where you're gunna take this! I love how just when you start to get predictable you make some big, huge twist. BTW if you're not too busy would you mind checking out my story and giving your opinion on it? Thanks.

Love forever, Autumn Blair

Author's Response: It really doesn't. Oh I'm glad it doesn't get too predictable otherwise that would be bad. I'm going to check it out now and since you gave me a lovely review I'll give you one. thanks Maddie :D

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Review #16, by Seriously_in_love Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

21st June 2011:
i love it its sooo funny who does everyone thin the fathr of her imaginary baby is

Author's Response: Thanks and they think it's Scorpius.

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Review #17, by tessie_bird Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

20th June 2011:
Love, love, love, love, love. The new take on Albus is really refreshing. Can't wait for the next chapter. :)))

Author's Response: Thank you so so so so so much! The next chapter is comming soon for updates on the progress on the chapters check my personal website. :D

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Review #18, by luvlunageorgefred Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

19th June 2011:
Hmm. I've read it so far and it's written very well. Except I don't deal very well with stories where someone takes all the crap. Because I just keep thinking what I'd do. I'd break all Albus' teeth :) But hopefully it stops being a one sided war of the world against Cassidy and balance out to Albus as well :) xx

Author's Response: Thanks you'll just have to wait and see how it pans out with Charlie and Al. :D Thanks for the review!

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Review #19, by 800 words of heaven Champions, Bimbos and LOST CLOTHES

8th June 2011:
are you awake enough to reply to this one properly? you keep spelling bastard wrong and it's beginning to bug me. please fix it. otherwise, it was brilliant. that is all.

Author's Response: Well that's embarrassing. And yes I am awake enough to respond to this one thanks very much Srish.Thanks but your too kind.

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Review #20, by Princess of Paris Champions, Bimbos and LOST CLOTHES

5th June 2011:
Hey, I love this story so far, but I'm wondering, what exactly is your OC's name? I know her surname is Foss, but is her first name Charlotte or something? Sorry if I missed it. I'm kinda oblivious.

Anyway, very unconventional story, as these two people (albus and foss) aren't immediately hating each other, nor are they totally in love. They're sorta a mix. It's a great story, but I think you could work on your dialogue, as Foss is a teenage girl, and I think generally girls speak with contractions like, "I'll" instead of "I will", ya know?

Also, make sure you follow dialogue rules: with each new speaker, start a new paragraph.

Other than that, I love it so far. 10/10

Author's Response: I swear I have mentioned her name at least a few times. HMM oh well it's Charlie. :D

Yes dialogue, I speak with contractions like any other person would but when i write i write all proper. I don't know why I just do. But that can be easliy fixed.

And thanks for your lovely review! :D

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Review #21, by Hermione288061 Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

12th May 2011:
I want to chop Potter into tiny, tiny pieces and feed him to his family as well. Poor Charlie.

I loved every minute of this chapter and I honestly can't wait for the next one. How on earth did a rumor start about her being pregnant? Albus Potter is getting on my nerves as much as he is on Charlie's.

I can't wait to see what happens in then next chapter and how detention will be (again poor Charlie, it should have only been Potter 2 to get detention). So keep up the great work and please update soon! XD


Author's Response: Yes I would too if I was her. thanks the review!

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Review #22, by Lillylover22 Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

12th May 2011:
whoo you thanked me again!! i love all this thanking!! so i shall thank you for writing such a great story!! Update soon!!! 9/10 =]

Author's Response: Awww thanks!

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Review #23, by marciabarcia Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

11th May 2011:
Fabulous job!!! I greatly enjoyed this chapter and find it absolutely hilarious that Charlie didn't realize she was talking to Potter2 the entire time. I caught on somewhere when Will kept saying F-Charlie... xD I also believe that it is relatively ridiculous how Rose is hating on Charlie despite the fact nothing happened. :P


Author's Response: Ha yeah! i tried to make is as easy as posible to catch on that Will wasn't actually Will. And yes Rose is a super freak when it comes to Scorpius but you know she'll get over it.I hope. :D Thanks so much! :DD

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Review #24, by nitra_black Gossip, SDB and Demented Avatars

11th May 2011:

I've been reading through your story and i always tend to read a few chapters, then review, and im really enjoying it.

I love this Charlie character she is very scatter brain, and the way you write her stream of conscious really reflects that, sometimes its drags a lil, we don't necessarily need to hear every thought, but i get why you do it.

I also really like your Albus, usually he's the reserved angst-y teenage character, i only hope that eventually something magical (*gotta love the reference, lol) will bring these two together.

As an extra point, as well you might consider adding more of a sub plot or a twist, just to spice it up and prevent it from getting tedious..!!! ( you can sense my need to cause drama and mayhem, lol)

Hope you don't take my critic to harshly as i love love LOVE your story, can't wait to read on :)


Author's Response: Don't worry I need to be told where I can improve otherwise I can't get better! Charlie and I have one main thing in common nd that's we both have scatter brains, so I can easily not put as much as her thoughts into the chapter and don't worry a sub plot is comming and very soon XD. and thanks for your lovely long review.

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Review #25, by PUFFLEtwins Pranks, Pigtails and Pamphlets!

11th May 2011:
MADDIE!! I Don't think I have ever reviewed this story for you :/ haha I am now anyway :) the plot line on this is going well but I think in the next chapter you need to work on developing Scorp more, Compaired to Charlie and Andrew he seems sort of blank if you get what I mean! I don't think I have much else to say really but it's amazing so far!
Jess xx

Author's Response: Well thanks and yes poor old Scorp is kind of out of the picture. it probably becuase I don't like writing about him becuase he is usually sane and i like writing about insane people. It's more my style, hehe :D thanks for your review Jessy! :D

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