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Review #1, by Azaelas Pain and Glory

29th May 2011:
Should really write a sequel or extend this story!

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Review #2, by strawberrydarhling Pain and Glory

19th March 2011:
Aw, this was so sad. Dramione is my favourite ship ever and I'm sad that they didn't saty together in this, although I cn understand why Hermione would want to break up with Draco.

You have done a great job with this.



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Review #3, by Potterfan Pain and Glory

12th March 2011:
Great writing! Could feel my own gut wenching as u described it!!!

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Review #4, by Kendall Pain and Glory

10th March 2011:
Sad!! :(
I want them to end up together.
But well written and very very good :)

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Review #5, by Rose Wilde Pain and Glory

8th March 2011:
so adorable! please write more!

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Review #6, by SMM Pain and Glory

6th March 2011:
Well I'm giving it 5/10. You're a good writer but this had no plot. It's 3800 words of break up. This has such great potential to be a good story and I think you easily have the ability to write great stories.

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Review #7, by mrs felton Pain and Glory

4th March 2011:
ah! awesome awesome story i absolutly love it! i love how you had hermione make a desicion and keep it, like other stories she would give in to draco but you didnt let theat happen and i absolutly love that! awesome job :) sequel sequel!! make a sequel for it like maybe after the war deal...

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Review #8, by ginkies Pain and Glory

4th March 2011:
that.. was fantastic. I've read a LOT of Dramiones, including many one-shots, but I loved this. It's high on my list of favourites. I could feel their pain, without the usual overdone cliches. It was very well written, great job (:

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Review #9, by ykai Pain and Glory

4th March 2011:
That was painful to read (in a good way though). I don't know whose stronger or stupider between the two of them. I admire Draco's change of heart and soul and his determination to ignore the repercussions of their actions. I commend the strength that Hermione exemplified in walking away from Draco. I see her point, and I agree on some. But I still can't help feeling sad that what they had would just end like that. *sigh*

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