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Review #1, by Giola Don't Look Back

21st April 2011:
I love Tom/Min, so therefore I love this :)

I feel so bad for Minerva, she was just a foolish girl, in the love with the wrong boy. Of course I couldn't help but cringe a little when she kissed him, it seems unnatural that anyone would kiss Tom Riddle, but then, he was quite attractive.

I loved the fact that you made the two of them friends, for some reason I've always imagined Tom surrounded by people, but never confiding in them, but this showed him actually sharing things with Minerva. Of course, he was just using her for information about the magical world and his ancestry, at least that's what it seems like to me.

Lovely writing :)

Author's Response: I apologise completely for taking so long to reply to this - I've taken a little bit of a break from fanfiction.

I love Tom/Minerva too. I'm actually pretty disappointed with the new canon we have for Minerva. I guess this piece is considered AU now? Hmm.

I feel bad for her too - I always thought there was a reason she became so stern in later days, so thought the fact that she'd loved Tom could be that reason.

Thank you very much for your lovely review, I'm glad you enjoyed the story :) xo

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Review #2, by Ali Don't Look Back

17th March 2011:
It was really nice reading this fanfiction and if it is your second fanfiction it makes the story all the more remarkable!! It is fascinating to belive someone like Professor McGonagall ever falling in love- she has always fascinated me as a person and a professor. Incorportaing stuff about the WOrld War was also really interesting because it linked the Muggle world to wizards! Minerva's feelings were very well and thoroughly conveyed and I have to commend you for writing and excellent, touching story. Thanks for the read!!!

Author's Response: Hey!

Thanks so much for stopping by. :D It's my second piece of fanfiction since my return; the last pieces were written around 2007.

I definitely agree with you on how fascinating Minerva falling in love with; it was fun to write her so vulnerable. I think it is what made her into the person we know and love.

I enjoyed writing the world war aspects, even if it was only for the setting. I think it would be wrong to ignore such a monumental time, even if I am writing about the magical world. I always see the war as hurting everyone; wizards lived in Britain, after all!

Thanks so much for your lovely review. It means a lot to me.

Have a great weekend!
-- Jordan

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Review #3, by Selene Don't Look Back

13th March 2011:
This was wonderful. A quick taste into what can be called the forbidden relationship. I would recommend this story to readers that were curious about the pairing, to give them a taste of the possibilities. I really enjoyed reading this, thank you for giving me the link.

In a writing aspect though, 'she' was used quite a lot. I know that writing in first person can be difficult and you did a wonderful job writing this other than the heavy use of that pronoun. Thank you for this read! I can't wait to read your Tom story when its up.

Author's Response: Hey!
I'm so glad you enjoyed this. I tried to keep in more of a memory piece, rather than digging deeper into their relationship, just to get a feel for the pairing. When (there is a when, not if - I love the ship now) I write this ship again, I think I will be more comfortable with it and go deeper.

I definitely agree with the 'she' pronoun; I have such a bad habit of that, simply because writing the name gets a little tedious, I find. I will go back and edit that, though. ><

Thanks so much for your compliments! I hope you enjoy the Tom story when it's up.

Have a great week!
-- Jordan

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Review #4, by leannemariesnape Don't Look Back

7th March 2011:
That was very good! I loved it, to be completely honest. I like Tom/Minerva fics, but they are generally either poorly written or hidden somewhere in the archives. Luckily, this was really well written! I like how you kept Tom in character. I don't think Tom would ever admit to something so "Muggle-ish" as love...and I think that the story also implies that maybe it was this that has made her such a stern person, and so determined to fight Voldemort. Overall, (In case you can't tell) I thought that this was a very enjoyable story :)

Author's Response: Hey!

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to review. :) I can't recall reading a Tom/Minerva fic, so I am not sure what's out there, but I am so glad that you think that this is well-written.

I definitely agree with Tom not believing in love. I am fascinated by his pre-Voldemort character, so it's great that you liked his portrayal. I was so scared that I wouldn't do him justice, which is why he is not the focus of the story.

I am glad you caught the implications with Minerva. I have a feeling that they are subtle, but I thought that she'd be quite a carefree character in her youth - not many teenagers are completely stern, after all! I like to think that old age and experience made her less trusting of others, rather than being 'born' like it. It's the sociology student in me probably.

Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you have a great day. :)

-- Jordan

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Review #5, by lilypotterfan123 Don't Look Back

6th March 2011:
Hi! Thank you for entering my challenge, this was beautifully written! To say that you haven't written fanfiction in a while it was amazing! The characterisation of Tom was brilliant. Usually people write so it's Tom pestering Minerva but this story changed the situation dramatically and it worked very well! It had a great flow to it and lovely description too! I think it was nice how you kept mentioning Tom changing and how Minerva didn't understand because it kept the readers with the story just so we all knew what was going on! A definite 10/10, choosing winners is going to be hard! Again thank you for entering my challenge it really means a lot. :)

LpF123 x

Author's Response: Hey!

You should be the one to thank for making such a great challenge. It gave me so much inspiration and confidence to write about Tom, who is a favourite character of mine.

I am so glad you like his characterisation - I was extremely nervous about that. I've never read a Tom/Minerva fic (shame on me, I know), so I was a little unsure as to what people usually do with the ship. I'm glad it's something a little different htough. :)

Thank you so much for the great review and for making an inspiring challenge. It's really made me want to read more of this ship.

Have a great weekend!
-- Jordan

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Review #6, by confusedlover Don't Look Back

6th March 2011:
Very lovely.

I enjoyed this story very much. You did a wonderful job with this. Great work!! (:

Author's Response: Hey!

Thank you so much for your lovely review! I am so glad you enjoyed this story; I was very unsure with the style and flow, as well as the flashback-esque nature of the story. Somebody liking it is simply awesome. :)

Have a great weekend!
-- Jordan

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Review #7, by strawberrydarhling Don't Look Back

6th March 2011:
Aw, poor, poor Minerva... :(

I have always pondered on whether or not Minerva and Tom had a relationship when they were at school together but this is the first Tom/Minerva I have ever read and I loved it! :) I am going to have to find some more, unless you write some more **wink, wink** then I'll be sure to read yours :)



Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Yay for operation green with envy. :D

I have always thought the same. Tom is one of my favourite characters (Tom, not Voldemort - I count them seperately) and, because of the small age gap, I have always thought it possible that some romance could've been happened, even if unrequited.

I definitely reccomend finding this ship. It's definitely something a little different. :)

Thank you for stopping by and for your great review. I hope you have a fab weekend!

-- Jordan

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Review #8, by maskedmuggle Don't Look Back

6th March 2011:
Hello again :)

& utterly wow again. Gosh, I simply can't stress this enough; you are such a brilliant and talented writer! The whole way you wrote this was simply spellbinding!

Tom/Minerva - such an odd pairing, but I really think that you made it work. I liked both of their characterisations, you still kept it really quite realistic. I felt quite sorry for Minerva :(

Loved the plot. Loved the whole story. Loved the amazing writing! :D
& lovely banner again ;)

Author's Response: Hey! :)

Wow, you are seriously WAY too kind to me, it's ridiculous. Thank you so much for your kind review and support; you have given me so much confidence with my writing, that I just want to continue writing more and more.

I definitely agree with the pairing being odd. I've seen it around a bit, but I wanted to go with a more 'flashback' setting so that I didn't have to add too much romance.

Thank you so much for your lovely review and compliments. Oh, and the banner comment! :D

Have a great weekend!
-- Jordan

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