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Review #1, by Jules Memories and Dreams

12th February 2015:
Hello, I don't see the new notes at the end of the chapter?
But I adore this story! Well done!

Author's Response: The revised final chapter of Black Cats will be up in a few days, with an extended author's note. I uploaded it Feb 10th. We're just waiting for the reviewer's approval. But, thanks for the kind words! I get lots of reads, but very few comments.

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Review #2, by acester86 Memories and Dreams

24th April 2013:
im anxious to read the next in the series.

Author's Response: Nice to hear. Thanks! and spread the word. Let your Harry Potter fan friends know what I'm doing. While you're waiting for the next chapter, check out my books on Amazon. I have two juveline fiction books under the KJ Cartmell byline, "Missy Baker is a Band Geek" and "The Trouble with Girls."

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Review #3, by Sheriff Memories and Dreams

13th April 2011:
Aww. Poor Liam. You gave him a rough ride through this one, didn't you? Whatever did he do to deserve this particular roller-coaster?

In seriousness, I enjoyed reading this one, short as it is, and I'm looking forwards to reading the forthcoming novel - it will be good to broaden out the characters that you've already introduced. I assume you will be making Liam's life miserable again?


Author's Response: Young love is a specialty of mine, and heartache is part of that. I hope you have a chance some day to read my novel "The Trouble With Girls," which deals with heartache extensively. As for Liam, the idea is that he'll date a girl from every House. That way, we'll really see the contrasts between the four Houses. But I'm getting ahead of myself. First up is Year One and Liam's transition to the Magical World. I hope to have a few chapters ready for you all by June.

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Review #4, by jessicaxxjewel The Briefing

7th April 2011:

Author's Response: Thanks for your enthusiasm!

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Review #5, by lori lewallen A Voice in the Dark

26th March 2011:
keep it coming! Where does she go in the day and will she be found by the people in the village...

Author's Response: It's a slow process, posting the chapters one by one. I wanted my readers to have the serial experience. I remember waiting for the next comic book, the next show, for the next Harry Potter book. I enjoyed thinking about stories during the pauses, analyzing the plot and the characters while I waited. 'Black Cats' is completely finished. I could have given it to you all at once, but there is something to be said for doing it this way.

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Review #6, by lori lewallen Superstition

25th March 2011:
Love it...Please tell me there's more?

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Review #7, by jmnarincks A Voice in the Dark

25th March 2011:
Already waiting for Chapter 3

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Review #8, by Jmnarincks Superstition

25th March 2011:
Reads like a Harry Potter book!

Looking forward to hear more about Liam what Hogwarts is like Post-Voldemort!

Author's Response: Excellent! It takes some concentration, but I found I could mimic her narrative voice fairly closely. It helps to have read the books so many times!

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