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Review #1, by Alysea Unlucky.

1st January 2013:
Wow, simply amazing. There were a couple of small typos in the first paragraph, but it was just a fantastic story. 10/10! :)

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #2, by daliha Unlucky.

17th April 2011:
I loved this! I like the emotion that was put into it (I don't like Panda much but I agree the song does go with this one-shot.) Also the fact that you never mention the characters names is brilliant. (names would've been distracting!) :D

Author's Response: oh, great! I love Panda, my sister turned me into them :) glad to know someone else on this site has heard about them especially with singing in spanish :D but thanks thanks thanks so much!

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Review #3, by silverstarletworld89 Unlucky.

28th March 2011:
Whoa man!!! I am soo curious to who these people are and there whole background story. The glimpse you gave wasn't enough, I wanted more lol. All the descriptions and detail that you used, jeez gave me shivers. I had my hand covering half my face as I was reading (yeah I am a sap I know) but WOW!! I felt soo sad at the end of reading this, you really do have a powerful way with words. 'I wanna tell her that just like her, my willpower is gone.' - I dunno why but this made me crumble. Tears came to eyes (again such a sap) but I hate to think of people giving up hope:(.

Really Powerful, great job =D

Author's Response: eeep! im glad you like this :D :D :D it was all really based on that wonderful spanish song, like the quote. its such a sad song but the beat is so cool that it contrasts and i just love it. maybe you should check out the musica video :D relate more? But yay! so happy it actually gave you the feeling i was hoping for.

thanks so much!

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Review #4, by orderofthephoenix Unlucky.

25th March 2011:
Hey! I'm here with your review :)

Your summary really drew me in and made me want to read it so well done for that ^^

Oh my God. The story didn't disappoint! I'm practically crying! This is an amazing piece of writing!

One word - heartbreaking. I think this has to be the best story I've ever read from you. That was a brilliant idea to leave the names out; it made it even more hard-hitting!

I know the spacing has probably messed up a bit but I thought it actually added to the effect of the writing. I've never said that before. It was sort of like, while I was scrolling down do the next paragraph, the large spacings made me think more about the paragraph I'd just read and how it affected me. How weird is that?!

Wow!!! You should definitely write more like this. You have the talent :)

-Sophia x

Author's Response: oh, hi :)

great! i think summaries play a big part on the mood of the person reading the story so im happy it drew you in! :D

crying? really? :o! wow!

wow, thanks so much! at first i was trying to see who they could possibly be but i saw no way of including that into the story. it just wasn't working :/

yeah, spacing. never happened to me before, but its great it worked. Really really weird!

awww! im jumping of joyy :D :D :D :D :D

thanks so much!

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Review #5, by blackthoughtsredwriting Unlucky.

14th March 2011:
Absolutely wonderful =] I'm a depression story fanatic kind of person and this one was amazing. one line that really stood out to me

"I'm alive, and yet, I feel like its me the one who's lifeless."

That sentance kinda gave me the chills. =]

Some of the paragraphs were a bit choppy bu it didnt affect the overall awesomeness of the story. 10/10 =]


Author's Response: oh yay! yay, it seemed due to your penn name :p but awesome! go angst-lovers!

choppy? I don't know... the spacing has gotten messed up, but I have to fix that sometime. But im so glad you liked it!!!

thanks so much!

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Review #6, by TenthWeasley Unlucky.

4th March 2011:
Oh! I really liked this - you wrote the emotions wonderfully, it was tragically poetic and beautiful. This is my favorite thing of the three I have read of yours, certainly! Not that I didn't like the others, of course. =] Your writing just keeps improving as you go, so kudos to you! I think you did a great job here. ^^

Author's Response: aw, thanks so much! im glad you liked and liked it best ;) and YAY I'M IMPROVING! SO AWESOME! ahh, happy (: thanks!

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Review #7, by liza_potter Unlucky.

3rd March 2011:
Wow. I really, really liked it. It was heartbreaking- the way she - whoever she was - started believing all those horrible things they told her. The way she drove herself mad, and he could only watch. The way she died and how he drove himself mad afterwards.

It was all so beautifully heartbreaking. ♥

Author's Response: hi :)
yay! you liked it ♥ i guess its just something that happens, you know? The death eaters just tore her appart and practically killed her alive. and he tried to get her to be back, and then she died. and he misses her with all his heart. I ♥ that Panda song. beautifully heartbreaking? really?, well, thank you! thanks so much :)

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Review #8, by SexyDoorFrames Unlucky.

3rd March 2011:
This was beautiful. Just so beautiful, I loved it. It was written amazingly. It was so raw and you could feel the pain throughout it. I love how you didn't mention any of the characters name, it just felt so much more real and added a whole different edge to it. I don't know if we were meant to figure out who it was but I chose not too, as it just spoke volumes being with the characters being unnamed. The whole thing was just so powerful and you have some real talent going on here :)

- Keely.

Author's Response: hello (:

ohmygod, thanks so much! I cant believe you actually feel its beautiful :D Firstly I did have maybe some people, but it didn't really see fit to put any names. If you wanted to you could, but there really wasn't anything there that showed an specific couple in the war. technically, it could have been anyone. Powerful? Talent? Ohmygod thanks so much! i love your stories and your are praising mine (: (: (: But its all in that wonderful song. That's were it all came from. :D

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