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Review #1, by Cat My Brother and Boyfriend are Getting Along

19th January 2015:

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Review #2, by hogwartsfavoritecoupleh My Brother and Boyfriend are Getting Along

1st October 2014:
AHH I'm so excited! please don't make me wait another 2 years!

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Review #3, by beccgallanter My Brother and Boyfriend are Getting Along

24th September 2014:
e back! I was so worried that something had happened to you.

I can't believe that twist that you just threw in there! But knowing you (and hopefully you are still the same kind of writer .PLEASE BE!) james and Jack will find a way to fix this.

I love Amy and james together and my heart broke at the end of that chapter. So PLEASE tell me you will update soon.cause I'm kinda sitting on the edge of my seat here!

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Review #4, by hiiiiiiiiiiiii My Lies are Embarrassingly Bad

17th September 2014:
they so short! I want more

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Review #5, by I am awesome My Life Just Gets Better and Better

17th September 2014:
Just saying, i would have like a bit more chemistry. I mean, they had sex. Even when your drunk, you still have feeling when u have sex.

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Review #6, by thedreamer24 My House is the Best

17th September 2014:

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Review #7, by thedreamer24 My Boyfriend is Scared

17th September 2014:
I really love this story, even tho the chapters are a little bit short. One thing I don't understand is how they all kno each other. If Holly was Amy's best friend, and James,fred and wood were jason's best friends, how did they not kno each other? Once again I love this story and i'll keep reading it! you probaley wont read this, coz you've got so many reviews, but IT IS REALLY GOOD!

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Review #8, by ... My Brother and Boyfriend are Getting Along

15th September 2014:
one word yay. I read this story ages ago I used to check for an update like once a month before completely putting it to the back of my mind assuming that you just abandoned it but you haven't! and I'm so happy. I was just browsing the stories and saw it had jumped to the top of the list and at first I just convinced myself that I was imagining things but I checked and sure enough you have updated I was so happy I re-read the whole story and it made my day…
p.s Amy is an idiot if she actually thinks listening to that b*tch will do any good. she just has to tell james and the professors and she'll get thrown in azkaban.

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Review #9, by Lja My Brother and Boyfriend are Getting Along

10th September 2014:
Omg you just made one of the crappest days in ages good again so excited that you updated

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Review #10, by potterfan310 My Brother and Boyfriend are Getting Along

9th September 2014:
Hello :)

Welcome back, lol.

It feels like a lifetime since I've read this, probably is too :p The noise I made when I saw there was a new chapter was most definitely not human, I'm so happy!

It's a miracle!! So glad that Amy's woken up at last.

James and Jack, at least they're talking again. Hopefully those two will be a-okay from now on. Now that Jack's got over the initial shock of his best mate dating/knocking up his baby sister.

Jason Davies, hmmm. It's definitely been so long I can't think who he is. Oopsie.

HOLLY! MT FAVOURITE, I LOVE HER. I've missed her craziness A LOT. Blender and TV, oh my god. Please don't say Holly ever has kids, the poor dears.

VERNOICA, NOPE. SHE NEEDS TO GO. And be punished, severely. I'm thinking maybe Azkaban, or is that a bit too much? Nope in fact Azkaban would suit her well, the evil witch.

I seriously hope Amy, tells someone it was Vernoica and what she said. She just has too! I know Amy's scared as hell but she can't break up with James, those two are just too perfect for one another. Plus Little Baby Potter is on the way and she needs both of them!

Can't wait for the next one. Me think a serious re-read is in order!

Sophie ♥

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Review #11, by HarryGinnyLove88 My Brother and Boyfriend are Getting Along

9th September 2014:
i hate veronica... but why she can just tell, what veronica tells him, maybe they can kick him out there..

good story, keep writing..
for one moment I was thinking you don't write anymore, but thank god :)

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Review #12, by aroundabouts My Girlfriend is Going to be Okay

4th April 2014:
I know it's been almost two years since you updated this but it's an amazing story. Please, continue to write it.

Author's Response: I apologise for the ridiculously long wait. I haven't given up, but did get bad writer's block. Also forgot my password :P but that's my fault for not updating in such a long time. Thank you, I'm glad people are still following to story after such a long hiatus.

Next Chapter in the queue :D


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Review #13, by 2 years My Girlfriend is Going to be Okay

22nd March 2014:
I absolutely loved your story when I read it two years ago! And since then I'm still waiting for the next chapter!
It would be great if you could start updating again!!
That being said, I hope you're alright! Just know we care and this is a fantastic story! It would be a shame to not know how it ends!

Author's Response: So sorry for the long wait. I'm amazed that people still follow this story and hope you'll accept the next chapter as apology for keeping you waiting for so long.

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Review #14, by patiently waiting My Girlfriend is Going to be Okay

22nd March 2014:
come back! I want more. This was such an addicting story, please don't let it be over!!

Author's Response: It's not over :P I'm so sorry it took so long. Writer's block :D

Next chapter awaiting validation


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Review #15, by ScoroseOTP My Life Just Gets Better and Better

17th March 2014:
I'm going to say it again, she's a weird one that Holly.
She was so happy! She wasn't being taken advantage of either! That just put a small frown on my face... Jack's a pain in the bum! And he went and broke up with her... that's just harsh. He needs to grow a pair!
And James! James Potter?
I'm off to the next chapter!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying the story so much :)

Chapter 56 awaiting validation


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Review #16, by ScoroseOTP My House is the Best

17th March 2014:
Oh dear, Rose can't be without love!
Oooh! Al likes someone!
Holly with Lorcan! This could work!
I don't like the sound of Veronica... this can only go badly (love the fact she's from Hufflepuff though, talk about breaking stereotypes!)
I do like how obviously comfortable they are together in there common room! And how they put up with each other and help each other out!

Author's Response: Keep going :) You're a long way from the end :P


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Review #17, by ScoroseOTP My Brother Hates Said Boyfriend

17th March 2014:
Is there something wrong with Holly? She seems awfully like Luna (So they did have a point earlier on), but there wasn't anything wrong with her I suppose.
Parties, I've found with fanfics... are never a good thing! I can't wait to see what happens!

Author's Response: She's just a bit.extraordinary :P


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Review #18, by ScoroseOTP My Boyfriend is Scared

17th March 2014:
Jason needs to grow a backbone!
Not impressed with him!
I still love Holly though, she's so odd. I actually love her!
That poor poor cat though!

Author's Response: I do feel sorry for speedy :D but he does get his revenge


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Review #19, by ScoroseOTP My Brother's Overprotective

17th March 2014:
Poor poor Amy.
And Speedy. Poor little cat!
It's a shame about Jack being so protective. I'm already feeling sympathy for Amy! In the third chapter!
This is pretty good, may have to stick with this one!

Author's Response: I'm glad you're enjoying it and think it's worth sticking with :)


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Review #20, by ScoroseOTP My Friend is Nuts

17th March 2014:
I like Holly. Not goin lie, I like her a lot.
I also like your descriptions of everyone so far and how her brother is friends with James, Fred and Sean.
Still impressing me...

Author's Response: I hope my descriptions give enough information to be able to picture the characters :)


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Review #21, by ScoroseOTP Maybe I should start from the beginning…..

17th March 2014:
I've just come across this... and I'm quite convinced actually... I'll keep you up to date with what I'm feeling about it!
So far so good though!

Author's Response: Please do :) I love reviews


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Review #22, by dree My Girlfriend is Going to be Okay

22nd August 2013:
Oh my. Gosh your story is amazing! Um I like the names Jay or Shay

Author's Response: I shall keep them in mind :P

I'm glad you like the story. Thank you for reviewing.

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Review #23, by Ginny_bbbt My Girlfriend is Going to be Okay

31st July 2013:
Dang, a year.
I know I haven't really reviewed, but just wanted to let you know that we are still waiting for the next chapter.
I really hope you just forgot to update, and you are doing well.

Author's Response: I'm so sorry it took so long, if you're even still following this story. Writer's block. I'm okay just finally had some inspiration for where I can go with this story :D

Thanks for reviewing

Next chapter is waiting to be validated


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Review #24, by Willow_Lupin My Girlfriend is Going to be Okay

6th July 2013:
No! you have to update this instant! please i love this story! and Holly is my favorite character!!

Author's Response: Updated :P

I'm glad you like Holly, she seems to be the most popular character.

I'm sorry for the wait, but thank you for the review.

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Review #25, by B1 & B2 ----- (bananas in pyjamas) My Girlfriend is Going to be Okay

23rd June 2013:
Oh my god this story is bloody fantastic, I love the drama and the characters and the explanations this is the best story in the whole site, Holly is such an original character, every time she speaks she makes me laugh and Adam her soul mate they are perfect together, every thing with them is so funny it makes me cry, I love how Jack is this super overprotective brother who does everything she doesn't like to protect her. It is so well put together I wish I could write something that even resembles your master piece.

P.S I think it was ether Jason or Veronica.
P.P.S a cool name would be Jasmine.

Author's Response: Such a brilliant review to receive. :D

I'm glad you enjoy the story. I love a bit of drama, I find it easier to write than other genres.

Wow I'm so amazed that you think it's the best story on the whole site, there are so many good stories on here.

Thank you for the review, I shall keep your name suggestion in mind.

Chapter 56 is waiting for validation


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