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Review #1, by UnluckyStar57 One Evening

28th September 2013:
Hi! I'm here with one of your prize reviews from my Regina Spektor Song Quote Challenge! :)

I really enjoyed this short little snippet of George and Angelina's marriage. You've got all the right elements: George's joking facade, Angelina's sarcasm, and the death of Fred still haunting them.

I really like the fact that you didn't reveal what was going on until the end. At the beginning, the thing that had happened to all of their friends was a big mystery, and it didn't come out into the open until the end. That was cool! I sort of expected it to be a bad thing, such as being imprisoned in Azkaban because the Ministry went on a punishing spree for those who participated in the Wizarding War (why I thought that, I don't know). The news that Angelina gave George was MUCH nicer. :)

As always, this was beautifully written!


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Review #2, by S. clausius, aka santa claws One Evening

28th December 2012:
I'm loving all the George and Georgelina love on your page. Even if this was for a challenge, I was thrilled to find this pairing on your page. There is really too little of them on the archives. :)

It was very sweet to see Angelina cooking dinner and preparing the table for a romantic dinner with her husband. :) I especially liked the bit where the tomato plant came zooming in the window because she hadn't remembered to be specific. I'd imagine that she was quite nervous thinking about telling him her news. :) It really shone through in your writing. I found it interesting that Angelina was sort of at odds with Verity and that they had a less than friendly history!! that's a really interesting take on their relationship with one another.

It was brilliant to see a bit of George too!! I love that he's still close with Lee and of course with Ron, too. The sniffing skiving snack boxes is such a good idea!! I always thought that they'd taste awful. lol. Annnd him assuming Angelina wanted to move because of the blue mice, too cute. George is such a babe.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable one-shot!! So glad I was able to stumble upon it on your page. :)

Author's Response: I love George- I was actually meaning to write this pairing when I got the challenge, so, you know, it all works out well :D

I like Angelina a lot, so I hope I did okay portraying her. I remember making an effort to try and include these slightly humorous details because I tend to get (as you probably saw from my other one-shots) quite morbid and depressing when writing about people who die or are close to people who die.

Thank you so much for the review again, you're the sweetest!

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Review #3, by strawberrydarhling One Evening

18th March 2011:
Aw, the ending was so sweet :)

I've always thought George and Angelina wold make a great couple but I have never read a fic about them before.

There were a couple of grammar mistakes here and there but nothing a quick re-read and edit won't fix :)

I really enjoyed this and think you have done a great job with it.


Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #4, by slytherinchica08 One Evening

7th March 2011:
First I must say thank you for entering and completing my challenge. It was a really easy read it just flowed so well together. I liked all of the descriptive paragraphs you had through out the oneshot they didnt detract from it but they actually gave it more to it. I also liked how you had the mention of Fred in this oneshot as well. I'm sure its still hard for both of them especially George. The ending was pretty good too with the little bit of humor. Great Job. Again thank you for entering my challenge.

Operation: Green with Envy

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing, this is my first completed challange story. :)

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