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Review #1, by lovemesomethinSirius Death

8th September 2013:
I love love love this story. I think I've probably read it at least three times now and it chokes me up every. single. time. And, like you said in your A/N, even though his death is canon, I still have a serious hatred of it. I probably cried harder when Sev died than when Dumbledore died! Ah, this is so beautifully written, these little snapshots of his life. And, ahhh, baby Sev! I felt so bad for his mother and such disgust and dislike towards his father! Your ability to capture the very essence of a character in so few words is magical. Geez, this is probably a bit rambling and here and there, but I wanted to try to give you a review of my overall impression of it all instead of just this chapter! Thank you so much for sharing your storytelling gift on here, I love reading them!

PS- Yes, I've really read them all! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This was some of the first Severus writing I ever did -- and my, how times have changed. ;) Now you can't go anywhere on my author's page without stumbling across him!

I'm so happy to hear how much you enjoyed it. ♥ Looking back, I really did have so much fun writing these moments, even the not-so-nice ones. I work very hard on trying to keep my characters as true and accurate to canon as possible, and hearing your kind words to that end is amazing!

Thank you so much for reviewing! And for reading EVERYTHING -- gosh, I'm still blown away. :D You're awesome!! ♥

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Review #2, by Gosia Death

9th August 2013:
Oh wow... I don't know what to write. It's so beautiful. Perfect.

Yeah, I'm crying again. It's painful and unfair - his death. And sad.

I've always wondered what he was thinking or feeling then, right before the end. I guess we both came to a very similar conclusion for what you've written feels like a reflection of my thoughts.

So... Thank you and... You're a great writer, really.

Author's Response: Oh my goodness, what a lovely surprise, waking up to this review! ♥ It's been a while since I've looked at this story myself, and I'm inclined to forget it's here. But this was the story that got me started writing Snape in the first place... which led, as you know, to the Beth Bridger trilogy! Ah, memories.

I think it's so neat that our thoughts seemed to parallel as far as his ending, too. It was sort of tricky, writing canon moments like they were brand-new, but it's reviews like yours that make me think I've got it right.

So thank you -- seriously, so much. ♥ I'm beyond flattered at your compliments and just the fact that you've returned to more stories on my page. Writing is my passion, and I cannot get over the fact that people enjoy what I write!

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Review #3, by patronus_charm Lily

19th January 2013:
Hello, I cam across this story and decided to review it, as it's about Snape, who's clearly very awesome!

I loved how you portrayed Snape's inability to accept that Lily no longer wanted to be friends with him, because no offence to Snape, but he does seemed to have a warped reality, so to think someone will forgive after you calling them the worst name possible! But you can't help but feel sorry for him!

It was really endearing to see how much Lily's death was still affecting him, and how much he truly loved and missed her. I thought it was great that you showed that he was happy, that she was happy with Potter, as I can't believe he was unhappy about that.

I thought it was interesting that you called Harry, Lily's son, as I always thought he associated Harry more with James than with Lily, I guess that may have changed after he met him!

I really liked this chapter, so I'm off to read the next! Kiana :)

Author's Response: I'm glad to see you by here! It's been a while since anyone's stopped by this collection in particular. ;) This was really the first time I set out to undertake Snape, too (besides the Writer's Duel, which almost doesn't count), so it's a sort of turning point on my author's page, I think.

You really can't help but feel sorry for Snape -- well, in my opinion. I know some disagree with me, but I fail to see how you can't have sympathy for him in some lights. He did some terrible things, and made some absolutely horrible decisions, but at the same time, he was NOT evil. His love for Lily was real; I have absolutely no doubts about this. As for Snape thinking of Harry as Lily's son -- I actually love that you brought that up. I'm of the opinion he consciously wanted to think of Harry as Lily's son, because he couldn't bear to think of him as anything else. In his mind, when Harry wasn't around, he would have been Lily's. But when Snape came face to face with him, he would have seen James's appearance, James's arrogance, and that was why he treated him so nastily (something people condemn him for, but let's be real -- so, so, so many people would do the /exact same thing/ in Snape's shoes, because that is a very human reaction).

Whew. Sorry -- when you get me started on the subject of Snape, it's often really hard for me to stop! I'm so glad you liked this chapter, and I hope you enjoy the other three, as well. Thank you for taking the time to review! ♥

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Review #4, by Millarz Lily

2nd January 2012:
Here's the review I owed you!

I loved this little chapter! You really showed Sev's deep sorrow for the loss of Lily. I love this quote: "As much as it had hurt to see her with him, of all the idiots that populated the castle, he had taken some small amount of solace in knowing that she was happy." It's so sweet and packed with conflicted emotion. Nice job!

Author's Response: Oh, ha, totally forgot about this. :D But thank you nonetheless! This was what really got me started writing Snape, this collection, and now it's morphed into... a novel. A /series/ of novels. Ah, me.

Thank you for your lovely compliments, and I'm especially glad to know it still reads well, as this used to be a song-fic. :P I'm so glad you enjoyed the story, and thank you for your review, Millarz!

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Review #5, by ravenclaw_princess Lily

5th November 2011:
Awesome job. Snape was so full of Angst, but it's totally understandable given the day and Harry's arrival. He seems so cold most of the time so it was good to see him shedding some emotion. He hides so much inside of himself and has such a cold exterior, yet you showed his fragility and remorse and grief.

I loved the descriptions, it wasn't overdone at all but was enough the set the atmosphere of the scene. It was a really nice moment in time to reflect on as seeing Lily's son would be a big deal after all those years, knowing what he had done.

I can find nothing to fault your spelling, grammar, flow and pacing. It was a pleasure to read :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I love, love, love writing Snape -- he's one of my all-time favorite book characters -- and I'm glad you seem to think that this scenario could work. And that it wasn't overdone, too! That's a huge relief, since this story was written... quite a while ago. :D

Thank you so much for taking the time to review, and I apologize for the lateness of the reply! It really means a lot to me. ♥

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Review #6, by SeverusLove Death

2nd October 2011:
Dear TenthWeasley,

There are only four chapters to the story so I thought, 'Why not?' and hence, I am here to give another review. Yay! :)

This had to be my favourite chapter aside from that of Tobias' and Eileen's. I was literally sitting on the edge of my seat in suspense the whole time. I had to actually reread the story to focus on giving a helpful review instead of just gushing about how incredibly awesome Snape is. *sighs dreamily* Anyway, ahem...

The flow of the story was very good, it was consistent and there weren't any major parts that wavered.

I think the description was very enthralling and mysterious. Even though I already knew what would be happening next, I was still quite interested in reading sentence after sentence.

The plot was good and although I don't remember much anymore of the Battle of Hogwarts, him planning to go into the fray to find Harry and Lucius telling him of the Dark Lord's summon was quite believable.

I'll be honest, Lucius is one of my favourite characters in HP and I always viewed him as cool, calm, and collected but had deep concern for his family and at times -dare I say it- a coward. And how you portrayed him confused me greatly, I could not decide whether to say it was more cowardly than he actually is or that you portrayed him alright and I'm thinking it's somewhere in between.

Severus' opinion on him though, I would've expected a bit more respect since he was a close friend back in the Slytherin days and from what I gather about the Malfoys, they seem to think highly of Severus even until that day. I also think Severus could sympathize more on Lucius' pain. I mean, he himself knew what it was like to regret joining the Dark Side hence putting his loved ones at risk.

I understand how Severus would think of Draco though, him being sniveling and pathetic and all, but I think he would've been more protective of him, considering how he treated him the past couple of years. I would suspect he would think Draco as a coward but would not want the bitterness of the world and the heaviness of the recent unbearable events to affect him since he does relate to being put in miserable situations, if you know what I mean. That's why he made that Unbreakable Vow to Narcissa to protect Draco, remember?

Anyway, "Bodies littered the grass out here, and Severus could only imagine how much worse it might look inside. His stomach churned unpleasantly at the thought - could he have stopped any of this bloodshed?" - this was one of the most vivid moments for me. You just can't get enough of how regretful Snape is can't you? It just makes me want to run over there and tell him "IT"S NOT YOUR FAULT PLEASE DON"T BE MISERABLE!" (er...right, I have to check myself sometimes lest I fall into deep fangirl mode, sorry 'bout that x3).

There are actually many scenes here I found especially vivid. The thoughts of his obligation to Dumbledore, his last scream and how foreign it was to him, and how his last thought 'before eternal sleep brought him home' was of Lily (man that was poetic). I think you have a good way with words.

I didn't find any major errors in terms of grammar and spelling and I think the characterization was okay. I always love to see how different people portray the death of Snape because to me, it was one of the greatest events in Wizarding History! All his love, anger, all his lies, his truth, his loyalty, just everything is revealed in that point of time and I love reading about it because it makes me honour him all the more!

As I said earlier, I don't remember much of the Battle of Hogwarts so if you could kindly refresh my memory on these sentences, I'd truly appreciate it:

"A feeling of unease had cloaked him since the mark had burned on his forearm, alerting him that the Carrows had caught Potter."

"If Minerva hadnít prevented him from finding the boy, then he might even now be freed from his obligations to Dumbledore."

So yeah, now it's the end of the story and I can say for sure that it was truly a pleasure reading this, thanks for requesting it, I hope my past reviews were okay.

I'll See You 'round The Forums, neh?

Author's Response: I'm so sorry this response was so late! I've had a crazy weekend - homecoming and work and senior pictures - and with the archive crash, I've had trouble getting them done. But I am here now!

Seriously, thanks so much for being willing to leave such long reviews on each chapter. It does mean a lot to me. :) I'm so glad you enjoyed reading it!

See you around! ♥

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Review #7, by SeverusLove Leaving School

2nd October 2011:
Dear TenthWeasley,

And, I'm back again! :D I got so caught up on reviewing the last chapter in an objective light, I forgot one personal observation I had wanted to point out to you. And that is: I LOVED how you put in the date of Severus' birth: "ninth of January, 1960" - simply because it reminds me so much of my own fic, Hopelessness and how I too, dated it - January 9, 1971. Dates make me feel nostalgic and make the piece much more believable especially when these dates are accurate and from the canon. x3

Anyway, back to this chapter:
The start of the story seemed good. Five Slytherins gathered around a tree gossiping about soon becoming Death Eaters. It seemed normal an occurrence but since it was the end of the term, I would've expected to see more of Severus' Slytherin buddies. They were graduating from Hogwarts and starting another chapter so a class of Slytherins discussing their futures together would've been more fitting a picture. Or at least, some of the higher class Slytherins. I wouldn't have really thought of Severus willingly gathered among the more idiotic, lol. I'd picture him by himself rather than them.

Description was good, interesting enough and as usual, full of emotions.

Again, I didn't see anything major with the spelling and grammar so that's good. :))

For characterization, those five guys kinda reminded me of Crabbe and Goyle so I guess that wasn't odd at all. :3

"home with a spineless mother who hardly acted like a true witch, and a father who could have cared less about his son" - now this sentence just made me want to know what went wrong with him and his mother since the last time I checked, his mother loved him deeply. Although, I can assume that Eileen must've loved Tobias too much and consumed in self-pity and hurt, drowned herself in depression and forgot to tend to her son first.

"them without the brains to do it, or the nerve that Severus knew he possessed himself" - yeah, I had to chuckle at this sentence. Severus would do better alone than surrounded by a bunch of idiots. But then again, I suppose he didn't have much of a choice.

"It wasn't fair - it wasn't fair at all." This was a powerful sentence, really.

The flow of the story was good, it was consistent and had the same tone throughout. The first half was a bit dull though and had little depth, I felt like it was more of a filler for the second half.

I find the plot alright. The part where he thought he had the strong will of facing Lily and finally owning up but then at the sight of her and James, chickened out. This was very frustrating to me since he just gave up so easily like that. But it was very realistic and believable and that's what made it frustrating. I myself, tend to be overly confident and then cower out with a pathetic excuse. Severus is just human after all. And I understand how he wanted to make a change in his life as opposed to the miserable place back in Spinner's End. I think you have a good understanding of Severus and his appropriate responses to stuff.

So overall, I think this was a good take on his decision and a good addition to the story. It would also help if this were actually the 2nd chapter and Lily's the 3rd. It helps establish his character more. And yes, I am finally passing my judgement. The first chapter's Snake was not out of character at all. It was just different and needed a bit of a basic history to get used to it (like this chapter and the Birth one).

Anyway, thanks again for requesting, it was a pleasure reading.

See Ya!

Author's Response: As I've said before, the chapters are horrendously out of order. :3 Someday I may take it down and upload it again to get the proper order, but I'm simply too busy currently!

Keep in mind, of course, that more than seventeen years have passed since Eileen gave birth to Snape. :) She does love him deeply, him being her only son, but I think he would find it extremely degrading that she tarnished her pureblood status (and, by extension, him) in marrying a Muggle. And as for finding Snape alone -- he wasn't a loner. He had friends, just friends interested in the Dark Arts, as he himself was.

Thank you once again for leaving such long and valuable reviews!

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Review #8, by SeverusLove Birth

2nd October 2011:
Dear TenthWeasley,

Hey hey hey! I'm back. :D I particularly love this chapter mostly because there is not much known about Eileen and Tobias so you basically have free reign on how to portray them, hence testing your creativity.

The first few sentences were beautiful. The way you went about describing the scenery was very believable, I could almost see it. I tend to be overly critical with descriptions and how sometimes, it gets too boring and drags on dully. But yours didn't seem to be the case since I found I loved every bit of detail and how you made it sound so interesting and poetic. It was simple, and to the point. Yet portrayed the scene and emotions perfectly.

The flow of the story was consistent. Only towards the end of the story when she named him Severus did I find it a bit rushed. Where did this inspiration come from? Was she not surprised at herself? How strong was her will to 'do anything to help him grow into the strong and powerful man she was sure he would become'? (It makes me wonder where she failed since in the series, Severus didn't speak that highly of his mother...) How did she plan on shaping this new hope and purpose in her life and how sure was she of this new hope to her? And how in the world was she supposed to dream of Severus seconds after seeing him? It was all just too sudden, the change of heart, I would've liked to dig deeper and seen her closure and realizations, the depth of her feelings. The issue of Tobias didn't seem to be one she could have let go of fairly easily.

The characterization was very good, you gave meaning and personality to each character and I could see that very clearly - the way Eileen begged to wait for her husband, the tears of hurt and humiliation, the part where her parents warned her against marrying Tobias, the part where Tobias shrugged off his coat carelessly and went to sleep, and even the scene where the mysterious voice of the midwife and her stained teeth made her feel a thrill of fear. They were very unique and gave depth to your characters. I even find myself wanting to know more about everyone - even the midwife and the parents - so that's a plus for you. :)

I didn't see anything majorly wrong with the spelling and grammar.

The plot is good, I can see why this should've been the first chapter to your story. It does sound like THE beginning. Establishing Snape's past and his character and then moving on to more present occurrences, I think it would help the readers understand your take on him more if it was the first chapter.

"Whatever Eileen had hoped might happen once her husband returned home, it hadn't been that.

She felt tears prick her eyes as her strongest contraction yet gripped her body, and it wasn't just from the pain." - this had to be the most vivid part for me. It pretty much sums up their relationship and Eileen's hurt accurately in that couple of powerful words.

Overall, it was very interesting, unique, and believable in a canon-like way. Their emotions went across perfectly and appropriately, I congratulate you on a job well done. :)

I'll See You Next Chapter Then,

Author's Response: The order of the chapters in this story is messed up, but there is a reason why. :3 Originally, the first chapter was written for a song-fic challenge that was due sooner than the entirety of the story, which was for another challenge altogether. So it was validated first although it is technically supposed to be chapter 3. It was only after validation that I learned that the first chapter, no matter what it is, cannot be moved around.

As for where inspiration for naming Severus came from, it was completely irrational and unprovoked, and that was the point. She had no time to think about it and it was an impulse, if you will. I see Eileen as a somewhat impulsive person, in looking at her marriage and how for all canon intents and purposes it was implied to be unhappy.

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Review #9, by SeverusLove Lily

2nd October 2011:
Dear TenthWeasley,

Hey, it's me, SeverusLove from the forums and I'm here to review! :) You seemed to be challenging me with a Snape/Lily Dobby nominated story and I was like: "Oh dear, first review and it's hard already." But hahaha, I did try to give you a helpful review. :))

The first sentence "He had been having that dream again." was good. It's the type that once you read it, it takes your full attention out of curiousity and then your mind automatically tries to guess what's coming next. In plain words, it keeps you reading.

At first, as I was reading the story, I found it somehow uncharacteristic of Snape to get up from weekly nightmares, stumble around, cry, then brush the tears away furiously, and then say her name across the lake on a night in a romantic scene. Oh, and especially not that last sentence. It was too rushed. He had still to get used to saying her name again, much less proclaiming his undying love for her with his mouth.

But then I took a step back and reanalyzed. Lily's son was arriving the next evening and taking into account Severus' character, I suppose it was highly possible of him to reminisce and then shed one or two tears before the living embodiment of his mistakes and pain came.

I understand those particular nightmares and if it were to come more often on the nights approaching Harry's arrival. I understand if it were once a month, once every two weeks, or even once every 10 days. Every week for almost a decade seems too often though. But since Severus Snape didn't really have very much to do with his time other than study, work, and brood, it is a plausible event.

In short, I guess it was just a unique take on Severus that I don't come by very often, and I think you do understand his character, and it was believable enough, so whether it was in character or not, I reserve my judgement 'til I've finished the whole piece.

The description was good, not too much that you'd get bored of all the useless describing junk, but not too little that you don't understand what was happening though.

The flow of the story was good enough, it kept the same tone consistently although there was a part that seemed to waver slightly and was unclear - "It hadn't been easy, either, sneaking up out of his common room in the dead of night," when I first read that sentence and the sentences following it, I wondered what he meant. Were these scenarios from/about his dreams? Or did he do it on the present and then imagine her come? Or was he reminiscing? It was when I reread the part where I understood it. That might be just me although you might want to clear that up a bit.

The plot of the story seems interesting enough. Since I'm not quite sure where you want to go with this yet until I reach the next chapter, it was good so far. :)

"She had turned down apology after apology, seemingly without a care in the world. Surely she must have known she was breaking his heart, but she seemed ice cold and deaf to his pleas. She wouldn't acknowledge his pathetic excuse for calling her...that word. She wouldn't even acknowledge that he had broken rules for her." - this had to be the most vivid part of the story for me. My heart goes out to Severus but at the same time, I understand where Lily comes from too; it was what made it very sad and bittersweet.

"He would look after Lily's son, and attempt to mend what had remained broken between them for so long." - this is the other most vivid part of the story for me and one of my favourite sentences in the story. It's just the sentence I'm sure Severus would have said at one point before Harry's arrival and at other points of his life - Harry's arrival being the more clearer and powerful point of time. You gave the perfect opportunity and setting for it. :)

Severus = Angst = ♥^♥ - me (Yeah, I just had to add that in somewhere in the review. x3)

I haven't found any major problems with the grammar or spelling either so that's good. :)

I still think the last sentence seemed a bit rushed but it's not really something major and I guess it was necessary for you to get the certain effect you wanted for the story and give that powerful ending.

Overall, it was a beautiful angsty chapter and I look forward to the next one. :))

I understand if it takes you a while to respond to this review since this was a pretty long review for one chapter ( I overdid it. =_=" ). But I'd like you to know that a really long reply won't be necessary so if you feel like you owe me one and are troubled by it, you don't. Any length would be enough for me. :))

So yeah, thank you for requesting this, it was a pleasure reading.

See You Next Chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for being willing to review this story! I'm having a bit of trouble finding exactly what to say to everything here -- you left such a long review and I am so, so grateful for everything you said. So THANK YOU and I hope my other responses will be a bit better than this one! :3

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Review #10, by charlottetrips Lily

30th September 2011:
I love Severus Snape and I love that you are writing a(nother) story about him. I just realized that the other story I reviewed for the Review Battle was a Severus Snape story! I see that we have something in common (besides the 'Claw).

"Instead she simply took his heart, and disappeared with it." - this summed up everything about Snape and Lily to me.

Everything flowed so beautifully and seamlessly. Snape's eternal regret over Lily is woven so deftly throughout each paragraph and description. The fact that he is preparing himself to meet her son while still missing her as dearly as he did all those years ago is so bittersweet and something that really draws me to his character.

Your writing is so lovely to read because the descriptions aren't tawdry and meant to look good; the words you use are the words needed to convey the emotion and feeling and I like that. It's very professional and just draws me right in without having to pay attention to how awkward something was worded.

I think I'll be continuing this story when I have a bit more time!


Author's Response: Thank you so much for the lovely review, Char! I can't quite formulate a response, you've left me speechless. ♥ I love writing Snape, it's a sort of release for me. And when people have nice things to say about what I've written, it just really means so much to me.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #11, by justonemorefic Lily

12th September 2011:
Baww, SNAPE ;_; ANGST. SO MUCH ANGST UNDER YOUR GREASY HAIR AND BLACK ROBES. I'm not really one for song-fics, but I think you used great lyrics, and it's a great oneshot without them too. I really like when you set this: the first day he would see Harry again, and how most of the castle is quiet. The contrast adds an extra touch, I think :D

Author's Response: -flails forever-


I've recently thought of deleting the lyrics from the story -- I'm not much on song fics, either, and the story stands well enough on its own without them. Plus I could legally categorize it as a short story collection, then. :D

GINA YOU HAVE MADE MY /LIFE/. I cannot tell you what it means to me to see that you've reviewed this. ♥ Thank you so much!!

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Review #12, by Lady Mouldywart Death

25th August 2011:
I change my mind, this is my favourite chapter. Well done *claps*

Author's Response: This is my favorite chapter too. :D I only teared up a little while writing it. Thank you so much for all your reviews, I'm glad to see you enjoyed my writing!

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Review #13, by Lady Mouldywart Leaving School

25th August 2011:
My favourite chapter so far. I always hated James, that prick, so what if he was on the 'good' side? Snape was more man than he'd ever be, and he was a Death Eater. *angry rant*

But really this chapter was brilliant! When I read it it felt like I was there, the kind of thing I feel when I read Harry Potter. I think you do write similarly to JKR (not saying you're copying, no) and I think that's a really good thing! :)

Author's Response: WOW. That compliment -- there are no words.

Thank you SO much!

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Review #14, by Lady Mouldywart Birth

25th August 2011:
Tobias is evil. I hate him.

This was cute, I love mother/child relationships and you depicted it really well :) 10/10 obviously

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I do rather like this chapter. :)

This story hasn't received reviews in a while, and to see that you've taken the time to review all four chapters means a lot to me. Thank you very, very much!

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Review #15, by Lady Mouldywart Lily

25th August 2011:
Omg, this is incredible. The lyrics match perfectly with the story (or is it the other way round?) and it really shows the pain Snape must've felt. 10/10 :)

Author's Response: I was so surprised at how easily it fit -- when the challenge was given, this sort of thing popped into my head instantly, and I'm glad you feel the same. :)


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Review #16, by Klynxx Death

8th August 2011:
Yup... you've made me cry! :'(

Fantastic chapter... i wasn't sure if you could pull it off without the whole Voldemort/Snape conversation it has in the books but you proved me wrong! Loved every bit of it! and you really did make his death beautiful with his vision of Lily there! 10/10!!

Author's Response: Wow! I am going to take your tears as a good thing -- I love knowing I've evoked physical emotion in my reader, as sort of heartless as that may sound. :3

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review!

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Review #17, by pottersinsomniac Death

26th July 2011:
Aw. This was just so depressing.
The whole story of Severus' life makes me all sad inside because his life, well, sucked. The girl he loved married someone else, then died. He spends from then on mourning for her. Then he dies a death he doesn't deserve.
And this? Captured his life perfectly.
The last two paragraphs in this chapter almost brought tears to my eyes.

Author's Response: Wow -- what a lovely and completely gratifying review for one of my favorite stories I've written, and I really thank you for it. It means so much to me that you took the time to leave a review. Thank you!

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Review #18, by kspence Death

20th July 2011:
Absolutely excellant story, I too love Snape, always wished he could have survived.

Author's Response: I think he died well, and it served a purpose in the plot, but it's fun to sort of bring him back to write about him. Thank you for the review!

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Review #19, by Klynxx Birth

18th July 2011:
This chapter is so heartwarming! I love this one so much and Severus indeed grew up to be one of the strongest wizards in the books! Love it!

Author's Response: Thanks so much -- this chapter was difficult to get right, but your review restores my confidence in it. :) Glad to hear you liked it!

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Review #20, by Toujours Padfoot Death

8th April 2011:
Beautiful. You've mastered his characterization flawlessly. It was so bizarre to watch and listen to the battle from the outside, hidden in the trees. It felt like I was watching it in a movie, because the imagery you painted was so life-like.

I liked seeing Lucius like that, all disheveled and fallen from grace. A sniveling, self-serving little coward. And Snape... Oh, you can spin magic with Snape. You've written him better than than anything else I've seen. I've said it before and I'll say it again - it's very Rowling. I think she would be pleased as punch to see how true you stayed to Snape and how well you captured his personality and motives.

He did not love Harry. He did not have a likable personality. He was blinded by prejudice and was extremely flawed, and I am so, SO glad you stuck by that instead of taking the easy way out and butchering his character to make him more smiley and victimized. His own actions got him into the position he was in and you never deviated from that just because it would make him more of a golden hero. He wasn't a golden hero. He was a very dark hero.

I could feel every little fiber of terror at the end - but it was a calm terror. It was like he was ready for it, no matter what the outcome, and that death would almost be a blessing. After all, Lily was gone and he had nothing left to love.

Mad props for your incredible understanding of one of the most complex characters in the HP books. It takes skill to navigate the brain of Severus Snape, and to do it well. You should be very proud of this story.

Author's Response: You have reduced me to a poetic mass of blubbering goo:

There once was a wee little sheep
Who ate muffins without a peep
He ate the little boy's hat
And then grew very fat
And promptly dozed off into sleep


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Review #21, by Toujours Padfoot Leaving School

8th April 2011:

So in-canon. It's incredible.

And there is pretty much nothing else I can say on the subject without bombarding you with every single compliment I've ever paid your writing since the dawn of time and dinosaurs walked the earth like rawr. All I can do is just stew in my jealousy.



Author's Response: Why on earth are you jealous???

You make me smile, I am so glad I got Snape down. :D Your reviews always make my life. Not day, not week, not even month. LIFE.

Imagine a little heart symbol here. :)

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Review #22, by Kaida_Snape Death

5th April 2011:

Now, after that little rambling session, on to your review:
I am saddened because as I am writing this, Snape's picture is at the top of the page thanks to the lovely theme I have set up on here. And before you ask, no, I did NOT refresh it until it came to Snape, this was all by chance. T__T depressing chance.

Anyways, I really liked the interaction between Lucius and Snape about Draco. I could really feel Lucius concern here for his son. Your story(ies) broke my heart. T_T Because of you I witness Severus's birth, parts of his life, and must relive his death! It's beautiful and utterly depressing. Thank you for writing it, because it's going straight to my favorites.

Author's Response: Well, that was the challenge! :P I think Snape's death had to happen, as depressing as it was. It made sense, anyway.

I am truly honored you added this to your favorites, and I am really glad you enjoyed it! :D It was so much FUN to write, and I am sad it is over.

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Review #23, by Kaida_Snape Leaving School

5th April 2011:
Oh man! Each chapter I read makes me love this story more and more! I can see this happening, too. Snape seeing Lily and James, and finally snapping like that. I can't wait to see where the next chapter goes...

On a slightly other note, the previous chapter, I had a suggestion I totally forgot to mention. It was in the third paragraph, the sentence of Eileen breathing heavily. I would suggest changing her breathing "heavy" to "hard," so that you don't have "heavily" and "heavy" in the same sentence.

Author's Response: Thanks for the suggestion, I'm always missing things like that. :D I'm really glad you like this story! As you're as big a Snape fan as I am, it means a lot to me. :)

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Review #24, by Kaida_Snape Birth

5th April 2011:
Aw I absolutely love it! Your descriptions are fantastic and so vivid. I felt like I was there. And, of course, I was already mad at Tobias based off the books, but this, grrr it just shuts the door on me ever liking him.

Now I can't wait to get to the chapter!

Author's Response: I never, ever saw any redeeming qualities in the little we saw of Tobias. :P I understand where you're coming from!

Thanks for giving this a read!

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Review #25, by Kaida_Snape Lily

5th April 2011:
Alright, to start, I liked the story. The fact that it was Snape of course made me want to read it even more.

Now, I will start with critiques. Ok, you mention that Dumbledore seemed to know Harry's temperament already, yet Harry had not yet arrived at the school. Was this based off of Snape's memories? Because I would assume that based off those memories, Harry had been at Hogwarts for about a week because Dumbledore mentioned the other professors opinions.

Anyways, the story is really well written. Your descriptions are really well and the concept lovely. It's Snape, what can I say? Anything with him is fantastic.okay, maybe not everything.

Now you note at the bottom that this is part 3/4, yet I see it as 1. Are you going to change this order or change your note? Just curious.

Anywho, I will reivew your other 3 chapters/short pieces a little later, since I just ran out of time right now, but I WILL get to them. Great job!

Author's Response: I'm glad to hear you liked the story! No, this is not based off of Snape's memories - it was just a scene that fit well for the particular feel I was trying to get across in this one-shot.

And, unfortunately, I can't change the order around, as the first chapter posted sticks. So they're all in order except for this one, which should be second-to-last. Sorry for the confusion! ^^

But thank you SO much for coming by and leaving such a nice review. :) I look forward to your other reviews!

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