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Review #1, by SunnyRae Epilogue

17th April 2012:

I'm back! And oh... dear... I've certainly missed out, haven't I?? Wouldn't you believe my surprise when I came back for a visit after the holy Pottermore opened to everyone, enchanting me once again into the wonderful wizarding world (like I ever stopped being enchanted by Harry Potter, it was just Fanfiction I lost the spark with) and I find you! The lovely, the awesome, and most talented Neurotica had finished Torn with, and I'm happy to say, a smiling ''fin'' at the end as I had hoped would happen : )
Magnifique! *blows kisses*
Unleashes the Howler:
*whispers excitedly* It was awesome!
And I am SO glad Emmeline's brother ended up not being such a... a bad guy! Definitely makes Emmeline's and Remus' marriage a whole easier!!
And as much as I would have liked seeing Harry living with Sirius, I think him living with E&R really wraps this story up nicely. With an elegant bow and ribbon too! They've got a nice little family now, something Harry deserves, I think, and Sirius can continue being his crazy bachelor self with no tie downs but still be an amazing Godfather on the side.
Everyone's happy!
Even Bruce!
: )
Let's see... Let's see... What else did I want to mention... or... get really excited retelling you what you already know you wrote... hmmm... there was something else.
The Weasleys!!!
"He's just one, big, fluffy puppy dog, aren't you Sirius?"
Haha and the poor Weasleys still don't know do they... imagine their surprise when and if they ever see Snuffles again, or even just RON'S face would be priceless!
Loved the story! As always! I'm definitely going to have to try and keep in touch more and not go running off the side of any cliffs or live underground or put myself in an enchanted sleep while laying under an invisibility cloak and NOT be such a stranger here! Haha!!
Toodle pip!
Until the next story!
Ps. I'm a Hufflepuff!!! Beware the mighty badger!! ROAR!
I REALLY need to learn to act my age... HA!

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Review #2, by Gryffindor_Heiress Epilogue

3rd April 2012:
I don't even know what to say now that this is over. It was by far my favorite story on this site and you truly are an amazing writer. I just absolutely love how this turned out! Is there any possibility of a sequel? I would kill for it.
Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to read this,
Gryffindor_Heiress x

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Review #3, by hiddenbyhair Twelve

24th March 2012:
awesome! i don't get tired of the story

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Review #4, by Gryffindor_Heiress Nineteen

8th February 2012:
Honestly, this is probably the best story I've read on here. Keep doing what you're doing cause you're great at it(:

Author's Response: Thank you! That's very high praise indeed!

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Review #5, by Starkidgleek Seventeen

5th February 2012:
Oooh... more please! cliffies are good but I don't want to wait too long... I have been chipping away chapter by chapter of this story for about 3 months now and I have finally gotten to a stopping point and its a cliff hanger. more please!

Author's Response: More, as requested.

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Review #6, by ILoveBeatleGeorge Seventeen

25th January 2012:
Cliffhanger, oh no!!! Please update, I love this story! It's so cute! Hopefully Sirius gets off and Peter's convicted. I feel so bad for Remus, he has to deal with so much!

Author's Response: Remus will manage to adapt.

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Review #7, by adriaans Fifteen

5th August 2011:
Very good, looking forward to reading more.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading.

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Review #8, by Jess Fifteen

5th August 2011:
Oh keep going,
To be completely honest(which I know all writers love) I wasn't going to give this story a chance because of the WIP but I'm happy I did so PLEASE keep going with it I want to know what happens next

Author's Response: Very glad you gave it a chance! Thanks for reading!

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Review #9, by Z Fifteen

4th August 2011:
This, is really really good! (: I am dying to know what happens to Harry and everyone. update soon?

Author's Response: Thanks for reading.

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Review #10, by Zoe Fourteen

2nd August 2011:
Okay so I finished this on monday, and I LOVED it! Please for the love of Rowling write another chapter!! (: I really really love how Harry was able to get away from the Dursley's and be with two people who loved him so so much! Please write another chapter!

Author's Response: More chapters coming soon!

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Review #11, by crystallizedpineapple Fourteen

31st July 2011:
Wow! I found this story the other day and read it all in one go-very nice writing, and a really original plotline. I like how you have depicted Remus and Sirius; I think you've done very well staying true to JKR's portrayal of them.
What a terrible turn of events in this chapter! Excellent, can't wait to see how it is all resolved. Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #12, by Person One

31st July 2011:
Why Mad-Eye? I liked it alot. Good work.

Author's Response: Why was Mad-Eye chosen to take Harry's spot? He's an Auror; if anyone came to the house threatening the Dursleys for Harry's location, Mad-Eye could take care of them.

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Review #13, by K Thirteen

25th July 2011:
AMAZING can't wait for more

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #14, by SunnyRae Twelve

27th June 2011:
So... I'm beginning to think that, perhaps, threatening to destroy my computer if you didn't update might have been a very very very bad idea. It died, to say the least, and by it's own devises of course. Suicide was very unbecoming of it.
: (
And now here I am! Brand spankin' new computer (without any of my old stuff might I add. Miss I'm-feeling-overly-dramatic-computer thought it'd be funny to take all my documents, including the start of my insanely awesome 'Sirius escapes Azkaban early' story down with her.) and I FINALLY managed to leave you one of my beautifully thought out reviews! So, without further ado, here it is!
One: Michael needs to mind his own bees-wax! I mean, can't a mad mass murderer get a break every once in a while? Take a vacation, get a drink, catch up with old friends without some high class, I'm-better-than-thou attitude Auror breathing down his neck, planning out his doomed capture? Azkaban can't have been an easy experience for anyone and I think Sirius deserves a nice outing to stretch his legs, don't ya think?
Two: Dumbledore. Not sure what exactly I want to say about him. But he was next to pop up in my head... so eh... He has awesome reading-between-the-lines skills! Ha!
Three: Dogs are amazing, aren't they? They're fuzzy (most the time) and adorable (more often than not) and sweet and funny and adorable and... and have equally amazing noses! See, I had thought about that this time too! Maybe, by just a tiny, nearly invisible moment you and I were on the same page! Sirius, knowing about Ron's play date was expecting some strange new kid but then, BAM, smells Harry! And that's just awesome : )
I love dogs...
Speaking of dogs... I was talking to mine just the other day as I sometimes like to pretend every now and again that he's an animagus in disguise and I was venting to him that my dearest computer had committed suicide and anyway... I got to thinking about how incredibly awkward it would be to find out that Casper (my pretend animagi) was actually my best friend's godparent and he was a criminal master mind of the wizarding world... I do hope that poor Ron doesn't feel as awkward as I did at the revelation that our pet wasn't actually a real pet... or his pet wasn't a real-... you get my meaning... anyway! I found I couldn't look poor Casper in the eye for quite a while. But I did get over it eventually *pats Casper's head*
So um... this might sound random but I discovered that, after looking back through your reviews to read your response (because, of course, reading your responses are just as fun as reading your stories ; )) that another reviewer asked me about my name...? And I've never had anyone ask me about my name before so I kinda feel the need to answer. So... eh mainly I got the name from an old nickname from work because as they told me, I always came in overly bubbly and optimistic and yeah... and currently at my new job, I'm proud to say that my awesome nicknames stick : ) I'm now Smiley! And I'm also blonde if that's what Raven of Hair was getting at. And Sunny goes well with my middle name: Rae... like ray of sunshine or sommat ; )
Oi! Neuro! I googled your name ('cause I'm you're biggest fan and all, and not stalker-ish in anyway. And I'm also feeling brave by shortening your name) and I got a song name and the "state of mind of the heroine" and a comic book character by the name Hannah Neurotica... any chance that one of those things gave you the idea for choosing the name as you penname? Since the subject was up, I also got curious...
And we can't forget! Sunny's favorite scene from chapter twelve!

"Oh yes," she said. "Snuffles is very friendly."

Remus choked loudly on a sip of tea. "Snuffles? That's a very... erm, interesting name..."

Never thought of how Remus or any of Sirius' boyhood friends might think of the name Snuffles. Definitely a tea-spraying-from-mouth sort of name for one like Sirius Black, a mad mass murderer on the run from the ministry. I can totally see the headlines now if word ever got out: "Sirius Black Captured! Anonymous Tip Leads Aurors To Question Child's Pet Dog, Snuffles."
"Snuffles: Man or Dog? The Life of Sirius Black' See page twelve for a quote from his master, Ron Weasley, age six, on the naming of his beloved pet dog. See page seven on the proper gardening techniques of the infamous man eating turnips."
Oh! the list can go on and on! Snuffles! Honestly! It *is* a very interesting name!
Anywho... Thanks once again for updating and writing this insanely awesome story! I love it so!
Until next time!
Toodle pip!

Author's Response: First: My name... I googled my screen name as well, and while I did take it from a song, none of the ones that popped up was the right one. My Neurotica song is by Bon Jovi.

Second: Michael is going to be a little more annoying--actually, "a little" is a massive understatement...--before the story ends. But hopefully he'll manage to redeem himself somehow. Or not.

Third: Dumbledore is Dumbledore. And for some reason, I've decided he's not a major character in the story. It's actually kind of nice to be able to rely on your main characters to get through major plot points without some old, senile git spelling everything out to everyone...

Fourth: Your dog. I'm not entirely sure what to say about this except that it's nice to know I'm not the only one who sometimes pretends their pets might be Animagi. In my case, it's my cat. She gets this McGonagall stare once in a while when I'm doing something weird...

Fifth: So terribly sorry to hear about your computer. I'd probably spend two weeks curled up in the fetal position if my computer committed suicide--does that mean it would go to computer hell, and what exactly would computer hell be like...? But glad to know you got a new one. I've lost enough beginnings of stories due to random computer failure to feel your pain.

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Review #15, by RedVines Twelve

23rd June 2011:
Absolutely wonderful! I adore all of your stories, especially The Truths series. I really love how you keep the same characters for most of your stories, for example Emmeline. I love her character and wish I could have known more about her in the books. You write Remus and Sirius so well you'd think you were J.K. Rowling in disguise! Keep writing and I'll be looking for an update on this story!

Author's Response: Best compliment ever. Thank you.

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Review #16, by Raven of Hair Eleven

5th June 2011:
I was wondering if you got you "name" from your hair color or your personality?

Author's Response: I was going with personality, myself...

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Review #17, by A raven Eleven

5th June 2011:
I have read all your stories so far and I can't wait until I get to find out how this one ends. I had read all the other ones about a year ago and I just found out about this one. it is just about as good as all the others. Please finish this story soon as I have a month long camp coming up with no electronics are allowed so if you dont finish soon I will have to wait a really long time to read the end.

Author's Response: Enjoy camp!

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Review #18, by SunnyRae Eleven

24th May 2011:
Stalker-ish? Me? No no no no no... you've got the wrong idea! I am, in no way, a stalker-ish type person! . I'm just one of your biggest fans is all...
; P
Anyway! I'm a late reviewer person! Sorry about that. I have my excuses though, not to worry... there was school and those meddlesome things called ''jobs'' to deal with *rolls eyes* but oh! hey, I did manage to start writing my own ''Sirius escapes Azkaban early'' story. I'm having *way* too much fun with that... *laughs insanely*
So yeah!
Onward with the review...
I was picturing Sirius and Remus' little meeting differently. Being the optimistic person that I am I was picturing our dear Remus believing Sirius and they hug brotherly and make up and Remus takes Sirius home to meet Emmeline and Harry and they have a delightful pasta dinner together, laughing and telling jokes which eventually leads to a very messy food fight where Harry wins victoriously and Sirius ends up with noodles in his nose...
I have to say... I like your version *much* better!
And you! I thought I was going crazy enough waiting for the cemetery meeting last chapter! But you have to leave me wondering how Harry and Ron's ''Play date thing'' will go... (I have my own idea of what might happen of course when werewolf meets dog again, but I'll wait to read your version first. I'm grinning over here with the thought though) And now I have to wait *again*!
I'm really not that impatient of a person as I'm probably coming off to be, I'm actually very patient - as long as updates are quick that is.
: )
Favorite part: "The dog reached the top of the hill and looked past Remus for a few moments as he very slowly sat in the snow. Remus knew he was looking at the gravestone just behind him."
I loved that image. It made me want to cry wondering what was going through poor padfoots head as he looked at Lily and James' gravestone.
Again, thanks for the update and the story! Love it! : )

Author's Response: Stalker-ish, biggest fan... Sometimes they go hand-in-hand. (I am kidding, of course...)
I completely understand busyness of life--got enough of my own going on--but thanks to your last review, I actually sat down and worked on a future chapter. No idea what chapter it is, guess it depends on how much stuff I get in the intervening chapters.

If your "Sirius escapes Azkaban early" story is as interesting as your reviews, it oughta be a good one. Let me know when you post it (if you haven't already...)

I don't know, I rather like your version of Remus and Sirius meeting up in the cemetery. Put it this way, I'm pretty sure my neighbors are wondering why I was laughing so hard.

More updates coming! Thanks for reading!

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Review #19, by sonotawriter One

22nd May 2011:
I came across your stories by chance the other day and I'm pleased to see you have a story in progress for me to enjoy!

I like your writing style very much, and your characterisations are very believable. I look forward to seeing where this story goes.


Author's Response: Thank you! Hope I continue to meet expectations!

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Review #20, by EPhelps Eleven

15th May 2011:
This is beyond amazing! You're a fabulous writer, can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #21, by SunnyRae Ten

7th May 2011:
Before I start a review on your lovely little story here, I've got to tell you a few things about myself. (weird, I know ; P) Not to worry though, I'll try to keep it short.
First, I found your stories when I think I was a freshman in high school about seven years ago.
Second, when I found your stories I fell in love with them and read the whole Truths Series.
Third, I left fanfiction last year due to college life : (
Forth, I came back : ) Read a little, wrote a little, lurked around a little and became absorbed in fanfiction once again
And finally the Fifth little thing you should know, (the number 5 really is my favorite number) I stumbled on your little stories again and read this particular one and now it's the only thing I can think about!!! It's ruining my life!
Therefore, the only way I can overcome this recent obsession that you've shamelessly created for me is to take this little water bottle I have here (that's actually very, very VERY large in fact, and not at all little, and it's very... *full*... at the moment too) and empty its contents over my precious computer, ending its short life completely...
Unless... of course, you can help me that is...
You see, if you could just *post* the next chapter, and the one after that... and soon, after a while, post a few more... until this lovely little story ends happily with a smiling "fin!" at the end, you might, without a doubt, save a life.
: )
In my humble opinion, that would be awfully swell!
; )
I do hope my smilies don't come across as too threatening... They're meant to tell you in a very backwards sort of way that I absolutely adore you're stories. And say that I wish there were more like yours so I can read them all non stop.
Now don't think I'm trying to suck up to the author here... I'm not, and that's the partial truth. Honest. But you don't know how many times I've come to your main page and just stared at the name "Neurotica" (In a non creepy way) and just thought, "Multiply, damn it! I want to read more!"
But of course, there's only one you.
So, please! Unveil chapter eleven oh great storyteller! My computer's life had been placed trustfully into your hands! But do watch the 'delete' key - She, my computer that is, is very sensitive in that area, especially when around fanfiction ; P
Cheers! And thank you for the stories so far. They are wonderful.

Author's Response: I think this is the longest review I've ever gotten on this website...

There are a few things in this review that I would normally consider stalker-ish if I wasn't laughing so hard. So thanks for that.

Chapter eleven... Yeah, about that. Truth be told, it's completed, but there are a few scenes that have been bothering me and I'm not sure *why* they're bothering me, and that's why there's been a delay in updating. But just for you, to prevent a mental breakdown, I will get to work on getting over my insecurities and get the chapter uploaded ASAP. (Like, as soon as I finish writing this review response.)

Which is now. Please don't do anything too drastic in the meantime. : D

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Review #22, by celeste Ten

27th March 2011:
ooo0o0o0o0oh oh my gosh Your story is really good! I can't wait to read the next chapter. I REALLY want to see sirius innocent and I want him to be in Harry's life!!
Can't wait to read more! :)

Author's Response: More to come soon!

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Review #23, by snapmagess Ten

20th March 2011:
cant wait for the next chapter!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #24, by Talon Svarog Ten

16th March 2011:
More, need more.

Damn min length :P

Author's Response: Agreed. ;-)

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Review #25, by adriaans Ten

15th March 2011:
Really good!

I am a bit curious why Sirius isn't a bit more straight forward though with his hints..

Author's Response: Well, if he was, there wouldn't be much of a story, would there? ;-)

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