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Review #1, by Narcoleptic creeper face (no, I'm not scary at all) why would we have a chipmunk and kittens? is this a zoo?

30th July 2012:
I can't wait for that party!! Didn't you have something pre-written? What's the wait? I must know what is going to happen! I mean, something's bound to go wrong. And I wanna see Albus react to his love letter! It's either passionate love making on Fiji or he pulls a what the blieb face. Or he doesn't notice the love letter. Now that'd be just sad. So write on! Can't keep your fans waiting!!

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Review #2, by Ellerina why would we have a chipmunk and kittens? is this a zoo?

30th August 2011:


She reminds me of those people we all know that are really fun to be around until they get a certain idea and then they go completely rabid trying to make it a reality and you know, they mean well, really they do, but sometimes they're just so crazy that they just miss things like morals and tact and it's impossible to point it out because by then they're just so crazy with the idea that there is no hope and then the whole world explodes in a giant mushroom cloud of insanity and everyone dies.

Or something.

Anyway. The bit about the classes (how long are class periods ?) had me in stitches because it's just so true. Also, Neil is a dominating dreamboat, sign me up! Especially as he's Oliver's kid, I am super into that.

I'm dying to know how this whole Rose thing goes. I feel like Neil is going to get in a whole lot deeper than he intends and it's not going to be pretty.

Love it!


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Review #3, by Ellerina we need to stock up on amortentia and devious plots

18th August 2011:
God why is Rose so scary? She probably like... sharpens her teeth before bed each night or something. I was sure she was going to bite one of Izzy's arms off at one point. And of course she would like the crazy!hot Wood boy. Because horrible couples have this bad habit of making themselves up.

Anywayyy, I missed seeing Albus in this chapter, but Libby showing emotion more than made up for it. I think the thing I like the most about Izzy at this point is that she knows what she's doing is ridic and shameless but she's going for it anyways.

"I'm hijacking one witch's present for my own ulterior motives. I'm going to drug Rose Weasley so she never finds out that I'm double-crossing her. Before this second I've never heard the word shame." If she ends up actually drugging Rose because the Neil thing falls through, I will never stop laughing.

"I still find it weird that you're already fantasizing about having his babies."

"Better be prepared than be taken by surprise!"
Good logic Izzy. Pity you can't seem to use any of that in your actual life. Though, if you did, this story would probably be really boring. So good on you then!

Hi, Faith. Sorry, but the party's off. I'll tell you why, but I'll have to kill you.

(I like that one.)
That whole section, including the part where Izzy goes off talking about how she hasn't thought about where her and Albus' wedding is going to be, was completely hysterical. Loling forever over here.

Shipping Libby/Scorpius like the Queen Elizabeth.


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Review #4, by Ellerina no, we don’t carry ginger dragons or colouring books

16th August 2011:
Oh God Izzy. WHY.

This is like watching a train wreck. And yet it is the most entertaining, sugar-infested, narcolepsy-induced train wreck ever, so that makes it okay. Even more fun to watch, when the train crashes and there is a cloud of powdered sugar and the sound of a million balloons popping on impact. THE PARTY EXPRESS, YO.

But yes, Izzy has got herself into a tight spot. Or well, she will have herself in a tight spot soon. I can feel it. I can practically taste it. I can't wait to see Faith's reaction, and Rose's too.

Faith looked like a Dutch caterpillar (never seen one, but I bet it looks squishy and has braids) Laughed for a good three minutes at that mental image. I bet Ditch caterpillars will only eat Tulip leaves. Picky twits.

Forget Firenze. I'm the new hot crazy Seer at Hogwarts. Not a weird narcoleptic. Not at all. If this became an Al/OC seer story, I would love you forever. Like, what if Izzy had a narcolepsy dream about how the party ends up going and then it actually came true. That would blow my mind.

Izzy, this is the sugariest con ever and I fully support you! Mostly for entertainment value, but whatever. It'll be fun!

(also, Gubbs, I adore your dialogue tags. Though you should know.)


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Review #5, by Ellerina where can i find talent agents and swim trunks?

16th August 2011:
So yah. Gubbers. I am reading this from ze beginning to show you how much I like it, because my approval indicates koala-tea (please ignore my deep, innate love of trash).

Libby is very close to my heart, mostly because she reminds me of myself on days where I don't drink enough coffee and I can sympathize with hating the whole world and then over-thinking the expressions your face is making when they guy you like is around and then its like, omg why are you so awkward just act like you don't care why have you stopped breathing and its all just very difficult.

Life is hard, you know.

Of course, Izzy is completely psychotic. What kind of person loves sugar and hates frosting? A truly insane one, that's what kind.

To show my appreciation, I have compiled some of my favorite lines from this chapter:

Never tell Libby this, but I might have narcolepsy.

Explains the dreams.

Or-other option-I am a seer.

I like that one better.
So do I, Izzy. You would make a lovely seer OC for Albus, I'm sure.

Albus couldn't not like his birthday. That went against my entire plan. It ripped my existential love letter to existential shreds and threw it into the existential fiery pits of existential hell. An avalanche of existentialism. Pity I never actually learned what that was in English class...

I could add those to my diet. Balloons, biscuits, and boys' smiles. Has a ring to it. This makes her sound like the old witch from Hansel and Gretel. Next thing you know, she'll end up trying to cook Albus in a birthday cake instead of throwing the actual party.



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Review #6, by ericajen why would we have a chipmunk and kittens? is this a zoo?

31st July 2011:
NIZZY 4EVAAH, YO. This fic is just like never ending amusement. Forrealz. Izzy is consistently amusing and all of the other characters that you introduce are so unique and fun/funny/completely insane. So like I said, never ending amusement. What with all the crazy.

I am suffering from an intense lack of coherency tonight. INTENSEE~

Author's Response: The ust between Neil and Izzy this chapter was insaaane, I was surprised that no one else seemed to catch it. But eee, never ending amusement? I think that's a misleading compliment, because all good things must come to an end. Sadly. But Izzy will always be ridiculous and stupid, and the caricatures I pass off as characters will always be broadly-drawn and similarly crazy. Crazy is amusing. Amusing is crazy. BRRRM, I like abusing that sound effect through type a lot.

Coherency? What's that? Is it a disease? I DON'T WANT TO CATCH IT GET AWAY FROM ME~

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Review #7, by ericajen we need to stock up on amortentia and devious plots

31st July 2011:
They're so scheme-tastic! I love it. I feel shame (so much shaame, wail wail) for not having caught up with this story sooner. But you know me. Lazy till the end. Tis only when people (you, ahem) entice me with the thought of competition that I get reading and reviewing again.

ANYWAY. You know how much I adore this fic. And Izzy and Libby and Albus and crazy dragon Rose and everyone, etc.

Neil Wood sounds like my type. Hot and insane.

Author's Response: I love nefarious scheming! And you know all about my approach to ff writing. It's an ensemble comedy, which means lots of hijinks and otherwise zany occurrences, which all leads to ridiculous schemes! But no shame, never shame! What is shame in the land of Logan Lerman banners? Competition, however... competition is okay. This is a cutthroat world, after all.

You know how much I love you for adoring this fic. And you know what? Maybe one day, one day, I will bestow Neil Wood upon you. Blessed day that would be.

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Review #8, by TallestTower why would we have a chipmunk and kittens? is this a zoo?

14th July 2011:
Funny that my favourite lines were all non12+ -shifty-
Young master count fluff? I'll roll with it.
The brackets throughout (which class was it anyway?) ♥
The whole Brazil daydream/narcoleptic dream... too. funny.
crazy neil wood ♥ so ovbiously oliver's child.
al the lines about him made me laugh.
And Libby.
“Love is a complex,” she muttered hoarsely, “created by humans in order to assuage their essentially lonely existences–”

All the little asides about her!
"He smirked at me. Libby would like to think he was smirking at her. "

And her judgeyjudgeness, she's awesome.
you make me laugh like a goldfish.
thoroughly enjoyed this, heaps of love

Author's Response: HELENA YOU'RE LOVELY -heart-
Not funny at all, I am unsurprised. They are my favorites as well. I am an easily amused child.
Rollin wit da homies~
That was obviously a play on how no one ever seems to understand their character's schedules. Satire ftw.
More satire in that Brazil (day)dream(vision?) -- I'm sure you can guess. It involves a very stupid girl running off to a spectacular private island off the coast of Brazil with TEH LUV OF HER LYFE who is also hot and "dangerous"~. cough.
Neil Wood actually doesn't have that much of Oliver in him. My Oliver was a more fully-fleshed out character than Neil is as of yet. Neil is a caricature. He doesn't have that much depth. But what is depth when you are hot /and/ crazy?
God, I love Libby. I have a soft spot for cynics and nihilists. And judging. You know I love judging.
I wasn't aware that goldfish laughed, but I think it's a humorous mental image so I'll take it. (H)

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Review #9, by Loony_Scorpy why would we have a chipmunk and kittens? is this a zoo?

2nd July 2011:
Hahaha I love how positive she is :P and I love her random dream thingy :D I can't wait for more and to see if she escapes the wrath of rose! Haha awesomeness :D

Author's Response: Izzy's naive optimism is one of her (few) redeeming qualities, I think. And that (day)dream(vision?) is one of my favorite ones thus far. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #10, by fairytaled why would we have a chipmunk and kittens? is this a zoo?

2nd July 2011:
I wonder how this will go. Izzy's fantasies and negotiation skills are hilarious.

'Remember, I'm cute. I have no idea how negotiations work.' That line is pure genius. I'm not usually one for quoting a chapter in a review, but this one stuck to me.

I adore Izzy's naivety.

Wonderful chapter :) x

Author's Response: Everything Izzy ever does is pure, unadulterated, ridiculous crack. I'm just happy that it happens to be amusing to some. And eee, a quote in a review! That's not usually my style either, so I know what it means to do something different. And I'm especially surprised that that line in particular was the one you quoted -- I thought it was a bit of a transition-y throwaway, but hey, who am I to dispute what you liked. Thank you so much for reviewing, as always. :)

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Review #11, by naughtforreal why would we have a chipmunk and kittens? is this a zoo?

1st July 2011:
Hey! Well, I have to admit that was a good plan. Hail, Isolde! :) Anyway, you're story is really funny and super cute. Especially the Count Fluff part. I was giggling on the part and people were shooting me weird glances. Yeah, well, you don't need to know that. Hehe. I just wanted to say how much I love Izzy and Libby and their whole confectionary thingy and surprised that Rose isn't in love with Scorpius. Or Scorpius with Rose. There's definitely a change in that. Really great story by the way!! :) Am I the first reviewer? for this chapter? Oh, the joy! :)

Author's Response: Huzzah, something Izzy does that makes sense! Double huzzah, really funny and super cute! Count Fluff is one of my crackier ideas, possibly stemming from my lifelong obsession with the movie The Aristocats. Ahem. You didn't need to know that bit, did you? Well, I kind of greatly dislike Rose, so why would I ever give someone as hot as Scorpius to her? :P But she does have a far-reaching plot, so you never know ;) And eee, first review! Super duper squee, thank you so much for stopping by.

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Review #12, by PearlsDream we need to stock up on amortentia and devious plots

23rd June 2011:
This story is really great! :) It's very witty and the writing is so good. The plot is very original. I like izzy :) she's crazy in a good way!

I can't wait to read more :) after four chapters I was like 'no, I want more!' ;) so give me more! :D keep it up!


Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure, and all (not that I have that much). Izzy is certainly crazy, but yay for a good way! I will do my best with the updates, but thank you for stopping by!

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Review #13, by Loony_Scorpy we need to stock up on amortentia and devious plots

21st June 2011:
hahahaha I really like this story :D it makes me laugh,, lots :D hehe Izzy can be a tad frustrating at times but she's awesome :) actually I just want Libby and Scorpy to hurry up and get together! haha ooh and I can't wait to have a bit more of Al :D
awesommme :D

Author's Response: Haha, thank you so much! I do like making people laugh (with me, I hope, instead of at me). Izzy is so ridiculous, I cannot begin to tell you, but I'm glad she's fun! The Libby/Scorpius plot is pretty slow coming for a while, but who knows what could happen? And there is lots more Al, I promise ;) Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #14, by fairytaled we need to stock up on amortentia and devious plots

28th May 2011:
This story is fantastic, I love it! :) I love the awesome plot you have emerging here, it's fantastic, :) Izzy is an awesome character and I love all the parodying of cliches. I adore it.

Also, I love the idea of the confectionary.

Nell :)

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! Since I don't really believe in plot, that's a huge (probably undeserved) compliment, but eee, thank you! Izzy, as I've said before, is perhaps the most maddening person I've ever written, but I love her for it. Most of the time. Anyway, thank you so much (for the third time in such a short space, this must be some kind of record) for the lovely review. I hope you continue to enjoy :D

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Review #15, by foundriapenguin we need to stock up on amortentia and devious plots

26th May 2011:
i was shocked to see no gina update, but I know Gina is a slow writer. YAY FOR FASTER UPDATES ♥

This chapter was hilarious! AND WOOT, MORE CRAZY CHARACTERS. I can't wait to meet Neil Wood - your crazy characters are always so interesting, Gubby!


I still hear Gina's voice when I read Izzy thinking/talking/ANYTHING. Oh goodness. I miss you all terribly. I really need to have a proper skype catch up with all of you soon. ♥

Can't wait to see the latest chapter! You are brilliant as always.




I was super excited to see this so thank you already! It makes breaking the shiny-Al/OC pattern a lot easier to bear. (Trust me, it was not an easy decision, but Gina's broken-wheelchair-bound-tortoise writing pace somehow became a teensy bit insane.)

Ensemble comedies with kooky characters are kind of my thing, in case you haven't noticed. Neil Wood doesn't have that big a role after the next chapter, because it's the reputation that kind of outstrips the reality. But as we all know, crazy is hot. Really, really hot. And also, squee, I have interesting characters! That's one of my biggest goals, to create people who you want to read about (maybe despite yourself), so thank you!

It's been so long since Gina has read for me :( Which means that I remember what I thought Izzy was like again. But yes you absolutely have to come back into our lives, we miss you dearly.


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Review #16, by _hedwig_ we need to stock up on amortentia and devious plots

25th May 2011:
Hahaha, I don't know if that was supposed to be satirical, but the "no one else matters except me and my friends" thing killed me.

I'm so glad you're updating more! You have an extraordinary sense of humour, I love it! Reading this is a nice change from the typical, "I love him, he falls in love with me after such and such happens..."

It's refreshing! Unless you so choose to go down that rabbit hole...

Then whatever. I'd still love it anyway :)

Author's Response: Haha, I'm glad it did! Seems to have been a popular line, at least as far as 12+ lines go.

And thank you so much! I fear sometimes that my sense of humor is too dark to apply to this genre, but happily Izzy and her friends are crazy enough that I always manage to entertain myself. From there I can only hope that I entertain you guys as well. I like to think that this is not your typical Albus/OC story, but it's up to you to judge, if you want.

Thanks so much for such a nice review!

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Review #17, by liza_potter we need to stock up on amortentia and devious plots

24th May 2011:
It was true, really. Have you heard of anyone else?

Exactly. No one matters. Just me, my friends, and the school celebrity clan.

^^ The only 12+ favourite quote of mine I could find. I'm also hungry now. That tends to happen when I'm reading your stories, actually. I think I have some biscuits around here somewhere...

See that? You're bad for my health. But keep writing and updating (note to self: bug Gina about this whole updating thing) Does Hogwarts carry Nutella? Izzy would be a fan of that, I could tell. I hope Hogwarts does carry Nutella- Izzy and I would have one of those soul sister moments. :')

I have nothing else to say. Except that it's awesome. Just pure awesome-ness. With some win sauce on top.

Author's Response: Oh, Liza *hug* I said in my response to Sarah that now I'm troubled by the lack of quotable 12+ lines and I'm amused by how people seem to get hungry when they read this! And now I want biscuits. The cycle continues! However, Hogwarts doesn't have nutella because I don't like nutella, which I know is a blasphemous thing to say, but I owe HPFF the truth. I. Do not. Like. Nutella. But as long as I can put up with Izzy's crazy (trust me, there's a lot of Izzy crazy coming up), I will update whenever I can. Hopefully soon. Which, let me remind you, is much more than Gina can say :P

Eee, grazie mucho!

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Review #18, by Toujours Padfoot we need to stock up on amortentia and devious plots

24th May 2011:
So I love you. And I love this. And this story makes me happy. It also makes me hungry. I am sitting here drinking cappuccino and feeling very posh and smooth-like and this is pretty much the perfect story to be reading when one wants to feel at their posh-est.

Also, I am miffed that my favorite lines that I want to quote are not 12+, so I cannot quote them. But I shall say that witches be jealous and you should hire your Amsterdam red-light district peoples and now I kind of want pudding...

:( That is a sad face because I do not have pudding.

But at least I still have cappuccino! Yay! Uppers and downers!

I adore Izzy. She speaks to my soul.


Author's Response: I love you. And I love this. And this review makes me happy. It doesn't make me hungry because I just ate delish food, but I'm amused that this makes you feel posh because as we all know, Izzy is anything but posh. Or sophisticated. Or, um, subtle.

The lack of 12+ quotable lines seems like a problem to me, now that I think about it. I guess I should lean less heavily on profane language and do more smart, subtle humor appropriate for everyone.

Or, you know, not.

Boo lack of pudding, yay cappuccino (I feel like I spelled that wrong?), and yay Izzy!

:D *heart*

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Review #19, by ericajen no, we don’t carry ginger dragons or colouring books

30th April 2011:

Oh Izzy. She is too funny. Also, Rose does sound like a ginger dragon lady. And ginger dragon ladies are scary people. I think I would run in the other direction if I saw her. Arms flailing and everything. Alright now that that irrelevance is over... this was yet another entertaining chapter, Gubby. Of course, the Selena/Logan banner might be making me biased.

Author's Response: HURRAY~

Izzy is ridiculous and Rose is scary. Those are really the only things that I personally got out of this chapter. I wouldn't run from her because I'm too cool for that, but I would cower in a corner and avert my eyes. But I'm so happy you enjoyed it, especially because the Selena/Logan banner makes you biased.

Perhaps my one goal with this story is to convince the uninitiated that Selena/Logan is the greatest thing ever.

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Review #20, by TallestTower no, we don’t carry ginger dragons or colouring books

22nd April 2011:
Oh Izzy. I think she is completely justified because a) No Flying Pony's dreams will be crushed and b) Albus is a hottie.
The only problem with this plan is she can't rip off Faith anymore by demanding large amounts of money.
So, you already know how much I love righteous Albus. And flobberworm references. Oh flobberworms, they make the best metaphors ever. Best things ever. Best. Ever.
I reckon Libby needs to go frolic with unicorns for a bit. "Then she met Hagrid." Brilliant.
Communist Louis made an appearence I notice :D
Baw, I'm scared of gingerbread lady Rose.
I'm so happy Izzy's throwing this party for herself, and her love letter to Albus lives on. ♥

Author's Response: Oh, Izzy. What have you gotten yourself into? But at least her crazy scheme is justified, yes yes? :D

It's funny because I actually haven't figured out what to do about Faith's money, which is already spent. The whole Faith storyline in general requires more thought on my part. I like having her around to make fun of her braids and Dutchness, really.

Righteous Albus is one of my favorite forms of Albus, except for Total Complete Nihilist Albus, which is much sexier, I think. That form of Albus will appear shortly. I don't actually recall flobberworm references, so I am going to assume that you were either hyped up on sugar or are referring the caterpillars, both of which make more sense to me.

Libby would hate unicorns. And frolicking. Frolicking is frivolous and unicorns still /smell/ like horses, don't they? Ick. (She is not happy with the contracting of flying ponies for the party.)

Communist Louis is my favorite Louis. I'm debating keeping him a reference instead of an actual character, because he's just so funny this way, but you never know! My bias for ensemble screwball comedies with a cast of kooky characters might get the best of me.

Ginger Dragon Lady Rose, how you frighten me. I've figured out that I really don't like Rose as a concept character. At all. I like making her crazy and scary and everything. But as we shall soon find out, she has a weakness. And since this is a Next Gen fic, that weakness may or may not have to do with a boy. ;)

I'm much happier to know that Izzy has just dug her own grave and will try to claw her way out of it with any means necessary, which means many more zany hijinks and (finally) some sexual tension and lots of business know-how to enjoy.

Thank you so much, as always, Helena *heart*

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Review #21, by callmedaynuhh no, we don’t carry ginger dragons or colouring books

21st April 2011:
AlxOC is totally my crack ship. Lol. I love how Izzy is all over the place And how you made Rose different than most people see her as. Definitely update soon. :)

Author's Response: Logan Lerman/Selena Gomez is my OTP, so it's natural that I enjoy Albus/OC :P Izzy is one craycray girl, I must agree. I think I've seen scary!Rose before, but I'm glad you liked her! I can only update when Gina (of etc. etc. fame) is ready, which will probably be in a month, considering how she writes at the pace of a hibernating koala. Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #22, by justonemorefic no, we don’t carry ginger dragons or colouring books

21st April 2011:
SO MUCH WIN. DUTCH. THE DUTCH BASHING. "I mean, really. He’s Albus Potter. She’s got braids."

“You people care about the wrong things. Like boys and public opinion.” THIS IS ALL THAT IS RELEVANT, SILLY LIBBY.

I never took Care of Magical Creatures. Libby did because she thought she’d like animals more than people. Then she met Hagrid. OH LIBBY. I nearly called her Lizzy again.

And... I'm reading this in my voice, in my head.

AND OH MY GOD ROSE. KICKAWESOME, MUCH? I mean, I knew about this, but this is one smooth witch. I want to be this witch too.

NIETZSCHE. I mention nihilists ♥

OMG IZZY PSYCHOANALYSIS. God, I must podcast this.



Author's Response: That line and the Dutch caterpillar line are my personal favorites.

LIBBY *heart* A nihilist after my own heart. Although that would be more accurate if I had a heart. Hmm.

D'aww Hagrid. I dislike writing him more than probably anyone else. His accent is murder on my senses of language. Also, animals. I do not like animals. Or people.

You didn't narrate this chapter :( This must be rectified. It's been so long and I hear Izzy the way she was meant to be heard. This is a problem. ValleyGirl!Izzy is the best kind of Izzy.

Rose is such a kickawesome little witch. I don't think I ever showed you this but, damn, this witch got game. Almost as much game as that Izzy, who is so legit she can't ever ever quit.

NIETZSCHE! I can never spell his name right. But we are all aware of my mostly irrational attraction to nihilists. Hot.

There is /much/ more Izzy psychoanalysis to read, I promise you. She is so insightful! So helpful! Sexy ministry worker slash famous Healer, Izzy Dunham. She can work the bureaucracy and get to the heart of your lifelong psychological issues and then plan your celebratory party and simultaneously steal your really hot nihilist boyfriend.

Famous witch. *heart*

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Review #23, by TallestTower where can i find talent agents and swim trunks?

12th April 2011:
Hello again! It's fun to see pure comedy from you, and Izzy has so much energy she kind of gives this story a momentum if that makes sense and it speeds along with her character narrating, I love it. Her observations of Libby are hillarious. I would quote all the parts that made me laugh but that would take me forever. Scorpius is mega hot, and Albus is adorable - what more is there to want? Apart from chapter three of course! Sorry for this terrible review, one time I'll write you something structered or boring like that ♥

Author's Response: Right now it seems like a pure comedy, but... you never know. This may well turn into a morality play. Or somehow become a Dostoevsky-like exercise in the dark side of human psychology. You just never know with me. :P But yes, I agree, Izzy's energy does lend the story the momentum of a charging racehorse who has eaten too many sugar cubes (horses like sugar, right?) and now won't listen to the jockey and is going kind of craycray out on the fields.

Metaphors are also my specialty.

If Izzy is the centerpiece of the tiara that is The Confectionary, Libby's wearing the tiara. I don't know why that metaphor came to me, but I will stick with it. Basically, I really like Libby. And Scorpius, and of course, Albus. What indeed can one want? Well, you'd be surprised, I should think. And no, it isn't a terrible review at all, it was lovely, as always. Thank you, darling ^_^

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Review #24, by TallestTower one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

11th April 2011:
HELLO. Yeah, I complete one fic, and start another. No escape from my gushing reviews.
So I'm reading Gina's Al/OC and I thought to embrace the true Logan Lermonyness of it all I need to read yours too. Also, the banner lured me in. Because Gina's banners make my life. Siiigh.

Brillaint first chapter. Full of rainbows and sugar and tulips. Especially the house elf bashing haha. "I had a lot of them by my bed. Even more now that the stupid elves didn’t clean anything."

And loving the classic hot tutor situation, naturally. And Libby's mental break down at first sign of contact. And her fear of Hagrid.

All these things are wonderful, and I love the chapter title. Now I have run out of things to say and so I will dash off to the next chapter ♥

Author's Response: OHAI THERE HELENA. *heart* I would never want to escape from such lovely reviews! Although the idea of living up to expectations kind of intimidates me. Ahem.

Logan Lerman needs to be embraced, and I mean that both literally and metaphorically. The phenomenon of him here is incredible. Also, shiny banners. I love shiny banners more than Logan, if you can believe it. Especially Gina's. They animate my totally drab world.

I don't even particularly dislike house-elves, so I'm not sure where that came from XD But now it's a running gag/element of GASP PLOT, so that's exciting! I guess I need something to fill in for Ravenclaw-bashing in Off-Kilter. Ahh, the hot tutor plot, with glory in its infamy. Although, as always, my heart goes out to the crazy nihilist in the fic, whose fear of Hagrid stems from my own fear of Hagrid (or rather, writing his accent).

Your reviews literally made my day, thank you so much. *hug*

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Review #25, by _hedwig_ one kilo of tulip bulbs and a half-kilo of chocolate frogs

7th April 2011:

This is really well-written! I love it so far!


Yeah. This is what happens to me when I read Al/OC's. I can't even leave a decent review.

Author's Response: Wow, thanks so much! And OOH A SABRINA. I've loved that name for ages and never had a character to give it to, so I'm glad you're happy! Teehee, incoherency is expected and welcomed at the wonder that is the entire Albus/OC scene at HPFF. Thanks so much for reviewing!

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