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Review #1, by sharkbait Things Potter Can Do with a Vivid Imagination

16th April 2014:
i cannot tell you how much I love Clemence and the little rivalry between her and Al. She's so deliciously calculating and cold - and you aren't throwing the both of them at my faces to ship, but the lingering tension is there. will it be sexual? will it not? i do not know that but I sure want to find out.

Author's Response: Thanks! I love the relative freedom I have with this fic--I'm aware of its status as a romance but I don't write it like how I'd usually write a romance, and I like that it gives off that not-shippy feel. And I think readers soon figure out that I give no guarantees about any couples ;)

Thanks for reading!

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Review #2, by Anonymous Pseudonymous V-Day D-Day

6th April 2014:
Okay, I'll get straight to the point. Your story sucks. Clemence is an idiot and your story is boring...

And this is me completely jealous of you and your writing abilities. Do I have to say how incredible your story is, or did you realize how I'm completely in love with it , three hundred characters ago? Please update your story! Or is that it? Please, don't do that to me... Oh, and I'm speaking (may I dare to say) for all of your readers and... Fans. Really, I'm like a real life Quirker. And no, I'm not "in love" with a celebrity and I'm not boy-crazy. I am your-story-crazy. Please update!!!

Author's Response: Baha, gave me a scare there. Glad you like it! I'm on a hiatus while I'm enrolled in this writing workshop (I can barely keep up with that by itself). But after that, I will return! Can't stop turning readers into Quirkers, after all.

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Review #3, by Humera V-Day D-Day

30th March 2014:
I swear to God, they should turn this into a movie -- one where everything is narrated. Because without the words, the movie would lack the brilliance that you have created on paper/laptop screens.

Hats off.

Author's Response: I wish! I can dream of being the next Mean Girls-Heathers-girl-clique classic, eh?


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Review #4, by Failed_and_Forgotten V-Day D-Day

23rd March 2014:
OH MY GOD! FINALLY! Bloody Albus and Clemence finally admitting that theres something between them that isn't bloody FAKE! I almost bawled my eyes out when i thought crazy Potter would just ditch her like that. Man am I sitting on edge in every word i read.

and now there's some awkward thingy going on between her and Henry. Oh merlin. XD Oh well, Albus and Clemence all the way!!! Mwuahaha*cough cough* Dang clemence is one BRAVE heroine.

Author's Response: Sort of kind of admitting 8D as close as they will at this point. And then there's the awkward just-as-much-of-a-confession with Pickett, because I am always in favor of making things harder for Clemence.

♥ thanks for reading!

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Review #5, by AlexFan V-Day D-Day

15th March 2014:
First of all, this story is going to be reaching 1000 reviews soon and when that happens I'm going to be the first to congratulate you. Or at least I'll try.

I'm pretty sure this was my favourite chapter of this fic yet. From the moment that the chapter started and Clemence started giving that description of Albus's appearance I just knew that he had been drugged. I knew it I knew it I knew it. The expressions that Clemence was discribing don't just come on the face of someone who is hanging off of the person that they despise. I fully believed her when she came to the conclusion that Albus had been drugged (but it's not like that had anything to do with what I thought or anything psssh).

But Clemence did go slightly crazy though. The extent that she went to to shove that cure down Albus's throat is truly astonishing. This girl could probably end up curing cancer if she put her mind to it.

My entire expression was just a shocked one, mouth open and everything. There was just so much chaos and fighting and shouting and good God, everyone in this fic is serious about their ships by the looks of it. Dead serious. It's like fandoms on tumblr arguing over their favourite ships.

One of the best parts was definitely Scorpius shutting everyone up by announcing that he was gay. Pickett was just not having any of the Team stuff anymore, Pickett is just one hundred percent done with everyone at this point. And I get the feeling that Scorpius might have a crush on Albus and judging by your tumblr, I'm not the only one that feels this way.

I loved it so much when Albus yelled out Clemence and then said that he loved Clemence. I felt like angels had just come out of heaven and were singing around me. Everything just felt right in the world after he said that, nothing was topsy turfy anymore.

And then when they kissed at the end and it was so cute and I didn't even mind that it was a cliche because it was just so adorable and Clemence was trying to be angry but in the end she couldn't keep that up.

Albus and Clemence are my ship of the year without a doubt.

Author's Response: Hee, thank you! It was a hard balance to strike with Clemence and the love potion--Clemence is right from the start, so how do I keep the suspense? And it let me play with her total glossing-over of the evidenc, and desperate hope--which might not have swayed you, but I hoped would plant some doubt in readers' minds! :D At least, for that moment toward the end when Clemence finally doubts herself.

Clemence would cure cancer for the name recognition 8D

It is EXACTLY like fandoms on tumblr arguing over their ships. I have a love/hate with fandom mobs; they're so interesting to watch, I can't help it. Pickett on the other hand, is like 200% done with them--lucky for him, he just became part of the second-most popular ship for this fic 8D

I wouldn't be so quick to hail the angels (I think they're busy people anyhow). At the same time, while the 'I love Clemence' was to stop a mob, while Clemence fought for Albus for selfish reasons, and while they might be 3000% done with everyone at Hogwarts-- there's something genuine in everything these two, even if they don't know it or can't face it. I think that's finally starting to show.

♥ thank you for reading!

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Review #6, by argh V-Day D-Day

9th March 2014:
although i love this story and have been following it forever, i have finally had to succumb to a slight nagging sensation that has cropped up more and more insistently with each chapter i read.

when i embarked on etc., etc., i was so pleasantly surprised. clemence, to me, seemed like a really strong female character. take charge, independent, no-nonsense. but as i continued to read, i couldn't help but feel like this story has, in an increasingly aggressive manner, been perpetuating an over-whelmingly anti-feminist tone.

so much of this plot is about pitting girls against each other. why? it hurts to read, especially since i enjoy literally every other aspect of this story. yet i find it problematic how flawed you hae made all your female characters. i know that the males are flawed too (every character in this fic is, which makes it so realistic and good of a read), but with the males you don't find the same sweeping, caricatural generalizations that have seized hold of the girls.

almost all the girls in this story are portrayed as stupid, desperate, vapid and starving for love. none of them can think independently, none of them can function socially - is this really the type of stereotype you want to put forth? it feels as though instead of having clemence shine on her own like the badass she is, you included appy and all the other quirkers - in increasingly farcical renditions of mental instability - in order to juxtapose the two 'kinds' of girls against each other. clemence vs. appy, ice queen vs. quirker.

the quirkers are depicted in scathing tones that, at this point, make me feel kind of uncomfortable. there is no shred of sympathy granted to them. they're almost nonhuman in their description. yikes.

why do you have to put the rest of the girls down in order to lift clemence up? and why oh why does there have to be so much catfighting, and why oh why does so much of the catfighting have to center around boys? if this fic was a movie, i'm not sure it would pass the bechdel test. clemence, at this point, seems like the only sane female character worthy of sympathy. and even she is still boy-crazy.

maybe i've been analyzing this from a weird angle and just need a shift of perspective, but this has been my impression so far. i'd really appreciate your opinion.

Author's Response: I couldn't fit the response in 4000 characters (I wanted to essay and out came 1500 words), so I posted the response on my oddhour blog! I do appreciate your concerns, so hopefully it clears things up.

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Review #7, by Anon V-Day D-Day

8th March 2014:
I think I nearly choked on my own saliva when I found out you updated!! I was really really waiting for THIS chapter! I love the way you write and how you made your characters!! I love Clemence and her personality it's like fresh man!! I mean she's smart, sassy, snarky and crazy and a Slytherin (Albus usually gets paired with Gryffs/Puffs in fanfics). I adore Albus and Clemence couple I hope to read more about their actual like relationship and not talking about Appy or Quirkers - just Albus and Clemence. But I also like Appy, that evil Pink Crazy Girl for a "villain" she's really smart too! I hope she gets a happy ending btw haha XD Pickett is a sweetheart and basically is like the Best Guy Friend hopefully Dom realizes they are perfect for each other but Pickett and Scorp is so cute!! Scorp is so adorable I wanna keep him in my pocket!! :) You're a fantastic writer, your characters are so well thought off and your plot isn't boring or typical I love it! Your stories are addicting. Please keep updating this story, I hope to read more into the whole Albus/Clemence as a "couple" real or pretend, and hope that their dynamic never changes!! :)

Author's Response: Aaah I keep forgetting to respond to this lovely review. Thank you so much! I've wanted to explore Albus and Clemence's relationship for a long time, without so many mindgames and external obstacles, and that's partly why these last five, six chapters have turned out more emotional; slowly the story's been turning inward toward its characters--and it'll be like that until the end of the story from what I've planned. After this chapter, it'll be more like a "peacetime" and //that// just might be the most stressful thing Clemence has to go through. I'll be exploring all of the characters more, too! Quite happy to finally expand on Dom and also give Pickett a bit more screentime.

Bahaha, you are the first that I've seen to wish Appy a happy ending and you know what, I personally hope she gets a happy ending too.

♥ !

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Review #8, by Gred Marginally Better Than a Broom Closet

6th March 2014:
Hello! I said in my last review sorry for the long gap, and this gap was so much longer than the last! I'm really sorry - I just haven't had any time - and was this a great chapter to stop reading at!

I'd forgotten how much I love your writing style! And how it's utterly crazy that Clemence and Albus are being chased by hordes of girls, but you manage to make it completely believable.

I love Clemence's idea of pretending to be using the changing room - it never even occurred to me. Shows how good I'd be in a crisis (although, touch wood, this type of crisis will never happen to me!).

I absolutely love Clemence and Albus' banter. And it was an excellent buildup (and setting) to a first kiss. I thought it was very nicely done, and fitted in really well with the story. (I love a good classically-cliched broom closet kiss!)

The ending was great, too. I feel kind of sorry for Dom, walking in on that! And Clemence's excuse, investigative journalism, really made me giggle.

Also, swivel chairs as footstools are probably the most nerve-racking things in my life! I look forward to more Appy - I just really like her name - and QGA can indoctrinate me if you like, but my comments will become nothing but Albus fangirling, most probably.

- Lily, not forgetting to mention Scorpius! (Gred)

Author's Response: Hullo again Gred! Hee, I've been waiting for your reaction to this chapter; when I wrote it, it caused a huge splash for being 'that fic that has a Dramatic Kiss Scene six chapter in.'

At the time, it did not register to me that I was writing a very ridiculous scene with a mob that becomes a reoccuring trope over the course of this fic. This fic originally never featured any mobs; after 21 chapters, there are enough mobs to give one to every member of your family. (sadly lacking in mafia-mobs, however)

Swivel chairs are tricksy things. If you believe in them, they will believe in you. And QGA has recruited many of my readers, so you won't be alone :'D


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Review #9, by A_Johnson49 V-Day D-Day

4th March 2014:
I'm so happy to read this! I have had a severe lack of Snarky Slytherins in my reading as of late. :D I'm looking forward to know Pickett's actual reaction to Scorpius. He handled the shock rather well in this scene.

Author's Response: Next chapter's going to be a lot of reactions--there wasn't time to process much of anything that happened this chapter (most glaringly, Clemence and her complete avoidance of whether Albus actually does love her). Thank for you reading! ^__^

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Review #10, by Addison Pickett V-Day D-Day

4th March 2014:
Huzzah! You post once more! Lovely Chapter, really. I'll consider this a late birthday gift from you. (6 days after my birthday. No one has been able to beat the current record of nearly 362 days after my birthday... In their defense, they gave me a gift for both birthdays.)

Anyways... SWEET MERLIN WOMAN! I still ship Picinique, but somehow this chapter got me on the S.S. Pickence. (That would be Pickett and Clemence.) Also love the loco Appy in this. Really suits her.


Wouldn't want to nag, but still waiting for shirtless!Pickett... I don't care if it's cold. I want to read about how surprisingly well his build is for someone so Pickett-like. Please. :>

Love always,
Addie Pickett.

Author's Response: Ooh I'm terrible at giving birthday gifts so I'll consider this a success.

Yaaas, I've done some shipping shuffling, at last! I'm terrible for encouraging team-y things when the whole point is to not encourage team-y things, but I'm only human. No one's yet to be Team Appy, maybe I'll cheer for her 8D

omg, haaa I nearly forgot about shirtless!Pickett. I'll see what I can do, and I'll be sure to make it as cold as possible.


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Review #11, by HarrietHopkirk V-Day D-Day

2nd March 2014:
HEN-NO. Please. And Pickett/happiness. Clemence is too eeevil for him. He's too cool. Other than that, deffo worth the wait. Well done Gina.

Author's Response: Pickett/Happiness is a given ship, ok.

If Clemence puts on sunglasses, will she be cool enough? I can convince you, I swearrr.

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Review #12, by StrangeMindEnigma V-Day D-Day

2nd March 2014:
I love this fic. Even though it's oc-centered, it's still good. The
romance and chemistry is pulled off really well. Albus's and
Clemence's relationship is like kismesis with a side of
matespriteship. Please excuse the Homestuck references.
Clemence is an awesome character, even if she's far from
perfect. Not just her, all your other characterizations too. The
humor in this makes me actually laugh out loud. And the plot is
so... so... I don't know how to describe it. That's a good thing on your part. With all these qualities, your fanfic is basically like unicorn-dragon hybrid in the world of fanfiction for being an actual well-written oc fic.
Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see more of this.

Author's Response: Wah, thank you. I looked up the terms heheh, kismet-nemesis. I'm glad you like the fic! I've always been more interested in the Harry Potter world and my own characters, so I like OC fic. It's hard to convince people to read an one sometimes, so I'm glad when they do take a chance on mine.

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Review #13, by naughtforreal V-Day D-Day

2nd March 2014:

I'm going crazy with the ships here. Basically I want to mash all the ships into this huge ball. And hug them. If that's even possible.

The Chapter is so fluffy, Gina. I luff it.

Author's Response: One ginormous continually rolling ball of ships, rolling through Hogwarts collecting more people. In this universe, that could //literally// happen.

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Review #14, by Spyci V-Day D-Day

1st March 2014:
This was beyond perfect, that I simply cannot even.

Author's Response: I will can for you.

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Review #15, by aconite V-Day D-Day

1st March 2014:
I think I just died. Scorpius though. I LOVE SCORPIUS!! And Pickett. And Albus. ON PURPOSE? Can Clemence tackle Appy more often?

Author's Response: She ought to tackle Albus then, eh? Though I am definitely up for more tackling all around!

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Review #16, by Rumbleroar goes roar V-Day D-Day

28th February 2014:
Oh, this chapter. I just have to say how much I loved it. Your writing just SHONE and it was completely, a million times worth the wait. :)

I must admit that - though I've loved the complexity of Albus' character - I've never truly enjoyed him as a love interest. I guess I'm just more in love with the adorable idiots. But I seriously fell in love with him in this chapter and I'm not quite sure how you managed that. :)

Scorpius. Pickett. Dom. I love them even MORE. And I already loved them a lot. Agh!

Congrats on this story! I hope you feel proud of this chapter, as it was really amazing.

Also - currently listening to your playlist for this chapter. Perfection!


Author's Response: Waaah thank you :') I feel sooo guilty whenever I take so long so I try to make the wait worth it, as best as I can.

Oh no, I totally understand your feelings about Albus; I feel the same way. There's something freeing about writing a love interest who I don't particularly ship; there's smaller risk of plot-warping, over-fluffing the relationship, and other romantic traps. I really could care less if Albus and Clemence end up together or not! Perhaps because I view the story through Clemence's eyes and not as an outsider, and Albus truthfully isn't very important to her--though that may chance. But I must admit the end of this chapter made my heart wibbly while writing it :D

♥ Hlad you liked the chapter and the mix! This review cheered me up so much ^__^

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Review #17, by patronus_charm V-Day D-Day

28th February 2014:
Ok Im half asleep so this review wont make much sense (if they ever do that is:p) but yay *new chapter dance*!

Things I loved:
1. My face looks like a pretzel knot.
2. Slight mean, but Clemence got a taste of her own medicine
3. Love potion? You say what? Clem loves Appy? Whaaat?
4. Scorpius being so cute and helpful I want to squish him.
5. Appy naming her and Albus future children
6. He seizes Pickett and kisses him. askadhkqe did not see that one coming
7. Which goes on. And on. yeah Im confused about who Im shipping who with who, but Ill just embrace the craziness :P
8. Omg Scorpius is an official babe with his whole no team speech Martin Luther King 2.0 right here
9. "I... love... Clemence," he pants. Wahahahahaha
10. Asjkasxwd they kissed

Wah that was a very confusing/exciting/possibly new OTP finding story. Hehe, I like the idea of a love triangle it will definitely add even more madness to this story which is always a good thing, the only question is what is Dom going to do? First she was ditched by Scorpius now sort of possibly ditched by Pickett who may be gay/bi/just acting and now shes probably feeling a little silly. Gah, WHAT IF SHE SIDES WITH APPY?

Lol, that will probably never happen but then again anything can in this story :P All I can say is that Im glad Clemence and Albus are sort of normal with one another again so they can be all superhero like and take down Appy and her posse and this team lark with it. It just feels like Twilight all over again!

A fab chapter, Gina, and well worth the wait!


Author's Response: 1. I took care of my habitual food metaphor early.
2. Hurr I love Clemence best when I'm mean to her 8D It isn't even about character development; I just want her to taste her own medicine too.
3. oops my crack Clappy ship is showing
4. c:
5. One will be Ampersand (after the fictional rat), and she is also rather fond of Asterisk Hashtag Potter-Colon
6. :DDD
7. The best part is that I'm open to having almost any ship as endgame, as long as I feel like it's coherent with the rest of the story. People should have hope for their crack ships and not get too comfy in established ones ;)
8. Sadly, speeches < tackling
9. ccc:
10. The promised fluff!

Dom is totally fine! She's not the point in THIS love triangle. She's totally cool with her occasional-fling lifestyle and, from her convo with Clemence, tries to stress that she is totally not interested in Pickett, even though no one seems to believe her. Clemence on the other hand, welp can you imagine her as the heroine of Twilight.

♥ ahaha, your sleepy review was great!

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Review #18, by ICE 0ne V-Day D-Day

28th February 2014:
That was so incredibly epic. Each chapter I read reinforces why this is one of if not my favorite fanfic ever. Take your time updating. It's always worth the wait.

Author's Response: Wah, thank you! c: I'm incredibly grateful that people come back to read even with my atrocious update schedules.

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Review #19, by UpAllNightReading V-Day D-Day

28th February 2014:
First of all: YES! PICKETT AND SCORPIUS KISS!!! I ship them with the passion of a thousand suns. *dances off into the sunset*


But a million points to Scorp for his speech. I want to see more!!!

Author's Response: ALL THE SCORPICK SHIPPERS HAVE RE-EMERGED! It took 5 chapters from the night on the lake, but I did follow up on that promised ship :'D

He is just a /bit/ of an idiot. It's probably the stupidest endearing thing he's ever done. It's so unfair that he can get away with it, and I'm okay with that :'D

♥ thanks!

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Review #20, by newgenerationlover V-Day D-Day

27th February 2014:
Love, love, love this story!! Can't wait to read the next chapter!!

Author's Response: Thanks! c:

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Review #21, by m_vicky V-Day D-Day

27th February 2014:
that was so great!it had very interesting development and kept me at peek interest throughout! I can't believe Scorpius came out like that and he's in love with Albus, poor baby, and Clemence has a best friend and she didn't know, typical. loved the ending, stupid charming Potter!
Please keep writing and updating!

Author's Response: YOU NOTICED! You are the first to point out the implied one-sided Scorpius/Albus ;) I was hoping someone would!

Stupid, charming Potter indeed ♥

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Review #22, by evil little devil V-Day D-Day

27th February 2014:
I started doing a re-read of this yesterday because I was a little bored, and I knew the new chapter was coming soon and I'd forgotten bits, and then huzzah! New chapter today. Much excitement :D
I haven't reviewed this before, which is terribly shameful of me. It's such an excellent story, I'd forgotten how good it is. The humour and the social commentary and the characters! I adore Clemence. She reminds me of me, a little, although I don't have the confidence to actually act out my more cold-hearted side like she does (I just wail pathetically in the background and wish I could). You've taken such a wonderful, fresh approach to writing Slytherin characteristics, it's like you take the stereotypical Slythering traits like cunning and ambition, and then just underline them with so much complexity and humanity that it blows my mind.
This chapter was very exciting! THE PICKETT/SCORP SNOG! I have been shipping them just a little bit since the lake chapter, because they seemed so adorable together.
I don't even know what else to say, beyond another assertion that this story is glorious, and you are a fabulous writer.

Author's Response: Eee~~ You may not have reviewed, but I see you reblogging all the time, I do.

I write Clemence for all the girls who can relate c: I feel the same way about her--I could be her. Part of me is Clemence, thinking her thoughts, wanting to do what she does. And I'm glad I'm not her because she does so many stupid, selfish things, even along with the great things, but I can see why does it. Maybe it's because ambitious girls aren't portrayed often; heck, smart, selfish girls aren't portrayed often, and they're more often than not "shrill" and need to loosen up.

Teehee, this is the chapter to ship all! That chapter spawned so many Scorkett? Pickpius? shippers that it would be a crime not to have a Team Hen-NO.


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Review #23, by sunshine&daisies V-Day D-Day

27th February 2014:
Yay!! Thank you so much for the update! Please don't take as long as you did before :). Wonderful writing as always, and I'm glad Albus and Clemence are slowly working out. I would like to see more Rose in the story, however!

Author's Response: Baha, I'l try. Thanks! And hopefully I can bring Rose in more.

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Review #24, by C V-Day D-Day

26th February 2014:

Brilliant chapter! :) That was definitely worth the wait. I guessed that Albus fed himself the love potion to more convincingly play the part of Appy's new boyfriend -- close enough, I guess?

I wasn't expecting an almost-resolution by the end of this chapter, which made their eventual reunion so much sweeter!

(p.s. scorpius' reveal = a++ ; it left me grinning madly :D)

Author's Response: Who even knows what was going through his head? Jealous with a cup of love potion in his hand--welp, it only takes one gulp.

I wanted to write the whole conflict/resolution in one go. It was a pretty self-contained chapter and there wouldn't be enough to leave as a cliffhanger. Plus, I wanted to give people a break from the cliffhangers :'D

♥ Scorpius appreciates!

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Review #25, by anon V-Day D-Day

26th February 2014:
Please stop making us wait so long. That said, great chapter as always. Your writing is fantastic and clever and please never stop. And update soon! Thank you~~

Author's Response: Thanks! c: I will forever attempt an update schedule and mostly fail, but fear not, I am easy to guilt!

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