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Review #1, by anonymous Epilogue

13th March 2018:
Okay, so I feel like ranting about this story so that's exactly what I’m about to do.

I’ve read this story multiple times, so for the sake of sparing myself the embarrassment at how many times I’ve read this, I’ll stay anonymous. So, each and every time I have read this, my feelings on Clemence have changed. At first I looked up to her, then I started to question her, next is that I started to understand her, and then this time I just plain started to dislike (hate’s a strong word) her. I think this may partly have to do with the fact that I was at wildly different points in my life when I reread this story each time, and so I just kind of molded her into what I needed her to be for myself.

My intentions are not to completely bash Clemence, as I’m sure there are many people who find comfort in Clemence, in that they are not alone in their views. These are my personal thoughts, and I hope I don’t offend you, or anyone, for that matter.

From an objective point of view, I suppose I can get where she’s coming from. Her view can pretty much be summed up as ‘the world’s a bad place, so why should I be good to it?’ and that’s pretty understandable, considering all that goes on, and how most people just choose not to do anything in light of such cruelty. But subjectively, she’s the kind of person I’d be pretty angered by. I totally get that sometimes the world isn’t fair to people, and it does outright cruel things to it, but I never understood Clemence’s want to perpetuate that kind of cruelty. It’s just… why? When I see people struggle, my first instinct is to help lessen their pain. To whom does Clemence’s views pertain to? The people in Hogwarts, who just go along with society’s ways, or the ones she feels are wasting their times helping people? Or herself? What I found the most grating about her is how she took pride in that she’s one of a kind (ironically the very thing she sneers at the QGA for) in her views, and how she got such a big ego off of it. Like, damn girl. Her views are certainly correct, but they are not correct in every situation there ever could be. However, if there’s one thing that I can give credit for her is that she never actually showed this in her actions. Though she felt every step she was taking was the wrong one and had cynical commentary on every one, she’s never actually done anything cruel to the people she claims to be using (i.e. Henry, sometimes Albus). So, maybe the moral of Clemence’s story is that it doesn’t matter what you believe, it’s what you do? (A moral that’s the very opposite of Wonder Woman’s. Wow.)

The story overall is amazing, and what’s even more amazing is Clemence’s characterization. I think my favorite character is Appy. At the crux of Appy’s character, I think she might be a good person. Maybe she thinks good of everyone (and does good to everyone, perhaps) so she’s naďve in the sense that doesn’t expect people to do her harm and betray her. She’s hella ambitious though, and I can appreciate that. I need ambition like that. Dom is a close second, how she owns her sexuality, and doesn’t give two craps about Henry’s feelings. Wait, that’s harsh. I mean that she doesn’t care that Henry’s harbored these feelings for a long time, and that she doesn’t care that Henry’s her friend. She didn’t let these circumstances dictate her feelings on a matter she feels pretty strongly about, and she wasn’t obligated to do anything for Henry, and if anything, his feelings were not something she could control, so she can’t take the blame for it. Though she’s sharp, she can be sometimes oblivious. Albus, is… yikes. He needs to get off his moral high ground. He acts as if the world is his to change, as if it’s his responsibility. Which partly, is true, but the way he goes about it is all wrong. He tries to change people, when they quite clearly don’t want to be changed, and are pretty happy the way they are. Clemence and Albus are two sides of the same coin. At least Clemence is upfront about her feelings. I know this is a strange sentiment to harbor towards fictional characters, but I genuinely hope that Clemence and Albus change into better people, while not necessarily sacrificing the values they hold dear.

So, I think that’s the end of my thoughts. I hope I did not anger you with what I have said. But regardless, I’d love to know what you think.

Author's Response: HELLO anon! Set aside any worries - I love rants and essays, and I have no qualms with people taking a metaphorical bat to Clemence, and it's kinda amazing how your feelings have changed over the years, because I think people who have never known people like Clemence vs those who have vs people who are similar to Clemence all view her differently, and it kind of seems like you went through all those phases yourself. I think that progression of emotions is the same progression Clemence has for herself. She starts out having utmost confidence in herself, then starts questioning herself, then when she finally has everything she supposedly wants, she realizes she hates herself.

My rule with writing Clemence was to always make her "technically right." It gets rid of any immediate arguments that could go against her. The fun part's not that she's right and gloats about it; the fun part is all the disconcerting emotions because of it. Is her being "right" something to be admired? A point of frustration? Does it even matter she's right - and what *does* matter? What do you do if you can't feel the impetus to be kind or generous or loving - and is that byproduct of one's own selfishness or a selfish world? Clemence raises these questions and answers them herself, but I don't necessarily think people should agree with them. They're just Clemence's answers, because it's Clemence's narration. I don't think I would have done a good job if everyone ended up liking or agreeing with Clemence - she's absolutely petty and narrow-minded and more, and it only makes sense some readers dislike her, too. I only hope they understand her a little, and I think you do. I hope people find satisfactory answers to these questions for themselves, and I think you have.

And I'm so here for your love of Appy and Dom! Appy was an experience to write, absolutely an exercise in 'who is the most annoying foil I can give Clemence' and I ended up with a character of opposite extremes - good intentions, blithely terrible self-awareness. You also articulated exactly how I wanted to settle the Dom/Henry situation - especially because at the time of writing, before I published that chapter, I had a lot of shippers for them (even Clemence was one). But none of that matters, and Dom's sorry that Henry's hurt, but she's not sorry for anything else (nor is she ever, for better or worse).

It really means a lot that you've come back to this fic that many times, and still(!) have so much to say about these characters who you hold genuine hope for. I'm writing original stories now and hoping to get published one day, but I already feel like I've achieved my main personal goal with fanfic - creating something that lingers in people's hearts and makes a real impact. I only know because of these detailed, earnest responses (that many published authors don't even get!), so thank you so much for your thoughts!

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Review #2, by lilac_snapdragon Chess for Three

4th March 2018:
Hi again, another great chapter.

I don't understand how someone can be so good at starting chapters (yours are great!) you have a way with words when setting your scenes.

It was really interesting to see Clemence's journalism techniques this chapter and I loved her witty banter with Albus. Her internal monologue is so analytical and somewhat harsh (but in an entertaining and captivating way); you've got some brilliant one-liners :)


Author's Response: Witty banter is all I can write sometimes :'D and Clemence would not be Clemence if she weren't unnecessarily harsh!

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Review #3, by lilac_snapdragon Manic Panic Mondays

4th March 2018:
What an amazing first chapter!

I've been doing a re-read of fics I read a while ago and instantly remember why this is one of my favourites. Clemence is such a witty and interesting character and I'm so excited to read more :)

Also I'm loving that banner.


Author's Response: :D glad it still holds up after a few years!

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Review #4, by Mathilde Trust Whom You Love, or Is It the Other Way Around?

3rd March 2018:
This is a fix I keep coming back to, there's nothing like it on this site, it's clever with brilliant dialogue and puns and references, but damn it, I feel I've been fooled. Bamboozled even. I too, much like Al Potter, have been hoping, until now, for a Clemence redemption arc. Ever since the start she has been nothing but sincere about her feelings and moral conscience, but only now am I starting to realise she actually means it. It's certainly an impressive feat to make the reader take the stance of another character than the narrating one, especially when everything is recounted from her point of view. I actually had to stop this chapter to bask in this revelation. Thus I really didn't see a Clemence Pickett endgame coming but I am here for it! Hoping of course that this is not another clever ploy to challenge my belief system.

Author's Response: :D BAMBOOZLED. The unreliable narration was really fun to write; for all that Clemence says about her feelings and intentions, we as readers (and other characters) can see that she's changing in ways that she may not recognize in her narration, and the fun part for me was figuring out where that would ultimately lead, and how Clemence ultimately views herself. Everyone has strong opinions and projections about who Clemence is, and there's shades of truth to all of them, but people are more complicated than a few bits of truth cobbled together. The last few chapters of etc have some of my favorite scenes, and the hardest scenes to write. I hope you enjoy them!

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Review #5, by insertcreativeusername Chess for Three

4th January 2018:
Wow, I am pumped to read this!! I love the MC, it's truly remarkable how you made her a pushy, nosy, brutish reporter and yet...I'M ROOTING FOR HER! Your style of writing itself feels like a reporter, it's really too good.

I love the part with Albus and Hugo, cousins amirite? The dynamic between Albus and Clemence is really interesting and I love their exchanges. Can't wait for when they get romantically inclined, or atleast until they stop disliking each other, haha. You did amazing with this story if the amount of reviews and Dobby's are anything to go by, so congratulations and thanks for sharing it with us

Author's Response: Oh hey! New reader! I love Albus' cousin interactions (there's not enough of it); I like to think his family actively works to embarrass him. I hope you enjoy the rest! I had a lot of fun writing it and I was so so lucky to have had such a great response to it c:

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Review #6, by morganthegreat Epilogue

3rd August 2017:
ahhh great chapter!!! i read it a while ago, but realized that i didn't really make any review about it. I finally remade an account, since i lost my user/password, and wrote a review on the last chapter as "slytherdor18" due to this.
but here i am! anyway, i think you wrapped up your story quite nicely, but i seriously can't believe it's actually over now. it's kind of surreal. it's fics like these that i love - keep you coming back for more due to thinking about it way long after you've read it.
i at first didn't like Appy at all, cause, well, she's the crazy psycho mean girl that everyone's supposed to hate. but now after being done, i realize who she is underneath and why she is that way. everyone in high school wants to stand out from the others, be unique or "quirky" for attention. she really was a character that you did well in creating!
so obviously clemence did some growing up, but who do you think changed the most throughout your story? they all had some really good character development in my opinion! your writing is so eloquent and i really enjoy all your minor characters!
this story of yours has actually pushed me to actually fulfill my back-of-the-head-ideas and write something. so i am! it's crazy, since i had wanted to do this for a while (like no joke - years), and after reading both capers ensue and etc. etc. i decided, why not? what's the worst that could go wrong? so yeah, thanks for doing that for me!
i follow you religiously all over the internet (that sounds WAY more creepy than i intended it to, sorry), like on tumblr and twitter. i want to know more about this story you're writing, vile vile violet, right? what's it about? can you give a brief synopsis? i'm super interested in it! is it a stand-alone story of yours or a fanfic? who are the characters involved? how long exactly is it? if it's a stand-alone, are you going to like print it?? i wanna know! i wasn't keeping up on anything in the last like year, other than this fic, because i hadn't bothered, but now i'm super interested! please tell!
okay, well i hope to read more of anything else you end up writing in the future! keep up the great and beautiful work, and good luck with your programming stuff!
i dunno really how to end a long review like this haha...
p.s. thanks for being an inspiration to me in this small, creative outlet i have!

Author's Response: welcome back!! And CONGRATS on posting a story, it means so much to know that I could inspire in some way c: I hope you fall in love with all your characters, even the Appys - who I cheered on all along :'D

I do think Clemence changed the most, despite her assertion that nothing ever changes. There's a vulnerability to her narration that didn't exist before, like she's humbled and shaken by what she's felt, even after the storm's passed. Appy's up there too, but I'm also not entirely sure what's going on in her head.

Aaah you're following Vile Vile Violet! It's an original story that I hope to publish, but also a loose AU of etc. You'd definitely recognize a lot of the same characters, but the situations and settings are totally different. I'm trying not to divulge TOO much because I'd like to be able to surprise etc readers. It's gone through a few iterations but the current idea has been pretty solid. It's a fairy tale-ish fantasy story starring a witch and a prince (any guesses at how that maps to etc's characters? hehe). It'll either be one or two books, depending on how the conclusion goes. I can't wait to be the most awful author at plot twists and teasers :'D It is a LOT to write though - it's much more from scratch than a rewrite. Nag away whenever you want to know more, I probably can't say much, but I don't mind at all!

Thank you so much for stopping by again! And good luck with your writing - it's a wiiild ride!

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Review #7, by AbraxanUnicorn May I Have This Duel?

13th March 2017:
Interesting background piece on the development of the publication, Witchy Business. Its predecessor even had a dull name; I'm glad Clemence gave life to it :)

The statistics sentences have just made me giggle and spit gin and tonic at my computer screen.

Ooh, the duelling scene! Wow, talk about tension! I was completely unable to predict who would win; they were quite well-matched. I look forward to reading how this pans out between Clemence and Albus.

I've really enjoyed this amazing fic so far and hopefully, I'll get to review a few more chapters before the voting deadline! Definitely a worthy candidate of the Nargles Wittiest Story Award 2017 :)

Best of Nargles luck :)

Brax X

Author's Response: YOU'RE READING THE FIC WITH GIN AND TONIC that's so great. This fic is much better read drunk and Pickett would approve.

Clemence and Albus amp up the tension unnecessarily 100% of the time.

So glad you're enjoying it so far, I hope you like the rest of it! c: Thank you for reading!

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Review #8, by AbraxanUnicorn Chess for Three

13th March 2017:
I love the line "it's a bit like trickle-down economics, except that it actually works."

This is another absolutely brilliant chapter :) I guess it's not far from the truth that the majority of people will fit somewhere in one of three categories. And yay! Finally a fanfic which acknowledges the portraits of Hogwarts and doesn't shy away from including them in the story. Loved the chess game between Hugo and Albus and the Clemence/Albus interaction. Is the girlfriend real or imaginary? My money's on the latter, but I guess I'll find out ... soon?

Brax X

Author's Response: etc became the home of many of my groanworthy one-liners. I have entire documents of them! :'D I kind of love the shallowness of Clemence's "wisdom" - the sorta-true, sorta-hogwash of it all. And portraits and ghosts are my favorite! They're all so sassy.

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Review #9, by AbraxanUnicorn Manic Panic Mondays

13th March 2017:
Hello! I was brought here by some witty Nargles from and thought I'd leave you a review or several :)

I can see from the first couple of sentences why someone nominated this fic for the title of wittiest story. Immediately, I'm drawn in by the irresistibly well-written and humorous background information and commentary. Everything, from the MC's name and family history, to the introduction of the plot, is pure genius.

Everyone loves a bit of gossip! This is such an awesome premise for a story and I can't wait to see what develops over the next few chapters as you introduce Albus Potter to the mix.

Brilliant introductory chapter :)

Brax X

Author's Response: Hi! Ah, really cool to know the story was nominated (I already feel like it's an old story)! Glad you like what you see c: Way more narrative smugness to come.

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Review #10, by guest Kiss Me Twice, Shame On Me

11th February 2017:
Is it mean that I am waiting that I am waiting for Rose to come all 'You foul loathsome evil little cockroach-Hermione to Malfoy'? I think not!

Good job. I am loving this and hating this and loving this. It is as you said, in the grey area. No villains, no heroines. Love it.

Author's Response: Aha, nothing's too mean for this fic. Or weird, but that's mostly on me as a writer. Hope you like the rest!

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Review #11, by The Daily Prophet Epilogue

20th January 2017:
Alright so I found this story a while back (I mean long enough that I had to wait for updates), and just recently rediscovered it on this site, and am absolutely ecstatic that I did.
Firstly, thank you so much for giving this fandom an incredibly well-written, well done, none-cliched Albus/OC story. It's actually an amazing thing to me when I find a story like this one that acknowledges the almost-failings of other stories like it, and completely warps those around, but without seeming like that's the sole purpose.
Secondly, Clemence! I loved her as a character, and the way she was portrayed, as well as how her relationships with other people seemed real. Thank you so much for that.
And lastly, the ending killed me (but in a good way). I can definitively say that although I hate some fan fiction tropes with a burning passion, I'm very invested in some, and as a result of that, I both loved and hated the ending. It definitely wasn't what would be expected from a story like this, but it is probably what would be expected in reality, and I thought (once I got over the feels) that ending the story there was a really, really good decision.
Sorry for the long review, and once again, thank you!

Author's Response: Ah!! Always glad to see a former reader - especially as etc's changed so much over the years. I had a lot of fun with this fic and it's crazy how an actual story came out of all of it (it started as purely parody and banter). Clemence became such a personal character and I love when people love her and all her frustrating ways. I'm hopeful for her - it was so important to me to end on a hopeful note, not necessarily because anyone deserved it or for the sake of a happy ending, but because despite what Clemence claimed, people do change, and in the epilogue, everyone is just beginning to do that.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #12, by rhea Intermission, Enter Firewhiskey

9th January 2017:
i liked when they had fun in the lake

Author's Response: apparently quite a few people do!

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Review #13, by Allison Intermission, Enter Firewhiskey

9th January 2017:
I liked it when dey had fun

Author's Response: heh, glad they could entertain!

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Review #14, by a nice day to get away Epilogue

1st December 2016:
Alright. So, I sped through this, even though I probably shouldn't have. I'll probably go back and reread it; to at least try to savor this time.

So, anyways, Clemence. She is, in all sense of the word, a cynic. This is a similarity between the both of us. The difference? She flaunts it; wears it out like a heart on her sleeve; she thinks it makes her better than all of the others, all of the others that are optimistic. And she thinks it makes her right. She is, in a way, correct. This is a not a really healthy mindset to have; it gives her too much pride and maybe a slight bit of ego. Just because she’s right, it doesn’t necessarily justify her actions. Because, yes, she is right, but the view optimists have are also right. She looks at one side of the story, and she still hasn’t looked at the other side yet. I believe that yeah, sometimes friends do come and go, but there is always a chance to get that spark, that relationship, back. Optimists and pessimists have opposing views. They are both right, but if the other was wrong, the world we live in wouldn’t really be the world we live in. It would either be much too perfect or much too dreary and both would be too boring to live in.

Clemence also has a tendency, in her worst moments, to think that she’s the only person in the world, the only person like her and understands her. Well, now if that were actually true, she wouldn’t have such close friends because they do, to a degree, understand her.

I just love the way she handles Janey. But Janey does say something that caught my attention: “You wouldn't have given up Witchy Business on your own,” which is true. But why did Clemence let go of it so easily? Did something change in her? Was it a sign of her growth throughout the story? Was the newsroom symbolic of her letting go a bit of her old self (because let’s face it; she’d never give up her cynicism)? The Witchy Business is basically what got her into this whole situation with Albus. Am I thinking into this too much?

About Albus and Clemence: They clashed. Opposites really don’t attract, if one can say that they are opposites. They were never meant to be, and high school relationships don’t really work out most of the time (there are a rare few cases). They used each other. Clemence said it outright, and Albus’ intentions were implied. I do wonder if they’d ever become friends though. That would be the strangest friendship ever. Maybe it wouldn’t even be a friendship.

That’s all I really have to say about this. I have a question though: In your VVV, the protagonist is Chinese (or Korean? I’m sorry, I don’t really have a good memory). Why didn’t you make the protagonist in this story Chinese? Or was making her diverse a thought that came after you had written etc. etc.? Also, I’m really interested in how you’re going to handle V-Day D-Day in your VVV, as the love potion was an important element in the events that conspired in that chapter. Aphrodisiacs maybe? They are really sketchy however and you don’t even know if it’s going to work because they stimulate sexual desire, not love…

Author's Response: I love what you've got to say! I think your thoughts are really on point. Clemence's mindset has both a sharp edge and a golden lining; like anyone - though she'd deny it - she can find too much comfort in her routine and close her mind to anything else, even the change in herself she's witnessing. Took about 10 words to open her up!

I thought a lot about how the newsroom would go, and the answer was always that Clemence would never light the match herself, she would never pass the keys on while Witchy Business still protected her and gave her power. She doesn't care for symbolism or fresh starts - in the end, she likes safety nets and slow transitions, if any. But if Witchy Business was wrenched from her in some way, would she fight for it? And I think, with the increasing foreignness of the newsroom and that life, the answer is no.

My headcanon is Albus and Clemence end up as the two heads for their seventh year, so they don't have a choice! 8D

When I started etc, it was mostly a riff on next gen stories of that era featuring an awkward quirky OC paired with Logan Lerman; it wasn't supposed to end up a legitimate story, so I didn't think too deeply about my cast. But I always want more Chinese protagonists like me - Bea in my other story fulfills some of that, too - because I'm sure other Chinese girls like me wish they could see that too. I've always lived in majority minority areas, so a diverse cast is really more true to what I know.

There's a bit of magic in VVV! So watch out for that :)

Thank you for reading! ♥

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Review #15, by rainy_days Epilogue

15th October 2016:
Also, I feel you should know that this was the story that had me start writing a novel. It was so well written and executed that it pushed me to start writing. I can't even being to reach your level of prowess if I don't even start writing something.

Author's Response: Ahh! Please please please write and reach and surpass my prowess! etc was a five-year project and I learned SO much from it, and I think the growth over the chapters really shows (Neither Clemence nor I knew from the first chapter that this is where the story would end up!). Throw your heart in something and have something fervent to say, and good luck!

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Review #16, by rainy_days Epilogue

15th October 2016:
So I just finished this story. And oh my god, what a wild ride! The characters are all so amazing! Not necessarily in their moralities or actions but rather in how their characters were built. It was an enjoyable read; I couldn't stop (even if I was averse to Clemence). It's also a good read for someone who likes analyzing and breaking literature down to their cores (which I am).

On Albus: um Okay wow Albus in this story is everything that I thought I didn't want but once I read this something I learned I need? If that makes sense lol. Like he's a dark character that switches from being chivalrous to "whoa wow um who are you? I didn't think you had it in you to do that." I think he changes into what people want, like a femme fatale of sorts. He's eeevil but he does enough "good" things for us to be able to sympathize with him. This makes him such interesting character; I kind of want to know his point of view in this story just to simply get to know him more and more--right down to his core.

On Clemence: She's a rather interesting character you could say? I don't like her (and truthfully I don't think you're supposed to). But I think this is what happens when you get to know someone in real life. If you actually knew what they thought and the intentions behind what they do, you'd dislike them more and more. So it's better not to know sometimes I guess. Clemence speaks so badly of herself. It's not a matter of low self-esteem, it's just how she views herself. And I think she likes this, she likes her views on things, she likes that she's not a part of "the norm." To me, she's not very relatable; I don't have the same views as her nor do I do the things for the reasons she does. Never explicitly said, I think she doesn't have much faith in the world and so she believes the world doesn't deserve a good Clemence, so she does what she wants.

On Dominique: I liked her a lot! When Henry "confessed" to her she didn't say yes because she felt an obligation because of Henry's friendship with her. She didn't say yes at all because she likes where she is and doesn't need Henry to make it better. I can totally respect that. I think Dom makes up more of what Clemence is more often praised and attributed to in the reviews. I agree both Dom and Clemence are strong people, but for the different reasons. Dom wasn't much involved in this story and I kind of wish she was.

On Appy: She's really positive and my god, she absolutely has to show it. She often is the person people don't like because of her annoying demeanor. Beneath her exterior, she's really ambitious and she's working towards it. I think this is shown through her being able have a ready publisher for her book and the fact that she is the president of a really well established and popular club.

I think that's all I have to say for this, other than the fact that there are some really tumblr worthy quotes in here. My favorite is the "we have two hearts" one.

Author's Response: Hi!! Ahh, love that you love breaking down a story, I like to write with that in mind (Literature classes are a major influence for my writing and there's rarely a motif I don't like), and a lot of what you say is spot on with things I've voiced myself, close to word for word even!

Case in point: Albus IS SO A FEMME FATALE. He's totally a chameleon that becomes whatever you want him to be, and I wonder what that says about his own aimlessness and tendency to place responsibilities on others.

Another case in point: Dom is more like the idea of Clemence than Clemence yesss. She's intentionally characterized that way, and there's an underlying envy that Clemence has and never addresses. I think the biggest difference in their situations is Dom always gets away with her exploits and Clemence doesn't. She's actually a pretty static character, which I like, because people expect her to change and she just doesn't.

Clemence is always the last person I'd defend and it never matters to me whether or not people like her, though it touches me deeply whenever people relate to her, because I wrote her for them, for those who rarely saw a heroine who saw the world like themselves. I remember struggling to describe to my friend exactly! about how Clemence doesn't have low self-esteem but it would be easy to mistake her observations as such - it's more that she has poor esteem for literally everything. And she's very smug about it. I think she and Albus exemplify, in different ways, how being correct about something doesn't justify their actions.

Appy really is so successful! Annoying, maybe even dangerously ignorant at times, but earnest and clever in ways foreign to Clemence. And nuts, but so is everyone else in this story ;)

Bahaha, I love when I find a tumblr worthy quote (I very often turn them into tumblr worthy graphics - including one for that hearts quote!). Thank you so much for reading and for your insight! c:

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Review #17, by Una Owens Epilogue

6th October 2016:
This was a wonderful wonderful story that I've been following for so long. I was so glad to check back and see that it was finished. I was wondering if there were any stories you'd recommend to someone who liked yours and want to read more like it?

Author's Response: I'd heartily recommend GubraithianFire's 'Devilish Delights, Wicked Ends' for morally ambiguous characters who go nuts; it's slow burn and absolutely incredible as it builds up. So many 'did she really go there???' moments. For lighter fare, Celestie's 'Bathing in Roses' is a half-rom-com parody that's romantic but tongue-in-cheek. There's not a lot I'd recommend for fic like etc, but there's a bunch of movies like 10 Things I Hate About You, Heathers, Bring it On, any variation of Emma, Chicago; tv has Daria - I'm sure there's more, but I'm blanking.

Thank you so much for reading! So glad you came back and that you liked the ending c:

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Review #18, by liquidlu Epilogue

16th September 2016:
This story left me with mixed feelings, mostly because I relate to a lot of how Clemence is- just a little less self-serving and more of the "I can't care, what is wrong with me?! I can't feel, so just don't come near me" thing. That said, those mixed feelings are a sign of a really good story. It was hilarious at times, and heartbreaking at others. It also really puts a perspective on how other people feel about Clemence vs. how she sees herself- they're quite different views and it's a pretty accurate reflection for a lot of us in that how we see ourselves is often skewed. She does care and she always has, otherwise she wouldn't have had friends like Dom, affection for Scorpius, and all the other relationships in her life that she kind of took for granted.

I'm glad she's finally trying and taking those little steps that are SO hard to do in the midst of the hopelessness and conviction that there is something seriously wrong with her. She'll have a lot more of those moments of pushing people away and (I guess you could call them) relapses, but the difference is she'll try, and she'll recognise the patterns in her behaviour. I also think Clemence and Pickett are PERFECT and made me happy! Albus and her just never really worked- they were just a challenge to each other.

I'm hopeful for Clemence- she doesn't know it, but she's a better person than she thinks. First and foremost because she actually cares about whether she's a good person, and secondly she's more just confused about what she feels and it takes her a long time to figure it out because she's constantly trying to rationalise them in a way that fits with her idea of herself- which doesn't work if her idea of herself isn't accurate. In time, with the help of people like Pickett who seems to know her better than she does, I think Clemence will understand herself better rather than hate herself for her reactions to things. And even if she slips back and drives people away, she realises now that they are in fact important to her and will reach back out to them.
Also, I'm strangely happy for Appy (rhyme!), it's time her life stopped revolving around boys. She is still batsh*t crazy, though.

Finally, I can't leave without saying THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FINISHING THIS AMAZING STORY!

Author's Response: It means the world to me when people can relate to Clemence. I think a lot of that insecurity/misconception about one's own feelings comes down to how rare lack of emotion is explored in female characters. Not ones that are "broken" or coy, but just *are* that way. I didn't have anyone I could point to when I started writing this.

It's obvious to us that Clemence does care, but I remember what it was like to just not relate to how other people parsed their feelings; I didn't understand why people cared so much about some things, why they were unreasonable about others. I cared, but it was like my feelings were in a foreign language that other people didn't understand, and I didn't know how to earnestly empathize when "normal" feelings escaped me.

TRYING to care is really all the difference in the world, and I love that you point that out so many times. It's exactly what gives me hope. Clemence cares about caring, about being a good person. I think what she needed was to believe it's worth something. People like Scorpius and her followers and even Appy all saw this innately in her already. For her love interests, I think the big difference is Albus knows she cares but he believes she needs to change to be that better person, while Pickett accepts her for who she already is. Clemence is really quite sensitive to people leaving her (Dom!), she's just typically confident that that sort of thing doesn't happen to her. But when it does. Welp.

Appy would not be Appy without an unhealthy passion.

♥ thank YOU for such a lovely review!!

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Review #19, by TroubleFindsMe Kiss Me Twice, Shame On Me

26th August 2016:
To tell you the honest truth, I'm feeling seduced by Albus and he's not even talking to me

Author's Response: He appreciates your undivided attention :'D

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Review #20, by Ronsgirl29 Love Overrated, Overruled

16th August 2016:
Was Clem being serious when she said she liked Pickett more than Al, or was she just trying to hurt him?? Because I honestly never saw that coming, she never seemed into him romantically. But anyway, great chapter as always. Glad to see Al is switching things up on Clem; she needs to wake up and realize she loves potter soon because clearly he's willing to play her game!

Author's Response: I think she absolutely meant it AND she was trying to hurt him, ha. Though it doesn't necessarily mean it's romantic; Pickett is one of her few genuine friends while her feelings for Albus are complicated at best.

The next chapter's quite a ride! ♥

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Review #21, by Ronsgirl29 Intermission, Enter Firewhiskey

15th August 2016:
Great chapter AHHH!!! Love it when people take on all the ridiculous cliches of next gen fics and turn them into something as brilliant as this. I mean, you can't graduate from Hogwarts without the obligatory drunken lake hook up!! Is it bad that I kind of ship scorpius and Pickett? They were just too great in this chapter. Can't wait to keep reading

Author's Response: You can't trash on cliches without committing one! Haha, and it's not bad at all, I've shipped just about every pairing at some point. Excited to see what you think of the rest!

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Review #22, by aimless abby Epilogue

11th August 2016:
WELL that was an adventure. when i clicked on this fic in idle curiosity and boredom i had no idea how twisty, turny, and often, quite turbulent, the story would be. i applaud you. this is unlike any other story i've read. it's slightly orwellian in its sly commentary of society, with a strong heathers-esque flavor throughout.
i thoroughly enjoyed Clemence's inner monologue. she is a masterpiece of a character. you took the trope -- ice queen melting for a man -- and subverted it, flipped it, took it in a new direction. i loved it, and i loved the growth that she underwent. i loved the risks she took, what she threw away, her struggles with outward forces and with herself. in some ways she remained the same, yet in others, she became radically different.
i loved the juxtaposition of dom and rose. their war was a masterpiece of performance art. the poor girls are only 16/17 years old, and creating flawless public personas like pros. imagine how carefully they would present themselves to real life society -- their social media accounts! they would rival the kardashians and jenners in maintaining an envious and adulation-inspiring public image. that said, i would sooner become obsessed with rose or dom as social media queens than i will ever become enamoured of the kardashians/jenners.
i will NEVER forgive you for driving me to ship al and clem. i knew i knew i KNEW it would never ever work out but you somehow made me root for them and love them and their twisted seduction. god i was a MESS when i realized once and for all it would not work out for them. their romance? -- i guess is the only word -- was ever so convoluted and i started to hope that they would make it. i should have known.
never in a million years would i have thought the ending would be as it is. if you had told me it was a kiss, i would have thought clem and al (because i couldn't let myself DREAM of pickett and scorpius!) if you had told me it was a kiss between pickett and clem i would have thrown something because HOO BOY that was something i really didn't see coming. like clemence, i suppose i was too distracted by al coming in with the rolled up sleeves and endless steam.
it was quite a ride and i don't entirely feel satisfied by it. i doubt i could ever top your finale, but it feels incomplete still. i suppose that's a good thing in some ways. though i might rather have a ridiculously saccharine ending (ie: the Epilogue of HP7. i retched on the sweetness, even tho i was 11 and weeping buckets) than this unresolved sort of feeling. i suppose that's just me. god knows i wouldn't be able to survive another novel with Clemence as the snarky, bitter narrator. i loved her in all her b!tchy teenage glory, but i doubt i could love an adult clem quite as much.
delicious job overall. top notch stuff. i'm off to stalk the rest of your stories. ta!
ps: i WOULD read another novel with Janey as the protagonist. i never saw that twist at the end coming. i love that it was the one thing that made clemence treat her like an equal, yet the one thing that destroyed clem's high opinion of her
pps: i really do hope al all the best after the events of this story. he remains my favorite of the weasley-potter kids. i don't think i could pick a favorite character out of this story if i tried. i love them all. except maybe Appy, but i do love to hate her.

Author's Response: ahh it's so great to hear from people who stumble onto this fic with NO idea what they're in for. I wrote it for multiple audiences so I intentionally wanted it to have readable as both trashy teen comedy and this actually-going-in-the-other-direction satire, but the real story that it became - Clemence's emotional ramp-up - actually wasn't planned. But I can't see it any other way now. She starts the story as devil-may-care as one can be with a narration to match--it's literally all fun and games--and by the end she is roughened and somber, the same cynic in many ways but irrevocably different in how she wears it.

Dom and Rose are 100% aesthetic; oh the SLOGANS they'd have. The digital age is made for them tbh, if only wizards caught up.

I'm glad now my new readers get to read straight through the story at once and are actually catching all the details I put in??? (most people had to read it over the course of YEARS, bless them). And it's nice to know it's actually p clear that Albus and Clemence aren't meant to be together when it's all read together (though still agonizing muahaha). Maybe it's also the changing times and the reduced expectation of romance; stories are SO much more varied and different now compared to five years ago when I started writing this - I could barely name a single popular anti-heroine when I started writing this! And YA was still entirely trendy trope focused. I'm really glad for how the genre's grown and for the Gone Girl effect.

If I had the time, I would've loved to explore Pickett and Scorpius' friendship; I like to think Scorpius confirmed Pickett's pansexuality to him. I did think about a romance but I think they're romantically attracted to different kinds of people (both are attracted to trouble lmao). I think the general consensus is Scorpius 100% deserves better than Albus so we're all cheering for him.

HOO BOY INDEED, yeah I can't believe I ended it with a KISS first of all, secondly THAT ONE. My heart was RACING the day I posted this.

I have such a specific brand of resolution. I actually adore ADORE happy endings and fluff, believe it or not lol, but when I'm actually putting words on the page, I lean toward hopeful possibility and it often comes out bittersweet. To me, Clemence has taken small steps to opening up, and it's the smallness of those steps combined with the utter difficulty in taking them that makes her all the realer to me, unlike a lot of brash-but-softening characters that misunderstand how core such cynicism is to one's identity. I have all the world's happiness in my head for her, but I wanted to end the story appropriate for those small steps. Clemence doesn't know what's coming next; she's raw and afraid with a fistful of defiant hope; the questions she asks about love and justice and everything else never really get answered... but those kinds of questions don't have answers. Love stories don't happen one way, and fairness is in the eye of the beholder.

I'd hope Adult!Clemence is settled in her skin though. I actually imagine her as a private eye 8)

Also LOVE your description of Janey and Clemence's relationship. That is 100% what I wanted to show. I love the quiet, reliable ingenue who is secretly capable of setting (mostly figurative) fires. Would make A+ protagonist.

Rather ironically, Albus shows his first real bit of growth in the epilogue, only made possibly by his first real bit of loss. I think he'll be quite fine, though he really ought to lay off the firewhiskey.

All my stories are SO different from each other lol but I hope you find more you like! Thank you SO much for your detailed review. I have some extra stuff over at tumblr if you want to check it out (graphics; extended epilogue kiss lmao, if that's your thing; plans for the original story). ♥ ♥ ♥!

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Review #23, by SilverMoonFairy Epilogue

9th August 2016:
My friend has this problem where all her stories end up like this- ridiculously funny to deadly serious. She can't figure out why she can't keep them funny all the way through.

I'm okay with this ending. It's messy and that's who Clemence is. It's fitting, even if I did shed tears and sacrifice sleep to get here.

I am WindingArrow on the forums if you didn't know. If you ever write this as OF and publish, please let me know. I really want to read that story.

Forever invested in Witchy Business

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and getting all the way to the end ♥ I'm so glad that after all the stress and emotional overloading you liked the story and resolution; when I was responding to your early reviews, I was just waiting to see how you'd react once you got to the more serious waters. I saw your responses to the book club on the forums too, thank you for participating in that!! I'll be tracking my progress on OF on my tumblr; it'll be a while, and another bout of hard work, but I'm really happy people are looking forward to it.

Thank you again!

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Review #24, by SilverMoonFairy Appy Ever After

9th August 2016:
I'm not crying... Really... my husband is rubbing chopped onions in my face.

I knew it was coming. I saw it. You warned me. Clemence warned me. I warned me. It doesn't make it hurt any less. And I'm mad that Potter doesn't hurt more. At least there's hope for Pickett.

I can't believe you burned the newsroom... I don't think I'll forgive you that one.

It's not funny anymore and I'm seriously depressed at the moment. I feel like you're the George R.R. Martin of hearts...

Still reading...

Author's Response: Baww I really am SO sorry for the rollercoaster (as a writer, still steepling fingers). I realized when i was writing the last chapters, "Gee, this is veeery different than the beginning." I remember putting up alll the possible warning signs after the Valentine's Day chapter - "shippers are gonna wish I stopped here!" But it's just too fitting for Clemence to fall after a false happy ending that she prophesied.

(I appreciate that you want Albus to hurt MORE, despite the existing angst.)

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Review #25, by SilverMoonFairy Trust Whom You Love, or Is It the Other Way Around?

9th August 2016:
I was going to say a chapter or so back that this should be like Easy A- of course, she should publish the story in Witchy Business!

I am so torn! I love Pickett! I want HIM to be happy! And Al IS an arse! But-but-! *sigh* Clemence fought tooth and nail to get him back from Appy. Maybe it was just that she wanted to beat Appy, but I was pumping my fist and whooping the whole time. I've grown to like Al. I thought I wouldn't so much by the end of this. Or at least I thought, she'd be with Al and Pickett would have Dom... But now it's just all messed up. Broken pieces on the floor and I've only got two chapters left to wrench my heart out because no matter who she chooses, I'll cry over the loss of the other.

I think I should stop reading for tonight...

Author's Response: I've never actually seen Easy A, I should take note.

Bwahahaha, the last minute love triangle. I'd known that Dom was not interested in Pickett and abandoned that idea a long time ago (Dom can't attach herself to *anything*). I played with the idea of something between Pickett and Clemence in the beginning, actually, but I just never went through with it, and didn't think it'd become relevant. My secret backstories have a way of creeping up on me.

You're almost there!

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