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Review #1, by dawn_rising Epilogue

29th May 2016:
10/10 what an AMAZING story! I wasn't sure it would ever get finished, but it did and I'm so glad I stuck around for the end.

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Review #2, by a Epilogue

28th May 2016:
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Review #3, by Penelope Inkwell Appy Ever After

20th May 2016:
Wow. Clemence is straight up fractured. She's always been very ~in her head~, but ever since she sort of lost her identity in A Kingdom for My Name, she's been crumbling. It's like she makes less and less sense with each passing paragraph, constantly contradicting herself. Even she can't work through who she really is. I can't even decide if she's just more honest about her motivations than most people, or if she's internalized a lot of self-hate and casts herself as a villain because she's lacked many positive relationships. Probably a mix of both, I guess. But when she said, "It's me, isn't it?" I say, lip shaking. "The crazy one—it's me." I was just like, weeell...

kinda, yeah.

She might not be as crazy as Appy. But she's still lost a lot of her stability here. She's flashing so quick back and forth on what she believes about people, about love. She wants it; she never wanted it. She's heartless; she has a heart. Scorpius is pathetic; Scorpius is admirable in the purity of his love (so pure that he considered removing Albus' ability to consent to a relationship? But alas, that is a discussion for another day. I'm writing a story about Merope slipping Tom Sr. love potion, so I can understand a certain amount of well-meaning self-delusion, I guess). She can't decide if Albus is lovable and she's terrible for not loving him, or if she's really worth more than she has to offer. And the girl has no earthly idea about herself. She's a mess.

I hated everything, trusted in nothing, and in the absence of real purpose, it had been enough fulfilling this myth of myself. I wasn't happy but I was triumphant and that was almost the same. AND I didn't have enough heart for my prince and too much heart to play villain...
--the combination of these lines is basically everything I've been thinking about Clemence. She's been so consumed with the myth of herself, so stuck on whether to cling to it or admit that there is more to her.

He might not wait, but if Albus ever felt the same, he wouldn't hesitate if only to undo the hurt since then.
--I was a little confused by this sentence. To undo the hurt since when?

Even amidst all the angst, you keep the humor, which I appreciate. And honestly, I was glad to see the newsroom burn. It seems the best possible outcome for her, really. It's like she's been wanting to let it go, and destiny or fate or some angry girls finally made the choice for her. And I think it's going to be for the best. The real question is where on earth she'll go from here.

I wasn't really sad about her breakup with Albus. I'm about as confused about their relationship as she is. How good a guy *was* he, really? I go from being sad for him to tired of him and back to sad, but either way, they were a toxic pair. Nothing good was ever going to come of that, I don't think. Her crazy-dream Appy was right. Whatever mixed motivations she may have had, her relationship with Albus was really all about her rivalry with Appy. She has a lot to say about Scorpius, Rose, and Dom, but really her situation has been terribly similar. The whole lot of them were using each other, one way or another: Albus used Clemence to take down QGA and to be his reformed villainess, and he used Appy to strike out at Clemence. And then both girls just used Albus as a kind of tug-of-war piece. Really, it makes the situation between Dom, Rose, and Scorpius look positively healthy!

I was glad to see her finally cry in the end, finally open up to all her confusion. I don't really know where she stands--I still think Clemence is more than she believes she is. I think she has more capacity for kindness and affection than she realizes, but she's been in a toxic environment for a long time. She still has a lot of growing to do. I'm curious what this epilogue is going to be like, and I'd be very interested to see what Clemence turns into down the road. She's still trying to deny it, up till the very end, but by the time she's outright sobbing, it seems like she at least understands that she has the capacity for emotion, and that she isn't the heartless person she's pretended to be for so long. She's so prideful, but really she's tearing herself down all the time, and even at the end, she doesn't quite understand why anyone would care about her. She still thinks they're fools for it. I really do hope she finds some real self worth, outside of just being a successful writer.

I feel like Clemence's journey hasn't really been about finding herself so much as about admitting that she *doesn't* know herself in totality, that she doesn't have it all figured out. And that's okay, because she's young. She *should* still be growing and changing, not just clinging to this artificial image she made for herself at 14, when she wanted to take over the world (or Hogwarts, at least) and needed a persona to do it. I mean, I always appreciated her confidence, but it's been interesting to see her contradict herself more and more until she finally just kind of shatters.

I'm just hoping she can put herself back together--maybe with help--in a way that will make her happier. That she can have a chance. Because as long as she was clinging to that persona, how could she ever be happy. At least with the shattering, there's hope of rebuilding better.

Clemence has been a fascinating character with so many contradictions. I just can't wait to see how she ends up in the epilogue! It's always a pleasure to read your work. :D


Author's Response: Leave it to Clemence to have a bildungsroman that ends in fire.

Don't remind me about the contradictions! Trying to describe them while making sense was the absolute worst :'D Unorthodox as some of Clemence's story is, this really is her quintessential growing-up-teen moment. She has irrevocably changed over the past months and she is trying to go back to a version of herself that is no longer who she is. She's grappling with becoming someone she does not recognize, unsure of whether it's because it's who she really is or who the world is telling her is normal, and this is probably the first time she's ever had to face this, at this scale. She contradicts herself because she thought she knew who she was; she was so sure! She's always sure! And maybe she was right months ago, but not anymore.

I love the bit of darkness to Scorpius' secret, and also how it's sort of an unhealthy relationship on both ends, with Albus being relatively aware of how Scorpius felt about him. I think Clemence is mostly amazed that someone like Scorpius, who seems pure, could feel that strongly obsessive about Albus to rationalize love potion. (Also, oop, I can see why that line is confusing; I meant to show how Scorpius is functionally over Albus and isn't waiting for him or anything, but if Albus returned his feelings, Scorpius' feelings would come right back just to undo all the emotional torment since his crush began)

I asked myself many times how the newsroom should burn, as the impact and meaning changes with who lights it up. I could never see Clemence doing it herself, but if she saw it burn? I think, at that point, she would finally let it burn.

One big question I've asked from the beginning is, does love justify the means? Because so often in fiction, love is a cop-out justification, and I really wanted to address that in these relationships that are unhealthy but everyone is pretty honest and aware of it and manage to love and care at times despite that. There was good and bad - it was not all for naught! - but at what point does it become a romanticization?

And it's so great to finally see her cry - finally, a catharsis! It's the most hopeful crying I've ever written. Growing up, I had a hard time connecting with other people because I didn't have a large capacity to care; it was just who I was and I would assume other people were like me. I put a lot of that into Clemence's disbelief that anyone would care for anyone let alone her like that. It was really important for me that Clemence didn't have some tragic backstory that "justifies" her personality; female characters rarely get to have this emotional range without explanation.

Thank you so so much again! I can't wait to see what you think of the epilogue c:

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Review #4, by Penelope Inkwell Trust Whom You Love, or Is It the Other Way Around?

20th May 2016:
Oh gracious! I didn't realize I was so far behind, but now I don't even know if I'm emotionally prepared to finish this story.

I don't even know what to think. I feel kind of like Dom in this situation
--like, yes Clemence is using Albus. And in some ways I don't like that? But it's also his spotlight that's put her in this situation, and if she broke up with him now she'd lose her voice and her reputation altogether. Besides which, he's still far from perfect. I mean, I think he means well in that "nice guy" way that's so irritating--he sees himself as the hero of the story, no ifs, ands, or buts. The funny thing is that you rarely get someone who truly considers themselves the villain, like Clemence. It's interesting to watch her feel torn between her own persona. It's like she's built up this larger than life character for herself, and the truth is she's started to outgrow it--she can be more than just the 2-dimensional heartless journalist that she pretends to be, probably in an effort to win the approval of her aunt. But at the same time, she doesn't want that identity *stripped* from her by being Albus' girlfriend. It's all very tangled with the feelings and the motivations, and I don't even know quite what to think, at this point.

I liked that Scorpius got hired on to the Witchy Business staff. It's nice to see him being competent at something, after all he's been through. Different sides, and all. I could actually see him being a good journalist, in that way that you show--he's very disarming. Maybe not *clever*, per say, but people will talk to him. I wonder what *will* happen to Witchy Business, in the end. The number one thing about this chapter seems to be that Clemence doesn't really know who she is or what she wants anymore, and is just kind of holding steady and trying to ride out the tide and pretend more confidence than she really has.

And now, for the lines that were my favorite gems of the chapter:

A dark aura radiates around her, hissing and snapping at anyone too close—some sort of privacy perfume.
--I love these magical quirks you come up with. You could earn Fred and George a fortune just coming up with magical inventions for them to create.

"I understand young love can be volatile," Slughorn continues, "but do refrain from forming—what's the term nowadays?" Parchment rustles. "Ah. Armies."

"I won't deny that I've considered mild poisons...I don't take pinky promises lightly."
--there's the Appy we know and fear. I loved the turnaround there. She may have rebranded, but girl is as crazy as ever.

- My head jerks toward him. It tumbles out: "You looked!"

- He's a beat slower:
"You looked!"
--that was a cute bit. These two. At least they're on the same wavelength

"You're doing it again, by the way—that thing where you shame people for caring about you..."
--A++ Pickett! Call her out! In as much as I ship anyone in this story--which seems a risky thing to do, considering how shipping has gone--I ship these two. I mean, I'd be just as happy if Clemence ended up single, I think, but the thing is that Pickett gets her in a way that Al clearly never will. He sees through her illusions and doesn't turn her into anything she's not. Albus wanted to turn her into someone "good" so badly that now, when he looks at her, that's what he sees. Clemence looks in the mirror and sees someone bad, and that's not entirely true, either. I think Dom's a little too self-focused to really know (or entirely care) *what* Clemence is. She's willing to just accept her as a friend and be done with it. But Pickett--Pickett does get her. And at the very least, I hope he remains in her life. She needs someone who can see her more clearly.

I'm very interested to see how you're going to wrap this. I can't really imagine how it's going to end, but I'm eager to find out.


Author's Response: Ahh you're back!! I can't wait to hear what you think of the ending c:

I love hearing your analysis of the characters. I think all of what you say has some basis; I don't have easy answers to any of that either and you could go around in an endless chain of "yes well, but..." to argue for any side. Resent is such a big part of Clemence's current feelings. She might be in a decent situation and Albus loves her but can she get over how she got here? She's taking advantage of Albus, but she warned him and he must be aware of it on some level considering their history, so what of that? And then toss in an identity crisis, because turns out she's not always right about herself...

Scorpius was supposed to be a minor character and I remember suddenly having to drum up things for his future because he surprised me with all of his secrets! And some of those do make him a pretty good journalist out the bat, especially for a school like this.

Confused old Slughorn never gets old.

The end to this chapter is probably the most emotional part of the story, barring the next chapter, and it surprised even me. I knew Pickett and Clemence care about each other in a way that never needed verbalizing, but when it came time to verbalize it, it became such a vulnerable moment, exactly because Pickett gets Clemence and doesn't play her games; he gives her the choice to live up to her own words and she takes it.

Thank you thank you for the review ♥!

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Review #5, by pinkpanther16 Epilogue

15th May 2016:
Wow, I can't believe this story is finally over. It HAS been a wild ride. With all of the stuff that Clemence and the other characters have been through, I'm surprised they all made it out alive. Congratulations for pulling though and finishing the story, as well as writing this intriguing, original, well written masterpiece. I'm so glad I was able to follow you through your journey. :)

Author's Response: A little knocked down, but alive :') Thank you so much for reading!

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Review #6, by Bluewolf80 Epilogue

14th May 2016:
This isn't the type of HP fanfic that I usually read, but I enjoyed it all the same. It was crazy and whimsical. Some out of the characters were totally outrageous (hem, hem Appy and gang) yet it made the experience more fun and amusing.
I'm very big on technical details so the issues of having a paper in school that is left in the loos, mobs of girls, crazy clubs, drinking w/out getting caught, elections for Head Boy/Girl and using the Goblet of Fire. I realize this is a less serious story but most of those things wouldn't have been possible at Hogwarts. Some others... maybe, if rules changed a great deal in the 20 years since The Trio were there. It's still a strict private boarding school; not a public high school. I can see where the standards would have to be relaxed for your plotline to work though.
Overall good job!

Author's Response: Thanks! It's in no way supposed to be a "realistic" take on school; it's a satirical take - closer to the kind of silly setup you'd find in a teen comedy movie or similar. I'm not concerned with the story following canon Hogwarts (it would be far different story otherwise!) as long as the setting is internally consistent.

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Review #7, by randomniname Epilogue

11th May 2016:
This epilogue was so perfect. Everything is settled, everyone is calm, it's like observing the now clean and empty room you are moving out of, a sense of completion and of loss, a farewell but also the joyful expectation of new thrilling things.

It is late, I am tired, I am deeply moved by this ending and my eyes are a bit watery for some reason. I'll leave a more rational review tomorrow, but for now just one thing: thank you Gina. etc. is the first story where I feel such attachment towards all characters, but also the author, the artwork, the language and everything (and I've been a bookworm since I can hold a book).
I'll go to sleep with a cosy warm feeling in my chest tonight.
Kisses from Germany!

Author's Response: I screeched about an ambiguous ending for so long that I'm shocked myself at how settled everything is. But the one thing I was certain about was that everything would be both different and the same and life would going on, and so it does.

Ahh! I can't wait to hear more from you. I'm so glad you feel that way. It means so much coming from a fellow bookworm ♥

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Review #8, by Celeste Epilogue

11th May 2016:


I know I've jumped on and off and on and off this story during these past five years, but nonetheless, it has always been an amazing story. I think I told you in the beginning when you were writing it that it was hard for me to read -- because I was SO jealous that I hadn't written it and couldn't write like this. This story, beyond being steamy and shippy, is so clever and fun and witty. All the witticisms, the snappy retorts, the awesome descriptions, have basically made etc a joy to read (despite turning me a horrendous shade of green).

Ok. Clemence. I have been there with Clemence since the day you picked her name and I went "What kind of name is that??" I remember the days of Priscilla/Clemence (they even ended up with the same face claim in the end!! Lily Collins! They are soul sisters) and our convos on snarky women. And Clemence is snarky, and complicated, and convoluted, but this story has been about more than just her growth--it has been about her discovery of herself, of who she is when she peels back her own expectations and facades. And watching her grow has been amazing. One of my fave aspects of this story is watching her grow more self-aware and more honest, even if it was painful. I also love how respectful your story as been of her...and of teenagers as a whole, actually. Their feelings, their theatrics, their romances, it's all valid and real.

Albus. Ok, you know how I feel about the Albus of it all. I mean, Albus is necessary. I like him. I even kind of shipped Clebus in this chapter if only because it was really hard to see him so torn up about it. But I mean Albus is steamy and all, but I am here for the Clemence of the situation and always have been.

I was SO happy with the ending!! You know I have unabashedly pushed for the Clickett and it was so the right move for this story.

This story has been such a fun and well-written ride. A story of self, selfishness, self-truths and self-discoveries. Your writing is and has been a joy to read.

I hope you keep writing and keep amazing us.


Author's Response: IT'S DONE, I'VE DONE IT, AHHH. Five YEARS.

Teehee I'm glad you could read it through your horrendous green jealousy, even though you know, I have plenty of green for you, so obviously we ought to all become Slytherins. You, Julia, Gubby, and others have all shaped my sense of humor, so I owe those witticisms partly to all of you. Otherwise, I'd just be making puns and newspaper headlines all day.

(I did not realize Clemence would be such a controversial name! The pronunciation! The gender! And here I just thought it was a form of clemency!)

I always say that, as ridiculous as the situations in etc. are, is it really more ridiculous than real life? Is it not just a microcosm of the world and its media circuses, flashy headlines, and watered-down politics? The world never stops being teenage drama, really, it's just dressed up in different ways, so I could never think teens are ridiculous; the WORLD is ridiculous. And making sense of yourself in that world is an ongoing struggle. Clemence never really "answers" any of her own questions, because they're the sort of questions that don't have ones, but she finds a certain peace with them, and I'm glad for that.

I can't believe how many of you who were here when I started writing this ship Clickett. It's like everyone was in on the memo except me!! I mean, I shipped it vaguely but I never thought it would be a thing (I got caught in the Albus of it all) but THEN SUDDENLY I'M WRITING IT.

and I'm glad you like it and everything else, and you are so sweet ♥U♥ thank you SO MUCH!

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Review #9, by AlexFan Epilogue

10th May 2016:
I was a little heartbroken when I found out that Albus and Clemence weren't going to get together (I've read the the same James/Lily fic for the past two weeks, I was that shocked. Is this how Snily shippers feel?) That being said, I've come to accept it, and this epilogue kind of helped me accept that fact. I don't know why but this epilogue just made it really obvious that ALbus and Clemence weren't made to last. But I would hope that somewhere in the future the two of them would at least learn how to be proper friends with each other.

I liked that the story ended on a cheery note, it's been such a wild ride that it's kind of nice to see all of the characters moving on in one way or another and slowly figuring out who they are. When I think about it, Pickett and Clemence understood each other that Albus and Clemence didn't.

And most importantly, I'm so happy that there was actually an end to the story, there were a lot of times that I worried this story would never be finished, and would just sit as a work in progress and it's haunted me for years. It kept me up at night sometimes because oh my god what if she never finishes the story, I need to know how it ends! So yay! I'm so glad this story managed to see its own end and good luck on all of your original stories!

Author's Response: I think the love story of etc. still firmly belongs to Albus and Clemence. It's just not a love story that has a clean, happy resolution. They clashed, loved for the briefest of moments (or are still in love, for certain parties), and parted. There was something great there, even if it wasn't healthy or lasting; a love, even if it wasn't an epic.

I'm personally happy it ended on a cheery note! because I knew the general situation it would end with but I had no idea as to the tone—it definitely wasn't supposed to end in a kiss! It was sort of thrilling to end it that way, so uncharacteristically unambiguous of me :p

Apologies for any lost sleep, bahaha, I know the feeling. I felt so bad while updating the last few chapters because it literally took years! Thank you for sticking with it, and all your lovely comments!

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Review #10, by mcdash Epilogue

10th May 2016:
I love it. I love love love it. I wasn't too shocked about Clem and Pickett because I've grown to love them together (or do I just love Pickett/anyone?). But Janey? Never who I thought would be the person to do it. I thought that maybe Dom had set the room ablaze since she was pretty much out the door by the end of the story anyways, but I love that it was Janey. She's my favorite.
This was such an amazing story, no matter how many years it took to get here. Some of my favorite characters ever are in etc. (literally just Scorpius) and I think it's been a real treat to read it, so, really, thank you, Gina.

Author's Response: Pickett/Anyone sounds about right :D Dom is many things but strangely not malicious; mostly vain xD Janey--I always thought Clemence underestimated her; coddled her, in an way. I love the weird way they leave each other at the end, where it feels like Clemence finally sees her as a rival but loses respect for her as a person. And Scorpius appreciates your appreciation!

♥ ♥ ♥!

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Review #11, by C Epilogue

10th May 2016:
I can't believe etc is finally over! (Or that "Pickett I ship it" is endgame, although I'm much more pleased by the latter fact than the former). This story's been a part of my life for years now, one of the two fanfics I still follow, and it's been a privilege to see it through to the end. Thank you so much for writing this wonderful wonderful story, for sharing it with all of us; if your original work is ever published, I look forward to reading it!

Author's Response: ME NEITHER. Thank you so much for following this fic through the years and while it's changed. I still keep track of authors and comics and blogs that have been dormant for years, so I know the feeling of waiting an eternity for a resolution, and I'm so glad it's been worth it for you. Thank you!

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Review #12, by naughtforreal Epilogue

10th May 2016:

It's done! I can't believe it. I have this warm feeling in my chest and I sort of feel like crying and smiling and Gina, I am so proud of you!

I am so proud of Clemence, too. Honestly, this chapter is oozing with quotable quotes--nope, the whole etc etc is oozing with quotable quotes nothing new

but I adored this:

I became who I needed to be to survive, and today, I will take the rubble inside of me, forge a new self, and do it again.

But I'll remember.

(just because I am a sucker for rising above the ashes monologues)

and I haven't really told you this but I'm really glad to stumble upon etc etc. It started out as this 'Get the Boy' stuff and it tumbled, rolled and it didn't splat. Instead, it rolled into this amazing girl-powered bowling ball throwing off stereotyped bowling pins along the way.

(I tried on the metaphor but you can ignore it)

My heart clapped for Clappy and poor, traumatized Albus. Janey the Usurper, well. I kinda refused to see that coming. I knew it had to be one of the Witchy Business staff and I'm sorry I thought it was Dom (I thought she was tired of the drama) but well played, Janey, well played.


Transfigured as booze.

WHICH IS EVEN BETTER than the sunflowers themselves. (Honestly, Henry. Where can one buy you?)

I am not complaining with the kiss ending. That is all you need to know. #Clicket4Eva XD

GINA. It's over. Well done, my friend. You've been amazing. You deserve a bouquet of flower-transfigured-booze too. Or cake. Cake is better, I think. AHHH whatever it is you're about to do next, I'll be creeping upon you once in a while. Or twice. ♥♥♥

Author's Response: SUNFLOWERS!!! Are they not the HAPPIEST flowers and thus PERFECT for Clemence? She has never been so simultaneously touched and horrified.

I had all of those same feelings when I finished, as well as frantically messaging literally everyone I possibly could and trying to find an outlet for them.

The newsroom burning is funny to me because that was ALWAYS in the plan - one of the very few things to make it through from the beginning. And the phoenix rising from the ashes metaphor fit SO PERFECTLY (and makes a great newspaper name) and I loved writing that Heathers-esque imagery of Clemence walking down the hallway covered in smoke and ash, tired yet defiant.

:3 I also very much appreciate your metaphor. I will frame it. Mainly because it did very much start as a straight parody and became this hulking ball of female-led politics.

Omg perpetually shocked at people thinking it was Dom! She's so chill. She never really DOES anything, things just kind of get handed to her, so I never imagined her capable of doing something so dramatic. But Janey, well, Janey's 100% a do-er and does those things 100%.

BUT YES. SUNFLOWERS. BOTH transfigured as booze and actual sunflowers!! I couldn't wait for you to read the ending :'D I paused and thought at one point, "oh my god Dianne's face when she reads this"

♥ ahhh thank you for all your squees, I still can't believe it's over AHHH

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Review #13, by happyanon Epilogue

10th May 2016:
Its not quite the ending I thought but its definitely Clemence Fitzgerald. Thank for sharing this story for us to see. You've given Potterheads another world to enjoy magic. Thank you! This will truly be a most memorable fanfic for me. I have come to love your characters and your metaphors. And choice of words. And I will forever adore this story. I hope only good things for you. A bright future for you in writing!! Much love, as always!

Author's Response: It's been quite the adventure, both me dragging Clemence around and Clemence dragging me along; and the metaphors! I didn't think I had that many in me.

Thank you! c:

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Review #14, by GubraithianFire Epilogue

9th May 2016:
You did it, oh my god oh my god OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. I’ve been freaking out ALL DAY because oh my god, oh my god, I have no other words. Congratulations. I’m so proud of you. Thank you for this story – for all the stories you’ve already written and the ones you’ve yet to write – but thank you especially for writing etc etc. HP fanfic, let alone the Albus/OC-with-a-twist genre (can we call it a genre, or did you make it one?) would not be what it is without etc etc. I would not be what I am without it (and, um, without you, probably).

One of these days – probably this time in exactly a week – I’m going to go back and reread this from the beginning, mostly because I remember almost nothing of anything before chapter 20, but partly, also, because I love the narrative evolution that’s happening here so much, and I want to see it actually evolve over one sitting instead of over several years. Or rather, the narrative evolution that has already happened. Because this is done. Life goes on, and I fully expect this will too, in its myriad forms, but, you know. I'm trying to gather my thoughts and realizing that I don't have the mental capacity to say very much of anything. I remember when Capers was being finished, I knew essentially what I wanted to say, but for this, idk, it's a harder thing to reckon with, or maybe it's because by now you know exactly what I'm trying to say, and you'd say it so much better than me (and more quickly, and with less parentheticals), and I've probably said it all already at some point or other before, but anyway:

It's been such a pleasure to watch Clemence grow, and you with her, or vice versa. It's been such a pleasure to watch this story get increasingly complex, increasingly vibrant, increasingly dark and unsettling and romantic and definitely not romantic. I'm constantly in awe of how you've navigated all these threads, all these characters, and Albus especially (that closure scene is marvelous), the specific kind of minotaur-in-the-maze our poor Clemence fears she is. (Does this make Pickett Ariadne? I know this is not the myth, but I like the idea that Pickett is trying to lead Clemence out of the maze she and Albus/Theseus made). You imbue so much independent life into all these characters - their psychologies, their dialogues, their very selves - and I know a lot of that is you, and I don't know how you manage to do it, but that you do it, and that you execute it so flawlessly... Gina, you're s u c h a good writer. In case you ever, ever doubt it, or forget it, let me remind you, you are. No one else could have written this story, though many have tried. (Me included, twice; not including Confectionary, which I affectionately think of as having started it all). You are, in every sense of the word, an original. I don't know if Capers solidified your authorial voice more than this, but etc etc is a truly unforgettable work. Except for... all the things... I did forget... ahem.

There's one thing I actually have never forgotten, though. You can guess what that is:

22nd February 2011:

Clemence is such a '30s gumshoe that it's incredible. I love her. And her editing quill and her crew and Pickett, who I already imagine as this brooding sex god in the making. Clemence/Pickett. Clickitt. I don't even know, partner in crime.

And this:

Author's Response: BROODING HENRY. You and your ill-fated ships. I hadn't even considered it, but Clickett is so catchy. Especially compared to Clebus, which sounds like a bad hick name.

I called it from the very beginning, over five years ago, but even I didn't think it would end with a kiss.

♥ here's to climbing out of the morbid curiosity rabbit hole at last

Author's Response: I can breathe finally oh my god. I'm still rereading it like I can't believe it, it's done (it's CANON), it's DONE. God, all of you sing such high praises, I can't; I am melting; I am plummeting my head into my blankets flailing; I am making incoherent noises at 2am.

Even though most of etc's story has changed because my whims themselves changed and not due to some overall plan, it's weirdly appropriate to see Clemence's narration morph from overconfident, devil-may-care gossip reporter to war-hardened leader - to survive, as she would say, when really she doesn't need to do any of this at all. She does it because she cares - so much! - and the remarkable thing is how she's suppressed it for so long.

In the beginning she is Clemence and at the end she is Clemence, yet the difference is so stark, just in the way she talks and carries herself. She's exhausted. She repeats that over and over. Caring in the slightest exhausts her and I understand why the Clemence in the beginning had to exist and how she could have easily continued to exist if no tempting enough of an obstacle came in her way. But it did, and she can't go back, and now we have this wounded-but-very-much-alive, *hopeful* Clemence of the epilogue.

I'm dying a little bit at the Ariadne comparisons, but now I'm picturing it and I can't unsee Greek Myth AU; brb making more incoherent noises.

But mostly dying a lot over everything you're saying ♥♥♥ you are saying things I don't know how to respond to. Clemence's story (in its various forms, fic, OF, etc) is/will be probably the most personal story I'll ever write and I'm embarrassed to say how much I learned about myself while writing it; or maybe I just dug out those thoughts I could never put into words and forced them into words; those questions no one else was asking, Clemence asks. etc answers so few of the questions it raises partly because I don't have the answers and I'm LOOKING for the answers as I write, but I also know they're not meant to be universally answered.

THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥ thank you 2011 gubby for predicting Clickett first and giving the ship its name and for climbing into the morbid curiosity rabbit hole with me; thank you 2016 gubby for being equally flabbergasted that I ended this WITH A KISS of ALL THINGS.

just thank you ♥ ♥ ♥

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Review #15, by pinkpanther16 Appy Ever After

1st May 2016:
Wow, I can't believe this story is petty much over. Its definitely been a wild ride, and I've loved every second of it. One of my favorite stories on this entire site. Thank you for writing this amazing story and actually pulling through and finishing it. I'm glad Clemence finally had some realization and found peace with herself.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! c: It's taken a long time, but I'm finally finishing it!

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Review #16, by Jessica Appy Ever After

14th April 2016:
Excellently written chapter. I was Cheering for Clemence all the way. Waiting for the epilogue!

Author's Response: Thank you! c:

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Review #17, by HarrietHopkirk Appy Ever After

28th March 2016:
Lots of things I enjoyed: dream dementor Appy, parka-adorned Pickett, flower crowns, and 'poor top-heavy thing'. Looking forward to the epilogue!

Author's Response: I can totes see these in an aesthetic post, "poor top heavy thing" in hipster font and all.

♥ thank!

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Review #18, by Slytherdor18 Appy Ever After

24th March 2016:
Holy crap you just took me on a roller coaster of emotions!

I want to first apologize for not reviewing (that I remember) this story at all, even though I've read it very thouroughly and even more than once... Sometimes I just forget or get too excited and go to the next chapter without thinking "hey maybe she wants some feedback" T_T so yeah, I'm terribly sorry about that!
I found this story when you were about, eh, say in the mid teens chapters? And I've been following ever since! I believe it was in my junior or senior year of HS because I destinctly remember telling a friend about it in class! That's been, what, three and a half years? Dang! So you could say I'm committed lol.
But that doesn't mean you're not an incredibly and awesome author! I really adore your vocabulary, imagery, and tone of this story. I have read a good amount of stories here and there (maybe too many than I would admit), but Etc. is by far one of my favorites.
Not only is your grammar really great (seriously, I've only caught a couple typos - and I am a grammar nazi - considering the context of what I'm reading), but you capture Clemence's relationships throughout very well and I feel like I can really relate to her. I've always thought myself as kind of cynical and more pessimistic in the past years (not anymore though), but I really get her, especially when she asks why she doesn't feel the same feelings others do - or something like that. I completely understand. Also, in the middle of my high school years I would say I was even a little manipulative and not well liked because of my bold personality and telling others what I think, like Clemence. A lot of her experiences are similar to what I have gone through (and was currently, when I was reading this in the past). When she constantly has that empty feeling, when she feels like she needs or can have anyone in her life, the feeling of not being able to express emotions by not crying, etc.
Also, I really love the whole Dom/Rose/Scorp triangle you made and I appreciate how it has unfolded over time. I love a good Sco/Rose but when you can do something different and actually make it work, it's really interesting! I never even thought about putting Dom in the mix. I've never been a big Dom/Sco fan, but this played out well.

And seriously - you broke my heart with the whole Scorpious-loves-Albus thing. Ugh, killed me. I actually cried while reading most of this chapter (although I do have to admit I've cried a good lot throughout it all tbh). So perfect, yet so heart wrenching... It's like I love it but I hate it, but then I love it because I hate it!

This chapter has been really great in unraveling everything that's happened, I applaud you! It has a great ratio of dialogue to monologue. The Appy nightmare was crucial and I basically dropped my jaw when reading because, now that I think of it, everything that happened WAS because of Appy. Like why didn't I see it while reading? I mean, I'm totally for the thought of her and Albus together but it didn't seem right, the way your writing it. I did ask myself over time, "why is she doing all this?" and "if Albus just left her or didn't have any interest, would Clemence even care?" The mood of the whole story was really good in that area because it stuck with me for a while.

Even though I was sad that their relationship ended, it just felt like the right thing yknow? Of course you know. I find it kind of funny how you said you flipped a coin for them. I guess it really was meant to be! Still kind of sad though, I cried during that part too.

Speaking of crying, when Clemence cried into Henry's gave the story a lot of closure I feel like. Like all her pent up feelings and emotions that she had to go through and endure finally spilled out and she could just let it go. I approve! Crying really does help, even for someone like Clemence!

What else... Oh yeah! The whole thing with the newsroom being set aflame...brilliant. I find it very powerful because it has a lot of symbolism in it where we really do see how far Clemence has come. My only question is how...

The whole relationship with her and Pickett makes me so happy, I mean at least Clemence has one person right? I was scared that they'd just fall out... There's so much to this relationship hat makes it more deep and amazing once really read into. I'm so glad that you reunited them!

I am so excited for the epilogue, I know it'll be great, just like the last twenty four have been! This is definitely a story that I always think back on and will probably give it another go once its status is completed. You've done a great job on this novel, and the others on here, so please don't give up writing! It seems like something you're very passionate about and I really encourage you to keep at it!
The only question I can think of right now is are there going to be any future stories including Clemence? Like a sequel, prequel, or maybe a parallel to it? I mean I don't know what all is included in the epilogue, but maybe a story with one of the supporting characters? Just wondering :)
I will seriously read anything you put up, even if it has nothing to do with Etc.!
Okay, I'll go now, you're probably bored reading all my comments since I've basically written a whole essay about it.
Thanks for giving me an entertaining, emotional, funny, and heartfelt story to read over these past few years!!
- Morgan

Author's Response: Another oldie!! This fic has seriously changed so much over the years, I'm so glad you've stuck with it. It's taken forever and I feel like it kind of had to, with how I grew along with it. I'm just so glad to hear that people read this fic and can relate. I couldn't find enough protagonists who were sure of themselves, who attacked the world first, who were honest with the nasty thoughts they had. And Clemence isn't just these qualities either--she is unsure and vulnerable and scared, even if she won't admit it, and I love the destructive way she reacts to these feelings. I wanted to show these feelings in someone who'd never admit they feel this way.

Bahaha, Rose/Scor/Dom ended up so wild. But of course, what better to gain popularity than to create a shipping war? Fandoms have perfected this. Scorpius and Albus, that's also a bit of a toxic relationship; I love how it's really a touch dark--there's Scorpius with his intense crush and Albus who let it happen because he's not willing to lose Scorpius as a friend. And they both just sit on this ambiguous relationship like they can last like this forever. Sound familiar?

I'm glad you felt something was a little off! I kind of did some foreshadowing but wasn't sure how well it came through, without it all being read at once. I kept throwing out these very paradoxical metaphors. Clemence is in love! But... sarcastically. Clemence is intimate with him! But... the imagery is so cold. I didn't actually flip a coin for them, aha; but I did flip flop between two kinds of endings, and this one always felt more right.

THE CRYING. It really is a catharsis.

I won't write any sequel of length, but I might write a few short things; depending on their length they might only be posted on my blog :) I do know what happens to Clemence and the gang in following years, but there's just no conflict to drive a story, you know? I'll always answer questions regarding the fic ofc.

♥ thank you SO much for this review! I love all your comments :D it's so exciting to know what's going on in my readers' minds!

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Review #19, by randomnickname Trust Whom You Love, or Is It the Other Way Around?

20th March 2016:
"and my pulse hammers fast and strange like drums of a revolution calling for a coup."

I forgot about this amazing half-sentence - so dense in meaning, you could write an essay on it. (Where is the revolution going on? In her? Or is the revolution the things and people not behaving as she is used them to behave? And the coup, I still want that coup to come and Henry to rise.)

I was rereading your fic (AGAIN) cause it won't leave my head these days, although I'm supposed to work, and dat sentence simply struck. LUV

Author's Response: THAT LINE another line I saved for ages. It was originally intended for an entirely different scene that didn't make it in. I write weirdly a lot about revolutions without intending to.

That line actually started with her heartbeat. I'm very conscious of when I write of anything related to Clemence's heart, even if it's physical description. When she feels her heartbeat and it does not quiet, I imagine it being overwhelming and it's saved for moments like these, when everything is changing around her and in her.

♥ hee what a crazy reread it must be, the ERAS of this fic. I see so many years of myself looking back and you can sort of see my priorities change every few chapters. thank you again!! ♥

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Review #20, by Kai Appy Ever After

19th March 2016:
wowowowowowowowow. wow.

clemence is such a good character ohmygod i love her - and while i hate you for pushing the plot this way, i love you at the same time - but why'd you have to put in feelings i cant deal with this ahh

just - this is so good. so, so good.

Author's Response: ahh thank you! I've been really pleasantly surprised with the 'not what I wanted but rolling with it' kind of response I've been getting, it's better than I could've hoped for! ^__^

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Review #21, by skeet500 Certifiably Quirky

17th March 2016:
"Mum says you won't ever amount to anything if you don't finish school? Point to Head Auror Harry Potter." I AM SCREECHING

Author's Response: HOW TRUE THOUGH RIGHT? drop out of school, go camping, save the world

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Review #22, by skeet500 A Vivid Imagination

17th March 2016:
Oh Albus Severus, you are making me it possible that you take more after your grandfather than your father.hmmm...very interesting...

Author's Response: Ha! I don't think James Potter was quite so devious! Unless you mean Arthur Weasley was an unexpected cad...

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Review #23, by skeet500 May I Have This Duel?

17th March 2016:
Al is everything I want to be in this world I think - such fascinating characters! You are thus far successful in your mission to dispel useless tropes and cliches

Author's Response: Thanks! I hope you like the rest!

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Review #24, by randomnickname Intermission, Enter Firewhiskey

14th March 2016:
One of the best chapter ever, bearing what I think will be my next t-shirt print:
"Never fear! Convenient love interest is here!"

Author's Response: Show me if you ever do it! :D

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Review #25, by randomnickname Appy Ever After

14th March 2016:
Well, I didn't see that coming. It's been such a while since I've checked on this story that I didn't remember some of the statements and situation, so this ending did came as a kind of shock. I was like: " Appy-nightmare?...Isn't that a bit a cheap way of justifying this one urge to having Al?" I just didn't find it so believable at first.

But it gave me the perfect excuse to reread the last 5 chapters in search of clues of Appy being the motive of that crazy V-Day. And...yeah, when you look at details, it totally makes sense. She doubted her "love" for him from the beginning. And Appy was always quite central to her feelings. And I finally got the answer to one of your statement in the comments "So why did Clemence fight for Albus on Valentine's Day?" that buggered me a lot back then.

The more I reread this chapter, the more I enjoy it, and the more love Pickett gets from me for being stuck with someone he likes a lot but can't really help. (I know that feeling from life and stuff)

So, well, this is a rather chaotic review, but as always, thanks for you writing awesome characters and scenes that get to you and won't leave your head for a few days.

Author's Response: It was always weirdly clear to me that Clemence was... never interested in Albus, romantically. I didn't consciously know it, but subconscious me kept them a foot apart. She's charmed, intrigued, touched by certain gestures, and knows deep down that he's right about a lot of things he says. But almost every time she's pushed to care about him and the things he says, it comes from a source of spite or anger. Her feelings are never rooted in trust and choice. Which is why every time she admits her feelings for Albus, they carry an addendum, a "but".

I think the most telling thing is that Albus never really has the ability to hurt her. Not in the same way that Dom and Pickett do. I asked myself, as I reread each chapter, if in any of these moments Clemence would be sad if Albus left her suddenly, and the answer was no. Except for Valentine's Day, because she was humiliated. Because it was Appy. And I think that day fooled a lot of people; it fooled Clemence! Because she does have these two sides to her feelings: she cares, /but/.

And the 'but' wins.

♥ I'm glad you went back to read the old chapters, because I know the time in between them made it hard to catch the details. Thank you so much for reading!

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