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Review #1, by LucidDelight V-Day D-Day

20th December 2014:
This is my first next-gen fic and you have just set the bar waaay way up high. Thank you.

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Review #2, by Your Secret Santa :) Chess for Three

20th December 2014:
Hello there my dear giftee! Your Secret Santa here, back for round two!

You definitely have a talent for starting a new chapter! I like how you begin by telling the reader some “background information” and setting the chapter up that way. It works really well in this story. So that’s why the story about Albus’s girlfriend is such a scoop: he is good at keeping things to himself and because of it, people are dying to find out more.

Also, why am I not surprised that the Fat Lady can be coerced into letting a non-Gryffindor into the common room by blatantly flattering her? Seems about right, though I imagine it gets rather boring, being just a portrait. Still, it’s nice of Clemence to take her up on her offer to come and chat with her.

And then we find Albus and Hugo playing chess. Has Hugo inherited Ron’s talent for chess? I loved your description of Albus. “The same distaste for reporters.” That line was simply the best! A very apt description, and hilariously funny (though I can’t blame Albus since he’s probably been followed by reporters since the day he was born…)

I think it was very decent of Clemence to tell him she was going to publish the story no matter what, but he could have a say on what was being published and avoid what happened when Clemence and co. published a story about him and Scorpius. Remember what I said about liking her honesty? I still stand by what I said. I also like how she recognises the lines “I report the truth” and “People have the right to know” are pretty poor answers but uses them anyway, since like she says, they are good standbys.

And what’s this? Albus hasn’t told anyone the name of his girlfriend and Hugo suspects there is no girlfriend at all? Interesting, very interesting. It could be a hilarious plot twist if the girlfriend turned out to be imaginary after all but based on Albus’s reaction, I’m inclined to believe the girlfriend is real. I’m really interested in finding out who she is, probably as much as Clemence (and the rest of Hogwarts) is!

And so, the operation Albusgate is at its end… for now, because I’m sure Clemence will be back the next day. And the Girlfriend Watch is a go! No doubt the vast majority of the females (and quite a few males, too, I imagine) will be on lookout for Albus’s girlfriend. This is going to be interesting, no question about that!

Again, a great chapter! You really have a way with words!

Yours Truly,
Secret Santa

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Review #3, by Your Secret Santa :) Manic Panic Mondays

20th December 2014:
Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas, happy holidays and all the good stuff! It’s your Secret Santa and I’m here to deliver your first present!

Since I’m having trouble deciding where to begin, let’s start at the beginning! That was a great beginning, in my opinion. In one fell swoop, you introduced the setting, the narrator and, most importantly, in my view, the narrator’s ambition. And what a great ambition it is: her name at the cover of the Daily Prophet. I really like Clemence’s honesty and frankness; she clearly doesn’t mince her words or beat around the bush.

Then we get to meet the rest of the staff of the Witchy Business (I like the name of the magazine, by the way!) and from what we’ve seen so far, I like them, but Pickett is probably my favourite so far – although I’m not sure whether or not I forgive him his disrespect for punctuation…

And this line! “Just because we report rubbish doesn’t mean we need to write like it.” It sums perfectly Clemence’s personality and her views.

After meeting the staff, we get to see just how the Witchy Business is circulated among the students. That part has to be one of my favourites because of how it is written. It’s not a simple description of Clememce and the others walking from one lavatory to the next; rather, you tell us how, on a typical Monday morning, the students wake up to find out a new issue is out and how the news spread around the castle like a wildfire. A very clever way to let the reader know how this newspaper business works! I also loved how Clemence and the others always destroy the master copy after twelve hours, partly as a precaution (because I imagine the teachers wouldn’t be too pleased if they got their hands on it…), and partly because by that time everyone already knows and keeping a copy isn’t really necessary.

And then the juicy part! Rose has just told Dom that Al has a girlfriend! I could very well imagine the look on Clemence’s face when she hears the news; no doubt it says, “Jackpot!” Methinks things are going to get interesting from here on…

This was a great first chapter! We got to meet the narrator and some of the central cast, and the setting and mood were established. Also, your language is simply delightful to read! It’s so fluent and vibrant that I am in awe! Great job and see you in chapter two!

Yours Truly,
Secret Santa

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Review #4, by MissMoneypenny Love Overrated, Overruled

20th December 2014:
"There's a bunch of photos with us and it looks like we're kissing and... you're being sarcastic."
jesus i love pickett i love him i love him i love him plEASE can i have him oh deary me
also i'm not sure what's going on with appy and albus but - well, to be fair, i can't blame him if he ditches clem. she is being a bit of a toad, as the second-years would say.

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Review #5, by MissMoneypenny Bare-Knuckled Heartbreaking

20th December 2014:

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Review #6, by Ginbun V-Day D-Day

23rd November 2014:
When the HELL are you going to continue?

Your story is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!
I love this chapter... so far my fave.

Keep writing!!

Author's Response: Thanks!! Sorry for the long wait, it's been a busy year!

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Review #7, by penguincharmer The Casualties of War

15th November 2014:
Woot! Six more chapters to go!
(Been reading this most of the day, normally I can't complete all the stories I read.)

Beautiful banners by the way! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! :3 I hope you like the rest!

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Review #8, by my_voice_rising V-Day D-Day

5th November 2014:
I think this is the only fic I have read with an OC where I have actually squealed. The ending, Gina. The ENDING. And I love all of the action scenes in your stories, they're so well written. Sorry my reviews are so lame, I just, ugh. So good. I know you are busy beyond busy, so I'm patiently(ish) awaiting the newest chapter!

Author's Response: :3 Wahey, I hope you squeal when reading your own fic bc I know we all do it BUT YES THE ENDING, AKA THE HAPPIEST MOMENT IN THIS FIC IT ONLY GOES DOWN FROM HERE, god he is such a jerk but also so charmy-warmy, even I have a love-hate relationship with Albus.

Thank for the review ♥ ♥ I need sanity checks every now and then

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Review #9, by my_voice_rising (when did it log me out where am i) Love Overrated, Overruled

5th November 2014:
I have been binge-reading again, I don't have time to stop, but I want you to know that I snorted into my glass of wine at "Hugo, Weaving?"

g2g bai lol

Author's Response: I aim to please :'D Also laughing at the fact that someone!! out there is pairing my fic with wine. Probs better to read fic drunk, actually~

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Review #10, by anon V-Day D-Day

25th October 2014:
Will you have the story completed by February of 2015? Or at least the next chapter by Christmas? :D

Author's Response: I sure hope so! xP

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Review #11, by my_voice_rising And All the Girls and Boys Merely Players

19th October 2014:
Hi Gina! I've finally (finally) gotten around to reading more of this wonderful story. And I've binge-read the last 7 chapters in one day. Just wanted to pop in and say that it's brilliant. Your ability to be succinct while also setting a scene or telling backstory (and still leave enough up to the reader) is really nice. At first I didn't quite ~get~ Clemence--like how are you mean but also nice what are you. But she's a wonderfully developed character. Just wanted to drop by and say hello before I read on!

Author's Response: Thanks!! :3 Hopefully you caught the edited version of the chapters, which still aren't up to par but I will leave them be because NEW chapters need to be written. And an OF.

I see Clemence as an angry intellectual, which is what I draw a lot of inspiration from. She gives reasons for everything she does and makes herself seem right; it's a rather manipulative way of presenting herself! There is much more of her character to come c: the fun has barely started!


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Review #12, by Glw V-Day D-Day

16th October 2014:
Will the next chapter be the final chapter? And do you have a set deadline as to when you will update by? Perhaps Halloween?

Author's Response: There will be 2 more chapters :) I don't have a specific deadline, as I'm rather busy working nowadays, but I'm perpetually working on it!

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Review #13, by Glw V-Day D-Day

13th October 2014:
Argh why haven't you updated?? I miss this story!! Please update ASAP. Like 5-real.

Author's Response: I'm working on it!

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Review #14, by TumTum A Lesson in Persuasion

17th August 2014:
I have conflicted feelings about all this... on the one hand I really enjoy Clemence's voice but on the other I find a lot of things about this distasteful. Like the sheer levels of dishonesty that Albus and Clemence are employing - about everything. They say a lot to each other but I get the impression that very little of it is pertinent or even in the vicinity of truthful. It's either manipulation or deflection or accusation based on bias. That might not matter so much if they weren't also... getting involved.

For example, Clemence getting cornered by Albus... a third time. Alright she's attracted by him so you could argue that she doesn't really want him to stop but the whole thing makes me a little uncomfortable... he pushes until she gives in. He might back off if she said no clearly but he manipulates her. So he's not a rapist but he's not a good guy either. In another situation, that would come across really ugly, marginally abusive even, and I don't really understand why Clemence finds it attractive. That may be because I have come across enough real life bad guys to want nothing to do with them, let alone romanticise the game they play.

Plus there is the way Clemence is dishonest with herself. Clemence reckons she's heartless and that she doesn't care what effect the stories in her paper have but she also thinks that the stories don't have an effect therefore she doesn't do any real damage. It doesn't add up. She also doesn't want people talking about her or worse speculating. It seems like she is aware of how hypocritical that is but she refuses to look too deeply into that.

It is refreshing to have a character who isn't perfect by a very long shot and you can see how her flaws cause her problems. For one thing, she's not as badass as she likes to think by a long shot - when she found Albus in the print room she should have stood her ground and if he tried using the book as leverage, she should have let him have it and called his bluff - the book isn't what he came for. I would have thought that if she can see that she is being manipulated that she would be smart and resilient enough to take none of it... but that's the point of her character I suppose - she's not infallible as Pickett says though I think she is a tough cookie she just doesn't let herself be vulnerable which means she doesn't know how to deal with these problems. If you won't admit weakness then you can't cope with it.

Then there is Appy - why not just hex her? She had a wand and she knows how to defend herself; why let her get the upper hand? But even before that, why didn't she try being more straightforward with her? Using sarcasm doesn't seem effective at all and it comes across as pretty cheap because it goes over Appy's head apparently? Unless she was always afraid of Appy and didn't want to draw her into a conflict?

To be honest I don't really understand Appy - at first it seemed like the only things wrong with her were bad taste in literature, awful priorities and particularly low levels of intelligence... but that didn't seem like reason enough to hate her? Until it turned out she was actually willing to get violent.

All of this would be confusing but not awful (maybe it's just that it's really black comedy and I'm just not getting it?) but I really don't like the way Clemence calls the "Quirkers" cows because it dehumanises them. Their fangirling is crazy and invasive but they are still human beings. The way Albus wants to "take them down", again, has really uncomfortable connotations. He clearly doesn't see them as human beings either, even though as individuals they come across as deluded but kind of vulnerable? It's also... it just really reeks of sexism to be honest - that they are that deluded and that easily manipulated. You don't write them like human beings.

There's a lot to like about this - I really enjoy the friendship between Pickett, Dom and Clemence (and Janey?), Rose seems pretty interesting and Clemence has so many layers, it's fascinating even if her arrogance is not endearing. Your writing is amazing but there's a lot that leaves me uncomfortable, Albus and the "cows" in particular. I know it's satire but the thing with satire is that it should reveal truths and I don't see a lot of that? I just see hate for fangirls and the really muddy waters of a potentially abusive relationship?

I'm sorry this review is so harsh and I hope I don't leave you discouraged at all? Perhaps I have misinterpreted this? I also haven't finished what you have published yet so perhaps I am doing the fic a disservice? Feel free to call me out. I'd like to finish this sometime (although maybe you would rather I didn't if it means potentially leaving another review like this?).

Author's Response: (My response is too long for one review, so I split it up between your reviews!)

I don't mind harsh reviews at all! When writing a story like this, I expect divided reactions; I'm surprised that I haven't received more them to be honest. There's a lot of intentionally offensive stuff in here as a result of Clemence's narration, and it's reflective of her character and hypocrisy. Also there are parts in this story where my writing is lacking and the intent is unclear. That said, this fic just isn't for everyone. It is a fairly dark comedy, so ultimately it might not be to your taste or kind of humor (I actually usually don't like dark comedies either, but teen satires have been an exception).

I think many readers come into the story presuming etc is a certain kind of story, with certain character arcs, and a certain likeability amongst the leads, especially amongst YA stories; etc is not that kind of story. It does not promise a happy ending, nor characters to cheer for, nor a lesson to be learned. I wanted to write Clemence the way she is because I hadn't seen a heroine like her, like me when I was growing up. Overly confident, brash, cynical—a real cynicism born from a lack of faith in others and frustration over ignorance, a cynicism that is not so easily "fixed" or grown out of. I don't condone Clemence's actions—far from it. She does and says terrible things and the reader ought to feel like she does and says terrible things, like how you feel. If you dislike her for it, if you feel uncomfortable about it, I think those are completely expected reactions.

Similarly, Clemence and Albus' relationship *is* unhealthy. I think there are romanticized parts, because a lot of this fic was written as a guilty pleasure with a certain degree of fanservice in the beginning. But I think a lot of it also comes from an expectation that we're supposed to cheer for the lead couple, which is debatable. I don't, but I can understand why one would, even taking into account their manipulations. They're attracted to each other, attracted to the game of it, and if one of them wasn't, then there'd be bigger problem. If Albus was really always in control, there'd be a bigger problem. But I think most of the time, it's really that Albus seems like he's in control because Clemence doesn't care, but Clemence could and would stop him any time she wanted to. I like to think this is their unspoken consent with each other—not that it makes their relationship healthy nor does it condone their behavior, but they know what they're getting into. They've both chosen to play.

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Review #15, by TumTum Who Wears the Horns?

17th August 2014:
Oookaaay... at first I didn't like Clemence because I hate gossip mags - I think they're selfish and cruel... but all these faults and hypocrisies have been pointed out by Albus. And I was rooting for Albus but Clemence has grown on me and Albus is decidedly... I don't want to say psychopathic - that's going a bit far but my gosh he is creepy. Doesn't he have better things to do? What's his fascination with this? It seems like the both of them are rather more ambitious and manipulative than moral and compassionate.

Pretty much everyone in that last scene seriously lacks some perspective even Clemence with her crazy thing about getting published - did she seriously not expect there to be people like "Appy" in the world that she would have to compete with?

That said I liked what you did with Dom - in spite of the crazy size of her ego, she is still very sympathetic.

Author's Response: (continued from response in ch. 13)

But I think they're manipulating each other less than you think. Much of what they say is truthful, but they may not necessarily recognize their own hypocrisy or it can also be manipulative or biased. What you say about Clemence's dishonesty with herself is completely on point--she knows she's a hypocrite but refuses to look deeply into it. She makes excuses for her own behavior and is defensive when it begins to affect her. That's the key: she's the narrator telling you all these things you should believe, all these things about herself and others, but she herself a hypocrite. It should make you think twice about the things she says, about her flaws that she would never admit or even know about, but is apparent to us readers.

I think Clemence's fallibility with Albus is simply that he's interesting to her, and there are so few things that surprise her like he has. She's not looking for love or someone who cares about her; she's not looking for anyone at all. But he's there and he's interesting, so she goes along with the ride. She doesn't pursue him; she is very much an opportunist. She doesn't instigate--she wouldn't kiss him first--but she lets things happen to her. It makes her feel like it removes the blame from her if something goes wrong, i.e. if Albus is the one to cross the line, then it is his fault. Essentially: she doesn't choose Albus, but he chooses her and she lets him choose her.

Appy is bit of a caricature. I think the change in her characterization is too slapdash overall, but it's also intentional. The key is that Clemence has zero respect for Appy and that colors everything she says about her. She thinks Appy is an idiot, so she doesn't respect Appy enough to be straightforward. She underestimates Appy at every single step, but looking at the facts, Appy is incredibly savvy and ruthless in her own way, and succeeds when Clemence cannot.Similarly, for the Quirkers, Clemence and Albus *do* dehumanize them. That's the point of it. It's terrible but it's also how those in power often treat their people, how marketing and the media works. The masses are just such: easily manipulated and a means of profit.

(I wrote an in--depth response to another review I received that had similar concerns to yours that might interest you, and explains the satirical elements more. You can find it on my tumblr on the etc. etc. (and life goes on) tag, which you can find on my writing page. It's called "a super--long response on etc, gender roles, and female characters")

I know that there are places where the intent is lost, which is totally on me, but I have a feeling this fic just might not be to your taste as well. It is a fic that can make people feel uncomfortable. It's full of characters who can be hard to relate to. It features an unhealthy relationship. I'm surprised it's as well--liked as it is (but I know it's also because many read this fic like a straight romance without the satire, which is baffling and unsurprising and sort of amusing all at once). Looking at the things you like, you'd probably like my other next gen novel And Capers Ensue a lot more, which centers around friendships and facing one's mistakes and shortcomings and is pretty much the opposite of this fic in tone and theme. If you do want to stick with etc., people usually like the fic a lot more after chapter 15 when things start crashing and burning, and Clemence can't hide behind her narration any longer. Again, I really appreciate your comments, especially because I'm always concerned if people are concerned, so don't worry about discouragement. Thank you for taking the time to write this all out!

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Review #16, by TumTum Kiss Me Twice, Shame On Me

16th August 2014:
I love that line about the Cheshire smirk ^o^

Author's Response: Thanks! :) One of my favorites too!

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Review #17, by kassandra466 Manic Panic Mondays

15th August 2014:
That was fabulous. Kinda like the Hogwarts gossip girl.

Author's Response: Thanks! I've never watched/read Gossip Girl, but I'm glad you like it!

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Review #18, by TumTum Chess for Three

15th August 2014:
I find it a little irritating that the gossip gets sent to the girls... as though boys weren't awful gossips too? So far I love this. I find that I love to hate Clemence but I kinds hope she either realises why her actions are so bad (if she doesn't already - maybe she doesn't care?) and changes the way she acts or she gets what's coming to her. I'm rooting for Al at the moment.

Author's Response: There is lots of gendered politics in this fic, though in the beginning, it was more of following convention with the stories that featured gossip and cliques. It's not that boys don't gossip--in Clemence's distribution model, they'll simply get it secondhand, which is in line with the gendered power structure in this version of Hogwarts.

I'm glad you like the fic! It is never as simple as people learning lessons or getting what they should :'D but I do hope you like the outcomes!

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Review #19, by Renee V-Day D-Day

9th August 2014:
reread for the fifth (not even joking, actually the fifth) time while waiting for the update. Might die from the pain of waiting. LOVE the story though.

Author's Response: Aw, sorry you've been waiting so long; I actually do feel terrible D: Thank you for still reading!

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Review #20, by larissa_allstar V-Day D-Day

18th July 2014:
So this is the story I chose to read next by you c: It definitely is different from your other fics I've read, but I still do quite enjoy it. It's pretty cool to see how versatile your writing style is. Like in Game you had a more fluffy style, while this one is more humorous and at times satirical. I mean those Quirkers are insane! Haha.

Speaking of the quirkers- wow. Lol I actually haven't read a next gen fic before (yeah, I really only have read a ton of marauders lol) and I actually feel like your take on Hogwarts life could be accurate. I can actually seem some boy obsessed group taking form and placing "The Boy who Lived" sons on a HUGE pedestal. Lol I do know it's meant to be satire but I could actually see it going down. The whole team shirts made me laugh too, brought back memories of the whole Team Jacob and Team Edward thing, a la Twilight.

Your OC is so complex and I'm in love. She definitely has faults, and I can see how some readers wouldn't like her. Heck, I didn't even like her in the beginning. However as this story continued on my love for Clemence grew and grew. Really seeing all of these walls she puts up slowly coming down is so amazing to read. Yes, there's been times when I wanted to shake her however there's moments where I feel akin and understanding of Clemence. Her reactions to Albus and her growing confusion makes sense.

She's also just so incredibly driven and ambitious that it tends to lead to not so wise choices, it's like she has blinders on and is just so focused on her goal which I do find quite admirable. Her complete adoration for writing (which is something I definitely share) is something I can also connect with :)

You write Albus in a very interesting way! I like it a lot (: You develop him very well and don't make him a Gary Stu (male mary sue lol) which I feel like is what his character would get a lot of times. Or, he'd just be the shy/smart one. You write him as somebody more complex, with ulterior motives and give him a true personality. Though he's admitted to loving Clemence (although drunkenly) I appreciate how this deceleration hasn't turned him into a some huge romantic. You do however give him real emotions, such as the jealously seen in this chapter. I'm curious to see how his relationship will continue to grow, change and most likely self destruct numerous times because mistakes and bad choices are a common theme in this story.

As for side characters, I find them all quite intriguing. The Rose and Dom conflict does seem quite deep seated and I can see why that conflict is there. I can only imagine how it would feel to be looked down upon while somebody like your cousin is revered. Then you have "Team Dom" and "Team Rose" and it's obvious that nobody is trying to change this conflict. I feel like this relationship is one of the most interesting ones in this story. Dom and Rose appear to have somewhat a better understanding of eachother now due to the crazy Quirkers though. Throw in Scorpius to the mix and things get more convoluted. In this chapter he does have his big reveal, which must have been very scary however I think a weight has been lifted from his shoulders.

Appy, oh Appy. Though she's presented in a extremely negative light in this novel and undeniably is a little loony, I actually want her to be happy. Her character is one that's fueled on by her hope, which is then fueled by the support of her Quirkers. Her life has always seemed to go the way she wanted, I mean she has publishing deal! Now with Clemence her worldview is drastically changing and things don't seem so simple and easy anymore. Her Quirker group that she leans on for support seems to be falling. Of course Appy is acting out at Clemence. It's a desperate attempt to maintain order and the life she's always hoped would stay the same.

Can't wait to see more brilliant character development, satirical humor and the growing relationship/partnership/whatever that's between Albus and Clemence. I'm getting little bits of vibes that there's a little bit of something going on with Pickett and Clemence. I can definitely see that their conversation in the next chapter would be incredibly awkward.

Author's Response: Sorry it took so long to respond! I’m so so glad you like this fic :) And that you liked it even though it’s your first foray into next gen! Much of the story also satirizes next-gen story conventions, though I’ve found that many of those are also teen romance conventions--and of course, the frenzy is pure Twilight/fandom madness.

What I love about Clemence is that she doesn’t want to be liked. She doesn’t want your sympathy, your good word, she doesn’t want /anything/ from the world or so she says, and that’s fearfully admirable and pitiful at the same time. It’s a strange kind of ambition that she has; she wants to get what she feels like she deserves (and what Appy does not), but to voice that would be utterly hypocritical.

And what I love about Albus is that he’s this romantic but his love is selfish. It isn’t pure or something that’s framed as fixing Clemence; rather it’s something that taints him. He never has to sacrifice as much as anyone else in this fic, and he doesn’t really see the consequences of his “good intentions.” At the same time, he sees the truths that Clemence does not. They do that for each other.

Dom and Rose, I would have loved to expand on them more. They’re the true ruthless ones of the story, more Clemence-like than Clemence claims to be. For them, it really is ambition and power and being right, where Clemence wouldn’t care less in the end.

I love it when people like Appy! I love writing her, and I write her like she’s the heroine of her own nutty story. She’s spoiled and obsessive, but she isn’t stupid ;)

Thank you so much! There’s only a little more of the story, but after I’m done, I’m adapting it into an original story.

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Review #21, by s.w V-Day D-Day

16th July 2014:
Please please update! You worked so hard on this story so please finish it xx Amazingly written, hilarious, adorable and I want more!! You updated two days ago but haven't had a new chapter since February, so here's hoping you update us a new chapter. I. Love. This. Especially as I can relate to Clemence - sans the adorable hot guy (the Albus) in my life lol. But go you! Can't wait for the next chapter update, here's hoping it comes x

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm working on the new chapter now. I hope you won't have to wait too long!

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Review #22, by s.w Chess for Three

16th July 2014:

Author's Response: GREAT HUMAN BEING.

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Review #23, by s.w Manic Panic Mondays

16th July 2014:
I love Ellen Page and how you used her as Clemence. It just makes the story even better, not to mention I want to be a journalist! Ellen Page + journalism + Next Gen fan fiction = LIFE. Hello Wednesday night x

Author's Response: Thank you! ^__^ I was in newspaper staff for awhile, so I channeled a lot of that into the first chapters of this story.

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Review #24, by zealousVisionary Manic Panic Mondays

9th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

I'm really liking this story so far! You've got a great, clever MC- I love that she's Rita Skeeter's great niece, that's a really interesting twist. The snappy dialogue is awesome as well.

A Hogwarts newspaper (especially one that publishes gossip) is a unique premise as well, and I'm liking the execution so far. I can say that I laughed out loud a few times- some of those lines were hilarious. (I loved "Just because we report rubbish doesn't mean we need to write like it.")

All in all, it's great to read such a clever, funny story- I'll definitely be continuing this one!

Author's Response: Thanks! :) Baha I never thought the gossip business was particularly unique, but I did hope to produce something unique out of it. I hope you read more!

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Review #25, by SketchCyanide May I Have This Duel?

8th July 2014:
- House Cup 2014 Review -
Educational Decree #3

Can I just, wow! That duel was amazing! I read a few(and written a few) that have come off too wooden, but that was beautiful!

Albus and Clemence's conversations make me laugh, they seem to be so different, yet at the same time...quite similar. You know what they say about opposites?

I'm becoming more and more a fan of Albus/OC - I'll be honest, I usually ship James/OC, but I like Al in this because he's not the usual nerdy Slytherin with glasses xD

I know it's only chapter 3 but I want them together so bad now! All that sexual tension! Phew!

-- Jez

Author's Response: The duel was a lot of fun to write! And funny that you say they're quite similar ;) Perhaps you're onto something.

I had my own headcanons of Albus and James before I stepped into HP fandom, so I'm not influenced by other next gen stories. I'm glad you like my Al! ^__^

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