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Review #1, by R Dreams Are Reality

9th June 2015:
Amazing, I need more please.

Author's Response: Thank you, it's an honour to know these are still being read.

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Review #2, by GREX101 Dreams Are Reality

30th May 2011:
amazing addative x lovedd it :) go Alice! I never like Pansy anyway :P

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it :) Delays on my current chapter at the moment as I don't really have much muse to write it. I'll try and get it up as soon as possible though and put an explanation note up.

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Review #3, by GREX101 Pre-Christmas Discoveries

8th May 2011:
Great update x i enjoyed it

Author's Response: Thanks :)

I have just had a rather interesting experience with the weather that I intend to use in a future chapter.. if not the next one. So I still have great plans for the story xD

Thanks yet again for another review. You keep me going x

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Review #4, by Happy Furious Outbursts

28th April 2011:
More than anything I want so see Alice and Malfoy suffer badly for being the worst people in the world.

Author's Response: Alice is going to suffer... bigtime. I need to start that off actually she suffers more than anyone. He suffers too eventually.. in a way. But if it makes you feel even happier she does have a pretty nasty ending.

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Review #5, by GREX101 Furious Outbursts

23rd April 2011:
I loved it, it gave me something to read when I was on holiday

Author's Response: Thanks :) I've hit a bit of a brick wall with it at the moment and I have a Yaxbridge short story I'm getting up but I hope to have the next chapter up soon x

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Review #6, by GREX101 Unwelcome Death Eaters

7th April 2011:
Loved it x well done

Author's Response: Thanks yet again for another kind review :) Your reviews really keep me going you know as I think I say most of the time in response to them, tehehe :D I'm stuck for ideas at the moment I'm desperately trying to come up with something for chapter ten. Luckily I have another story going on at the same time, which buys me more time :D

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Review #7, by GREX101 Dreams and Reality

1st April 2011:
Another masterpiece x please update soon :)

Author's Response: Haha, I wouldn't personally call it a masterpiece but thank you :D I've got a challenge one-shot in the queue at this present moment in time but the next chapter shall be up after that.

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Review #8, by GREX101 Yaxley's World Part 2

26th March 2011:
Aww I love it x it was really great update soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks :) I always look forward to receiving your comments. The next chapter is in the queue and I hope you like it :)

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Review #9, by GREX101 Yaxley's World Part 1

20th March 2011:
That was sooo cool x I like how you mixed it with when Ron Hermione and Harry were there x

Author's Response: Thanks :) That was the better of the two I've done. Part 2 of that chapter I don't think is as good, but then I might be wrong :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, I had great fun writing Yaxley with Ron.

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Review #10, by GREX101 Weddings Mean Death Eater's

17th March 2011:
aww that was soo cute :) good work

Author's Response: Thanks :) Don't get too attached to Yaxley and Alice being cute around each other though, I have huge plans for them that don't end well. Plus we need to bring the lovely Draco back in on things.

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Review #11, by tmjay Weddings Mean Death Eater's

16th March 2011:
good job keep writing pleeez

Author's Response: Thanks :) I am working on chapters seven and eight right now, both at the same time. Eight starts off pretty dark whereas the beginning of Seven is hilarious so it's a nice balance. Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #12, by GREX101 Childhood Memories

13th March 2011:
Love it x another very good chapter

Author's Response: Thanks :) I think your my only supporter who's moved across from the other story.. thanks so much for continuing to read :) Sorry things with Draco are going a little wrong but they'll pick up eventually, believe me x

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Review #13, by Happy Seven Potters, One Wolf

11th March 2011:
Logically speaking they'll have to kill her. She is a traitor and a Death Eater.

Author's Response: Logically speaking yes... but emotionally speaking no. Remus couldn't kill his daughter and they don't know for sure she is a Death Eater. She's pretty good at worming her way out of tight spots, she's Voldemort's daughter after all. Her time isn't up just yet.

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Review #14, by NeverGotHerLetter Arguments and Realisations

5th March 2011:
WOAH that chapter was AWESOME!!! There was so much going on, but not too much, just the right amount. And Draco was perfect! I think you totally hit the nail on the head when you were saying how he didn't love Alice. I think it was really good, seriously. The only bit I was confused with was when Alice was like, This is really turning me on. Is she just a little bit crazy hormonal. When someone you love tells you they don't love you back, you're supposed to cry, am I right? But the pregnancy, YAXLEY, the robes thing, it was all perfect, seriously. You have nothing to worry about, this is a brilliant story and Draco is just as I like to see him in fanfics :) x

Author's Response: YAXLEY FOREVER!!! I adore him. Anyway She might be I haven't really looked into it that much I think the pregnancy is just messing with her head. Yes, I shall go back and do edits as I am with my other story to sort out her reaction to Draco. Thanks so much! Your review means a lot!

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Review #15, by NeverGotHerLetter It Begins with a Wedding

5th March 2011:
So, from this, I caught up on the first story, I think it was quite easy to understand, for me anyway.
And I really do like this version of Draco, it's very realistic and in character. I can imagine him sneering down at Alice when he's pulling her along. I think it's a good story so far! And I like the families, the Lupins and Riddles and Malfoys intertwining with Alice, very good idea, and very good Draco :) On to the next chappie! x

Author's Response: Thanks, this means a lot. I'm desperately trying to cover up all the mistakes I made in the first story and turn it back round to how it should be, with Draco as how I believe he should be. I just hope it's worked out.

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Review #16, by xoxogossipgirllover2010 Arguments and Realisations

4th March 2011:
hey im sorry, but im going to stop reading, i dont like where this story is going. The first installment was really good.

Author's Response: It's fine. I'm just trying to portray Draco a little more realistically. I've had comment after comment from people on how OOC he was so I'm just rectifying that in this story. Sorry that it bothers you but it's how his character is, he is not a nice guy at all.

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Review #17, by xoxogossipgirllover2010 It Begins with a Wedding

4th March 2011:
awww this is so sad:( i hope he is still nice to her!

Author's Response: Sorry that you dislike it. I'm just trying to portray the real Draco. I was fed up with people saying he was OOC so I kept promising to do something about it.. and finally have. He might sort himself out but as you said above you've stopped reading, you'd have to wait until the last chapter anyway.

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Review #18, by GreenGoblin It Begins with a Wedding

1st March 2011:
Oh no what happened? Is it for her safety or is he wussing out?! !

Author's Response: All shall be revealed in the next chapter. :D Thanks for the review! x

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Review #19, by GREX101 It Begins with a Wedding

1st March 2011:
Love it! Such a great start to a great sequel :)

Author's Response: Thank You!! :D Things totally begin to happen in the next chapter. I had so much fun writing it.

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