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Review #1, by AlexFan Hope

3rd January 2018:
Oh my god and just when I had resigned myself to a life of this never being updated and here it is, another update.

This was honestly so cute, my heart melts when it comes to James and Lily. I love everything about them, I love how stupidly in love James is with Lily. I love how stupidly in love Lily is with James and how they're both such big nerds, and how tough they are and how skilled and how they fight for the things that they believe in and that they just wanted to make the world a better place.

My baby James actually bought a ring for Lily, my heart could not possibly get any bigger, he really cares about her so much, this is too much for me.

I'm so glad that you updated and I'm so glad that it was something cute like this and I'm even more excited knowing that there's going to be another chaper.

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Review #2, by md Hope

13th December 2016:
i remember loving this story, and when i came back to re read it i was excited to see this chapter!! lovely as usual, thanks for writing :)

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Review #3, by Toni Hope

15th November 2016:
I really enjoyed your 2 "the art of." stories, even though I went through a box of tissues. Personally I think you should end it here. We all know what eventually happens and at this point they are all happy. All stories should have a happy ending.

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Review #4, by icemice Hope

4th September 2016:
How can there only be one left??? There's so much more story to tell!

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Review #5, by Annebla Hope

18th August 2016:
I am so happy you are back! Really love your work and the much needed dose of perspective it always brings no matter how many times I read it

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Review #6, by Dinthemidwest Hope

8th May 2016:
You are gifted-these characters are so very real!! I hope you continue with the arts stories!

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Review #7, by Dinthemidwest Forgotten.

8th May 2016:
Just an observation at this late date; if I didn't know better, I'd say that Lily & Sirius had a thing for each other!! Just sayin'!! Lots of displaced anger... I really enjoy the pointed conversations-I can just see them arguing between each other!

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Review #8, by classicblack Hope

4th May 2016:
You're BACK! Amazing, so happy. Honestly, I haven't been on this site in years, but I checked back just to see if any of my old favs had updated and you had! :)

Loved the chapter. Just the right amount of sap and characterization. I didn't even have to reread anything to jump right back into the story. Happy that you're mostly done writing and that there's only one chapter left (because it means I'm more likely to get to read it).

Hope life has been treating you well and that you're still writing.
Happy writing,

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Review #9, by Dinthemidwest Awakening.

4th May 2016:
Wonderful chapter with sweet conversation between Lily & James! The dream with Mary was a good boost for Lily-how perfect!! I miss Mary... This is a re-read of TAOS for me!!

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Review #10, by insertofafanboy Hope

11th April 2016:
OMG YAY YOU FINALLY UPDATED. THANKYOU SO SO SO MUCH I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS STORY AND ALL THE COUPLES. Ive read taob 3 times and this two, and each time, I sob harder than the last. I'm also very excited to get back into curiosity.

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Review #11, by Dinthemidwest Acceptance.

1st March 2016:
This is one of the best stories including Sirius Black-it's great to see him as a likeable character, as well as Peter. Fun lines & well-thought out characters! Love Lily, James & all...

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Review #12, by Dinthemidwest Tough and Powerful.

28th February 2016:
Not all sap!! I enjoyed it-your dialog between characters is believable - I see how this story won a Dobby!

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Review #13, by AurorJack Good Day?

9th February 2016:
Please keep writing I love your novel. I can't wait till the next chapter

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Review #14, by Marauders4 Good Day?

11th September 2015:
I really don't want to read through everything that happens to James and Lily!!! But I just can't stop reading through your amazing writing!

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Review #15, by Marauders4 Pain.

10th September 2015:
This story is soo heartfelt! I love reading your work!

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Review #16, by ladypotter Good Day?

23rd May 2015:
Please keep going! I LOVE IT!

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Review #17, by Mamta Good Day?

12th May 2015:
Nice story line- pretty addictive. Much better written than most maurader era stories that I have read- BUT- Spelling errors! Oh god, so many spelling errors in the entire book! Please edit before posting! Keep posting though! :D

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Review #18, by Juliette Good Day?

3rd February 2015:
This story (as well as TAOB) is wonderful. You write so well. Though, it is highly disappointing to be so immersed in a story that it seems to become your world and then... Where's the end? I need closure! This is the only downfall of FF sites...most ppl just give up. Other than that, I think you're writing is great!

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Review #19, by shayrocks50 Average.

27th January 2015:
Your story just makes sense. For some reason it fits prefectly in the lives of the marauders and Lily. I really like it, and I don't normally enjoy Lily/James fives:)

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Review #20, by Lexi Penney Comfort.

2nd January 2015:
This chapter is so sad at the end😭. I had tears in my eyes, it was amazing work!

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Review #21, by Maggie Good Day?

22nd November 2014:
please write more! I really love this story

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Review #22, by Lyra Sebastian Good Day?

27th September 2014:
Oh, please finish this! The only reason I don't have this at ten stars is because it's not done. I love this. Thank you.

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Review #23, by firewhisky_ Good Day?

4th September 2014:
Please update soon, I'm desperate to know what happens next!!! :(

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Review #24, by Narcissamalfoy394 Good Day?

22nd August 2014:
Bullocks !!How many chapters r there left to go ??

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Review #25, by Hogshead8 Good Day?

11th August 2014:

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