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Review #1, by imacullenpottergirl Chapter 10

20th August 2012:
I just... can't.
That was incredibly amazing.
...But i miss the snogging.
But still amazing.

Author's Response: aw thanks so much! i think the next chapter will be out soon and there will be a ton of snogging in the future (; trust me on that!

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Review #2, by Amy Roantree Chapter Nine

24th June 2012:
Awwh, this book is really good:D please update the next chapter soon!:D

Author's Response: omg thanks so much for the review! hopefully chapter ten will be up soon, once my next stories get updated :D i appreciate the review!

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Review #3, by handwritten Chapter Eight

17th May 2012:
Thank you Thank you Thank you for not referrinng to sex as shagging! I think it proves youre mature enough to write about it if you can call it properly!

I love this fic and cant wait for for the update

Author's Response: oh thanks! i'm glad you think i'm mature, because i sometimes wonder that with my constant giggling at random stuff. i am also so glad that you enjoy the story and yay!

i love reviews. they make my day. can't you tell?

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Review #4, by purplepotter77 Chapter Three

24th February 2012:
I think that James likes Kara...! This chapter was very funny, too. There was only one thing I noticed: in "...and was also quiet the bachelor", "quiet" is supposed to be spelled as "quite" because "quiet" and "quite" have two completely different meanings.

Author's Response: thanks for that! for some reason, that always seems to cause me trouble lol

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Review #5, by purplepotter77 Chapter Two

24th February 2012:
I love the character of Rose, her life does seem fairly chaotic, and I hope I'll find out more about Michelle in the next chapter. I also love James' funny pick up lines, I hope he has more!

Author's Response: i'm sure jamesy does lol

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Review #6, by purplepotter77 Chapter One

24th February 2012:
Hello! I'm here to give you the rest of the reviews from my challenge. I'm so sorry that I haven't done it earlier, it's just that RL has been very busy, so I don't have much time lately.

Anyways, I love the story so far. I like how Kara and her mother are characterized and their relationship. I also love the story's humour. Overall it's a very good story so far, and I'm off to read the next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks so much!

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Review #7, by hogwarts4ever547 Chapter Seven

6th December 2011:
this chapter was completely amazing! from the quidditch scene to the party even the was you described the enchanted pictures on the parchment was amazing...but the sad thing is that she has such a difficult home life but i suppose that's what makes her stronger in every sense...sorry of that last part didn't make any sense...
the best scene was the party because i love how you described her drunken state and the type of chemistry that goes on between her and james throughout the entire story.
i love it...but there's just one thing that is wrong with this entire story...there is no chapter to read after chapter seven!
so all i ask you is this...please will you update on the next chapter because i'm getting kind of ansty because this is kind of like my fourth time reading this story...

i am sorry if i am sounding like a nag but i just really want to know what happens next with kamara and james that's all but other than that it was an awesome chapter and i think this is one of those brilliant stories which deserves to be on one of the top ten lists along with a few of your other stories

loves ya and can't wait to read your next chapter
peace out:) ;) :p

Author's Response: literally, i pretty much just had a spazz attack! thanks so much for the meaningful review! seriously! i've been working on another chapter for a while now, but we'll see where it goes. keep your eyes out, and kara and james will, of course, get their ending!

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Review #8, by ashleym15 Chapter Six

16th August 2011:
i love the last comment. completely epic!
lol i wonder when they re gonna realise tht they fancy each other!

Author's Response: hopefully soon but i can't say too much without giving it away! but thanks so much for the review (:

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Review #9, by frenchliam Chapter Two

28th July 2011:
his slytherin pick-up line reminded me of Tom Felton on Conan!

Author's Response: i just saw that interview, like, a couple hours ago! it kind of reminds me of it too, which is super odd cause...well...its kinda funny! lol thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by Bookworm045 Chapter Four

25th July 2011:
Bahahahahahahahaha. James cries in sappy movies. And is overtly dramatic. And Kara definitely isn't as boring as I thought she'd be. I loved when Janes and Fred offered her a cookie to play on the team. Rachel seems lovely. Update this!

Author's Response: james is a sap at heart. no lie. i feel like he's the sapiest person ever but pretends to be mucho macho. i'm glad you like kara and fred; i like to think of myself as kara, but i know i'm not haha

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Review #11, by Bookworm045 Chapter Three

25th July 2011:
James likes her! *singing* James LIKES her!

Author's Response: MAYBE! (: I CAN'T TELL.

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Review #12, by Bookworm045 Chapter Two

25th July 2011:
I very much hope the pick-up lines will continue. I love those! And I was so glad Kara threatened the firsties. You're immediately awesome if you threaten first years. Rose's family sounds chaotic and I'm 'eh' about Michelle. She sounds a bit tartish, but I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Author's Response: michelle is teh grounded one. everyone else are the insane ones, that's the way i think of it. and maybe i will, i think i might have to have james try some cheesy lines on kara and random women. i'm actually still debating on making him a womanizer, but sh, don't let people hear that lol

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Review #13, by Bookworm045 Chapter One

25th July 2011:
So glad I picked this. It's adorable and hilarious.

This had me giggling away like a loon:

Kara snorted. "I am a girl, and no, I am not going to prove it to you."

Mostly because I've said that before. Scorpius is awesome 'I thought being gay and dating a Potter would upset my parents' and Kara is a bit tense-ish and James is funny.

Author's Response: you've said it too? i say it all the time to my guy friends when they think for a moment that i may be a girl. i picture james being the funny one of the potters for some reason, and i picture kara kind of being tense about how her mother hates her and her friends. but i'm glad you enjoy that!

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Review #14, by BillieCottonhouse Chapter One

23rd July 2011:
I really like the character of Kara so far she is easy to relate to, I will definitely keep reading!

Author's Response: thanks so much! she's so much fun to write about because her and games are just two interesting characters (:

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Review #15, by xoSHANON Chapter Three

8th June 2011:
In the beginning of the chapter, you put Melissa. Did you mean Michelle? I though Melissa was her mom. OMG. James has some feelings for Kara :D yay

Author's Response: yeah i did...oops. i'll edit that once my next chapter goes through. thanks for catching that! i read it back and felt like a complete idiot haha. and he does! in the next chapter, maybe we'll learn how they met, hmm? thanks for the awesome review!

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Review #16, by xoSHANON Chapter One

8th June 2011:
Did you change Kara's last name? I thought it was Framer? o.O anyways, nice story :)

Author's Response: i did. i don't really know why; it kind of just happened, haha. thanks for the awesome review!

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Review #17, by jessicaxxjewel Chapter Three

24th March 2011:
Hey I love your story so far! Keep writing! pleaseee

Author's Response: thanks so much! this made my day even more amazing, because i just love knowing that people enjoy my stories. x] thanks again!

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Review #18, by paddypaws Chapter One

9th March 2011:
cool story! i dont understand why she dlsnt like her sister though! :)

Author's Response: hm...i hadn't really thought of that, cause i thought most siblings were great friends...hmm...i think i may express the dislike in a future chapter. thanks for the first review for this story x]

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