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Review #1, by enchantedx Moving in, the odd kid

23rd April 2013:
Hi!:) I found this story only today and I'm glad it's completed, this way I can read it all in one go! I love the first chapter so far, and the fact that James is her neighbor sounds nice :) *Off to next chapter

Author's Response: good luck. it can be a hard task to read a whole story. but i hope you enjoy(ed) it

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Review #2, by Michelle Practice makes perfect

9th November 2011:
awweee pooor poor Jamesie. fred yelled out his secret. luckily for him she is clueless : )

Author's Response: Rach is a bit of an idiot...don't know where that comes from *shifty eyes*
thank you for the review

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Review #3, by lavalampXoXo June surprise!

25th October 2011:
This story is such a great change from the usual " we hate each other and now we love each other!" stories , it's real! . I would have like more detail on her getting her wand and being amazed but it is a really good story!!!

Author's Response: thanks. I hope you have fun reading on... the story gets so much better.

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Review #4, by how2loveamarauder Sorted?

25th September 2011:
The second I read sam and richards names I knew what you were trying to do! The next generation marauders! Clever ...

Author's Response: Yay. Your only the second person to realise that without myself literally telling you. Thanks

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Review #5, by Gal22 Home for Summer

3rd September 2011:
Hi so I just read your whole story in a couple a days and it is good :) some chapters are a bit too short and I feel like smetimes you need to describe things mre in detail by overall I think you are a really great writer and you did an amazng job with the story :) also, can you please give me a description of the characters or pictures of eople you would imagine playing them
:) thank you!

Author's Response: ok so its rather difficult to describe the people as they are in my head but I will give it a go.

Rachael: medium hight, normal build maybe slightly over weight. Brown hair and eyes. She's quite witty but also rather socially inept when it comes to boys and what they think. She's quite clever and academic but not as far as Hermione.

Shia: she is just a little bit shorter than Rachael and has like a blue blonde hair colour and green eyes. She is rather out there and says what she thinks with little thought. She's also quite caring but in a round about way.

Fenna: She has mousey brown hair and brown eyes and well, she is quiet and rather thoughtful. She doesn't always understand why Rachael and Shia do things because she is more rational.

James: James is like a mini Harry. Minus the eyes and he has brown-ish hair. He has the temper and troubles of his mum and the social expectations that Harry had when he went to school. James has taken the extrovert parts of Ginny and Harry and also their talents on the the quiddtich pitch.

Richard: Well he is mild mannered and has mousey hair and blue eyes. He is very clever and does not boast about things. Also he doesn't really talk to his friends but he advices them.

Paul: he is the annoying tag along and was just generally accepted by James and the others. He isn't academic and tries really hard in school. He is rather plain and I haven't actually imagined his hair and eyes.

Sam: he is your quintessential annoying teen guy. He has dark messy curly windswept hair. He is all about bravado. Not nasty but sometimes miss guided. At heart Sam is a nice guy.

Leticia: Sheep. she follows Natalia around. She has butter scotch blonde hair and a sweet face. But she cannot think for herself.

Natalia: think mean girls and there you are. She is pure malice, well towards Rachael and really it started a long time ago and they should have given in by now. She has ice blonde hair and pale grey eyes. She is also sickeningly pretty.

I'm not sure if anyone will read this but here are a few little bits of extra information.
James, Sam, Rich and Paul, they are my version of the Marauders. Sam Blake, Rich Light, Paul's kind of obvious...their characters and their names...

Well thats about all I can do...thanks for the review I'm glad that you liked my story.

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Review #6, by frenchliam Moving in, the odd kid

6th August 2011:
Hmm, I wonder if she's a witch? I like the story so far, you've hooked me on the first chapter (; I must trudge onwards!

Author's Response: keep going its worth it... or so I'm told,

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Review #7, by Zora Weasley Home for Summer

1st August 2011:
I`m defenitively going to red your sequel.
i really enjoyed you story, but now i have to go to bed. work is going to be hell tomorow, but i just had to finish your story before sleeping. It really caught me ;). It was awsome.

Author's Response: thanks i'm really glad that you have read it and enjoyed.
the next story is full of the same mishaps and madness as well as romance and a (several) surprise.

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Review #8, by Zora Weasley Undeniable

1st August 2011:
I liked that the chapter was in James POV. it is interesting to have some more insight into his feelings and thoughts.
your story is still really cool!!!

Author's Response: i love doing POV changes it helps to know whats going on in the other persons head

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Review #9, by Zora Weasley The Woes of James Sirius Potter

1st August 2011:
I have just noticed that the four boys have the same initials (and kind of the personalities, when I think about it) as the marauders. I guess that is on purpose and I think that is really cool and a funny idea.
I like that there is finaly her epiphany about her feelings in this chapter. I was waiting for it ;).
I still like your story a lot, so I`m off to read the next chapter.

Author's Response: yeah, your right. only you and one other person have noticed this. have fun with the next chapter, its good.

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Review #10, by Zora Weasley Fallen Obstacles

1st August 2011:
I really like your story.i like the way you write.
The dream was interesting.
now i want to go to read the next chapter. I just thought I should tell you that I think your story is great.

Author's Response: thanks, have fun reading on

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Review #11, by EmilyPotter2390 June surprise!

25th June 2011:
I have to admit my teddy is named cuddles too and I love that, but this is a fabulous story so far and I can't wait to read more


Author's Response: epic, the teddy is actually my teddy: cuddles and he is epic.
thanks, I'm glad that you liked it. Have fun reading the rest :D

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Review #12, by beenda Home for Summer

21st June 2011:
really nice story...i enjoyed it thoroughly!! can't want to get started on the next one!

Author's Response: the first chapter of the second one is up, and i'm really glad that you enjoyed it :D

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Review #13, by Amy Lee June surprise!

20th June 2011:
I am so impressed! I read the first chapter and really liked it but the second chapter was such a curveball. Both were so well done, I can't wait to keep reading! I noticed in the first few paragraphs that your punctuation in quotes was missing but its there in the rest of the chapter :)

Author's Response: thanks, i'm gad you like it so far and i will edit as best as i can. thanks for reading :D

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Review #14, by Amy Lee June surprise!

20th June 2011:
I am so impressed! I read the first chapter and really liked it but the second chapter was such a curveball. Both were so well done, I can't wait to keep reading! I noticed in the first few paragraphs that your punctuation in quotes was missing but its there in the rest of the chapter :)

Author's Response: thanks :D i'm glad you liked it

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Review #15, by TheOtherHermione Home for Summer

17th June 2011:
i loved this story:D i can't wait to read the next one::DD

Author's Response: thanks, i'm glad

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Review #16, by Canadianginny Useless Potion #2

17th June 2011:
I like the plot and want to keep reading, but your spelling mistakes are making me want to stop reading the story all together!

Author's Response: well i'm sorry, i'm looking to improve my spelling ect. and so far no one has commented on my spelling...I will look into changing the mistakes

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Review #17, by Canadianginny Useless Potion # 1

15th June 2011:
You have written 'tied' instead of 'tired' countless times, and not only in this chapter.

Author's Response: that is generally because of my spell checker, but i will look into changing it

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Review #18, by ekroman Home for Summer

14th June 2011:
I loved it as always :) I can't wait to read the sequel :) 10/!0 ekroman

Author's Response: Aw will be very interesting, how ever I do have a few other fics to be posting at the moment so there might be a few weeks delay

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Review #19, by anonymous The longest lesson of my life

12th June 2011:
yey! thanks for updating and can't wait to be blown away by the sequel :)

Author's Response: One last chapter and when I say blown away, it isnt that much of a blow away...

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Review #20, by ekroman The Hogwarts inquisition

8th June 2011:
New chapter :) Yay ^^ Do you have any idea, how many chapters you have left? :)

Author's Response: 2 chapters they are very very interesting and I'm glad that you are so excited that I have a new chapter up

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Review #21, by ginnypotter242 The Woes of James Sirius Potter

5th June 2011:
You know your boys -James, Sam, Richard and Paul-remind me of the Marauders. James is obviously James, Sam is Sirius, Richard is Remus, and Paul is Peter (but hopefully not a traitor) and they all start with the same letter too. Did you plan that? Theyre personalities are close too.

Author's Response: YES finally someone has realized YES YES YES!
It was my plan to see if people were really taking things some points it is so obvious that i wanted t shout "look look!" but I restrained and now I am blessed with a reader who has realized on their own.
I will give you some reassurance...none of them actually turn out to be traitors...and they all have a good life after school which should have happened to the Marauders.
Thanks your your review. x

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Review #22, by lucy Call it quits

3rd June 2011:
OMG made me wawnnt to cry at the end. :'( aww soo sad. few more things
1. you are an AMAZING writer
2. you are an AMAZING writer and..
3. You are a FRICKIN AMAZING writer!
keep up the good work /. :D

Author's Response: I just got a little fan girlie here. thanks :D
1) you are an inspirational reviewer
2) thanks, I will keep up the writing
3) Ah! thanks so much

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Review #23, by ekroman Call it quits

3rd June 2011:
Great as always :) Well done

Author's Response: thanks, my dedicated reviewer I am sad to announce that this story is coming to an end...but there is another story on its way...well not really as it is already written. It will be EPIC!

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Review #24, by Jess Call it quits

31st May 2011:
okay so im a little lost. why, why did you do that?
i mean i get that she was feeling weird about the fact they were fighting over nothing and it was like they were already married but as a reader i felt like they never got a chance. we didnt see how it went wrong.
i love your story ad your writing, i have been following this story for a while now i just hope that its not to long before you throw them back togather and i pray to god you dont hurt james anymore. rachael has hurt him enough with the whole thing after christmas and now this. STOP HURTING THE POOR BOY. we like him!
god this sound like a negitive review but i want you to know i think you are a brillent writer and i still cannot wait for more of this stoy. please dont keep me waiting for long.
and please throw them back togather soon. even for a chaper where i didnt like what was happpening you wrote it wonderfully and it was realistic. and sweet when she said she loved him and his acceptance that it wasnt something she wanted but something she needed. OH i wish she didnt need it!

Author's Response: wow, i'm glad that you liked this story so much. it is drawing to a close, but you will love the next story ( i can guarantee) for a start it is called My Boyfriend: James Potter, and therefore it should lead you to assume the right things.
I think Rachael is a bit confused... and that is the reason why she dumped him which is no reason at all.
tbh i actually don't know why i did just came to be part of the a progression
thanks for your review :D

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Review #25, by ekroman Cream cheese and House Elves

28th May 2011:
Again a really great chapter, but I wish, we had seen the actual argument, and not just the aftermath :) 10/10

Author's Response: yeah, tis a shame, I might make it into another one shot...not sure

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