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Reading Reviews for Fire and Ice
10 Reviews Found

Review #1, by jessarocksursock Shattered

5th January 2012:
please keep writing!
i cant wait to find out what happens...
will there by chance be a sirius/remus?

Author's Response: Im glad you liked it! There will be a new chapter hopefully soon:)
There will be more of Sirius POV in coming chapters.and a lot more relationship drama where he is concerned.;)
Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by Lex Heat

11th December 2011:
Wicked story please do keep updating it

Author's Response: Thanks! I intend to keep the updates as regular as possible! There will be a new chapter soon.

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Review #3, by nikkihoot10 Make it happen

16th August 2011:
I love this story it's really great. I love how you have both persons takes in here. Please update soon the anticipation is killing me lol! Great Job!

Author's Response: Thanks! for reading and reviewing! sorry it took so long! i will be uploading new chapter soon!

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Review #4, by Phoenix_Flames Throwing Knives

7th August 2011:
Another awesome chapter!

I totally understand Dumbledore's anger and why he believed them to be so immature about it, and I think you wrote that scene really well. It's difficult to write a scene with Dumbledore and keep it original, but you did it well. When he talked, it was still calm and controlled. :)

Really nice chapter. This is a good story, and you write it well! You really do. :) well done. :)

Forum Name: Phoenix_Flames
House: Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Thanks! that's good to here!

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Review #5, by Phoenix_Flames Some will win Some will loose

7th August 2011:
Aww! An awesome third chapter.

Really good. I understand Sev and Lily's frienship, but I just feel like...She's with James you know? And Severus loves her so I feel like any interaction is just odd with Snape. Haha, but that's just how I feel because I'm weird and I love James/Lily. :P they are so cute together and you write them really well.

James and Sirius are also perfect in your story. You can see their true 'bromance' together in this story. Their friendship is wonderful! Great job!

Good chapter! :)

Forum Name: Phoenix_Flames
House: Hufflepuff

Author's Response: again really sorry it took so long! i will be uploading soon!

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Review #6, by Phoenix_Flames Trouble

7th August 2011:
Hello there! :)

A good second chapter! This is such a different story, and you have me really captivated with it.

I've read many Marauders stories but never one that really follows Snape. It was such an interesting take, and I feel like you have characterized him perfectly. He really is acting the way that I think he would.

And James and Lily are so cute! They really are. I love them! :)

Good chapter. I look forward to where you take this story. :)

Forum Name: Phoenix_Flames
House: Hufflepuff

Author's Response: Thank you so much! That is so nice! And i'm sorry it took so long to get back to you! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the story so far! The newest chapter has been submitted.

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Review #7, by india Please don't hurt her

26th June 2011:
im interested in what happens next, but there are some bad grammatical and spelling errors that made it hard to read. Good story line though :)

Author's Response: Thank you for the critique! i will try to edit old chapters! And i'm glad you are enjoying the story!

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Review #8, by gg13green A beautiful Mess

18th May 2011:
Such a good story. I can't wait for the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm sorry it took such a long time to get back to you! I hope you enjoyed the other chapters that have come so far.

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Review #9, by shapeshifter98 The common desire

5th March 2011:
THIS IS AMAZING! 10/10 for sure! i love lily, shesso cute
read mine?

Author's Response: thanks:) ya 4 sure ill read yours now

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Review #10, by hg_rw The common desire

4th March 2011:
I really enjoyed this and I don't normally enjoy marauder era stories. Very sweet, keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! The newest chapter has been submitted.

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