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Review #1, by Randi Decisions and Departures

18th January 2013:
O my GAWD! this is the stuff/way i wish i could write. Hilarious awesomness.

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Review #2, by LoopyLemon Decisions and Departures

25th September 2012:
Hehe I just read this all again :)
I love this story so much (I might also be procrastinating studying for that test and writing that essay). This story is so well written, from start to finish. I love the kiwi references you managed to write in there without it ever seeming over done. Oooh! I just had an idea! You should write a story where Hermione's parents end up moving to New Zealand instead of Australia!
Anywho, aside from my random thoughts, I just love the magical world you created in New Zealand. There should be more stories that are based outside of England. I also adore that Addie and Henry end up together.
Thank you for writing such an awesome story. It makes procrastinating all the more fun. At some point I think I will go back and comment on all the chapters. There is something satisying in seeing "already one of your favourite stories" and "you have already reviewed this chapter" at the end of every chapter :D
Please keep writing, I know RL gets busy, but you are so good at it!! You should write a story based in ancient greece...

Author's Response: I'm glad I could help you with your procrastination...I'm procrastinating my Greek translation by replying to your review. If you want more procrastination my new story Figurehead could use some love...:P However, I digress.
It was a lot of fun writing this story and slipping all the kiwi references in, especially going into detail about lesser-known things like the wildlife and figuring out the tribe of Adelaide's grandmother and stuff. I fully agree there should be more Kiwi stories, but that would require more Kiwi authors and there really aren't a lot of us around.
I am definitely still writing, and have spent the entire day working on Figurehead (another shameless plug for you to check it out) even though I, like you, have an essay to write and a test to study for. Priorities!
Thanks for the review, it's awesome that you've come back to reread it! Makes me all warm and fuzzy inside :)

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Review #3, by TheGoldenKneazle Home. Apparently where my heart is.

8th September 2012:
This was such a great first chapter! I've never actually read a magic school story not set in Hogwarts, and being British, I'm pretty unfamiliar with Kiwi culture. However, you made it pretty easy to understand what went on, and I already find Adelaide really easy to relate to - can't wait to find out what happens when Hogwarts visit! :)

Author's Response: Glad you're enjoying it, and I hope you're more familiar with Kiwi culture by the end of it :) Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by TamsynLovegood Decisions and Departures

16th May 2012:
LOVED SO MUCH! Going to stalk your author page now :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Hope you find more you like :)

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Review #5, by TamsynLovegood The Hogwarts Kids

16th May 2012:
Aww, making got kiwi with the 'your mum'!!! That is such a win, please tell me there is going to be some yeah, nah's coming up!!

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Review #6, by TamsynLovegood Home. Apparently where my heart is.

15th May 2012:
Love! It's so kiwi, just brilliant!

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Review #7, by vintage90vinyl First Dates

13th May 2012:
I love the Rugby part of this! :] but then I am a bit of an obsessive when it comes to the the game, comes with having brothers I think :]
Anyway, I love Addie and Henry's relationship, wish he was my boyfriend!

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Review #8, by M Decisions and Departures

22nd April 2012:
I liked it but I want more!

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Review #9, by Me~ Homesick

10th April 2012:
Woohoo! I actually knew something! Me and my sister laughed for weeks over that ad because the accents were just so amusing. That and the beached whale video.

I can actually recite that whole ad.

Anyways, this story is absolutely brilliant, and so original, and I loved how well you've made the New Zealand Wizarding World, it's so cool and detailed! I actually like it better than Hogwarts.

Really, REALLY, cool story.

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Review #10, by Hope's Mom Classes

23rd February 2012:
Okay I feel like an idiot. I have been reading this sporadically and just picked it up to catch up. Professor Rutherford and Emilia are from Train Wreck - I know you already knew that but I just figured it out. I was puzzled about why the names were so familiar and then I checked to see what else you had written and voila! I really liked all the NZ wildlife references. I am glad that the story is at Hogwarts now. I felt liked it slowed down a litle too much when it was in NZ. Thanks for writing!

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Review #11, by ginny_malfoy22 Homesick

10th February 2012:
I am way too lazy to log in.
Anyway, I LOVE that you included that bit from that freaking BRILLIANT ad. My brother and I always quote it, it is brilliant. Also, I know more of Pokarekare Ana than Adelaide does, HA!

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Review #12, by Jesabelle Decisions and Departures

24th January 2012:
: )

I have just stumbled across your story and and a born and bred New Zealander I have to say it made me smile.

Most the time when I read work surrounding a Kiwi character I cant get past the first chapter but as you can tell that isnt the case with your story.

Your character is the first realistic betrayal of a kiwi girl I have read, you didnt go over board on the new zealand manerisms which was really brillent and made her believeable.

your New Zealand reminds me of home. it feels right the way you spoke of NZ.

PS love that you made our version of diagon ally in russle, bonus points for calling it Kororareka!

I must admit though i was hoping to see more detal about her in hogwarts. her interacting more with the kids there and everyday life, it felt like your story was over to soon : (
hey thats a god thing though, means I want more! (Please!)

Also must say that i found it cool you pictured the magic school in the north island, and northland more specifically, im from there myself and now after reading your story can completly picture it. As a kid i imagined NZ magic school would be in the south island. All that land and not as many muggles to stumble across it haha.

Any way im going to stop blabbering now.


Author's Response: Whoo, thank you!

You've read work with a Kiwi character? On HPFF? I've never seen any here in my life, but maybe I just don't look hard enough :P

I wasn't actually trying at all with the NZ mannerisms. I just wrote what came to me, it didn't occur to me whether I should include more or less "New Zealandisms" or not :P

I'm glad it reminds you of home. It reminds me of home as well, especially when I'm overseas :P Bonus points to you for knowing the name Kororareka! Seriously, how obscure can you get? :P

I kind of skipped over the Hogwarts, I know. I have so many stories set at Hogwarts and I wanted to do something different with this one, so the focus was on NZ. And the mass amounts of Henry/Adelaide shipping that came towards the end.

The South Island's a good idea, but I chose Northland for the history - the school was founded in the early days of European settlement and most Europeans were in Northland at that time, so it was me being a history geek :P

Thanks for the review! Oh, by the way, there is a sequel up - Southern Diaspora - if you want to check it out :)

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Review #13, by Olympia1863 Decisions and Departures

21st January 2012:
So, I realized I read this whole thing a while back and never bothered to review (because I am a jerk). But I liked this a lot. It's simple, and relatable, which is just awesome after the usual stream of complex plots and exaggerated characters. I just loved Adelaide - she's *real*. And your class at Southern Cross was colorful and lovely as well, I particularly liked Ella. The Kiwi references were magnificent. I admit, I was confused pretty often (I'm American), but I really think they made this story. Ah, I wish I had left individual reviews for each chapter as it came up, because there was so much I liked in each, but I guess this will have to do. I liked this tons, and I hope you do end up doing a sequel - Adelaide's too funny and fun to read for you not to do it! - Elle :)

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Review #14, by stormydreams Decisions and Departures

18th January 2012:
OMG its over!! *wipes tearS* that was brilliant and I'm definitely looking out for the sequel!! I'll miss Adelaide!!!
PS: Bloody Legend ;)

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Review #15, by Crescent Moon  Decisions and Departures

15th January 2012:
Aww!! I loved this ending!! XD
It's so good reading something about the Kiwis rather than the English. Also I really like how you did the exchange, you made it seem like it could actually happen rather than the whole class just suddenly moving to another country totally unexpected without needing anything.
Are you from New Zealand? It kinda seems like a stupid question saying it seeing as you know so much about it, but there is the possiblity that you aren't so I wanted to ask.
You've made me really want to go there again. I went when I was 4 and can barely remember it- just that I loved it. Reading this makes me want to nag my parents to take me again... probably wont happen anytime soon though :)
I really loved the ending, it was so sweet with Henry. I'm also glad that she didn't fall in love with someone from England, because that is just getting so boring being used again and again and again.
What I'm trying to say is that I'm really looking forward to the sequel. Please post it as soon as you can :D

Author's Response: Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it! :)
I sure am from New Zealand :P I don't think I could have pulled this off if I wasn't :)
You should definitely come to NZ again. And visit me or something. :D
Ugh, yeah. I really didn't want a repeat of the exchange-student-goes-to-Hogwarts-and-falls-in-love-with-hmm-let's-make-it-a-Potter-boy scenario. In the beginning I wasn't actually shipping Adelaide with anyone, but Henry sort of appeared out of nowhere :P Thanks for the review, and for reading! Sequel should be out in about a week :)

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Review #16, by mrs_remus_john_lupin First Dates

14th January 2012:

yay :)

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Review #17, by luna_lovely Decisions and Departures

11th January 2012:
My parents immigrated to australia before i was born, but i have duel citizenship so NZ is kind of like home to me. i really enjoyed this fic, at first i thought it would be cheesy, but no, it was just pure awesome. And, i would like to note that i deffinitely enjoyed all the rugby references!

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Review #18, by Minnie MacG Decisions and Departures

11th January 2012:
Quite a breath of fresh air, though HP relevance is scarce. could have been any other schools, really, minus magic that is. To flatter your NZ patriotism further, I daresay the Downunder education, disregarding the non-exiting (as some may think) topics and subjects, seems to work better than that of the Extreme West (lets put it politically correct here ))) as the overall structure and language of your story is good and presented with great care and respect for the English language - thank you for that. Be proud of your country, however small or unimportant some snobs may consider it. Best of luck, MMG

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Review #19, by Mypatronusisarobotunicorn Decisions and Departures

11th January 2012:
Dude. Right up until chapter 14 I was loving it. But that's so unsatisfying. Eugh. I don't like Henry. I wish you had put in more Hogwarts.

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Review #20, by pattybuns_hpf Decisions and Departures

8th January 2012:
You've really done justice to everything Kiwi. I love this story because I can totally feel what Adelaide is feeling about homesickness. New Zealand is home and home is where the heart is as it says in the first chapter's title. This story made laugh and realize how Kiwi I am when it come to telling people about New Zealand. And you what, I'm proud to be a Kiwi. ;)

Author's Response: Oh yeah. I wrote those homesicky chapters while I was feeling homesick, so I hope they were relatable for that reason :P And you've just repeated everything I've been realising over the last few weeks - NZ is home and I'm so proud to be a Kiwi and to have been able to share that with readers :) Thanks for the reviews!

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Review #21, by Bluestreakspirit Decisions and Departures

8th January 2012:
When I first saw the "completed" thingy, I was like "there is no way that she could wrap this up that fast! Whaat?" But after reading, I'm glad that you ended when you did. Nice job :)

Yay! This was so cute--Addie and Henry the whole time. :) I didn't realize how long they had spent at Hogwarts until this chapter. Aww, and Henry loves Adelaide! :) That was cute. Except for the "Oh jeez. Tell me I didnít," line. That was a little corny.

Anyways, looking forward to a sequel! Congratulations! -Cat

Author's Response: I think it was a good place to end as well, even if it was rather sudden (even I felt it was sudden, and I was planning it :P)

Yeah, Addie and Henry the whole time :P I ship them so much. Well, I'd have to, wouldn't I?

I'm looking forward to writing the sequel, though I promised myself I wouldn't start it until I've finished Train Wreck, so I better get cracking on that one :P Thanks for the reviews, and for reading!

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Review #22, by Snapdragons Decisions and Departures

7th January 2012:
-sniffs- It's over? I don't want it to be over. :( -clings- Reading this has been such a joy (oh god, I sound like some old lady now) and I've honestly enjoyed it so much.

This was a perfect ending. I think you stopped it in a good place - I don't think that it's necessary for this story to have continued on and on and on. You kept it on the shorter side, and the moment where you ended was just so perfect - the NZ flag flying and those last words from Henry. I dunno, I just thought that was really... poignant. :)

Also. SEQUEL PLEASE. As much as I think that this was a good place to end this... I'm not done with Adelaide, either, I think!

It was filled with lots of those sweet touches - like the Puffs roasting marshmallows. oh my goodness that was actually so cute eek.

I thought it was right that they took the plane home - I dunno, it just felt /right/. And I thought that it also made total sense about the whole going to university thing. Quite practical, in fact.

(also Henry and Adelaide were absolutely adorable in this)

I'm sort of sad to press the submit review button because this is going to be the last review I leave on Southern Cross! :( It's been a long journey, but I'm really glad I found this and started reading it, because I most certainly have not been disappointed. I know I keep saying I'll review your other works too, but I mean it this time! You haven't seen the last of me! ;)

It's been so wonderful to watch the characters grow and to see this whole world come together. sorry I'm being sappy! But basically... this story is incredible. Thank you for teaching me about NZ! ;) And thank you for sharing this with us, really.

Like I said... I'll be back soon, promise! Great job. ♥

Author's Response: asdfghjkl. I don't know how to respond to's my last review from you for this story! *tear*

Thank you so much, seriously. I have looked forward to your reviews every time I posted a new chapter of this story. It's had a lot of fans, but you've been the most consistent and amazing and encouraging and hence why I gave you a shoutout in my A/N.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this chapter, it has a very special place in my heart too :P Especially the moment of landing at Auckland Airport, it's something I'm looking forward to very much when I return home :P

Once again, thank you so much for all your reviews, and I hope you enjoy my other work, and the sequel when it's up :)

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Review #23, by Emma Decisions and Departures

7th January 2012:

Author's Response: Glad you enjoyed it! :)

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Review #24, by momotwins Decisions and Departures

7th January 2012:
Awww. Read the whole thing in one go (sorry, this is the only review, cause I'm a crap reviewer) and enjoyed it thoroughly. It was very cute, totally fascinating, and I love Henry and Adelaide together. Great job! I love how fully you made the Southern Cross school come to life, and New Zealand. Love the kids and teachers there, their informality and silliness was a lot of fun. Also, you totally had me poking around on wikipedia for almost half an hour during the first chapter looking up kakapo and following links to assorted other NZ creatures. But it was awesome because when you mentioned the Haast's eagles I was like "Hey! I know what that is!" because of it. Winning. So, it was lovely, nice way to spend the morning, thank you for writing and sorry I only left one review. :)

Author's Response: asdfghjkl. I honestly nearly died when I saw your name on this review - you're one of my favourite authors on the archive and Thank you so much!

I've loved the reception this story's gotten - either Kiwis excited to see all the references to home, or people from overseas, like yourself, who have learned something about NZ through it - it's very exciting, and who doesn't love to show off their country? :P Good on you for wikipedia-ing all those NZ creatures, I loved working them in and I'm glad all those references aren't lost on those outside NZ :)

You are very, very welcome, and thank you for the one review because it completely made my day :)

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Review #25, by that random kid Decisions and Departures

7th January 2012:
Wait.. Its done? Well... Wow wasnt expecting that. But thanks for the kiwi immersion course. I litterally knew zilch about NZ before i read this so i think youve done kiwi-land a national service. But the story was good and i enjoyed it.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it, and that you learned something about New Zealand :) It's always nice to show off one's country :P

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