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Review #1, by xxxxxx Oh No, There's More!

27th January 2015:
I know it made you cringe... but I would LOVE to see more! This is hilarious XD

Author's Response: Thanks! More coming soon...

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Review #2, by Moonyxluna Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

20th March 2012:
I think I just died laughing and went to fanfiction heaven. What the hipogriff did I just read!? I mean sure, this was supposed to be bad but i'm in tears from laughing so much.

"What the devil is going on here?"- haha, avpm :p and a spanish dobby! Every spelling and grammer mistake only made me laugh that much more.

This was supposed to be bad, but it's brilliant. Thank you for this.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I tried VERY hard!

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Review #3, by Riya Potter Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

28th September 2011:
Yuck! This was a truly horrible and worst story! I guess quite right for the challenge... Even writing such foul story is not easy, I know, so it proved you to be a good writer :)

Keep writing... :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

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Review #4, by ginnypotter242 Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

29th June 2011:
What the devil is going on here!? Lol I love AVPM! That's part of my signature on like everything! loved how bad this was.lol :) great job...err...doing a horrible job.i don't know how to rate this though.

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! sorry the response was so late, I haven't been on here since May!

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Review #5, by Toujours Padfoot Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

15th May 2011:

WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE ABOUT THIS STORY. I'm not sure you meant to enter this in the Worst Story Ever Challenge, as it was such a flowing masterpiece. It should win prizes. The diction, the impeccable grammar, the beautiful plot - it's all so amazing that I feel my skin turning green with envy. LYK TOTALLY LOLZ!


POWER RANGERS! Why can't Harry just have his red Power Rangers? COME ON, UNCLE VANYA! And Voldimore! And everything spelled wrong! It's SO SPASTIC. I LOVE IT.

"Who art thou!" yelled Lucius Malfoy - I ADORE IT. Because it only makes sense that Lucius would be speaking all old-English, 'cause he is proper and straitlaced and whatnot.

Thank you so much for participating in this challenge.

-brain melts-


Author's Response: It didn't win, but that's ok. Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by Talitha Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

19th April 2011:
This was a great bad story. Was Granny Ginny, by any chance? Also, do I detect a subtle reference to A Very Potter Musical? :)

Author's Response: Haha, you're right on both! Granny was Ginny, and there was an AVPM reference!

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Review #7, by Dark Whisper Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

14th April 2011:
Legolas! Oh... welcome to Potter World, Hottie from Lord of the Rings! Yippie! LOL!

Dobby can only speak Spanish! Hahaha!

And only the Pink Power Ranger?! Hahaha!

I don't know how Toujour Padfoot is going to decide a winner. These are so bad and funny!

Great job!

Dark Whisper

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! And you should watch Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets with Spanish dubbing. You won't be disappointed.

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Review #8, by mrssiriusblack Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

12th April 2011:
K, so i know you said that was bad, but it was hysterical. I fell in love. i also loved the avpm/avps refernce

Author's Response: haha, thanks! I appreciate it!

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Review #9, by kestral14 Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

10th April 2011:
Hysterical laughter. Enough said.

Author's Response: haha. thanks!

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Review #10, by katebabelovesharrypotter Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

22nd March 2011:
omg the spelling errors made me twitch but it was funny :)

Author's Response: Haha, thanks!

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Review #11, by krazyboutharryginny Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

20th March 2011:
ahahahahahahaha that was actually SO funny.

Now that I think on it, it must have been REALLY hard to write.

But it was really funny. It was. So congratulate yourself. :) you did a great job at not doing a great job.


Author's Response: It was probably worse to write than the Cruciatus curse. The whole time I wrote I was screaming at my boyfriend to make it stop.

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Review #12, by Cormac Diggory Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

18th March 2011:
I just have one quote for you, "What the devil is going on here?!"

I laughed so hard I cried reading this, It was so amazingly horrible that I was actually sad for the "to be continued". I wanted it to go on and on.

Perfect for the challenge.

Author's Response: Haha, thank you so much! I might change it and make it a chapter story, due to the success it's had. Hrm... :)

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Review #13, by Pepper Finn Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

14th March 2011:
This is terrible, I mean really terrible.

Good job!

This is a shoe in for at least top 3 of the worst story ever challenge. Hope this inspires you to greater things.

Love Pepper

Author's Response: Haha, aww, thanks! While it would be nice, I don't want to get my hopes up--there's some REALLY awesome stories for the challenge!

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Review #14, by Siriuslover177 Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

11th March 2011:
Ha, you most definitely made an amazingly horrible story!
It was SO weird and uhhh!
Loved the horrible story!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! And thanks for reading!

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Review #15, by gingersnape Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

9th March 2011:
*cringe* *twitch* *dies* *vomit* *claps at how badly this failed*

I stand no chance in this challenge!! (and I feel so bad for the poor Validator who had to read this!) Anyway... good job? It was horrid and as much as I'm not very fond of anyone's Harry, yours WINS for worst! :P Have a great day, and some chocolate to get you back into your lovely writing stage, because I will be very sad if you stay like this,
-ginger :)

Author's Response: Oh, you have no idea how happy I'll be when I finish the Marauders Quartet and get back into Thorn. I'm going crazy.

Although, the "I love you" challenge is going wonderfully.

And you do too stand a chance! Never say never! Remember, Neville would've gotten it done in four books!

Wait, that didn't make any sense. Argh. Thanks for the review! :D

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Review #16, by DaBluBanana Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

9th March 2011:
Epic fail. Hilarious, but almost excruciating to read...great job creating a dreadful story! Maybe now I'll read some of your good stuff...

Author's Response: Haha, please do! Thanks so much! It hurt to write it!

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Review #17, by Hyenni Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

6th March 2011:

This was HILARIOUS. I never laugh at fanfic (or very rarely, anyway) because the amusement all takes place on the inside, but this had me trying not to cry with laughter :) No, I'm serious.

I love the banner, and the constant costume changes, and the misspellings of Ginny...oh, God, I'm so amused right now :D


Author's Response: Um, wow, thanks! Maybe my true career path lies in writing parody...hmm...*strokes imaginary beard*

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Review #18, by RumbleroarRedvines Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

5th March 2011:
Ok, may I be frank? This is AWESOME! You rock! You should totally continue this, I know I would read it... :D

Author's Response: Hmm...I just might! :P Thanks!

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Review #19, by xxpetrapan Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

3rd March 2011:
That was horrible! Haha, gah what if Harry really talked like that and wore girls clothes! I am glad JK never wrote like that!

Good Job, making is horrid


PS. I confused on how to rate this 10 for being funny or 2 for being horrible haha I will just do an 8

Author's Response: Haha, thanks. It originally was supposed to have more singing and dancing, but I was afraid it'd get rejected as a karaoke fic. I understand completely you being at a loss at how to rate this. It's quite alright.

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Review #20, by bri_5_stars Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

2nd March 2011:
Oh my gosh! This is the funniest thing I've ever read! Such competition!

Author's Response: Well thanks there! :)

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Review #21, by mugglemania Harry Potter and the Troll in the Dungeon

1st March 2011:
Um...what on Earth was that?
Hilarious, but I'm glad this is for a challenge and not something you actually wanted to be good. Hilarious, though. Great job!

Author's Response: Yeah. I almost didn't finish writing it, it was so painful.

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