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Review #1, by Ron 4 Hermione The Beginning of the End

24th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF

Oh dear, I feared something like this would happen. Donít cheat on your boyfriend! Especially not when you have cousins around who would do anything to see you even more miserable, silly Rose.

At least she can laugh about it, although how Scorpius cn condone it I donít know. But oh well, I suppose he's not going to turn her away if he likes her. I feel sorry for Toby now, he clearly likes her and has no idea whatís going on. I know Rose shouldnít stay with him if she like Scorpius but he seemed to be the one person in school who liked her, I hope she keeps things amicable, and doesnít make it obvious she let him for Scorpius.

I wonder why she really wanted to avoid the party, bless her. Oh dear, I can see why she would be surprised to see Scorpius there, and I guess it would be hard to fit him in around all the other stuff she has to do. Iím wondering if this sickness is something else though, or maybe that's just me overthinking it lol.

Wow, I did not see that coming. I bet that will make for an eventful chapter 4, Iím curious as to how they explain it, or if she tried to hide the fact that Scorpius is even there.

Another great chapter.

Shaza :)

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Review #2, by Dojh167 20 Questions

24th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review

Back for chapter 2!

Wow, your description of Rose waking up drowsy and wanting to fall back asleep is super effective, itís almost making me want to fall asleep (wait, maybe thatís the fact that Iíve been awake reviewing all night)

She kinda seems to totally miss what Scorpius is going for there, thoughÖ

I wonder how much time has passed since the first chapter. Rose mentions itís early in the relationship, but they seem to have gotten quite close. As fas as I can tell theyíre just friends and not yet dating.

Oh wow, Scorpius had a crush on Rose all that time? And also, this is the first time Iíve gotten an idea of how old they were. Before I was picturing Rose as around 13.

Well, if Scorpius is so open about wanting to kiss Rose, she must know that he likes her. I wonder how she feels.

Thereís the kiss! Maybe they are a couple already after all. I canít actually tell!

Woah, whoís Toby? Did I totally miss something? Was it mentioned before that Rose had a boyfriend?

Haha, Ron is still Ron, shoveling cereal down him throat while he talks XD

Is Hermione really jealous of Astoria for having a baby? Iíd be relieved it wasnít me!

Aww, I find it super cute that Arthur give his grandkids muggle games for holidays.

Haha, ďlight bulb goes pingĒ

Oooh who saw them?

This is a fun story, and Rose and Scorpius are cute together, between twenty questions and monopoly and everything.


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Review #3, by Dojh167 Christmas Parties

24th April 2017:
Hufflepuff CtF Review


I think itís really creative to take an idea for a song fic and stretch it out longer than a one shot.

At first I was uncertain if the protagonist here was Rose or Scorpius. It seemed more expected that Scorpiusí family would be the one to have big parties. I canít see Ron or Hermione really enjoying hosting them, but I suppose thatís what a big ministry career demands. I canít blame Rose for hating them.

There were a couple little typos in this, but nothing that a beta reader or another proofread couldnít fix.

I enjoy ďstupid quaffle headĒ as an insult. Haha, and then she keeps laying it on thck with snitch brain! XD

Wow, James. Bullying people into not even talking to Rose? Do not like.

Oh, this is the first time Rose has met Scorpius? I like that better - that she sympathizes with Slytherins not because she likes him, but because she has all of the empathy James missed out on. It also says something about her that she didnít recognize him, the most famous Slytherin.

Ahh! She didnít recognize him because he changes his appearance. Thatís interesting. Scorpius as a shy metamorphagus is pretty darn cute.

How mysterious that he wouldnít give her his fake name =P

Rose has had things pretty rough from her family, and Iím glad to see she is finally making a good friend(/maybe more) and hope that things improve for her.

Congrats on posting your first story!


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Review #4, by Felpata Lupin 20 Questions

24th April 2017:
Hi! Back again for CTF!
Okay, so I skipped the first chapter (#strategy) and I might've lost a bit of context, but... things developed quickly, didn't they?

Well, Scorpius seemed pretty lovesick, actually. I'm not sure what Rose thinks. And she has a boyfriend? Not nice, Rosie...

I liked the 20 questions thing, and I found sort of cute when Scorpius asked for a kiss... Also, a baby sister... Nice :)

I enjoyed seeing Hermione and Ron in the angry parents' role. Well, Hermione was angry, Ron was just... Ron. Seeing him stuffing his mouth with food, while commenting "What your mother said" really made me chuckle. :P

I must admit, the structure felt a bit weird for me, and I found a bit distracting that you put author notes in the middle of the narration. But feel free to ignore me, I'm just being a perfectionist, I guess... :P

All in all, this was a fun read. I think Rose and Scorpius make a nice couple. I'm not sure I 100% approve her rebellious behaviour, but she's an adolescent, so I can't blame her, can I? (Scorpius is my favourite, in case you were wondering).

I wonder how their relationship will develop from here, I guess we'll see more romantic interactions soon.

Have to go, but you'll see me back on other chapters. ;)


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Review #5, by Ron 4 Hermione Christmas Parties

24th April 2017:
Hey there, here for CTF

Aww, poor Rose, that must be one really dull way to spend your holidays, and being compared to your mother canít be much fun either. That really sucks. I suppose being Harry and Ginny's kid can't be much fun for any of them, especially with the attention they must get.

I canít believe theyíd all turn on her, thatís awful. No wonder she hates these parties so much, theyíd probably be at least tolerable if she could hang out with her cousins. And James is the worst, what is this nonsense? Thatís his cousin and heís using his position as captain of the quidditch team to keep her isolated from everyone, especially her best friend. That really sucks. Iíd say she should go tell a teacher but itís probably not that easy.

Oh, the the stranger is Scorpius, and it doesn't sound like his life has been much better than Rosesí, that might make for kindred spirits. Although I hope she remembers she has a boyfriend :p Oh, thatís unusual, and clever. I suppose itís a good way of getting privacy, until you start showing girls of course haha.

Oh dear, I hope this is going to be just a nice friendship, or at least until Rose dumps her boyfriend. Itís a really good start though, an interesting story idea.

- Shaza

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Review #6, by AriesGirl40 Chapter 5

24th January 2013:
So, Toby got himself caught. Poor Toby. lol

Author's Response: thank you for reading :)

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Review #7, by go hannah abbott Chapter 4

10th November 2012:
Love it!!! please write more!

Author's Response: i'll try to have it up soon, Christmas by the latest :D

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Review #8, by weasley123 The Beginning of the End

30th June 2012:
Still waiting on chapter 4.

Author's Response: sorry! it's still coming. i will try to have it up by the end of the week :D


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Review #9, by PolyJuice_ Christmas Parties

12th June 2012:
Haha, that was rather cute!

The lyrics used really added to the story and helped with the emotions. :)

The way you took a different perspective on Rose's take on the Snakes was nice, people usually write her hating them, so this was a nice change.

And him being a metamorphagus was a huge twist! Yikes, can't wait to see where you're taking this... :)

There were a few things I noticed, mostly awkward phrasing and places where you missed capitals, but other than that, good job!

I loved it.


Author's Response: thanks!
i typed this up fairly quickly and wrote most of it at night when i was half asleep... fixing it is on the list of things to do. as well as updating

thanks for reading!

ps. *hugs* thanks for this and letting me beta


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Review #10, by SweetCherry09x 20 Questions

25th May 2011:
I really like the story and hope for the next chapter ;)

The relationship between Rose and Scorpius is so different from what I read before and there all over characters as well.

Author's Response: i'm gonna start crying... thank you sooo much!

i'm in the process of writing the next chapter, so it should be up soon

thank you for you review

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Review #11, by Ooo Christmas Parties

16th March 2011:
Really nice! You capture the sparks of what will happen now that taylor does as well. I would very much like to hear what this turns out to be:)

Author's Response: thanks for reading!!! :)
chapter two will be up soon!

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Review #12, by iamlilypotter Christmas Parties

7th March 2011:
I adore this! It's so... so... enchanting! Really well written and you used the song nicely. And how did you know Sco/Ro is my favorite pairing?!

Love, love, love.


Author's Response: well, i know that the deadline is coming up so please don't kill me if i haven't finished it... thatnks for reading and for setting the challenge. :)

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Review #13, by marauders_17 Christmas Parties

6th March 2011:
I think your story has great potential!
And i know where you're coming from, i've just submitted my first chapter for my first ever story on HPFF aswell!
I'd love for you to check it out once its validated?
Anyway, i love the way you captured Ron's personality so well in just the few times you mentioned him.
And i like the way there was great chemisty from Rose and Scorpius right from the start.
But James! He's being so nasty! Are you sure he's Harry's son?! :L
The term "Quaffle head" actually made me laugh!
Great job, especially for your first story on HPFF :)

Author's Response: wait for the next chapter!! there is more quiddich related insults!
thank you for reading, these comments have literally made my day!

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