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Review #1, by hell_from_peeves Me the loving and you the loved

7th May 2012:
This is fabulous! I love this version of Rolf, and seeing how Luna has matured from a socially awkward yet lovable teenager into a less-socially awkward yet still just as lovable woman was well done too.

Author's Response: Thank you! Rolf is rather dashing isn't he? ;)
It was a thin line to cross between depicting Luna as the kooky girl we all know and love to a mature version. I'm happy to hear I did her justice. Thank you for the review!

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Review #2, by TheGoldenKneazle Me the loving and you the loved

22nd May 2011:
This is one of the most beautiful Luna/Rolf one-shots I've read! I think that having them both older, and having accomplished more, was a really good move, because it made Luna really interesting and you respected her more. All the things that went wrong were very funny, particularly the magic carpet bit, and I loved Luna's signs outside her house that were so like her father's. Brilliant work - 10/10!

Author's Response: My apologies for replying to this so late!

You're very kind, thank you for such lovely praise. I read somewhere that Luna had the twins much later in life than the rest of the next-gen kids so I deduced that was probably because she married much later in life. It would be a nice contrast to her counterparts. I'm so glad you liked them, they took quite a bit of time and brainwork to come up with, hehe. The magic carpet bit was my favourite too.

Thank you for such a kind review, it really made my day. :)

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Review #3, by Hyenni Me the loving and you the loved

25th April 2011:
Hyenni101 here from the forums with your review (at last!)

grammar: pretty much flawless here, so congratulations! as far as i can see, there aren't any awkward sentences either (but bear in mind that my brain is pretty faulty :D)

characterisation: there were a few minor issues here. obviously, most of this was OC, and i felt you carried Rolf off brilliantly XD
“Rolf...” - this just sounded a little dramatic, especially for Luna. it might be more in keeping with canon if you have her 'survey him through misty eyes' and say 'yes?' instead. i hope i'm not being too picky :/
loved Rolf's Uncle. i loved him :')

flow: it did flow rather nicely - and this is probably because i'm really not a big fan of Luna more than anything else - but it did drag a little. and i'm being totally honest here: it really is more to do with my weird dislike of Luna. To a fan of Luna, i think this piece would just be perfect, i'm just letting my personal opinion get in the way! so i'm honestly really sorry about that - just bear in mind i am completely biased here. completely.

areas of concern: there isn't really anything i feel needs to be pointed out, really! this was like reading a little novel all-in-one, and was smooth and easy to understand, so congrats! i especially love the title of this piece, it's very...Luna :D

again, i'm sorry my dislike of Luna has tainted this review and also i apologise for being so late with it as well! but hey, better late than never :D

lovely writing style, keep it up! and don't be afraid to re-request with (preferably non-Luna) pieces :D ^^

Author's Response: Hiya :). Heheh, it's alright, I didn't mind the wait so much.

I did take your suggestion into consideration but when I read this story back, the 'Yes?' seemed a bit out of context. I may have misunderstood you in some way. But I do like the misty eyes suggestion :).

How can anyone not love Uncle Goddard? xD

I do agree about the dragging bit. It came out more slow-paced than I initially intended and after a million re-reads, I gave up and just posted this.

Hehehe, it's alright, you're perfectly entitled to disliking Luna. It's like me being generally annoyed by Tonks though that maybe because Remus is mine. Ahem, I digress.

I'm so glad you enjoyed this in spite of the Luna-ness :P. Thank you so much for reviewing!


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Review #4, by LilyFire Me the loving and you the loved

22nd March 2011:
So cute. I love it. I have a case of Lover’s Lurgy for this story! Rolf being six years younger than her is a bit…unconventional, but then that’s Luna for you. It was cute, and I think you have Luna down to a T. She’s perfect, and I love the Rolf you’ve created. The plot was completely believeable too(: It flowed nicely, I don’t think if jumped around a bit(:
I guess that’s all for now, feel free to rerequest(:

Author's Response: Hehehe, I was waiting for someone to mention the age difference. That was directly inspired by the poets Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning, with him being six years her junior. Since it is canon that Luna had children much later than her HP counterparts, why not make her fall for a younger man. I figured he'd be more open and understanding to her kooky ideas than someone older. Oh, that's probably the best thing you could tell me. I love Luna and was terrified of making her OOC. I'm happy you liked Rolf as well, the poor dear is such a jinx hehe.

Thank you so much for the kind review, I really appreciated that you took the time to do this. :)


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Review #5, by Aderyn Me the loving and you the loved

18th March 2011:
Hello! Here for your review!

This is quite a cute, quirky love story. Luna seems very in character, especially with the comment about Lover's Lurgy. I'm not sure she would be so quick to kiss Rolf, but I could see it happening.

The date definitely had a good amount of awkwardness. The carpet incident was unfortunate.Iphigenia was quite awful. And the peanut bit was just plain bad luck. I really felt bad for Rolf, but I'm glad that things worked out in the end for them.

I didn't see any real spelling/grammar issues, though I didn't look too closely.

Overall, I think, you did a good job writing this Luna story. It is cute and well written.

Author's Response: Hiya! :)

That's a great relief. Luna is one of those characters that is incredibly difficult to get in-character, not to mention that she's one of my favourite characters in the series. So yeah, talk about pressure hehe. I know where you're coming, I was a bit apprehensive about the kiss as well. But I thought it possible considering they had been 'pen pals' for years. If they had been strangers, I probably wouldn't have included the kiss. Then again, what's a rom-com without a kiss in the end. ;)

Thank you so much for taking the time to review!

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Review #6, by Mintleaf Me the loving and you the loved

14th March 2011:
Hello! Mintleaf with your review :)

Just a little thing but is this meant to say Enter, “Entrer!”? (sixth line in)

I like Rolf's pre-date routing haha :)

Luna is so... Luna-like! :) Good work!

The plot is clever and for lack of a better word, adorable.

To be honest, this is written wonderfully and is a completely unique story so I can't fault you on a thing! It was a deligh to read. And actually, I've read that Browning poem before and I see the semblance! :)Hello! Mintleaf with your review :)

Just a little thing but is this meant to say Enter, “Entrer!”? (sixth line in)

I like Rolf's pre-date routing haha :)

Luna is so... Luna-like! :) Good work!

The plot is clever and for lack of a better word, adorable.

To be honest, this is written wonderfully and is a completely unique plot so I can't fault you on a thing! The only thing I can do is apologise for this review being so short haha. It was a delight to read! And actually, I've read that Browning poem before and I see the semblance! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the reassuring and gratifying review! It means a lot that you took the time to review and I really appreciate it.

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Review #7, by LovelyMioneWeasley Me the loving and you the loved

12th March 2011:

I'm so sorry I hadn't gotten to this earlier this week; RL was going into major overhaul and taking over this week haha. But this! I've read this three times now and I'm in love with Rolf and Luna.

Gah, Misty, you are such a talented, talented girl :). I have never even attempted a Luna one-shot in my own mind, much less the Luna/Rolf relationship. There is so much freedom to traverse with this relationship and these characters.

So Rolf and Uncle Goddard were two of my favorite elements in this story; their relationship was incredibly dynamic and definitely funny to read about. You gotta love a meddling uncle; his character was lovely to read about. The paper cranes were my favorite element of Uncle Goddard easily; it was a detail that I feel no one else would have thought of it. It's original and lovely and simply Misty awesome.

And the date! Oh, the date! A picnic and a magic carpet and a Luna asking for Healer! So hilarious and yet oh so perfect all in the same moment, Mist. Really, I could just see the scene where Luna and Rolf were in the resturant being played in the original movies by Evanna Lynch and whoever Rolf would play in my mind. I can't quite decide at this point.

Overall, Misty, I think it's one of your best one-shots ever. Luna was so in character that I could easily see it being canon. Uncle Goddard was a lovely original character and your take on Rolf was one of the most interesting I've read. I really have no real suggestions to improve this, Mist. You did a simply amazing job.

Easily a 1000/10 and in my faves.
*huggle attack*

Author's Response: Linds! *squeehuggleglomps*

I've read and re-read this review an embaressing number of times and still can't don't know how I can adequately respond but I'll try my best.

*extreme blush* 'Thank you' doesn't seem enough to cover it.

How could you not love Uncle Goddard? xD I was almost afraid that he would dominate the fic but I was too attached to him to excluded him. It's funny but his personality is somewhat inspired by my mum who is also quite absent-minded and meddling but with good intentions nonetheless. Though I will accept full credit for the paper cranes, which I unfortunately can't make in RL.

I can't tell you how happy I am that you enjoyed the date! It took me awhile to come up with some half-decent but still plausible and believeable date disasters. The only element I knew I wanted to include since I started this was the magic carpet. Why aren't there more magic carpets in the HP universe? Omg, it's hilarious that you said you saw the resterant scene as a movie because I kept getting frustrated and hitting a writing wall that I succumbed to a well-known rom-com formula which is, you guessed it, something goes wrong in a resturant. Wouldn't James Marsden fit the role of Rolf nicely? He's already got the eyes and charm ;), though he would look odd opposite Evanna Lynch since Luna is supposed to be 36 and Rolf 30... If only there were a time machine..

Thank you so much, darling, that's high praise coming from you. As always, your review made my week! Now I just have to pry this smile off my face before I get funny looks.

*huggle re-attack*

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Review #8, by imaginary lines Me the loving and you the loved

11th March 2011:
Omg I loved it! This was amazing and I totally enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! :D


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