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Review #1, by Prongs05JP No One Really Wins

7th August 2011:
This is fantastic! What an amazing story about Snape, I can't believe this didn't have any reviews before now! :O I am actually in awe, it's fab! Although for me, the best bit has to be the first paragraph, I am actually in love with this sentence - "This morning Severus had been confident that the Dark Lords influence would continue to ooze through England, seeping into the wizarding world like a shadow and making sure muggles were frightened of the unseen terrors and mysterious oddities that plagued their world." Lovelovelove. This is a great interpretation of how Snape must've been feeling, I think you've caught it bang on!

Only a few things that confused me a little though - why would Snape offering a suggestion to Voldemort earn him a blast from the cruciatus curse? Of course the description of it was fantastic, I was just a little confused as to the reason. :') Another thing, in the book Voldemort mentioned how Snape "desired" her, I thought it would be brilliant if he could use similar terminology when describing it at the time you did - I think "affection" is too tender a word, if you know what I mean, haha! It's perhaps not in his dictionary.

But if you can ignore my pedanticism (this is a word now.) just know how much I absolutely adored this! *Gushes some more* it's almost literally how I imagine Snape. Absolutely brilliant.

Fantastic! 10/10
--Nick x

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Author's Response: Thank you so much!!

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