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Review #1, by 1917farmgirl Trapped

16th August 2013:
Oh, that was heartbreaking! I just have this uncontrollable urge to just hug Luna after reading that!

I've often thought about Luna and that dungeon. It was such a little detail that JKR dropped in the story, that Luna was there and had been stuck in that dungeon for a long time, and I'm sure most kids reading it just kinda glossed over it or thought of it as another part of the adventure. But, as we talked about before, reading it as an adult gave it so much more meaning. Here was a 16 year old girl who had been imprisoned by ultimate evil for who knew how long... That was not a little fact to gloss over - no, it spoke more than almost anything about what The Dark Lord was all about.

I love how you've written Luna here. She is so very hard to write at times, and you've done her so well, and is such an awful situation. Of all the characters, Luna retained her innocence the most, and knowing what she went through, that makes it all the more amazing. I don't think she was nave, or blind to what was really happening, I just think she managed the most to not let it destroy or change her.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. It really, really touched me in a very deep way.

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much for your review and for the compliments.

Yeah, Luna's ordeal was just mentioned almost in passing, I guess to give a reason as to why a good character could betray Harry, but it must have been extremely traumatic and like I said, I like stories which show how the war affected people.

I'm glad you liked how I wrote Luna. She's a hard character to write in a situation like this, because she seems almost otherworldly and it's hard to imagine how she'd react to such cold reality.

Thanks again.

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Review #2, by datbenik513 Trapped

26th April 2011:
Hey Margaret,

I was really positively surprised to find a new story from your pen here. SInce eHPF went down, I lost track of you and was really curious how you were doing.

This was a fantasting 'missing moments' one-shot. Impeccably written in a rich yet not overdone English, it gave me enormous reading pleasure.

You have a certain aptitude to writing even the simplest emotions in such an effective way that they just keep haunting the reader long after he'd finished reading. Same with me here, it's my second go on the story. I simply HAD to come back and re-read it, were I to formulate any coherent thoughts on it.

I also liked the spot-on characterization of Luna in particular. She is my favourite Potterverse character and not without a reason. She's just so extremely lovable, with all her oddities; a truthful friend with a heart the size of county Cork.

I'd really like to keep in touch with you; if you want to, you can mail me at my penname at yahoo dot com.

All the best,


Author's Response: Thanks for the review. I'm really glad you enjoyed the story.

And I'm glad you think that my characterisation of Luna was accurate. She's kind of a hard character to get right, particularly as this was a pretty serious and sad story and it's hard to imagine Luna taking anything really seriously, apart from her conspiracy theories and so on. So I'm glad it seemed to work.

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Review #3, by ekroman Trapped

21st February 2011:
I like this story, though it can seem a little slow some times. Minor correction: It says in the start that one of the Carrows say that Luna is a seventh year even though she's only a sixth year, which she also admits later to Mr. Ollivander.

Author's Response: Thanks for the correction. I'll change that.

And thanks for reviewing.

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