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Review #1, by Mariam September 1st

28th October 2015:
Very cute story...made me smile. well written, and it's not very often i can say that about the fanfiction i read.

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Review #2, by SundayGirl September 1st

7th June 2013:
I absolutely LOVE how you write Percy and especially Audrey! People always seem to write her as a pompous stick-in-the-mud and personally I've never seen her like that. I loved this; it was really fun to read! I hope you update Irrational soon, it's one of my favourite stories!

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Review #3, by Potterblotter September 1st

21st February 2013:
Love. Love. Love! Peels of laughter!!! Never thought I could read anything about Percy and in joy it SO much!

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Review #4, by Fanta Fae September 1st

22nd December 2011:
Adorable. Really. It was so cute!

I love how you make Percy into such a likable character(:

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Review #5, by Pixileanin September 1st

12th August 2011:
Oh my, this was such fun to read! I loved Percy's reactions to the girls' bickering and his elation at finally seeing them off.

"Something small and annoying banged on the door." Hahaha! What a great line! Oh, and "I am adjusting your attitude." I will have to remember that one. So wonderful to read a grown up Percy who has his own personal agenda and acts on it.

pixileanin (Gryffindor)

Author's Response: Thank you! I think Percy is great for humor, and I envision him having a very dry sense of humor, particularly when he's a little older and wiser.

I like that you pointed out the "small and annoying" line. Surprisingly, I don't think anyone else has pointed out that line yet. It was one of my favorites here - though a lot of the lines in this fic were fun to write. :)

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Review #6, by WeasleyTwins September 1st

10th August 2011:
Hi, WeasleyTwins here for the review extravaganza. Happy Ravenclaw Wednesday!

You truly have a knack for writing humor! I think I said this yesterday or the day before, but I am so envious! I adore Percy's characterization in this piece. It reminds me that he is human, he is subject to those -err- urges. I also love that Percy's urges override his sense of 'all must learn and be the best and learn!' A reader would figure that Percy would want his children to go to school to learn, not so he and Audrey could, well, anyway. Overall, it was a delightful read.


Author's Response: Thank you, Shelby! I think that Percy is just excellent fodder for humor because of everyone's preconceived notions about him. I like being able to bring some levity to his character. Glad you liked this. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #7, by orderofthephoenix September 1st

10th August 2011:
This is a different take on Percy's character than I usually read. Here, many years after the end of the war, I can see he's become wiser, and more relaxed. It's lovely to see a Percy that can joke with his family in a way we never saw in the books. I also think it's quite reasonable that he can't wait for his kids to go off to school and for the house to be empty. Peace and quiet at last. :P

'"Are you blackmailing me?"
"No," he said simply, "I am adjusting your attitude."'
That line is brilliant!! :D Made me laugh a lot! Percy is quite the joker, isn't he! There are several lines in this one-shot which shows off Percy's sarcastic and humorous side which I love.

Percy is most definitely an underwritten character, but I like your version of him a lot. If you write more stories with him as a MC, I'll check them out. :)

orderofthephoenix (Ravenclaw)

Author's Response: Thank you, Sophia! Percy is one of my favorite characters - I see a lot more to him than most readers see from how he's portrayed in canon, and I love writing him and bringing more depth and levity to his character.

That line was one of my favorites in this fic as well. Such a dry, fatherly thing to say, I think. I like to think that Percy has become much better humored than he was in canon.

I've written a couple of other little drabbles about Percy, but other than that, my only big story featuring him is Irrational - however, I have a short story in the works that I've been meaning to write for months and am just trying to make sure it comes out the way I want it to. I'm pretty excited about it. Stay tuned. :-)

Thank you for your review!


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Review #8, by bluecharlotte September 1st

5th August 2011:
This is so freaking hilarious! I love it. Favorite (if I had to choose): "Shag. In every. Room. Of the house."

I adore the way you describe Percy and Audrey < 3 :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much for reviewing! Glad you enjoyed this. :-)

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Review #9, by jelly September 1st

3rd August 2011:
haha! this was hilarious! I adored it- people don't write Percy enough, and really, what's the poor guy to do? great job :D

Author's Response: I agree, he's not written enough. he's one of my favorite characters, and I think he's actually great for humor. Thanks for reading!

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Review #10, by Georgia Weasley September 1st

17th July 2011:
You have captured this perfectly! There are too many lines that I adore in this to list them all. From the irritation Percy feels with the girls' angsty attitudes and bickering, ("Give it another hour, maybe they'll kill each other.") to the blissful glee he feels at being child-free for the first time in forever--you nailed it. Having a houseful of girls myself, I have lived this. His giddiness at being able to shag in every room just made me roll on the floor. Thanks for the great laugh!~GW

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm glad you could relate, and I'm glad it made you laugh. I had a lot of fun writing it. :-)


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Review #11, by TheDirigiblePlum September 1st

13th July 2011:
"looking like someone had just killed her cat (Percy had, in fact, nearly accomplished this on several occasions, but that was neither here nor there)."

Are you blackmailing me?
No, he said simply, I am adjusting your attitude.

I dont know what on earth Im supposed to do with my time now.
In every. Room. Of the house.

Heeheehee. :D These three bits made me laugh out loud! Like proper laughing, with noise and everything. But then you seem to have a gift for making me laugh so I shouldn't be suprised. :)

I love that you love Percy! The misunderstood character of the Harry Potter series. I've always had a soft spot for him and I love how you show his fun side in your stories. The side we never see but somehow we know is there...

I really feel for Ginny though. Once is bad but twice... :D
Well done again on another very funny story involving one of the favourite Weasleys!


Author's Response: I love how you always point out the lines that I'm secretly most proud of. :-) You and I have some kind of weird psychic connection.

Percy is definitely the misunderstood character of the series. I love writing him in a way that will hopefully make a lot of readers re-think their attitudes about him.

Thank you for the review!


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Review #12, by thehyacinthgirl September 1st

19th May 2011:
I was laughing so hard when this ended. Poor Percy. All I wanted was some attention from his wife for Merlin's sake. Though, I have to say that was quite funny and something Ginny would be apt to do. I can't imagine Percy swearing, but I can definitely see it happening in this situation.

Oh, and don't apologize for the lameness. I didn't find it lame, in the least. Sure, it may not have had a huge epic plot, but that doesn't make it lame. It was hysterical, if nothing else. I absolutely love this take on sending one's children off to school.

Usually, everyone writes Percy as the same prude that went to Hogwarts, studied studiously, and was ridiculously prim and proper. It's nice to see that Audrey's loosened him up a little bit.

Oh, and that thought of shacking up in every room of the house made me snort. Such a typical man in his way of thinking there, eh?

Ah well.

Like I've said your characterization of Percy was well done. I also quite liked Audrey and her concern for the girls. It was rather motherly, and of course, real. I think mother's worry over their children more than their father's, generally speaking. I know in some households it's vice versa.

Also your characterizations of Molly and Lucy were very nicely done. I really do like that he blackmails Molly into being nice to Molly (what a mean older sister), but I can also understand Molly's annoyance of having her little sister tail her everywhere.

And Lucy's concern that no one would like her was so adorable. How could anyone not like someone as cute as her?

Not to mention Ginny bursting through the floor interrupting his snogging. What are little sisters for, if not to annoy?

Also without any grammatical errors or spelling snafus this makes this piece even more awesome and infinitely not lame material. Shh, we'll pretend that made sense. Ha ha. Seriously, though, this wasn't lame.

Nicely done!


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Review #13, by katebabelovesharrypotter September 1st

21st March 2011:
Loved it! I liked Percy a lot and I enjoyed the realness of it :)

Author's Response: Thank you. :-)

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Review #14, by Julie September 1st

11th March 2011:
This was fabulous. And hilarious. And a whole lot of other praising adjectives. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #15, by datbenik513 September 1st

3rd March 2011:
Hey Melanie,

As one of your reviewers mentioned, Mel is back, and with a blast! This was so wickedly funny that I managed to freak out my colleagues with my uncontrollable giggling.

As a practicing father of two - thirteen and five - I can very well understand Percy and Audrey's frustration of not having a few quiet moments for themselves.

I think I already mentioned to you how much I like your writing style. Sometimes dry, sometimes sarcastic, never poetically overdone, but always with a healthy dose of humour. And I love that I can read them and actually enjoy them instead of spending my time on mentally correcting grammar issues. Melanie dear, your writing is impeccable. More please.
All the best,

Author's Response: Hey Zoltan! It was a really pleasant surprise to see this review from you! I'm glad you got a kick out of this one-shot. I posted it nervously, not really knowing whether it turned out quite as funny as I had set out to make it. But I love that you could relate to it - probably made it that much more funny, huh? :-D

Thank you so much for this review. I'm flattered, and it really made my day.


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Review #16, by Violet Gryfindor September 1st

24th February 2011:
Oh, this is so funny! I'm killing myself trying not to laugh out loud (because, like you, I'm procrastinating) at all of this - the situation, Percy's internal dialogue, Ginny's reaction. It does bring to mind your "Hardboiled", and it totally makes me wonder what sort of boring life Ginny and Harry must lead while her brothers are... well, I won't go there. :P

Brilliant, brilliant work! Thanks for the laughs - I really needed those today. ^_^ And yes, I'm still running away with your Percy. ;)

Author's Response: Susan!

In spite of the fact that every time I look at this fic I want to delete it, I am really happy you enjoyed it, and this review really made me smile. I wrote this one-shot for a couple of reasons - I hadn't written anything in awhile, and I really wanted to post something, especially humor; I've been slightly manic about Percy lately (I know you've noticed); and I started thinking about the part from CoS where Ginny says she caught him with Penny, and I wanted to do something funny with it. I don't think this exactly turned out the way I wanted it, and I keep feeling like it fell horribly flat - what I really need to do is just stop trying to outdo Hardboiled. -_- I think that was my funny peak.

But ANYWAY. You liked it, and that's what matters to me. I think Percy is pretty much perfect fodder for well-intentioned humor because of his innate stuffiness (or perceived stuffiness, anyway).

Harry and Ginny...whatever, man. I can't write them, so who knows what they do in their own time. Though I just now realized that in this fic I've got Ginny stumbling across the awkward Percy/Audrey situation, and in Hardboiled I've got Harry being traumatized by Ron/Hermione. I think I've done enough by now to have given Harry/Ginny a complex. XD

Thank you so much for the review, Susan!


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Review #17, by WitnesstoitAll September 1st

20th February 2011:

Have I ever told you how much I adore your Percy? I'm sure I have, but I shall remind you anyways. I FREAKING LOVE your Percy... he's everybit the pretentious, jerky Percy that appears in the books, but you make it work so well for him (really must catch up on Irrational).

Now, onto this gem of a story.

LOVED it. It was funny and cute and very real feeling. Percy's internal dialogue made me giggle. Poor guy can't catch a break. This was a fabulous little story. Well done, as per usual.


Author's Response: I do love my jerky, pretentious men. XD

Thanks so much for this review, Melissa! Glad you enjoyed this weirdo little one-shot!


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Review #18, by Canadian_Hogwarts September 1st

19th February 2011:
hahahahaha... poor Percy. All he wants is... well... we all know what he wants :) Poor guy! Please update everything real soonlike, since you're such a super amazing author, and I really want to read more of your work. But no pressure :)

Author's Response: Hahaha, thank you for the review! Will try and make a better effort at updating in general! :-)

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Review #19, by Randomer September 1st

18th February 2011:
Omg, just--LOLOLOL. I love this, I was laughing from beginning to end.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #20, by justonemorefic September 1st

16th February 2011:
EEE, I LOVE PERCY. EEE.I just want to squish him. So much. Also, I've always always thought about this situation, that the true magic to wizarding couples is that they get rid of their kids for most of seven years and they spend most of that making l -- hats. In the barn.

-squishes you-

Author's Response: IN THE BARN. IN RITA'S BARN. o.O

I loves you, Gina. Thank you for the review!


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Review #21, by theelderwand September 1st

15th February 2011:
RGF's triumpant return!

This was hysterical. I loved Percy's internal monologue. As the father of two, now grown (THANK GOD) kids, I totally related to Perce. BIG TIME. It was brilliant and funny all the way thru.

This slayed me:

"two questions went through his mind: Who was in his house, and what would be the best, most sadistic way to kill this person?"

Excellent work!


Author's Response: Well, I'm glad you think it was triumphant - it felt more like desperate on this end. XD As I told another reviewer below, I almost binned this as soon as I wrote it. I really just wanted to write something humorous, so I cranked this out and posted, possibly against my better judgment. Definitely not my best work. But I am very glad to hear you found it entertaining and actually funny.

Thanks a million for the review, Eldy!


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Review #22, by momotwins September 1st

15th February 2011:
Ahahaha! I love it! I love the end, especially. That was hilarious. I love a good Percy/Audrey story. Love your Audrey too, she's lovely. And the bratty teens haha. Poor Percy just wants a romantic moment with his wife and no one will leave him alone. This was a delightful little story, I adore it. Made my morning quite happy. :)

Author's Response: XD

Well, I'm relieved to hear you say you liked this. I almost binned this the moment I finished it, and then someone convinced me to post it. I just really wanted to write something humorous again (and I was procrastinating on WIP's), and the idea for this sprang out of the part of CoS where Ginny catches Percy with Penny. Not sure I'm 100% happy with it, but I was pitifully in need of some kind of update.

Thanks so much for the review!!


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Review #23, by Jellyman September 1st

14th February 2011:
dkfljad;skj Melanie, why so brilliant?

hearts in my eyes forever

Author's Response: Oh Georgia. ♥

It is all for you, my love.

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Review #24, by Indigo Seas September 1st

14th February 2011:
Ooh, my. I really can't say anything more other than this was fluffy and wonderful and I DID catch myself laughing out loud at more than one occasion. It was lovely, dear, and I loved it.

Author's Response: XD

Thanks, Rin! I needed to post something, so of course I spent the better part of the day writing this rather than working on my WIP's. I started out with me trying to do something funny with the bit from CoS where Ginny says she caught Percy with Penny - and then I figured I'd best go in a different direction with it, rather than trying to write the missing moment.

Am really relieved to know you actually found it funny, though. Seriously. I almost binned this. :-P


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Review #25, by Kaida_Snape September 1st

13th February 2011:
You know, I was caught by the title. It is very entertaining. And I can almost see where you're going with this. You're writing style is a little rough, but not too bad! I can't wait to see where this goes, though. Good job!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review. It's most definitely not my best work. But I haven't posted anything for half a year, and it was starting to get embarrassing. -___- It's only a one-shot, though, so this is all there is to it. Just one of my weirdo tongue-in-cheek things. Glad you enjoyed it!

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