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Review #1, by tomfeltonisdeadsexy Dance a Decade Away

14th June 2014:
Cute. Fluffy. Well written.

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #2, by Chazzie Dance a Decade Away

24th October 2012:
Loved it! Really brilliant, i enjoyed every second of it. You really captured Draco's arrogance, and Hermione's anger, perfectly. Thanks :)

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #3, by Loving_Sirius_4eva Dance a Decade Away

22nd January 2012:
Please make a sequel! This was an amazing story. :)

Author's Response: I'm afraid there probably won't be a sequel. I'm pleased with how this story turned out, but I'm not a fan of Draco and Hermione together, so I don't see myself continuing their story. I'm glad you enjoyed it, either way.

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Review #4, by DemetersChild Dance a Decade Away

20th June 2011:
Ooh, this is amazing!

I love the snide remarks from Draco even after so many years. But they aren't as...biting. Which is nice. It shows that he has had some remorse for his actions, become a bit more civil.

This was truly one of the cutest stories I've read. I was shocked to hear Malfoy say that their children would marry! And then even more for him to bet a dance over it. Though I suppose it makes sense that he knew it would bother her.

It was a really neat twist on a Rose/Scorpius as well as a Hermione/Draco story. Obviously the latter two would never be together, but I could definitely see some sort of friendship coming from this.

Beautifully written! I love it!

Magically Yours,


Author's Response: Thank you! I felt it was important to show Draco had grown up, at least a little bit. It would be unrealistic to think he hadn't changed at all in the years after school, just as it would also be to assume he'd become an entirely new man. I tried to find some semblance of balance.

I'm not so sure about a friendship coming from this. I tried, after all, to write a full on romance with the two, and just couldn't do it. ;) I think perhaps a grudging respect, if they're lucky.

Thank you for the lovely review!

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Review #5, by ravenclaw_princess Dance a Decade Away

21st March 2011:
Aww...what a cute little story. I really enjoyed reading it. There were a lot of humourous little lines and quick witted statements that I really liked.

The characterisation of everyone seemed totally in canon. Draco still had that characteristic smirk and always right attitude that would totally annoy Hermione, and Hermione reacted to him just like I imagine she would. It also seemed very much like her when she was talking to Rosie at the park and looking after Hugo.

The story flowed really well and had a lovely pace. I also liked the part at the end about a bet for Hugo and Pleione, it was a lovely way to end the story.

You've done an excellent job. Well done.

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! The hardest thing was definitely keeping Hermione and Draco true to themselves, while still manipulating them closer together. It's really important that they're canon, especially as Dramiones are ships that so easily run off track. I used to think I was a lot like Hermione, but it was actually more difficult to write her than Draco, so I'm glad you liked her!

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Review #6, by confusedlover Dance a Decade Away

15th February 2011:
Very lovely.

This was cute and extremely entertaining. Great job! (: You're a fantastic writer!!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!

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Review #7, by Aiedail Dance a Decade Away

14th February 2011:
Hello there deary! Itís aiedailweasley from the forums (but you can call me Lily)! For the first installment of your valentineís day gift, I thought it would be appropriate if I went through 14 of your stories (because well, Iím clever and 14 is the day of lurve!) and left you reviews! I canít guarantee that all will contain constructive criticism, but I can guarantee that Iíll tell you how I feel about your stories. From what Iíve read so far, I can tell that things will be heavily weighted on the positive side ;)

Ahem. Now that Iíve gone through my little preamble, to the point! To review the first little story on your page :)

Firstly, I love your characterization of Hermione here. I think that the way that sheís interacting with her babies and the things that she thinks are very canon, and when it comes to the Hogwarts-era troop, Iím sort of a stickler for canon unless itís a parody or something. I come to relate with her through her realistic thoughts, and I liked her just as much as I like JKRís Hermione!! Lovely job with her :)

On to Draco: I feel again that youíve captured his essence. Thereís a tiny part in me that wishes that upon having a child, also known as having to think about somebody else for a change, he would have matured slightly, but I suppose that for someone like him, his view of blood-status might not have anything to do with maturity. He seems to be a special case. And in a way, I can see that just in being able to have a conversation with Hermione--although heís not too kind, but thatís no surprise--heís matured a little. He seems like a believable adult-version of the canon Draco, so again, I applaud you (in admiration) for your characterization here!

Iíd go on and say how perfect all of your characters are: the babies, Ron, and how all of their interactions are so realistic that I almost believed that I was reading something that Rowling had thought up for the characters--but that would take me a long time, and letís just suffice it to say, this is a lovely little story and I canít praise you highly enough for its wit, credibility, and quality of language!

A big bravo to you my dear, and Happy Valentineís day!

(shuffling off to R&R some more!!)

Author's Response: Hi! I keep forgetting to respond to these absolutely incredible reviews, but they're still on my mind! I can't thank you enough for such a lovely Valentine's surprise. These are some of the nicest reviews I've ever gotten.

I always knew that if I were ever to write a Dramione, I would need to keep characters canon. But I figured it was impossible to write a Dramione without all the characters turning incredibly OOC. That's why this isn't really a romance, and more of an interaction, because I didn't know how far I could push things.

I think Draco could have gone in several directions after the war, and the one I chose for this was Prejudiced Draco. I personally don't think he could ever lose that entirely, so I tried to keep it here. I think he was still mature here, just not as much so as Hermione. Walking around making bets isn't exactly a mature thing to do!

Thank you for the excellent review! On a fanfiction site, it's obviously a huge compliment to tell a writer that it their writing resembles JK's in any way, shape, or form. I'm getting excited all over again for these reviews. :D

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Review #8, by A_Strange_Thought Dance a Decade Away

14th February 2011:
very nice!!! soo sweet :D hehe
although it isnt really Dramione but hey they spend time together xD loved it :)
hehe happy valentine day! :D

Author's Response: Yeah, I realized about a day after posting it that it wasn't actually BAM DRAMIONE IN YOUR FACE. I pictured it as implied Dramione. Hint of Dramione. Pinch of Dramione. Plus, I'm proud of writing what's possibly my least favorite ship, so I'm leaving it in the description. Thanks for the review. ;)

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Review #9, by Smiled Dance a Decade Away

14th February 2011:
This was a great, sweet little read :)
it was written well too, and i don't know what to say other than I loved it!

Author's Response: Thank you for the review!

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Review #10, by x Dance a Decade Away

13th February 2011:
aw adorable :)
and as close to the books as i've read :)

Author's Response: Thanks! The fact that you think it's close to the book means a lot, I tried to get it as realistic as possible.

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Review #11, by firefly910 Dance a Decade Away

13th February 2011:
Wow, I've never had a story written for me before! Thank you so much for taking the time to do this :)

I loved it! It was so sweet and funny.
It's a great plot. It incorporates my two favourite pairings, Draco/Hermione and Sco/Rose.

I am smiling so much right now!!
I loved Draco in this, everything was canon but he was still so smooth, which is how I think Draco should be.

'at a feud that had begun the moment I chose a bespectacled stick and a red-headed loudmouth for my friends.' I laughed so much at that sentence! Brilliant.

Loved the bit about Ron not having to fight for her since sixth year, I can just imagine him going redder by the minute as he watched the pair dance!

The name Pleione is so beautiful, I've never heard it before.

As for the authors note, I admit I'm not the most discreet of people when it comes to my love of Dramione *looks sheepish*

Thank you again for doing this, especially seeing as you don't like Dramione. I saw that you got the most likely to know a canon fact award, so being faced with a pairing that just completley ignores everything canon must have been a scary thought!

So yeah , this is totally going in my favourites. Gaah I am so happy right now! *does happy dance*

Author's Response: Well, now you've got me smiling. My favorite part of this was definitely the dialogue; I really wanted Draco and Hermione to be sparring with words, and his manner of speaking came to me surprisingly easily. It was a lot of fun to write him. I was too scared to write it from his POV, but I'm that much closer to trying it now. . .

If you've ever glanced at the Black Family tree then discussed constellations anytime in the next week or so, you'll have found that nearly all the Blacks are named after stars. Sirius is the most well known, I believe, because that's the Dog Star. The connection is easy. But Draco, Scorpius, Bellatrix, and Regulus are stars, off the top of my head, and some lesser known Blacks like Capella and Orion also follow the pattern. I did a bit of Googling, found an elegant star name, and Pleione was born. ;)

The AU-ness of D/H is definitely what scares me the most, and I'm someone that generally prefers AU. I think I like the kind of power AU gives you, while D/H is kind of anything goes AU. When I write AU, I do it to explore further possibilities, while when I look at Dramione all I see is two opposite characters thrown together. Writing this, I really tried to keep them in character and still bring them together in a way that made sense. Once I (hopefully) achieved that, I realized that it could be kind of fun.

So, now that I've rambled on for WAY too long. . . I'm really glad you liked it. The minute I posted it I thought, "Wait, this has nothing to do with Valentine's Day! Will she still like it?" So thanks for the challenge, and have a happy, happy Valentine's!

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