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Review #1, by pookielow Illuminated

25th July 2013:
omg i absolutely love your story!!

I keep on rereading it over and over again :)

Author's Response: I'm so glad you like this fic! It doesn't get all that much attention, but I'm so pleased with it and I really miss writing it. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #2, by MargaretLane Illuminated

29th October 2012:
Well, you already know how much I love this story. *grins*

I like the fact that she alone believed Sirius. Not only did she have additional information, from her spying, but she also knows what it's like not to be trusted.

You really brought so many characters that were only names to us to life in this story. I would never have imagined Gideon like that, but the way you've written it, it's totally believable.

And I like the way you show your characters as having been affected, in their different ways, by the war.

The ending is really sad, but it had to happen. And you maintained suspense the whole way through, which can't have been easy, when everybody already knew how the story would end. Or at least, we knew that Gideon, Fabian, etc, had to die. But you kept us wondering when and how, they would die and what would happen to Araminta.

Author's Response: At the end of the day, Araminta's faith in Sirius had nothing to do with her inside knowledge as a spy herself. She had no way of knowing whether he was one or not - after all, she didn't know who the actual spy was in the end. It purely came down to her gut feeling, along with the fact that he trusted her in the first place, and that she saw their similarities, as did he. She visited him because she had to be sure that her gut was right. But yes, she was one of, if not THE only person to have that second thought. Poor Sirius...

A lot of satisfaction comes from portraying OC or fringe characters - and, with the fringe characters, doing it in a way that people believe and find convincing - because even if they are only names on a page, as with Gideon, people still have their own idea as to what they're like, and so it's great to know that this fic challenged that and yet was still realistic. :)

Araminta did, indeed, have to die the minute she knew of Sirius' innocence. Because, as I've said, it would have been VERY messy otherwise. Besides, there was no way that Bellatrix would let her live. Even if she hadn't known of Araminta's betrayal at that point, she was still a threat to her in terms of being Voldemort's most trusted and loyal, and Bellatrix doesn't like not being the best!

Again, thank you so so much for editing this as I've been writing it. Your feedback has been a massive help, and I really appreciate it :) And thanks for the review!

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Review #3, by Slide Illuminated

22nd October 2012:
I held off on reviewing until I knew I could sit down, with a coffee, and properly concentrate! So, here we go. Oooh, cells. Ooh, who on Earth could - I'm betting Sirius, then. I had assumed a bigger time skip, interesting. But it makes sense, since Sirius is probably Major Character #4 and now one of the last 2 alive. Gah, poor Sirius. I mean, poor Araminta, too, but right now, poor, poor Sirius.

Oh, OUCH. Ouch. and yet - necessary. To preserve canon - we cannot forget that people did not believe Sirius, mostly because the people alive were not in a position to do so; Araminta WAS and that would have been a hole (that, and nobody's a fan of the lone believer in Sirius running around for 15 years not being listened to). Dramatically, for just this story, it was necessary; there aren't just No Consequences for betrayal and spying, and though it would have been interesting to see what Araminta would have done had she survived, it would have been a whole new story - her story.

I must also extend kudos for doing it sharply, suddenly, cruelly. Because that's how such murders would be? Or even, casualties in a war. It Happens. This is not the epic tale of heroism of Harry, this is the story of the people on the ground, and the First War was notably bloodier than the Second. It's cruel. It's horrid. It's apt.

Hats off to you, for this final decision, for this final chapter, and for the whole story! It's been a thoroughly entertaining ride. I shall miss my Minty-G and Giddy-P. ;)

Author's Response: I'm intrigued that you imagined a bigger time skip. I never wanted to say too much because I feared that if I let slip that the time skip was to an important date, you'd guess that it was Halloween and the Potters' deaths. It's about a month between this chapter and the last.

For a long time, Araminta was meant to survive this story. I felt that killing her was the easy way out; that her surviving would be more cruel, and the more rewarding ending. But this was before she grew to like Sirius. And the moment that she DID decide that she liked him, as opposed to hating him on principle, she had to die, because there was no way that she would accept his betrayal without talking to him about it - and finding out his innocence. In the interests of canon, she then had to die because I'm not interested in a 'nutter who believes he's innocent for 15 years' story either, and besides, she would have cropped up in OotP if not earlier had she lived. It would be too OOC for her not to. So, she effectively signed her own death sentence. And, of course, it ends everything neatly with no need for further explanation or elaboration. Which, sadly, is another, purely creative, reason for Arieda's death previously.

So, Araminta leaves this world - possibly fitting, that it's inflicted by Bellatrix's wand in the end. Sharply because, as you say, that's reality. Unlike Snape, Bellatrix wouldn't have given time for an epitaph.

Thank you hugely for all your reviews! They began just as I was trying to sum up the motivation to finish this as my NaNo project, and I can't express the amount that your words inspired and encouraged me to carry on, so thank you so so much for that! I'm glad you enjoyed the final resolution, and indeed the story as a whole, as I certainly enjoyed writing it! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #4, by ohmymerlin Illuminated

19th October 2012:
Wait... what?

Did... did she die?!



That is just not acceptable! Nope! Not allowed!

Who was the cold voice?! Bellatrix? Malfoy?

Oh my gosh, poor Sirius! D: I can't believe he told Araminta and then she died! D: She could have been the one to prove that he was innocent! D:

Wow, you write canon so well! It's so unfair! D:

I can't believe this is the last chapter, it's completed! It's a wonderful story and you did really well with this!

Anyway, for the last time (on this story), this was an amazing chapter/story and I absolutely loved it!

10/10! :D

Author's Response: She died :( It was the tidiest option, and once she knew that Sirius was innocent, she had to die - because otherwise she'd have fought tooth and nail to prove his innocence, and he clearly didn't have anyone doing that. And at the end of the day, I think it's nicer for her. After everything she's been through, and especially after Gideon's death, it would have been very cruel to keep her alive, in a way. And, yes, Bellatrix was the one who killed her...

Thank you so so much for all your feedback, I really appreciate it! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #5, by ohmymerlin Oh, Maker

16th October 2012:
It's okay, I didn't need feelings. It's not important at all.

WHY DO YOU WRITE CANON SO PERFECTLY?! /sobs. I adored the way you wrote Arthur, when he was saying that he struggles sometimes! It's so Arthur-like! :p

I loved that you gave Mrs Weasley (I feel weird calling her Molly) Fabian's watch, I'd never thought of how she got it! I guess I just assumed he left everything to her. But it was so sweet and it was sweet that she didn't ask Araminta to give Gideon's watch back, she knew it was important to her.



I always get far too emotionally attached to fics, especially ones as good as this!

You know what, you can wait for a while before updating this. Then that means that it won't be completed for a while, and that means I won't suffer from post-traumatic stress. ;)

Okay that was a tiny bit of an exaggeration but you get my point! :p

Anywho, this was another wonderful emotionally damaging chapter (that's a good thing, by the way) and I can't and can wait for it to be updated!


I'm not yelling at you, I'm giving Araminta a passionate talking to that only works in capital letters! :p

Obviously you get a one hundred million trillion kajillion out of ten! :D

Author's Response: Glad that you like my Arthur :) And yeah, the watch thing gives me a LOT of satisfaction. I don't know why I picked Gideon over Fabian to make this story about, but the watch thing alone justifies it in my eyes. :)

This is the second-to-last chapter ... and the last is already in the queue! If I don't post it now, then it won't go up for another two weeks, and I can't leave my readers waiting THAT long. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #6, by Slide Oh, Maker

16th October 2012:
I made the most undignified noise in the world when she brought out Fabian's watch. Most excellent, and also most excellent as to why it was Fabian's and not Gideon's! Pocketwatches. Aren't pocketwatches AWESOME for this kind of thing? I think they are.

Good for Araminta. She's grieving, she's struggling, but she's going to persevere. I don't think you've put a foot wrong with either this chapter or the last; it's been sudden, it's been horrid, then it's been bittersweet in all the right ways. This is entirely the right place to leave it; it's shutting the door on Gideon's life, and it's not only making it clear that the door's not shut one Araminta's - but right now, what's BEYOND that door is an unknown. Which is terrifying and heartbreaking and hopeful all at once.


Author's Response: YES, I do get a lot of satisfaction out of how the watch thing unfolds. Hence my satisfaction when you observed that Fabian's watch got mentioned in an earlier chapter and about how it went to Harry in the end. I don't know why I decided to pick Gideon over Fabian to write about - perhaps I just prefer the name - but this tied in so neatly in the end.

I'm glad these chapters have worked. Obviously killing a main character is something that has to be done justice and I certainly didn't want to crash and burn at the end! I'm excited for you to read the last chapter now because I absolutely LOVE it. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #7, by Slide Born to Die

15th October 2012:
Oh, wow. I didn't realise This Would Be It. I knew we were approaching the end, of course, and that the end demanded Gideon's death, but... but...! That worked, really, for some reason I didn't think it was going to happen THIS chapter - I think because it came so hot on the heels of Arieda's death, so I was still reeling from that AND assumed there'd be more space between, more time to chew on the deaths, but of course it's horrendous and realistic for them to come on the trot so bravo, bravo!

Oh, Bellatrix. Of course she killed them, and that makes that Molly will have her in just over fifteen years all the more satisfying. She will save her daughter and avenge her brothers.

This does drive home what we should have really always known: this story is Araminta's more than Gideon's. I mean, they share it, and Gideon was the torch-bearer for the POV originally, but it's more how he introduced us to her. That and we always knew he'd die - the HOW is an important question, but the huge question mark's over her. I'm boundlessly curious to see how her story will end. So many questions but I'm sure they'll get answered!

So! Good stuff! OF COURSE!

Author's Response: Yeah, I was always sitting here quite smugly in the knowledge that people would expect him to die with perhaps one chapter to go, but not with two to go. Surprise! There's no respite for poor old Araminta.

We know from canon that it took five people including Dolohov to kill Gideon and Fabian. From then on it was vague, and it was very much my own decision that Bellatrix was one of them. It does give Molly that extra bit of motivation for killing her - and, of course, who else was going to be behind the death of the man Araminta loved than Bellatrix? Life is cruel to Minty-G.

It's funny, that this story ended up being Araminta's, because it was always meant to be Gideon's. Araminta was never even meant to have a narrative voice. In the end this was Gideon's story up until Marlene died and Araminta confessed. The moment the barriers were down, it was her story. And hopefully her story will meet a fitting end, and all questions will be answered. Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #8, by ohmymerlin Born to Die

10th October 2012:


/sobs forever and ever.

THE WAY SHE SAID, "Please you can't leave me, I need you, I love you..." I WAS SHAKING BECAUSE NOOO HE DIED AND FABIAN DIED AND NOOO!

I had this open for ages but every time I'd see 'Frozen' a the top I'd go to the next tab, trying to procrastinate!


I'm so upset that he died! I can't believe that he's gone!

But the best thing about his death (NOT THAT IT WAS A GOOD THING) is that you didn't make it so emotionally traumatising that it made me feel like I never want to leave the house again, you made it okay to deal with and not end up in a sobbing heap.

Maybe because I was expecting it, I didn't feel as bad as I usually do when a character dies.

But it was still sad! :'( :'(

I know you had to make him die, but it was still so upsetting!

And there's only two chapters left so now I'm even more sad! :(

Ah well, it's an EXTREMELY good story, please, PLEASE update soon! :D

54154257241852874163741852745295274/10! ;D

Author's Response: He died. I'm sorry. :( This chapter was so sad to write! I really didn't want to kill him off, but I had to stick with canon ... clearly I should never choose to write about doomed characters again, it's far too heart-wrenching a writing process. And I'm glad that you liked how it was done, because I definitely didn't want it to be completely emotionally crippling. I'm hoping to get this finished by this time next week, so updates should be quick! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #9, by Slide Toy Soldiers

2nd October 2012:
Oh yeah, we were somewhere GOOD, weren't we? *settles down with popcorn* Oh, hey, it's time for another totally adorable James Potter and TWO YEARS?? No wonder they've got a kid. You need something to DO in that time.

The plan is risky, but hey, what's a war without a little risk? I suppose strategically it does make sense - even if it backfires and they lose Gideon, Araminta's safer than ever. Playing the cold strategist game, a spy like Araminta's more valuable than even an excellent fighter like Gideon - and playing it less cold, you know, the plan might even WORK! Crazy.

But at the same time Araminta's fear is normal - and even so's the guilt. This isn't quite as martyrish; if he dies now, he does die for her. By choice or whatever, he'd still be dying for her and that'd be a LOT to take in. Of course, him coming back alive is considerably better!! Heh. Only normal to take some satisfaction from Bellatrix taking the brunt of Voldemort's anger. Nothing wrong with that!


...I am going to throw things at you. BIG SPIKY THINGS. I should have seen this coming, really. Anyone that supportive and emotionally integral wasn't going to have a great survival rating. BUT STILL. NINJAS.

Author's Response: This is one of my favourite chapters. It DOES end sadly, but I liked the bit with the Potters, just because I love writing them in general. And I do seem to have an obsession with James Potters, don't I! Haha. The timescale as to when the Potters went into hiding is sketchy, but I went for a couple of months after Lily fell pregnant, given that her child was one of the potentials in terms of the prophecy, and apparently they went into hiding not long after their safety became compromised. But it is indeed a long, long time!

Strategically, this plan makes sense. Not that it was based on strategy at all, more Gideon's rashness and over-protectiveness towards his Minty. There is a huge risk that they might lose Gideon; he's one of the Order's best fighters, and it would be a huge boost to the Death Eaters. But it does enforce the thought in Voldemort's mind that Araminta is still his woman, which is of course its aim, and so in that sense it becomes a success the minute the Death Eaters prove that her information was right.

Araminta does have HUGE problems with guilt. It's possibly for the best that Gideon survived - except, she now has another death to blame on herself. I put her through A Lot.

Please don't throw things! It had to happen, at the end of the day Arieda was a muggleborn with a sister who was prominent in the Order, and so she had the potential to become just as prominent. And Bellatrix was angry and wanted her revenge. Arieda would certainly have had a role to play during the fight at Gideon's flat, so she was, sadly, the obvious target for the Death Eaters. And so she dies. :( Thanks for reviewing, and keep those ninjas well away!

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Review #10, by ohmymerlin Toy Soldiers

29th September 2012:
I was so nervous this chapter! I was like he's gonna die, he's gonna die!
But he didn't so I'm happy. :)
Poor Sirius, I can't believe Arieda died! :'( I can't believe they murdered her!
I love the James and Lily banter, it's so sweet. :') But it pains me because I know they're going to die as well, probably not in the story but I know they're going to die anyway.
I am so not prepared for this, when the chapter comes I'll probably be sobbing my heart out. I have tissues in my room so at least I'll be half-prepared.
When Gideon entered the room I breathed such a long sigh of relief. I was so happy that him and Araminta would get a few more moments together!
Wow massive epiphany, plot twist thingy.
Ignore me, it's probably wrong. But I just had to write it down (well, type it down - that doesn't make sense but meh) and express my feels with someone! :p
When you said Bellatrix was the one that was tortured, I was so happy. I grinned so widely that she got a taste of her own medicine! :p She deserves it, the evil cow!
Sooo, anywaaay, I love Gideon, Fabian, Sirius, James, Lily, Araminta, Arieda (may she rest in peace - wow she's fictionaly but I get so emotional over these types of things! THIS IS WHY I TRY NOT TO READ MARAUDERS TOO MUCH), Marlene (also RIP) and so many more. I can't currently think of any but I'm going to say every character except the Death Eaters and Voldemort.
And I absolutely love this story! I am so not ready for it to end, I know there's still a few chapters but it's scary that it's going to end! I'M NOT EMOTIONALLY STABLE ENOUGH FOR THIS!
Okay, I am but I just don't want it to happen! D:
You are SUCH a good writer, oh my gosh I'm so envious of your talent! You have a way of making everything so fresh and new and glorious! Plus you always have perfect grammar and spelling and this makes me a very happy reader! :D
ANYWAY, I'll leave now and when you have the next chapter, I'll review again! :D
10/10 just like normal! :D

Author's Response: I actually really liked this chapter when I wrote it, despite the fact that I am cold and heartless and kill off Arieda. I enjoyed writing the first bit, with the James/Lily interaction and Araminta's complete horror at the thought of Gideon not surviving. And yes, he survives! For now. Don't worry, I'm quite intrigued to know what you think will happen! Though I'm not going to say whether you're right or wrong :)

Bellatrix does indeed get a taste of her own medicine. Unfortunately, she really doesn't like that, and she takes it out on poor old Arieda ... so while Gideon survives, his plan backfires in the end.

I'm really really glad you like this so much, thank you for your kind words! Cheers for reviewing :)

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Review #11, by Slide The Power of Love

24th September 2012:
One can only imagine how hard the life of a double-agent is. Though I think perhaps Araminta's being unnecessarily martyrish to hide how tough it is from Gideon. He might be fragile and... Gideon-like, but I have faith that he'd buck up and be able to help! D'aww, bless, Arieda notices first. *waves little flag* Okay, so Arieda says pretty much what I was thinking. You go, girl!

Uh oh, another notch on the martyr score. You can't blame yourself for everything, Araminta. For many reasons but also because that'll drive you crazy. And now we test how well she can put Arieda's advice into practice. Results are in: Not so well. Though I can well understand lashing out as a defence technique; let's hope Gideon puts his experience to good use and takes it on the chin. S'not about you, Giddy-P. Be smart.

...that was not what I meant. GUYS. GUYS. HEY. THIS IS NOT A GOOD PLAN. ...guys?

Author's Response: There was definitely the risk, after Araminta's secret was out, that I could underplay just how hard she found it being a spy. Hopefully I managed to get the balance right and not overplay it either. This is the first time after her and Gideon have sorted things out, so to speak, that it really begins to trouble her, and she's gotten so used to not being able to tell him anything that it's almost as though it doesn't even cross her mind that she COULD. That, and she really doesn't like the feeling that she's burdening others. It's not necessarily that she's being deliberately martryish, more that she genuinely thinks her problems aren't worth troubling him further with.

Arieda, of course, notices first. Because she is a BABE. You wave your flag, girl! And yeah, Gideon would be able to buck himself up and help her out - because he's a Gryff, and that's what Gryffs do best.

...Course, he also does sacrificing himself for others very well. Which isn't always a good thing! This plan is clearly, TOTALLY, fool-proof.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #12, by ohmymerlin The Power of Love

23rd September 2012:
HE'S GOING TO DIE ISN'T HE!?!?!?!?!?!?
I can't believe this is happening! D:
I absolutely HATE Voldemort! ufdkjbskjdbgvdfxhv
Will Fabian die with him too?! Because that's what happens in the books I'm pretty sure! NOOO!
I'm going to be so upset when this ends! D:
By the way, what has happened to Rails?! I can't find it!! Is it hidden because of the Dobby noms? Or am I going insane and I've gone partially blind?
I can't believe how much Gideon loves Minty! ;) They're just so cute together and they deserve their together-forever, let's-grow-old-together-and-have-millions-of-grandchildren! D:
Oh my gosh, I can't believe it's so close to the end! WHAT WILL I DO!?!?!??!
ANYWAY, I can't wait to read the next chapters but I can because then I know Gideon won't die! Muahahahahahaha! :p
As usual, I give you five million trillion kajillion out of ten! :D

Author's Response: I always try to stick to canon where possible. Pretty much the only thing we know about Gideon - aside from him being Molly's brother - is that he dies. So ... yeah, he will die at some point, and Fabian will die with him. As for when it happens ... well, I'll keep that quiet. It broke my heart to kill him off, but it has to happen at some stage!

Gideon DOES love Minty, so so much. I love this chapter, just because of their little moment. They really do deserve a happily-ever-after, but sadly very few people in this era got that in the end...

Rails is hidden at the moment, but it should be back up soon! In the meantime, I've thrown the next chapter of this into the queue - I figured I'd be nice instead of keeping you waiting. Plus I'm getting excited about getting towards the end! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #13, by Slide I Believe In You

12th September 2012:
Squee, House fun! Oh, you'll be a Slytherin, Minty-Gamp, and you'll like it. Ha, I can only imagine that Gideon's a little put out that you don't think you can conjure up a happy enough memory to produce a patronus, but is this a Chekhov's Gun I see being put up on the wall? There'll be a patronus before this story is out, mark my words!

Ahh, Dumbles' office. A place of much wonderment and oddity. I was briefly surprised that he'd let anyone in unattended, but then we're dealing with adults of the Order, not his students! Yay, Sorting Hat! Yes, I imagine Sorting an adult would be very different to Sorting an 11 year-old (don't get me started on Dumbledore's bloody "I think we Sort too soon", as if Snape was done some injustice by being Sorted into Slytherin at a young age BUT I DIGRESS), so it's interesting the Hat's considering both now and then. Yess, embrace the Slytherin-ness, Minty-G. It's good for you. It doesn't make you evil by default, trust me. If you were a classic Gryffindor you'd probably be one dead spy. Slyths approve!

I was a bit bewildered by her going to pieces over the Hat, but it makes perfect sense, really, considering the tension she's under and layers of self-doubt and self-identity which have to prevail over a defector and a spy. Especially if we consider how ingrained into the wizarding collective subconscious the Houses are as a definition of one's personality and values... mmm, yes. I could meander a lot on the philosophy of this chapter but I'll spare you all the armchair psychology of a fictional culture and other people's characters!

Except, Giddy, you really are the most Gryffindory-Gryffindor who ever Gryff'd. At least until your nephew becomes a Hero. Good chapter!

Author's Response: House fun indeed! I had much fun writing this chapter - all of about two years ago, in fact. Another reason why I loved Anguisverse so much when I started reading it, with all of its House dynamics and analysis. I expect that Gideon was indeed VERY put out when Araminta said she doubted she could cast a Patronus - in fact, I had that very same thought myself when I wrote it! Poor thing, I am horrible to him.

At first, Dumbledore was meant to be in his office the entire time. But his presence just felt AWKWARD, so I had to ditch him. In the end it's not beyond the realms of possibility that he would let adults into his office without him, especially when a) it's Gideon and b) there is someone intrigued in being 'Sorted', so to speak, and that strikes me as the kind of thing that Dumbledore would think of as Very Important.

You know, it's possible that Dumbledore's comment about people being Sorted too soon wasn't meant as a slur towards Slytherins, but more that Snape HIMSELF wasn't helped by being in Slytherin, and that actually he'd have been much better off in a different House, because he wouldn't have been surrounded by so many future Death Eaters? But then, I can't see where else he WOULD have gone, because, as we have also discussed, Snape wasn't courageous for courage's sake but just because he wanted Lily for himself, so really he was acting in his own self-interest the entire time which is much more of a Slytherin trait.

And Minty-G would DEFINITELY have been a Slytherin at 11. She has developed more Gryffindor traits over the past few months though, but she is by no means a fully-fledged Gryff thank you. And she is certainly VERY insecure right now, and is just looking for people to trust her. The Sorting Hat doesn't identify her as being loyal, and it just pushes her over the edge. Writing this chapter - all that time ago - has made me very Hufflepuff-sympathetic though! And don't worry, I enjoy your character-trait-related musings! But yes, possibly not HERE. Haha :)

Gideon is the ULTIMATE Gryffindor. Right down to the part where he, you know, DIES. Tragic stuff. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #14, by ohmymerlin I Believe In You

11th September 2012:
hahahaha Gideon is not much of an imbecile compared to James ;)
The Sorting Hat was very wise! If you were at Hogwarts, I'm pretty sure you'd be a Ravenclaw because that speech was so clever!
I really want to know what Araminta's patronus would be! :D
Gosh, that end speech from Gideon was sooo sweet! (If you replace the word 'believe' with 'love', that would be the best speech ever! fdkbkjvdvsjs)
I can't wait to

Author's Response: They are indeed adorable! And yeah, James takes the spoils when it comes to being an imbecile, the silly thing. I really liked the Sorting Hat bit; I actually wrote it about two years ago now, and I've not changed it since, bar a little edit; a fair bit of other stuff that I wrote earlier didn't survive. But I was very pleased with this chapter, so naturally it's satisfying that you liked it :) Gideon's speech ... in his head he was pretty much saying 'love'. Bless him. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by Slide I Run to You

4th September 2012:
Yay more Lady Antebellum songs! Did Gideon really think he could hide things from Arieda? Silly boy. I want to give them both hugs - oh noes, Arieda, don't get involved with Sirius. I know you say you're just friends but it's DOOMED. DOOMED. Like the Bones family. Poor, poor Bones family - I was gutted when Amelia died, she was a cool lady. Heh, I like that "he saved my life a couple of times". An off-hand comment about a HUGE thing, but in wars, it happens a lot. It like "He bought me a drink this one time". I love playing with that stuff, how life-altering horrendous things become commonplace.

Minty-G, you are entirely forbidden from saying things like "the curiosity won't kill me". Bad idea. Though I kind of want to know, too... ooh, the killing stuff. *gets popcorn* ...okay, I don't want this popcorn any more. COLD. Super-cold. She didn't have a choice. Someone else would have killed the girl. She was already dead. But still. Horrific.

Oop. Forget popcorn, it's reading glasses time. Yeah, shock to the system like that's always going to make you cling to people. Let's just hope this isn't precipitating anything which wouldn't happen anyway - a catalyst, rather than a Bad Idea brought on from stress. Gideon's sensible to be careful, but at least he's not doing any Idiotic Decision Making For Her thing. But yes! Good, and well done, and well addressed. Neither beleaguering the point nor shying away, as we have discussed, these scenes are tough to write. Good stuff!

Author's Response: More Lady Antebellum indeed! I could possibly have written most if not all of this fic with Lady Antebellum songs but that would have been very monotonous. I do use them twice though BECAUSE I CAN.

Arieda is totally, totally head-over-heels in love with Fabian, she's not going to start fooling around with Sirius any time soon. And the Boneses have, sadly, copped it.

It would indeed be very interesting if the curiosity DID kill Araminta. I can safely say that it WON'T, though throwing phrases involving death around when you're in a war probably isn't appropriate. THE KILLING STUFF. It is, indeed, cold. But hopefully realistic. Poor Minty G has had a tormented life, and she barely even realises it most of the time. Tragic.

Sexy-times would definitely have happened anyway AT SOME POINT, but it may have taken a bit longer for her to be at ease with it all. Back when I was a little less sure about it all, I reasoned to myself that in that state of mind, Araminta would probably be MORE likely to want to overcome the pain that Travers caused, because she wouldn't want to be held back by him, especially now he's dead and after she's been tortured by the guy whose fault it all is. SO she sought comfort from her Giddy. Who was very mature and sensible about it all. Very glad you approve, as it was an utter headache. THANKS FOR REVIEWING.

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Review #16, by ohmymerlin I Run to You

1st September 2012:

Author's Response: Glad you're still enjoying! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #17, by Slide Saviour

29th August 2012:
I'd say "poor James", and I'm sure it's hard to be left behind, but good grief, man, don't complain at the people about to go off and risk their lives! Look at baby Harry. There, that's better. Heh, of course Voldemort has standing positions for his hierarchy. I never have observed before how this stroy makes for some fun and sensible insights into how the organisation of Death Eaters works, but it does, and they're believable and compelling and really add to the atmosphere of the kind of life Minty-G lives.

Ha, sensible Moody. No plan survives contact with the enemy. I almost feel sorry for Avery, whipping-boy of the Death Eaters. Ohhh, tense. Good, good tension. AWW Bella cares. Okay, she doesn't, but I like this display that Bellatrix is (perhaps for now, before she goes truly crazy) professional enough to know that Araminta needs protecting as an asset, regardless of personal dislike. Okay, or, trying to get a liability out of the way but that's still CUNNING. Plenty of people would write Bellatrix as just being happy to get Araminta killed. I really like that little bit. Okay, I take back my harsh words from the beginning, James Potter is, again, a sweetheart. And I am inordinately pleased at Arieda getting her first takedown.

Trust Gideon to get an excuse to take his shirt off. Trust him to be all charming and provocative while gushing blood. Always a pleasure when they recapture some of the banter from before. And, of course, what woman could resist? I do like that it's frantic, desperate sort of embrace, considering he nearly died and she panicked about it and that's going to have a lot of bubbling emotions rather than being something suave and perfect.

B'AWWW I'm all gushy now. Issues are real and not ignored. Gideon is appropriately outraged then appropriately adorable. Healing takes time and is all FLUFFY. *flails* Yeah, I'm out of coherent words on this one. A particularly outstanding chapter.

Author's Response: The trouble is, it's easy for James to moan about not fighting when he's around people who ARE, because that's where he'd like to be too! And actually, I expect that most, if not all, of the people actually fighting would much rather be doing that than be in James' position, so I doubt too many of them were too irritated at the whole thing.

In GoF the Death Eaters seemed to have particular spots in which to stand around him, so I nabbed that idea and decided that it occured regardless of the situation. It's partly to make it more realistic and canon-compliant, and partly to poke fun at Voldie-boy. Because it's utterly ridiculous. BUT it does prevent people from unfortunate Apparitions on top of other people, so it has its practicalities.

I think there are numerous ways to look at Bellatrix's attitude here. It might be that she recognises Araminta's importance; alternatively, it's that she doesn't want her to duel well and steal her glory, or it's an act that might bump Bellatrix higher up on Voldemort's list of favourites! I DO think that it would be too easy, especially at this stage, to have Bellatrix not recognise Araminta's values AT ALL purely because of a mutual dislike. So she sends her away. For a mixture of all of the above reasons. She's no idiot.

James is definitely my favourite Marauder, and he's not featured enough yet. Any excuse to shoehorn him in, and I'm there :) And he is a bit of a babe in this chapter! It's not the last we see of him, but he doesn't have much more of a role - then again, neither does anyone else any more, we're getting to the end of Giddy and Minty's story...

The Gideon/Araminta moment was ridiculously cheesy and corny but I DON'T CARE I LOVED IT ANYWAY. It's good to know that you did too! They'd both gotten to the point where they'd admitted to themselves how they felt, but didn't want to be the first to take the plunge and admit it to the other, so it was always going to take something like this - the worry that one of them wouldn't survive - to egg them on a bit. Hence the frantic desperation. And then, of course, Araminta's ISSUES come up. And Gideon is an utter babe. Seriously, I'd like my own Gideon having written this chapter, he is a little bit amazing when he's in the right mood. This was possibly my favourite chapter so far to write - actually, I'd say my favourite of ALL, though I am pleased with those that follow too. This one had THE Giddy/Minty moment in it; it can't really be topped! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #18, by angelicdemon1209 Saviour

25th August 2012:
It' amazing.. I love how these two are.. And it's so so sweet. Gideon is one of the best characters I have read in a long time, and Araminta is great..
And I love reading about them.
I was really scared during the ambush too.. We all know how these times were so dark, how many people died, and it's just scary to think who'll be next... It's just all very sad, especially when I read about James, Lily and Sirius, and now that I got to know Gideon and Fabian, them too.
And I loved that scene, where Araminta had Harry in her lap, with a teddy bear, and wondered who will stop Voldemort...
Waiting for further updates
Thank you!

Author's Response: I'm glad you like Gideon so much, he and Araminta are both fairly difficult to write sometimes because it's hard to imagine what it's like to be in their situation! It's certainly gotten to the point now where nobody is safe, and anything could happen. I like to keep my readers on their toes. :)

I'm pretty pleased with that scene with Araminta and Harry, if I do say so myself, so I'm glad that you liked it! Updates will be fairly frequent because I've finished this now, it's just a case of juggling it with my other fic. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by ohmymerlin Saviour

23rd August 2012:
They're so sweet! But I'm sad because I know it will probably be a sad ending! D:
James is just sthfgjngrfhida he's so perfect! Exactly how I imagined him to be!
How long is left? In your other response you said you've finished writing this D:
10/10 :D

Author's Response: I loved writing this chapter so so much! They are indeed adorable. And I love writing James, he's my favourite Marauder and he has some nice moments in this :) There are 31 chapters, so only 7 left! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #20, by Slide Devotion

20th August 2012:
Oh, Rosier's dead that's OH NO THEY HAVE A TRAVERS. NOT GOOD. Interesting use of the extended powers thing - that Moody absolutely used the Killing Curse, didn't just go "Screw safety, I'm not holding back" which happened to lead to his death. It's logical and I have a hard time feeling bad about it, but always interesting and oh no no no not Gideon doing the interrogation. Bad. Bad idea. At least it's the brother-in-law, not the husband (I know he's dead, but that's not a good confrontation).

Hee! Crouch disapproval. Hee! Inbreeding cracks. Oh dear. Gideon's kind of crazy in here, being so blase. I kind of LOVE IT. I'd like to think she'd approve of him using it to wind a Death Eater up.

Oh dear. Araminta, if Voldemort's summoning you, I recommend you adjust your priority list to not have 'dinner' at the top of it. Perhaps 'survival'. Ha! Poor Avery. Whipping boy for Death Eaters. Hmm. I worry about that Voldemort unusually called a meeting. Yes, it's an opportunity. But I call TRAP.

Author's Response: Yup, they have Travers! I don't know if Moody DID die because he wouldn't use the killing curse; more that he was sitting on a broom and Voldemort shot a killing curse at him, which is pretty hard to avoid! But, yes, in this instance he recognised that it was a case of 'kill or be killed', and it's surely better to have Rosier dead than out on the streets still with Moody dead instead?

I loved writing Giddy in this! He's actually in a good place right now; he's sorted things out with Araminta, and they're catching Death Eaters which gives him a sense of job satisfaction. So he's back to his old self, even if only for a moment.

Never get on the wrong side of a hungry Minty G! :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #21, by Slide Alone

20th August 2012:
I'm here! It's all good! Yummy reviews!

D'aw, breakfast in bed. What a sweetheart. Gideon knows the way to a woman's heart, clearly. Who could stay angry at him after all that? Okay, even if Arieda made it he's still wise to bring it himself, yes. And Arieda remains as smart and sensible as ever - deal with the 'mistakes' move on, don't kick yourself over it. Clearly Arieda is the only emotionally healthy person around. Which is troubling!

The logic about parents in the Order is harsh. Reasonable, but harsh, and I suppose if parents were to get involved Dumbledore wouldn't STOP them, they're just not on the priority. I suppose I have mixed feelings because it's difficult to judge some people being more expendable than others while at the same time pragmatic. But it's good, it's interesting! And explains why Arthur and Molly aren't Order veterans. And d'aww, little Ginny. Our Minty-G's good with kids - which is nice, so often the rather emotionally closed-off protagonist is more awkward, especially when they're in direct contrast with someone whose heart's more on their sleeve, like Gideon. It's a good subversion.

Of COURSE Molly's smart. Of course she knows what her brother's like. Oh GOD I feel so bad for her now, knowing what's to come. :(

Author's Response: Yay, reviews! Om nom :)

Gideon is indeed trying to worm his way back into Araminta's good books, bless him. Not that he needs to, but he feels like he does. And, yes, Arieda is really the only undamaged person left, so she's the one left holding everyone else together! Poor thing...

The thing with parents in the Order ... yeah, it was basically a case of having to explain why Molly and Arthur weren't Order members this time round. I find it odd, given that Gideon and Fabian WERE in the Order, that they weren't, and the only thing I can think of is that they had young children when Dumbledore was first setting up the Order. Gideon's view on it is possibly slightly skewed; he HAS been through a lot and it's nice to think that Dumbledore might not have been quite so brutal, for want of a better word. But then, given what we know about Dumbledore... you never know.

Araminta IS good with kids, although she's not quite sure HOW! But she didn't actually have a bad childhood herself, so she's not mentally scarred in that respect, which helps.

I actually hated writing this chapter! Because I get sad every time I write Molly, knowing what she'll have to go through. But she's a strong woman, as we've seen. And this isn't the last we'll see of her... Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #22, by ohmymerlin Devotion

18th August 2012:
I'm sad now because I now have to wait for updates :(
Ah well, I can wait, this story is so original! I love it!
Poor Minty, getting called out when she's hungry :p
Bloody Voldemort! Go away!
But I know that won't happen until 1st May 1998
At the end of this chapter, I could so see Minty rubbing her hands together (similarly to a fly) and doing an evil laugh :p
Anywho, this story is AMAZING and I'm so glad I finally read it!
10/10 :D

Author's Response: Oh no! Don't worry, it's all finished now, so my only challenge is working out how to juggle posting both this and Rails! I think I'm going to start alternating them, so that should appease you. Plus, you'll hopefully find the next chapter is worth the wait... :) Thank you so much for reading, and I'm really glad you like it, because I know that it's a slightly more obscure era and set of characters to write about, so there's a bit more pressure to get things right! Thanks for reviewing :)

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Review #23, by ohmymerlin Alone

18th August 2012:
Actually, how do you write so well?!
The whole time I was reading this I had a stupid grin on my face :p Molly is so sweet!
She ships Gideon/Araminta ass well! ;)
Gideon is such an interesting character, I've never really read any fics on him but I think I won't be able to because you've made him so... canon?
I don't know, but the way you write him is EXACTLY how I imagine J.K. Rowling would write him!
I think I said that in my last review but I just can't get over how talented you are!
10/10 :D

Author's Response: I'm really glad that you like Gideon so much! And I'm actually really touched, that you think I write him so well ... we know absolutely nothing about him from the books, so I've had to develop his character myself, and so the fact that he's the way you'd imagine JK to write him ... that means a lot. :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #24, by ohmymerlin A Real Hero

18th August 2012:
Sirius is shipping Gideon/Araminta!
I'm so annoyed at myself for not reading this for so long!
I have no idea why this story doesn't have a million trillion reviews! You have such a creative mind and all your characters have such good personalities!
I love the way you write Sirius, it's exactly the way J.K. Rowling wrote him!
And now I'll continue reading :D

Author's Response: Sirius is definitely shipping Gideon/Araminta! He understands where she's coming from, and feels sorry for her, and recognises that Gideon is being A Bit Silly. And there's always room for a bit more love in the world, eh? Especially when an evil overlord wants you dead. :)

To be fair, I never expected this to get masses of reviews, because the average reader is much less interested in the Prewetts than, say, the next generation clan ;) Sometimes it's a bummer when I don't get many reviews here, but it means that the ones I DO get are special, and besides I still enjoyed writing this, so it's not a problem. :)

I'm glad you like Sirius, because he was definitely one of my favourites to write in this. Even if he DOES wind Gideon up something chronic :) Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by ohmymerlin Live and Let Die

18th August 2012:
okay, so I've started reading this like 1000 times but then I always forget where I'm up to and then start reading it all over again...
I swear this has been going on for months now :p
But, I'm reading it now and I'm reviewing because of two reasons:
1) This story is so good so far! You really have a knack for writing! :D
2) I need to remember where I'm up to :p
So, when it isn't 1.20 in the morning, I'll continue reading and leave more reviews :D
10/10 :D

Author's Response: I got really confused when I saw this review, because I saw your username first and you've already reviewed Rails! Then I saw it was for Frozen and got really excited, because I get less reviews for this. So this makes me very happy. :) But I feel your pain - the number of times I start reading a story and then forget where I've gotten to ... nightmare! I'm really glad you're enjoying this though, especially because I'm not as fond of these earlier chapters; they were written two years ago and I'm still unsure about whether they flow right. But I've finished writing this now and and I'm really happy with where it goes. So I hope you continue to enjoy! Thanks for reviewing :)

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