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Review #1, by HPsmartone32 Stray Cats, Subways, and Fish & Chips

8th September 2011:
i really like your characterization of nickie. its pretty different than anything else i've read, but i like it :D
anddd i wanna know what happened with lye. i'm guessing he cheated on her. tsk, tsk.
please update soon!

Author's Response: Yes, he did cheat. But there's a story behind it...

Thanks for the review!

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Review #2, by dobbyismyhero22 Stray Cats, Subways, and Fish & Chips

2nd July 2011:
Ah! I loved it! Can't wait for more! (:

Author's Response: Glad you like it! I'm halfway through chapter three, the update should be up soon (:

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Review #3, by stepnhunguyen Stray Cats, Subways, and Fish & Chips

7th June 2011:
Ah, Rox and her fashion sense. :) I wanted to see Lye appear in this chapter and he did!!! Poor Dom, what does that mean for her now? She's probably going to see him often as long as he's making the pamphlet. Four goodness. :) You know what I'd love? To see Lorcan in a chapter. That would be awesome.

I can't wait to read about Bree's party at the burrow!!!


Happy daze

Author's Response: Four years, I know. You find out a bit of what actually HAPPENED in the next chapter. And Lorcan will show up soon. He's completely Lysanders opposite, though.

Thank you for the great review, hopefully I'll update soon, depending on how fast I finish the next chapter (:

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Review #4, by L H Evans Slaps, Snogs and NEWT Results

9th April 2011:
LOVE this story! It's brilliantly written. I love the ship too! And, I loved the Lysander/Dominique moment- also, the transition from that moment to the rest of the story was great. Awesome!! Keep it up! :D

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much!! This review was so nice (:

I'll put an update up soon, I hope you read that!

Thank you for leaving a review, they make my day.

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Review #5, by ilharrypotter Posh Dinner Parties, Cute Reporters and Freckly Nicknames

8th April 2011:
I've been in a serious reading/reviewing mood lately, and I was perusing the world of the recently updated a few days ago and fell in love with your banner. Without even reading anything more than the summary, which I also found myself loving, I favorited the story so I could come back to read it later - here I am!

Okay, first off: a few corrections.

Try not to mix dialogue from one character with actions/thoughts from another. It confuses the reader on occasion, because you don't always know who's saying what. (Your first line of the story does this.)

"Her and Teddy" should be she and Teddy; simple fix.

The thing where you list where each character is up to... yeah. That is... bad. Just... no. Put it in paragraph form, or something. maybe skip it entirely. That makes this story seem like one of those cliche Next Gen. explosions that fills the archive nowadays. And I really don't want to thing you're creating that! I have high hopes for this story.

Now, good stuff:


Fleur demanding them to speak French - awesome.

(did I mention that people introduced me with a meet Nickie, shes bipolar!? No? Good, because they dont. And Im not)

I'm in love with that quote right there. In. Love. Love love love.

Grammar is pretty great. No major errors. I like it. Good diction in most places.

I'm going to keep reading (when I get home from school.) I'm hoping this story turns out good. :) I think it will. It has all of the potential. If you just get rid of that darned "Blank: shdligarjshr. Blank: sghalskeshfh." stuff. Meow. I'm just picky, I guess.

Adios for now!

Author's Response: Hey!

Nice long review you gave me there, with lots to think about.

I'll fix those grammar errors, thanks for pointing them out.

And about the Blank: ghyunbds. I know it's cliche. I know everyone does it. It was just how I felt like writing it at the time, and I didn't think it would change the story that much...

But I don't want this looking like a typical next gen. So I won't do anything like that again, promise. But about putting it in paragraph form, the characters aren't really important enough to write so much about them. But I had to introduce them somehow...

Gah, anyway, that will stay there for now, mainly because I can't be bothered taking it out and changing that whole section...

But thankyou for this lovely long review (:

And I hope you like the rest of the story!

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Review #6, by JennyMc Slaps, Snogs and NEWT Results

6th April 2011:
ooh, naughty, naughty, nickie!
i was pleasantly surprised to read lysander as someone other than this timid little frail thing. he came off as the complete opposite, so bravo! :)
im also liking nickie's character. she's developing quite nicely.
update soon, hun! :) and i'll update mine too.


Author's Response: Yes, I love Nickie too!! I think she might be my favorite out of all my characters...

And I'll update really soon, as soon as the queue is free.

You need to update too! I need to know what happens nest between Al and Emelie (:

- Tia

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Review #7, by MissMademoiselle Slaps, Snogs and NEWT Results

5th April 2011:
Oh and what were you trying to say when your phone cut out?
Toast! Hahaa that was funny :) This was reallygood, but i want you to update Welcome to My Crazy World soon. That's my favourite :)
Keep updating please :) ***Cue pouty face***
And ill see you this weekend :)


Author's Response: Gah, I can't remeber what I was saying.

WTMCW is in the queue! And it's only nine hours! So it will be up soon (:

I'll see you this afternoon, actually, so I guess there isn't much point in writing thins...

Oh well.

Love. Tia

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Review #8, by SiriuslyMe  Slaps, Snogs and NEWT Results

5th April 2011:
i neeed to know what happened betweeen Dom and Lysander

love the chapter
put the next one up quickly please

Author's Response: You will find out what happened with Nickie and Lye, all in good time...

Next one should be up very soon, I just have another story in the queue at the moment (:

Thank you for the review!!

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Review #9, by stepnhunguyen Slaps, Snogs and NEWT Results

5th April 2011:
I liked Lye. I don't know, he's like the bad character, so...yeah. Nickie's more awesome, the way she exited the whole scene. For sure she's not going to hear what he has to say. I can't wait to see more moments of the past and scenes with Lysander. :D


haPpy daZe

Author's Response: There is another Lye/Nickie scene in the next chapter (:

She isn't as badass in that one, though.

I'm so happy you like the story, and thankyou for reviewing (:

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Review #10, by JennyMc Posh Dinner Parties, Cute Reporters and Freckly Nicknames

16th March 2011:
I loved this! I really like how Dominique's nickname is Nickie instead of Dom or Dommy or something. It's unique! I'm putting this in my favorites! Great writing. Seriously, it's super super great! haha.


Author's Response: Wow, what a lovely review!! I'm so glad you like it! I'm actually having a little fangirl moment, because I love your story, confesions of walking hazard. So I'm so happy you like mine!!!

Anywho, thank you for the review, it made me smile (:

- Tia

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Review #11, by MissMademoiselle Posh Dinner Parties, Cute Reporters and Freckly Nicknames

15th March 2011:
This was so good! I kinda wanted to wait until it was longer to read, but i gave in. Update NOW! Also, why have you not reviewd my new chapters yet? You keep me alive!
Also, being the twat that i am i didnt properly update chapter 4 so i have to resubmit it and now 4 will be 5 and 5 will be 6 so in a day or two when it is up make sure to read because we introduce Charmiene and she's uber important.
I am no joke so embarassed it isnt funny.
Anyway, brilliant story and i love the Look.

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Review #12, by pheonix rising Posh Dinner Parties, Cute Reporters and Freckly Nicknames

11th March 2011:
don't say this is suckish!
take it back!
because it is so good, and i love the flashback. and nickie, and that is SO lye at the end bit the, how can you leave this on a cliffhanger?
update very soon.

Author's Response: Haha, ok, I take it all back!

Yes, that was Lye (Gosh, howdyou guess!?) and I'm sorry about the cliffhanger!

Updates will be plentiful (hopefully)


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Review #13, by Lilly Posh Dinner Parties, Cute Reporters and Freckly Nicknames

8th March 2011:
OMG, i can't belive you think this story is suckish, it is the BEST!. Its flipping AWSOM. And extra credit to you fore the unbelivebal fun Aunt Muriel.

Author's Response: Wow, such a nice review (:

Loved it!


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Review #14, by Rose Posh Dinner Parties, Cute Reporters and Freckly Nicknames

8th March 2011:
I totally loved this story. plz update as soon as posible.

Author's Response: I will do. So glad you like it!!


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Review #15, by stepnhunguyen Posh Dinner Parties, Cute Reporters and Freckly Nicknames

8th March 2011:
How could you say it's a bit suck-Ish?? Nickie's awesome! Dude, that guy is Lysander and you leave us on a cliffhanger in he first chapter. I can't wait to read more and to see what goes on between Dom and Ly. The flashback with Muriel was HILARIOUS. That old great great aunt can be the funny hated one. And Dom's description o everyone at the end was funny as well. :)


Happy daze

Author's Response: Ack, first review!!

I'm so happy you liked it!! Keep looking for the update, it should be coming soon (:

Thank you for leaving a review, too!


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