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Review #1, by Aiedail I: We Prayed These Wars Would End All Wars

13th February 2011:
Hi there!! Coming in with a review for one of my challenge-enterers! (don't know if that's a term, but I'm going to use it ;) )

I really like the idea of juxtaposing the voices of Luna and Draco. I think that it serves to blur the lines between what we perceive to be the sides of the war--and it shows us that everyone was human. They were seeking, what Draco realises here, human things, although Voldemort doesn't seem to grasp this.

The only thing is I get a little confused in the last shift--but once I got to the part about the quibbler I understood that the P.O.V.s had changed again :)

I really like this story overall, I think that you did a good job with the song! Draco fits the bill of the speaker in the song I think, because the glory has worn off and he sees war for what it really is, and he's just done with it.

Nicely done, and thank you for participating in the challenge!!


Author's Response: Aiedail,

Thank you so much for your review!

I agree totally with your point on Draco and Luna essentially being the same rather than the two polar opposites that they are portrayed at most times in the series. Humanity, or lack of in Voldemort's case, was for me a central theme in the books and I wanted to show that so yay for picking it up!

The PoV shifts confused me as I wrote it but with the second one I tried to get some identifying info in there before too long so the reader wasn't confused. Again, the idea was that the two characters were more similar than different :)

I'm writing the second chapter now and I'll let you know once it's up.

Thanks again for the great review!


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Review #2, by PrincessPadfoot I: We Prayed These Wars Would End All Wars

13th February 2011:

Okay so this was fabulous!!!

The monologues were similar in tone, yet they stayed true to each character which was brilliant!! I loved the change in POV from Luna to Draco and back again. All over great job.


Love ya!!

Author's Response: PP,

Thanks so much for the review! Im glad you like the non crazy Luna and were able to keep up with the PoV change :p The two characters go surprisingly well together. And if you haven't heard the song you have to go back and listen to it whilst reading. You will laugh so much at how different they are :p

Love, Kero

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