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Review #1, by adluvshp The Valentine's Day Auction

6th March 2011:
hmm!! nice!! i had a nice laugh!! god job!


Operation: Green with Envy!

Author's Response: I'm very sorry I couldn't respond to your review sooner. I was gone for a week and my computer wouldn't let me respond to reviews on this site--I don't know why. I'm glad that you found my short story worth a "nice laugh":D I try to add humor when I can. I'm not always successful but it's good when it works. I wrote a Christmas story also and hope to write one for the major holidays. I've always enjoyed reading holiday-related pieces in the fan fiction universe. Anyway, thanks so much for the positive review. I always appreciate a review. Have you considered reading my longer selection, "Bella Rose"?

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Review #2, by hufflypuff The Valentine's Day Auction

4th March 2011:
great story, really well written and funny! can't really imagine bella's outfit though, was it a dress or a catsuit thing?

Author's Response: I am so sorry that I couldn't respond to your review sooner. I hope I haven't turned you off to my story line. I was traveling for a week and for some reason, my iPad wouldn't let me respond to reviews on this site. Thank you for finding this one-shot funny. I always like to add a bit of humor to a story:D I got the idea for Bella's outfit from something Katy Perry was wearing for a performance of "Firework" over the Christmas holidays. Katy had on a one-piece red "catsuit" thing. Over that she had a full, lacy, long red skirt that she pulled off halfway through the performance. As I recall, she also had red heels on. All I could say was "Wow." Since Bella and Katy have similar coloring I decided that the red outfit would look good on Bella too. The real problem is that I'm not good at describing clothing, so no wonder you couldn't picture what Bella was wearing. I might add that you're not the only one who couldn't imagine it. Thanks for the positive review. Have you thought about reading "Bella Rosa"?

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Review #3, by Vermouth The Valentine's Day Auction

25th February 2011:
Hey Liana, looks like I came in first... again! Ha ha ha

Considering her character traits, I think this is absolutely what Bella would've done to be with her Boyfriend on Valentine's Day.

Her choice of clothing is funny. Though I have difficulties picturing them just by reading the words given, I have some idea in my mind. ;) Remember Snapegirl's description back in "Two Hawks Hunting" about her dressing up as, I quote, "a Priestess Prostitute"?

So we have Gabe's last name revealed (for the first time, I think), and it's certainly coincidental, just like the fact that the little Jewish Barber and Hynkel the dictator of Tomania looks just alike. lol The pasty-faced Edward was another lucky coincidence, hmm?

Bella really has potential, literally blasting all the obstacles that get in her way in order to achieve her goal. Which is an omen of some sorts, showing how reckless and ruthless she is capable of being. Just look at all the demonic pranks she did on the other female competitors. I cracked myself up when I came to the part about the self-ripping dress!

You made the serpent-banishing Vipera Evanesco? That's strange because I can swear that back in CoS, SS (and AR for that matter) cast Vipera Evanesca on DM's snake in the Dueling Club. I wouldn't know for sure but it must have something to do with Latin grammar or something. Pity you made this one small snag because I recall warning you of the very same thing when this story was posted on FF. Change it if you see fit and see you next time!

Author's Response: I couldn't believe that you were the first one to review this story on this site. I looked and you were right:D I'm glad you agree that Bella is acting like, well, Bella. That is what I meant to show--what Bella is capable of, even when she's trying to be nice. It will lead up to what she does when something tragic happens that is beyond her control and she gets angry. My beta put the "Evanesco" in the story. I don't think I had a specific curse to get rid of the snake. I think I originally had that she quickly cast a curse to get rid of the snake. I have asked her about this grammatical question but haven't heard back yet. Thanks for the review. Hopefully Chapter 9 of Bella Rosa will be up soon. It's going through validation right now.

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