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Review #1, by ginnyforlife7 Of Polka Dots and Counting Stars

1st April 2013:
ok, total honesty here, k?
k, I absolutely LOVED this story, it was absolutely hilarious and i love cherry, she soo funny, and the whole Cherry-Al thing? brilliant! its likke super awkward but u can tell they like eachother :) and Freddy? 100% awesome sauce (; he's absolutely brilliant. i love it! please update soon tho, because such a brillliant story, deserves another chapter (; thanks, thats about it. ooh, and i think ur brlliant for writing this story:)
so ya: 10/10 obviously! and if there were like 100/10, i'd pick that,,, but there isnt soo. ya,

Author's Response: Ah, you're so lovely! Thanks for the awesome review :)

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Review #2, by ginnyforlife7 Of Polka Dots and Counting Stars

27th March 2013:
i absolutely LOVE this story!!! u NEED to write more, it is such an amazing story, im super jealous of ur writing skills! ugh. please write more, i will love you forever if you do!! thanks love:)

Author's Response: I know, I've been a little slack with this story... But I do hope to start writing it again soon, I hate giving up on things. Thanks so much for the review, it made my day x

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Review #3, by Asher Of Polka Dots and Counting Stars

29th August 2012:
Loving it! You've got a fantastic unique style that's really fun to read! Keep up the good work! (no really, update soon. Like now. Please?)

Author's Response: wow, that was a very nice compliment :) I hope to update soon! Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by sarah Of Polka Dots and Counting Stars

24th August 2012:
great chapter please update soon

Author's Response: Thanks!! x

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Review #5, by sarah Of Polka Dots and Counting Stars

24th August 2012:
great chapter please update soon

Author's Response: Will do. Thanks for the review :)

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Review #6, by swimmingirl4eva Of Polka Dots and Counting Stars

28th November 2011:
ooo Freddie liiikeess her!! you go Cherry! Attract those males!! please update this soon! this story is HILARIOUS!!! i almost died laughing at the end of the last chapter with al smelling his sock and louis singing to himself!! hahahahahah im laughing now just remembring it..which is a little awkward cuz im all alone in my house..in the corner...with all the lights off...laughing to myself... um. ANYWAYS i loovvee your story soo much please update QUICKLY

Author's Response: I LOVE this review! It's very funny and ego boosting, I must say (:

Well I'm glad you like this so much! The next chapter isn't yet finished, but so far it involves an escape rope, a disapearing Lily, and a... rather flaunty waitress.

It'll be up as soon as it's finished, I hope you like it!

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Review #7, by acciojellybean Of Polka Dots and Counting Stars

14th October 2011:
Really good. I like this story a lot and i really hope you update soon. :) x

Author's Response: Thank you so much (:

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Review #8, by ariellem Of Polka Dots and Counting Stars

4th October 2011:
Hello :)

Alright, I'm going to be honest. I think you were a little harsh on Percy's family. Everyone else (Dom, Fred, Albus) is awesome sauce and Lucy and Molly are brats and empty headed females.

Plus Audrey's fun! You could do something on how she wears the pants and bosses Percy around! Like Amy and Rory (Dr. Who reference).

By the way are you on the forums? If you are my username is ariellem, maybe we could talk. I really do like your writing!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for the review (:

You know, I hadn't actually noticed how harsh I was to Percy and his family in this story. It wasn't intnetional - In some of my other stories Molly is my favorite character. I just try and change the roles around when I write.

I like your idea about Audrey wearing the pants (:

(Dr. Who is the bees knees. Glad you made a reference)

No, I'm not on the forums, but I've been meaning to sort that out. As soon as I get on, I'll look out for you!!

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Review #9, by PUFFLEtwins Of Polka Dots and Counting Stars

23rd September 2011:
Loved it! Your writing style is beautiful. Something about this story is so addictive and makes me want to read it over and over again. Update soon yeah?
Jessy : )

Author's Response: Hey Jessy, thanks for the kind review (:

There should be an update soon. Probably. I hope :/

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Review #10, by dobbyismyhero22 Of Polka Dots and Counting Stars

23rd September 2011:
Brilliant chapter! This story is great! I wish you updated more though :/

Author's Response: Thank you!

I'm about halfway through chapter four. I'll try and post it as soon as possible (:

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Review #11, by GiddyGryffindorGirl Of Drinking Games and Disco Cats

8th September 2011:
Can I just say I've no idea why you think this chapter isn't good, it's brilliant! You're such a skilled writer. This story made me laugh so much! Please continue it! Also you mentioned a girl named Rebecca Harris in this story, which is like so weird because I actually know someone with that name! Keep writing!

Author's Response: You know a Rebecca Harris? Wow. She isn't famous, is she? Maybe I plucked the name out of my subconscious.

Thank you for those kind words, I feel like they're too good for me. But thanks (:

I'm posting chapter three soon. Hope you like it!

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Review #12, by LooneyLuna Of Drinking Games and Disco Cats

8th September 2011:
are you serious this is amazing please keep going!! for my sake?? pleasse

Author's Response: Chapter three is written! I'll put it up soon, just for you (:

Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by Priori Incantatum Of Drinking Games and Disco Cats

8th September 2011:
To be honest, I'm kind of glad they didn't kiss, because Al had just vomited and that would have made me queasy. But I'm all for future happenings (as long as they don't involve projectile vomit) Well done, this is a fantastic story and I can't wait to read more :D

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You're right, that would have been a very vomity kiss, if it had happened. And there will be future happenings, of course, but none too soon. Thanks again for this lovely review (:

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Review #14, by ronfan317 Of Drinking Games and Disco Cats

7th September 2011:
alright, I'm really interested at what else he needs to say:) please update

Author's Response: Chapter three is finally written! I just need to edit it a little, and then it will be up. Thanks for the review!

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Review #15, by ariellem Of Drinking Games and Disco Cats

7th September 2011:
*drags you out from under the bed*

Alright so it wasn't as good as your first chapter THAT'S OK! That's what editing's there for!! I once edited a chapter four times! I'm still editing it as a matter of fact! YOU'RE A GENIUS, you don't need that many edits, just go back to it when you have a chance. No big deal, you're still an insanely good writer!

Can I just point out though that the my-parents-hate-magic thing has been done before ( a lot), I used it once to so I can't really talk, but it's one of my pet peeves.

That and dramione, I hate that ship. No offence meant if you're a dramione person. You're still quite nice.

Anyway, long review in a nutshell, you're still a genius.

:) :) :)

Author's Response: You really hate dramione, huh? But I don't blame you. Thanks for all those kinds words, and you're right, I just need to edit.

I know that her parents story is a cliche. I try to steer clear of cliches, but for some reason, all my stories are riddled with them. Maybe I'll change it in the edit.

Thanks for the lovely review (:

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Review #16, by ariellem Prologue - Introductions are in order, methinks

7th September 2011:
I have to post a review, this story is quite genius.

First off, if you are a shallow person then so am I because I also enjoy attractive boys and chocolate, not so much summer because then my hair gets frizzy. :)

As I said earlier this story is quite genius and you deserve every review you're getting. I normally steer clear of next-gen as they all happen to be made of the same plot-line (like dramione, only not as bad, if you write/like dramione I'm sorry for that comment), but sometimes you find a gem (like this one) that you just have to favorite.

Now while I am not leaving you a review just for the cookies, I should say that they were a helpful factor.

So what kind are they?

Author's Response: Ah, a nice long review, my favorites (:

Don't worry, I can't stand Dramione. I'm glad that you're a fellow hater, I was starting to feel lonely. Dramione is BAD. Nearly as bad as Snap/Harry ships. They are just disturbing.

The cookies are virtual, so they can transforme into anything you want them to. Thanks for the review (:

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Review #17, by forever_and_always Prologue - Introductions are in order, methinks

7th September 2011:
really good start I think this story could turn out really well and I love it so far!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I hope you like the rest of it (:

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Review #18, by alydino Of Drinking Games and Disco Cats

17th July 2011:
you. you. just you.
i read this completely out of interest, to see what your other stories were like. oh. my. god. you are an amazingly skilled writer. i don't think i've ever laughed at a story so much before!
i look forward to the next chapter, if you put one up, considering you have a lot of stories on the go ;)

Author's Response: I love this review! It's inspiring, it makes me want to get up and finish all of my stories, all at once!

Thank you (:

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Review #19, by FrostyFannie Of Drinking Games and Disco Cats

28th April 2011:
I like your story! :) You know, stories really look different from a writer's point of view. Your story is a classic example. Your story looks awful from YOUR point of view, but it is awesome from OUR (readers) point of view.

I really like your story!

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks for that, I'll try and keep it in mind.

I'm so happy you like this, and thanks for the kind review!

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Review #20, by Kayla McBurney!! Of Drinking Games and Disco Cats

16th April 2011:
Dude I love this story so far I think it's amazing and you should continue this!! With lots of love Kayla :)

Author's Response: Hey Kayla!

You review was so nice, and I'm definetly continuing with this (:

Glad you like it!


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Review #21, by dobbyismyhero22 Of Drinking Games and Disco Cats

11th April 2011:
GAh I loved it (: SO MUCH.

Author's Response: :O

I wish I could do one of those jaw dropping emoticons like you can on TDA. Cause that's the sort of face that could imitate mine at the moment.

Ok, you want to know the reason of my dislocated jaw?

I LOVE your story. Love Goddesses and the rest of the title is too long. I it read with the kind of faithfullness my step dad reserves for the morning paper.

I like Enemies with Benifits, too, but Love Godesses is my favorite (:

So I'm really excited that you've read and actually LIKED something of mine.

So thanks for reviewing (:

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Review #22, by lily16 Of Drinking Games and Disco Cats

6th April 2011:
Whhaatt? This chapter was really, really good. definitely not rubbish :D

You're a really good author and I love how you introduced everyone in this chapter. Ohh and I loved that part with Al at the end. I can see why poor Cherry is so confused.

Author's Response: Aww, I really liked this review, it made me smile (:

So thank you! I'll try and update soon!!

xx - Tia

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Review #23, by MissMademoiselle Of Drinking Games and Disco Cats

3rd April 2011:
Hahaha finally you updated :)
This is hilarious darling. And you stole my name! Lotte is my characters name :( but i give ou permission hahahaha it's a pretty common nickname (apparently). But this Lotte is slightly less psychotic than my Lotte... have you seen? I had an updating spree, the queue was only 0 hours so i got 4 lotte chapters up and 2 chapters up, one for each of my new stories, how cool is that?
Anyway, i had heaps of favourite quotes but i am too lazy to go back and read them and find them and post them, but your MC is really funny. And this is NOT terrible. Plus i told IsBanana that your account was called Hyacinth Dursley (first account i saw when i was looking through recent stories) and she was like o...kay. so shee's probably leaving pedo sounding reviews on some random account hahahahaha.

10/10 (what else?)

Author's Response: Sorry for stealing your name, May, it was just the first thing that popped into my head...

Oh god, I pity Hyacnith Dursley...She'll be slightly creeped out, for sure!

love you, Tia (:

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Review #24, by explosion Of Drinking Games and Disco Cats

3rd April 2011:
absolutely lovedd this chapter! the whole pumpkins thing was hilarious and Al getting sloshed made me laugh.
can't wait for the next chappie!

Author's Response: Oh, happy you liked it! I was scared it was going to fail terribly...

Next chapter isn't actually written yet, but I'm working on it...Hopefully it will be up soon, thank you for reviewing (:

xx -Tia

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Review #25, by Rainbow Prologue - Introductions are in order, methinks

30th March 2011:
This is a really strong beginning, one thing I would watch out for in terms of your style was the P.E.R.F. ect thing you did; those devices often make your writing sound like its been written by a ten year old girl who has fantasies about Justin Beiber, I love your writing and would hate to see it go in that direction, can't wait for the next chapter!

- Rainbow

Author's Response: Oh no!! Looking like a ten year olg girl who fantisizes about Justin Beiber is my worst nightmare!! I'll refrain from doing anything like that from now on, thanks for pointing it out (:

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