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Review #1, by 1066ec Antioch

14th October 2014:
reaiiy cooi story, iove it

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Review #2, by Lord Umbrex Antioch

1st October 2012:
Well written. Good job.

Author's Response: Thanks! I really appreciate it :)

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Review #3, by magicmuggle01 Antioch

17th March 2011:
Wow, totally awesome, what a great chapter. So the elder wand claimed it's first victim. It's a shame that the brothers had to split up. with the power the three possessed they were stronger and would more likely keep each other in line. 10/10. Please update soon.

P.S. I love giving 1st reviews to a chapter.

Author's Response: Thank you kindly! I'm so glad you're liking it so much! Wow, I never thought of the fact that together, they would have kept each other in line. That makes a lot of sense though! They've each got personalities that would help each other out. Haha... I'm so glad you wrote that thought out! It's making me think very hard! I shall try to update soon, although the next chapter is giving me quite a hard time... Thanks again for reviewing!
P.S. I love giving first reviews too! They make me feel so powerful!

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Review #4, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Prologue: The Elder Wand

14th March 2011:
Finally got a chance to review :)

I'm very intrigued! I want to know more so I'm adding it to my favourites and will be checking for updates (or you could tell me on the forums lol)

Looking forward to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you kindly! I'm glad the story interested you. The next chapter's in the queue, so it should be out very shortly (Since the queue's so short! Yay!!) I'll let you know when it's up. Thanks again for reading and reviewing :o)

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Review #5, by SnilyJily Prologue: The Elder Wand

6th March 2011:
Great Chapter. The elder wand seems like a very dark and complex character (other than the fact that it appears as a stickbug cartoon figure in my mind... with a mustache) Can't wait for you to update! I'm interested to see where you take this.

Author's Response: Hmmm... a moustache you say. Slightly odd, and one of those images I'll never be able to get out of my head. Tis Ok though... I think the image of a stickbug with a moustache is a pretty rockin' awesome one :) I'm glad you liked the story! The next chapter's going to be up quite shortly, I believe *squeals in excitement*. Thanks for the lovely review!

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Review #6, by NessaMahtar Prologue: The Elder Wand

6th March 2011:
Woah! Intense and a very unique idea. Are you going to go through all of the wand's masters?

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm so glad you liked it! I am planning on going through as many masters as I can, but it might take a little while :) Thanks again for a lovely review!

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Review #7, by magicmuggle01 Prologue: The Elder Wand

5th March 2011:
What a great prologue about the elder wand, it was very interesting to read a detailed description of what the wand was thinking. The way it seemed to be power crazy, and wanted to control the people who thought they had owned it. I give you 10/10 for this, you must update ASAP. (I myself have just started a story with a different origin for the wand. Please feel free to read it. It's called descendents of the founders (through the centuries). I will be posting the third chapter sometime in the next day or so.)

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I'm going to check out your story as soon as I've finished answering your review! It sounds like it'll be most interesting :)
I'm glad you enjoyed! I always thought that it was kind of suspicious that every single person that owned the Elder Wand went a little evil or was a bit bad to start with (except Harry, and maybe Dumbledore... although I don't think that Dumbledore was entirely 100% good either!) so it made sense that the wand changed them somehow.
I've almost got the next chapter finished, so it'll be up soon, I promise! Thanks again for such a lovely review!

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Review #8, by ericajen Prologue: The Elder Wand

3rd March 2011:
Hey there! :)

Very interesting fic! I've read a couple stories that are from the Elder Wand's perspective like this (not enough to be overdone, don't you worry about that :P) and they're all so interesting! I mean, if you have the capability to put emotions into a stick, then that's pretty impressive.

Anyway, I thought it was really well done. I could actually feel how cold and cruel and heartless and driven and etc etc the wand was. For some reason he reminded me greatly of Iago from Othello (my teachers make me read way too much Shakespeare, such things must be stopped).

Also, on a slightly more irrelevant but still kind of relevant note, I liked how you capitalized the word wand, but only when referring to, you know, THE wand. It made it seem even more impressive and intimidating.

Well done!!


Author's Response: Hi! Thanks for the great review! And so quickly too! '
I'm glad that you thought it was interesting. I'd love to read the other stories you've read from the Elder Wand's perspective... I'd like to compare and contrast my ideas to it. You've given me a mission!
I'm liking the comparison between Iago and the Wand. I haven't read Othello (as of yet... I'm sure my teachers are plotting such things though) but I get the general gist of the character, and that's totally what I was aiming for.
Yes, the capitalization thing was written so that I could give the Wand more importance and emphasis. Also, I used the word wand an awful lot, so I wanted to distinguish it a lot.
Thanks for the really lovely review! I'm glad you thought it was well done; coming from a great author like you, it means a lot to me.

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Review #9, by RumbleroarRedvines Prologue: The Elder Wand

11th February 2011:
Wow, this a BRILLIANT idea. Who would've thought to write a story from the perspective of a wand? You, of course. You're just amazing like that.
p.s. This was my favorite line: "...The feeling of emerald strength..." It's just like...whoa.

Author's Response: Wow! Your reviews are the most awesome boosters ever! They make me so happy! I thought that the wand's perspective is probably one of the most interesting... after all, it's gone through a heck of a lot of wizards before it reaches Harry, so it must have picked up a lot. I'm so glad you liked the story. I don't know when any updates will be coming however, since my stupid computer died on me, and took with it all my stories :P Bummer. Thanks for the fantabulous review! You rock!

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