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Review #1, by George Whitman When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

23rd January 2012:
Uh, I'm not sure I like this but big boobs yum!

Author's Response: omg jake that is so typical.

worst husband ever.


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Review #2, by sophie_hatter When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

7th December 2011:
Aw, I loved this!

I thought the conversation between Terry and Johnny was really clever. It flowed beautifully.

I've never thought of Terry as being socially inept, but you made it work, and the witty way in which you described it brought the whole thing to life.

It was really interesting to see the start of the war start to infringe on ordinary lives. Good job!

Author's Response: Terry and Johnny are the type of conversationalists that make words flow, haha. Them together is always an event. So glad you enjoyed this and thanks so much for the review!


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Review #3, by Loony_Scorpy When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

5th September 2011:
This story is awesome!! I loved it! :D I really loved your characters! :D well now I'm going to check out your page and see if there are any more awesome stories for me to read! :D

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed this! These characters are some of my favorites too, haha. Thanks for the review!


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Review #4, by faerieall When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

7th August 2011:
Anie. I'm talking to you right now. I loved this. It is so pretty and perfect and TERRY BOOT IS THE GREATEST. He is so relatable. But Johnny is even greater. She's such a great character. And I love the Claw loving going on in this story. But yes. You were right in saying I would like this cause I did. It's perfect. I wish it was like a short story or something. That'd be fantastico :3

Nisha/faerieall (Ravenclaw)

Author's Response: NISHA LOVE. I'm glad you loved this so much! TERRY AND JOHNNY ARE SO THE GREATEST YO. Johnny is the best kind of crazy and Terry is the most pretentious ever, the silly boy.

Claws ftw darling, as always. Maybe, someday, I will finish the other Johnny story I started. If so, you will be one of the first to know.

Thanks for the review dear!


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Review #5, by wenderbender When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

20th July 2011:
Wow, found a recommendation for this on the forums, and I'm so happy I did! I love when authors pick up obscure canon characters and make them their own...and you've gone above and beyond with Terry and Johnny/Irving! Even though this is pretty short, I feel like I already know so much about them--their quirks, foibles, strengths and faults, even the way they tend to speak. And somehow I'm already shipping Terry/Johnny (even though this is about friendship! oops?). How did you manage all that in a oneshot? It must be magic!

Your writing style is just perfect for the characters too--snarky but highbrow, with an impeccable vocabulary. I particularly liked "an apocalyptic display of histrionics." Hilarious.

The one downside of this story? IT'S A ONESHOT. Why oh why is it a oneshot? I would follow it to the grave if it promised more chapters, but no--I have fallen gracelessly in love with two funny, original and unusual characters only to have them wrested from me after one short chapter. *sigh*

Okay, if the above whiny monologue wasn't clear enough, here's the recap: LOVE YOUR STORY. PLEASE WRITE MORE.

xoxo wenderbender

Author's Response: Obscure characters are my favorites! Little lost puppies that need author homes :3 (points for the use of the word 'foibles' btw, Terry would definitely approve).

LOL. Terry and Johnny would kill each other if they ever tried to date omg. Please don't ship them if you want the world to survive.

As this is taking place from Terry's perspective, I felt like the vocabulary should be a little more pretentious than usual, because well, Terry is a little pretentious.

I do have a story about Johnny lying around half finished, where she can't seem to find a date to her brother's wedding and there is shenanigans, but I would be lying to you if I said that it was going to finished soon. I honestly have no idea if I'll ever complete it. But! I'm so glad you loved both Terry and Johnny so much! Thanks for the review!


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Review #6, by ravenclaw_princess When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

19th May 2011:
Well done and writing a really great story. I was first drawn to it because it's about Terry, who is someone I've never read about before so I was intrigues, and you didn't disappoint.

The characterisation was very strong for all the characters. Terry was so cute and I love the initial meeting with Johnny. He grew throughout the story too which, considering it's length, is quite an achievement.

Johnny was so close to psychotic that she was brilliant to read. I loved the things that her mind came up with and her totally over the top melodrama. Especially when it came to Cho who was so in character going on about Harry like that.

The story flowed really well. and the descriptions of everything form the lunch concoction to the 'stressful melting pot of lunacy that was the Ravenclaw common room near exam time' were very well worded and flowed effortless into the story. I did find that towards the end I was kind of wondering where the story was heading and it dragged just a tad, but I did like the ultimate conclusion. It was also good to see the few little snippets of the war and canon events.

Well done. I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

Author's Response: In the true style of Seinfeld, I feel like this is a story about nothing, haha. In truth, it is really about how Terry got a friend, but in most ways, it really goes nowhere. I had fun with the language in this story, because it is happening from Terry's perspective, so the vocabulary is probably going to be a bit more pretentious haha. I always wondered about friends that were in different years at Hogwarts, because there don't seem to be very many, and so I wrote this friendship!

So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for your review!


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Review #7, by leopard When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

7th May 2011:
this is a very well written and engaging story- i really enjoyed it. i thought that Jonny was a very believable character- even though she is rather insane ;)
well done :)

Author's Response: Johnny is definitely a little insane, but I do love her. I'm glad you did too! Thanks for your review!


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Review #8, by katebabelovesharrypotter When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

24th March 2011:
That was...perfect! I adored it!

Author's Response: Haha, that's great to hear! Glad you enjoyed it!


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Review #9, by maskedmuggle When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

9th March 2011:
Hello! :D

Entertaining story! :) The plot was really lovely. I liked the way you wrote it - the dialogue was quite humourous!

I loved the way you characterised both Terry and Johnny! :D Really quite unique!!

Gah, loved the way you wrote, this was a lovely fic to read :)
& I love the title of this fic ^_^

Author's Response: I'm so happy you liked this so much! Johnny and Terry are quite the comedic duo, aren't they?

Thanks so much for reading and for your review!


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Review #10, by ericajen When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

6th March 2011:

Johnny is my favorite person in the world right now. She's so great. Also love that her real name is Irving. Haha. But she goes by Johnny? I really don't blame her. I would, too. Johnny sounds kind of cool.

Also, Terry Boot. Kind of amazing. Yes. Definitely. Okay.

I love the neglected Hogwarts era kids. I about died when you mentioned Justin Finch-Fletchley, aka the unsung hero of Hogwarts. All of them are. People ought to write more about these cool kids. Mhmm.

Cutting this review off now. GREAT FIC, ANNIE. :D

Author's Response: Johnny started out normally. Really. She did. And so did Terry. And then I started writing them together and the whole thing kind of snowballed in a giant avalanche of crazy. I've gotten more and more attached to the idea of Johnny as a girl's name. It works somehow, doesn't it? Better than Irving at least, poor girl.

Those characters are my favorite too! Yay! I'm glad you agree with me

Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the review!


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Review #11, by Marzipan When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

26th February 2011:
I know, I know. I still haven't gotten to that review you requested, and here I am leaving a review for a completely unrelated fic. But ... but ... I've already read this, yeah? And I haven't read the other yet and I don't want to read right now. So there. Am sure you won't complain, anyway - a review is a review, afterall, whether or not it is from someone whose priorities are not necessarily in order.

Let's move onto the story itself, shall we? IT IS LOVE. Now I understand all the Terry love - he is pretty ridiculous, no? And kind of made of win. So socially inept, and then even when he tries he just doesn't quite hit the mark. A lethifold comforter, indeed!

In his limited experience, girls were a bit like angry bulls: if you didn't look them in the eye, they sometimes forgot you existed and left you alone.

Very limited, if he thinks girls forget. We just selectively remember. -nods- And then Johnny, who is so completely wild and insane and makes SO much more sense with you having told me her background before I had read this. I can definitely see you in here, but in an exaggerated, I-go-to-Hogwarts-and-learn-magic kind of way, if you know what I mean?

Am still not pleased with the wanton Hufflepuff ... I wouldn't say bashing, that seems a bit strong ... disrespect? Yes. The wanton Hufflepuff disrespect that is running rampant here. Hufflepuffs can't just go 'round brushing people's hands willy-nilly! We certainly can. Neither you nor Terry Boot will stop us! Am slightly placated by the obvious Hufflepuff theme to your banner, however, so will let it stand. This time. >.>

Anyway, enjoyed immensely, so perhaps you should write one-shots more often than once in a hundred years, yeah? Maybe write some more about Terry and Johnny? Maybe? Huh? :P

Author's Response: pssshhhtt, priorities are overrated. I like you no matter what you review, you know that. *hugs*

Oh Terry, silly silly Terry. He tries so hard. I have a bit of him written as a grown up and he is slightly less of an adorable fail, probably from Johnny's influence, but you can't help but love him, you know?

Hahaha, the more I think of it, the more I agree with people when they say things like that about me and Johnny. Though, I'm still slightly insulted, because she is INSANE. But then, what can you do, right?


lovelovelove you dear! Thanks for R&Ring!


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Review #12, by anon When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

24th February 2011:
i loved this! both of your characters were incredibly well-written and fresh; they breathed off the page (screen?). the witty banter was funny and natural without it being forced, and everything just seemed to...flow. i was happy that johnny and terry remained friends without going into the whole 'will-they-or-won't-they' mushy gushy romance stuff. it was just a really fantastic read. thumbs up!

ps. who is the guy on the banner? he's absolutely delish

Author's Response: I always crack up when I try and imagine Johnny and Terry ending up together. They'd kill each other! And I don't think they've ever even begun to think of each other that way really.

The guy on the banner is Dave Franco (HNNNGGG) and he IS absolutely delish, isn't he? The thing about Terry is that it isn't that he's really unattractive or anything (hopefully I finish the little oneshot I've started for him as a grown up), he's just so darn awkward. But yes, he ends up being very hot in the end.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!


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Review #13, by NeverGotHerLetter When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

20th February 2011:
Hey! SO, here's a review!
I LOVE TERRY. Seriously, I think it's so good how awkward you made him, but then you could see the change when he became best friends with Johnny. Or Irving :D Actually, now I think about it, Johnny is actually quite a nice name for a girl... hmmm, you've made me think :D
So yes, this was really well written, and really interesting. I like how you slipped the little detail in about the war, and the pre-thoughts (is that a word?) about it, and I like how you slipped Cho in, really good details there.
MY absolute favourite little thing that you mentioned was the book thing, with was it called "the many faces of Wendelin the Weird"? I think that you must have been attacked by a huge plot bunny to insert that in, as I think it was a genius way for 1) to interest the readers, and remind them of something they are familiar with 2) Get Johnny and Terry to get talking without it being weird, unrealistic and awkward (on Johnny's part anyway) and 3) Get TERRY to be interested without being reserved and trying to run away from the conversation.
OH and I like how you made the connection between being friends with Cho, and therefore being a Ravenclaw sixth year, and then coming over to the end of the table to meet Terry. I always think it lovely when people make characters of different years friends, as it shows people don't think you have to be the same age to be close to someone at Hogwarts, which is exactly the same in real life.
Also, I'm glad you picked Terry, as I've never read a fic about him before and now every time I read him, I will always see him as socially awkward, and I will always expect Johnny to pop up in the story next to him :)
I loved this story, and you are a fantastic writer :)
10/10 :D
~NeverGotHerLetter x x x x x x

Author's Response: AW TERRY *squishes* I swear he was just your average nerd when I first thought of him. But then he just kept getting more and more awkward and it was a giant characterization snowball and just... well, anyway, haha.

And yes, I ended up quite liking the name Johnny for a girl, but it has to be a very special girl to pull of a name like that, or Irving (poor girl). AND CHO. Gosh, she is such a scream in my head. Or rather, watching Johnny try and put up with her is such a scream.

As for the book, that was another sort of snowballing thing. Because at first I just wanted Terry to be reading a HUGE book, and then I realized it would need to be something really nerdy and mundane because, come on, it's Terry, and she was the first character that came to mind. Thankfully, she has a bit of an odd notoriety, so it worked out nicely.

I did want to work a bit with friendship between years, because I can't imagine that it wouldn't happen, but it seems shockingly underused in fanfic.

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing this! I'm flattered you liked it so much!


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Review #14, by FannyPrice When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

20th February 2011:
One-shot? One-shot! Now, I'm furious. Johnny is far too interesting, Terry far too awkward, and the writing in this story far too brilliant to be stuck into that crazy, crazy head of yours girl. Shoo girl, girl. Gots to writes more, yo.

In all seriousness, I'm very happy that you finally posted this. I'd loved reading it in its completed state, and its brilliant. Utterly brilliant, truly. I laughed out public, and the Johnny has just the right mix of insanity and brilliance. The way you worked in the more serious aspects of the time period was also really well done, and realistic and I greatly enjoyed the entire read. I hope you do write more Terry and Johnny some day.

Hugs and all that jazz,

Author's Response: *cowers in fear of Miranda's wrath*

Bahaha, you had me going there for a second. YOU LOL-ED IN PUBLIC. MWAHAHAHA. I feel very accomplished now somehow. I'm a bit too spazzy to give you a proper reply and so I'll just say: I love you, this whole thing wouldn't exist without you, thank you times a million.


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Review #15, by DoubleBee When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

19th February 2011:
Hey hun, I''m not logged in and I'm too lazy to do so, so here's my review. First off let me get my squeeling out of the way: EEECK! Now that that's over with, I will resort to speaking english. BEAUTIFUL! HILARIOUS! I LOVE IT!!! SO AWSOME!!! WE both have something in common. I love Terry Boot too! :) And I lurv Johnny! She is so quirky and unique!!! I half expected Terry and Johnny to fall in love, but that's okay. I read too much romance anyway. AWSOME one-shot.

Author's Response: Ok, so I've seriously tried to reply to this about 5 times, but apparently HPFF hates me or something... ANYWAY. LET'S TRY THIS ONE MORE TIME.

TERRY -hearts- poor boy needs more love. I'm glad I've found someone else that likes him too! And as for Terry and Johnny ending up together? They'd kill each other! And honestly, I don't think they've ever really thought about each other that way...

Anyways, thanks so much for your review and I'm glad you liked this so much!


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Review #16, by electricfeel When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

18th February 2011:
Hi, electricfeel here again :)

Yet another fantastic story with humour! I haven't read any of your more angsty stuff, but I remember how you said angst was more your field, yet you must be the only author on this whole site that has genuinely made me chuckle out loud.

Your characterisation is just a fantastic example of how characterisation should be done. In just a one-shot you've managed to translate two very different characters magnificently. And we only really see them in two scenes! It's an utterly brilliant talent you have there. I adored the both of them, I was smiling all the way through your description of Terry, he just seems so adorable and strange! And then Johnny was so different, yet together they were misfits and worked well. I could gush on and on about your characters but I should move on now haha.

Your grammar, as always, was flawless and your style of writing once again works well with your story. I liked the idea that she was smoking and dangling her legs off the building, it adds a sort of reckless component to her character. The descriptions of them on the Astronomy Tower were great too, it really brought the scene to life along with the witty and realistic dialogue.

Anyway, I really, really enjoyed this. 10/10 :)

Author's Response: AW. The two misfits can be friendies! I always wondered if there was more inner-year friendships at Hogwarts, because it always seemed pretty segregated in the books, but I always had friends in school that were in different grades than me. Anyway. That's why they're in different years. Poor Johnny has to put up with Cho and Marietta, hahaha.

Johnny is an oddly reckless individual. Good on you for picking up on that. She plays practical jokes, gets back at people that insult her, smokes and hangs her legs of the Astronomy Tower, and in my little story about her that I'm writing, she drives a motorcycle. I wanted to flesh out the idea I had of a Ravenclaw that is smart, but only incidentally. Johnny has a photographic memory and LOVES to read, but school? psshhtt. She couldn't care less. Teach her something she doesn't know, and not something she could read in a book.

Thanks so much for your review!

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Review #17, by Aiedail When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

17th February 2011:
Oh Merlin, this story is quite possibly one of the most insane I've ever read.

But I love it. I really do. The fact that your grammar and punctuation are spot on is really helpful, but still, your characters and their way of interacting is so charming in its off-beat nature that I can't help but feel enraptured. I love Johnny, she's so strange and silly and--well, there almost aren't words that are ready to describe her. She has the best insults and thoughts that are really clever, when I think about them:
“Do you think telling Professor Flitwick that Cormac McLaggen was the one that charmed his stack of books to scream in pain every time he stood on them last week counts as practice?”
that made me laugh for a little while. So ridiculous, but really appropriate.
I also love her vocabulary, using words like "brain" and all the things that she says she'd rather do.
Terry is really quite pathetic, but in a good, lovable way. I understand why he'd be drawn to Johnny, and the way that he could take on some of her habits and language. Some of the things you had in there about him, oh dear, I was put into fits laughing!

I really love your casual approach to language--it makes it seem a little frenetic, the way that it flows and it's just the kind of things that knock you over the head.

This story, the thoughts were so original, and the characters were highly enjoyable. In combination with your style of writing, it's a true gem ;)

I'M SO GLAD THAT I RESPONDED TO YOUR STATUS! otherwise I probably wouldn't have been faithful enough to search through the archives for this little wacky, weird, strange delight.


Author's Response: Bahahahaha, this story. Everyone seems to think it is really insane and I don't even get it... this probably means something really sinister about me, haha. I mostly just talked this story out and then kind of transcribed it and added dialogue tags. That might explain the more casual language here. And also the weird mix between normal and sort if weirdly advanced vocabulary (though some of that is also because this takes place from Terry's POV). Silly silly Terry, collecting the world's most insane best friend. That "I would rather..." thing becomes a bit of a game between them and it's a little hilarious.

I'M GLAD YOU RESPONDED TOO:) Thanks so much for your review and I'm happy you liked this so much!


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Review #18, by Toujours Padfoot When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

14th February 2011:
SO glad we did the review exchange thing, or else I probably never would have seen this.

Johnny is, quite possibly, the most non-Mary Sue OC I have seen in any fanfiction EVER. Just in this one-shot, I got a complete feel of her. She is so original and refreshing that I want you to just hold up your hands for me and give yourself a round of applause. Do it. Because Johnny's character is excellent.

Terry is also great. Just like with Johnny, his character is so different from anything else out there - especially for a main character. He is flawed and I loved it. There is something really remarkable about this story - and its not just the descriptive-ness, the professionalism of your writing (thank God for your good grammar, sometimes I just want to claw my eyes out when I'm reading some fics), the flawless flow, and the humorous dialogue (Not everyone at Hogwarts who has eyelashes is trying to charm their way into your heart, Terry. - *loves*) - I think it's the fact that I feel like I know them. They are so real and dynamic, and they could be people I know. Just a couple of misfits - polar opposites in personality, who somehow complement each other. They are in different years, they have different views of the world and different priorities, but they work well together. Everything about their relationship was unexpected and original. They did not romantically get together at the end. Terry did not become Mr. Suave Popular and Johnny did not become Miss Pearls-of-Wisdom. They stayed true to themselves, but still somehow evolved. It was all very natural.

Have I already said that your story was original?

Well, I'll say it again, anyway. Because it is. And it's so strange to think that out of the masses of novels I've read on HPFF, a character in a one-shot is more dynamic and interesting than all of those hundreds of female OC's I've read about. I think another round of applause is in order. Feel free to give yourself a nice back-patting. 10/10.


Author's Response: Bahaha, this story. Gosh, it's been in the works for SO. LONG. I remember watching Chicago and during the Cellblock Tango number a woman with the name of Irving is mentioned, and I thought, 'I wonder why no one names their daughters that anymore? I kind of like it.' But then, the more I thought about it, the more I realized that any girl named Irving would probably be teased like crazy, so she wouldn't actually be CALLED that. Around the same time, I was searching for girl's names that could be shortened into boy-sounding nicknames (for my other story, 'Help Wanted') and for some reason, the character Irving Johanna, aka Johnny kind of blew up in my head. Honestly, she's gotten a lot more insane as time has gone on. But hey, if that makes her more realistic as well, then yay!

When I thought of her character, she was best friends with this sort of faceless nerdy guy with glasses and eventually, I decided that was Terry Boot! Good ole Terry, putting up with her insanity. And while I was writing their conversations, I would literally just talk out the dialogue out loud and then write it down, no dialogue tags or anything, just trying to get the rhythm right (also, I was watching tons of Dr. Who at the time, so my feel for British cadence was at its best, I think). Terry and Johnny would absolutely kill each other if they ever tried to date, and honestly, I don't think they've ever even really considered the idea. It will take a very special woman and man to put up with both of them romantically, I think.

Thanks so much for this amazing review! I totally did a sort of hair-pulling squeal as I read it and you totally made my day!


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Review #19, by justonemorefic When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

12th February 2011:

Heheh, I feel your pain, fellow anti-social Terry. FEEL IT. People are weird. Hahah I just made a weird comparison thinking about how his complete inability to be social is like Hestia's complete inability to be happy. (OMG I also totally fail at names and I point and be all, HEY YOU.)


“You know, you’re really awkward.” She had said it cheerfully, but Terry felt his face start to heat in embarrassment. Served him right for trying to make friends with – “I like it. I’m Johnny – and if you tell me that’s a boy’s name too, I’ll brain you with the pepper grinder.”

"a great big walking ball of self-contained psychosis" ♥

"The entire common room had stared at her, momentarily distracted from studying –which was a true feat during exam time – and someone had sympathetically pressed a vial of Calming Concoction into her hand" THIS IS HOW I IMAGINE YOU MOST OF THE TIME, IN A WONDERFUL ADORABLE WAY.


"Not everyone at Hogwarts who has eyelashes is trying to charm their way into your heart, Terry.” OH SNAP.

You always do make me fall in love with your characters. -SQUISH YOU- TOO AWESOME.

Author's Response: I swear, Terry started out as someone more normal. Really. He did. But then, he just kept getting more and more awkward and scandalized school girl-ish and it was ridiculous and wonderful I had to keep him that way.


heh, good ole Johnny, braining people with pepper grinders left and right. Never stops being funny really.


AND SEE? I told you that you shouldn't ship them together! It doesn't work in a weird way. They're too friendshippy. It wouldn't work romantically. AND THE HIGH HEELS. THAT WAS THE BIRTH OF THIS STORY I SWEAR. FOR SCIENCE. OF COURSE.

I wish I could write Johnny and Terry over and over, that's how much I like them. Over and over and over and over...


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Review #20, by PenguinsWillReignSupreme When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

9th February 2011:
CRISPS. I saw them. Crisps right there ♥ Same applies to bacon. I love love love ♥

I think I've already told you how fabulous I think this is. I know it was a long time coming but here it finally is and it's wonderful. Johnny definitely reminds me of you. I think it's the agressive verbal abuse thing. Or, it's just that. WAIT. NO. THE WORD IS BLUNT. SHE IS BLUNT. It's a compliment. Honestly. You know I love you and I LOVE HER TOO. She's a brilliant character and she comes alive on the screen.

I love Terry too. I have a soft spot for the socially incapable. They flock to me. He's written really well and I got such a good sense of his character - or your interpretation of it - here. Same goes for Johnny.

I think this is one of your best written pieces of writing. If you can get a couple of chapters of Help Wanted out, I reckon you could make Gifted pretty soonish. This is refreshing, light, simple and funny. It's everything it should be.

Do you know how good I think it is? FAVOURITE LINES:
- shunted off to the end of the house table to sit by himself like the creepy loner that he was. - Jane'll be heartbroken that you're referencing her RL in fanfiction form, you know?
- after I blew up Vaisey's cauldron for calling me a psychotic tart. - I LOVE JOHNNY.
- Hufflepuffs can't just go 'round brushing people's hands willy-nilly! - I LOVE TERRY TOO AND ALL THE HUFFLEPUFF BASHING, EVEN IF I AM A REAL HUFFLEPUFF INSIDE.

I only do favourite lines for the best. You can check, especially in humour: Jack, Gina, Marina and Susan are the only ones I can recall but LOOK HOW AMAZING THEY ALL ARE! You're improving so much and I love it.

And you.


A lot

-squishes and flies-



Johnny cracks me up to no end. She is truly an OC to me as well. She simply came into being in my mind, almost fully developed, with a family and Terry and everything. That's a relatively new thing for me. I pushed really hard to make Hestia into a real person, but this came really easily. HER BLUNTNESS IS ENDEARING SOMEHOW I HOPE? (since you're likening me to her anyway, haha)

Terry, on the other hand, didn't start out as socially inept as he is in this. His personality kind of snowballed into ineptitude, haha. But I loves him for it.

*blushes* Really? You think so? well then I'll have to get on writing more Help Wanted then!

THE HUFFLEPUFF BASHING. I LITERALLY COULDN'T STOP MYSELF. Though I must admit it was really difficult not to make Terry end up with a girl from Hufflepuff, but I couldn't do that to him, I don't think.

Seriously, I'm blushing up a storm here even reading this for the second and third times. I LOOK LIKE A CHERRY TOMATO WOMAN.


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Review #21, by Rosadora  When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

8th February 2011:
This was WONDERFUL! I felt bad for Terry...he's adorable...but so AWKARD!

Author's Response: Terry is the ultimate squishable awkward bookworm! Hopefully being friends with Johnny will help cure some of his social ineptitude though.

Thanks for reading!


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Review #22, by anneliesestuart When Terry Met Johnny (except it's totally not like that at all...)

8th February 2011:
Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has an obsession for a character who is barely mentioned ever! Also the whole story was funny - I'm glad it didn't end wiht some cliché of them getting together at the end after they decided they liked each other more than friends or something.

Author's Response: Yes! I love minor characters most of all, and Terry seems especially neglected. I thought he could use some love. And I've had several people try and ship Terry and Johnny together and the idea is just so ridiculous. They would kill each other. Plus, I have other plans for them both, haha.

Thanks so much for reading and I'm happy you enjoyed it!


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