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Review #1, by leannemariesnape Once Upon a Dream

4th July 2011:

The Ted/Andromeda pairing is often very hard to find on these forums, so this was a treat. ^_^ I'm sure I've read this before, however. Obviously, I never left a review :/

Anyway. I liked the beginning- being a dedicated Hufflepuff, the fact that the story began with them winning the Quidditch cup was great! lol. I liked the interaction between Andromeda and Narcissa. I think that it seemed very natural, and very likely that Narcissa would be scolding her older sister for talking to a muggleborn.

I also liked the change of scene, and when Mr and Mrs Tonks are talking to eachother. This must have been a very strange situation for them. Similarlly, it was nice how Mrs Tonks acceped Andromeda immediately. When she said that she just walked out, I felt so happy for her, yet, I could also feel how upset she was, so this is nice. :) And the ending is just- aww! :)

Author's Response: I agree, this site needs way more Tedromeda. You'd think there would be more since people love the whole 'shouldn't be together' appeal. :)

I like to think of Mrs Tonks as a very motherly figure. So she'd want to protect Andromeda. And I can only imagine that Ted would be non-stop about the girl, so they'd know how much she meant to him. ^.^

Thank you so much for your really sweet review! --Jenna

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Review #2, by TheHeirOfSlytherin Once Upon a Dream

29th April 2011:
Ah, Ted and Andromeda! I love Ted and Andromeda! I swear I had a scary, in my head, fan-girl squeal when I saw you had an Andromeda/Ted one-shot.

This was so sweet. I was so sad, though. I wanted to cry just reading how heartbroken Ted was. You just know how to work my emotions... Though it may also be to do with the fact that I've just watched Titanic and am now watching Romeo and Juliet while about to write my Andromeda/Ted story cause I've just finished the latest chapter of my Regulus story and have wrote how there is no happy ending... :(

Loved it!


Author's Response: Hehe, thank you. I never see much about them, to be honest. They should have way more stories considering how amazing their tale is. Aww sad movies :( At least these two get to be happy for a lot of years before the death.
Thank you for reviewing! --Jenna

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Review #3, by Misty_Rey Once Upon a Dream

16th April 2011:
I liked how the beginning was misleading but at the same time, you used it to showcase Ted's personality. The way you portrayed him was really cute, how flirtatious and witty he was. It was nice that he wasn't afraid to flaunt the secret relationship in front of Narcissa and his teammates. It was a nice curveball and definitely unexpected. The way Andromeda just walked out the house, without drama or woohaha was an interesting touch but it does give her character a bit of spontaneitity that you wouldn't think Blacks would have, save for Sirius. I definitely saw shades of Nymphadora Tonks in both her parents here. Overall, I think you did a really good job though perhaps I personally would have liked a bit more meat in terms of story plot and more from Andromeda but that's just me nitpicking. =)


Author's Response: Thank you. :) I actually think that Andromeda would have been considering it for a while, so while her timing was spontanious, it wasn't just a whim of a choice. Considering what her family is like - I can't imagine dinners are pleasant.
Thank you for that, I was kinda using Tonks a base for shaping Andromeda and mostly Ted, since we only saw them so briefly in the books.
Only so much a one shot can do. :/ I really wanted to focus more on the Ted aspect of things, but if I ever expand, I'll remember that. :) --Jenna

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Review #4, by ilharrypotter Once Upon a Dream

5th April 2011:
I don't even think I can form a really lengthy, detailed, thorough review.

This was amazing.

I don't know what it was that I liked so much.

Your diction is so simple and so meaningful at the same time. Your style makes things flow and gives your every word power. It's a beautiful piece of writing.

I love Andromeda. I feel like I never hear anything about her and it's nice to read about her in this young age where she's just falling in love. Amazing, amazing, amazing. Times ten. Thank you for writing this. It's beautiful.

Author's Response: Awww thank you so much. :)

I can't even form a response. You're so sweet. *blushes* I never see much of Andromeda during her school days. It's a bit sad since she's got such a dramatic story line.

Thank you for reviewing. ^.^ --Jenna

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Review #5, by justonemorefic Once Upon a Dream

19th February 2011:
I always loved Tedromeda. Their interaction was easy and pure and can I really see their personalities. Ted's I love. Sweet, such a charmer and all hopeful optimism. I like how you introduced him first amongst the gaggle of Hufflepuff boys. You describe the atmosphere wonderfully, and I can see the scene. I got a little confused whenever you refer to Andromeda as 'the girl', just a nitpick.

The contrast later, ah Ted :( So sad. Bittersweet, really. I love the idea of Andromeda running out and into the rain and just arriving there.

A lovely, sweet one shot! ^___^

Author's Response: Tedromeda. I haven't heard that before. Which is weird, because it sounds so right. Lol.

I always figured Ted for a buddy-buddy type of guy. :) 'the girl' ? Which time? I probably did it a lot. I'll go through and check it out, see if I can smooth it a little. :D

IKR, one of those movie moments. :D Thank you soo much for coming by! --Jenna

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Review #6, by SexyDoorFrames Once Upon a Dream

19th February 2011:
This was really good :) You can truly write any character and I'm so jealous at that. I suck really badly at writing canon characters but you seem to have this natural flair for it.

It was so sad at parents; when she finally walked out. I could feel her pain, you're that good :) Her relationship with Ted is written beautifully, I've never seen such a better job done with it.

This was a wonderful story and I really enjoyed reading it, I tend not to read stories about canon characters to much (I love my ocs) But your story was so good that I couldn't help but love it. Truly brilliant. You have excellent pace & I couldn't pick up any mistakes.

- SexyDoorFrames

Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much.
Coming from someone whose writing is awesome(aka you), that means a lot!

I guess we're opposite, because when it comes o writing OCs...geesh, I do not go there very often. Lol.

Thank you times like 50. :) --Jenna

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Review #7, by ciararose Once Upon a Dream

19th February 2011:
Hello love!
I've never read an Andromeda/Tonks before, but I think, based on what we do know about them, that this was a wonderful view of them and their lives. The characterization certainly stayed true throughout this story. I loved the flirtatious scene between them, the dialogue in particular was very well done and seemed natural.

I think you struck a good balance between character exploration and actual events in this fic, which a lot of authors struggle to do, myself included. The story was short, but it did move forward and get somewhere. And the romance was very refreshing- it was neither all fluff, nor all angst, and for that it seemed more natural and realistic. I liked that you showed Andromeda dismissing him and then went back and revealed more of their relationship, rather than following the usual I hate you- you're okay- I love you pattern.

All in all, an excellent portrayal of a rarely-seen pairing. I am trying to CC, I really am, but I am not good at it, and can only really give you my general impression, which in this case was really good.

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm always a little iffy on my dialogue so that means a lot that you found it natural!

I never imagined that Andromeda would actually hate Ted. I can see him wooing her over the course of several years with his cheeky humor and oh-so-sweet comments. And her having that inner struggle to not fall for him. :)

Thank you so much for reviewing. :D --Jenna

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Review #8, by WitnesstoitAll Once Upon a Dream

19th February 2011:
Here for your offered review exchange!!

This was incredibly sweet. I loved the brief portrait of Ted and Dromeda's relationship that you displayed here. The double life that she lived in the presence of her sister. The tenderness that Ted had. All so beautiful. I love that she eventually gave up her family for that.

I was a little uncertain about the *6 months later* bit. I feel like your writing is so pretty and smooth that the little chronological insert was a little jarring. Perhaps a simple page break, or ~::~ demarcation would allow your story to continue on it's delicate and beautiful course. But even this was a minor critique.

All in all, this was a fabulous story. I would love to read more about this version of Ted and Andromeda that you have created. And that's the sign of a good one shot, offering enough to tell the story, but not enough to answer all the readers questions.


Author's Response: Thank you so much. :)

Wasn't too fond of the 6 months thing myself. Never considered a page break though. I guess it just didn't occur to me. Lol.

Again, think you sooo much! --Jenna

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Review #9, by kaileena_sands Once Upon a Dream

15th February 2011:
Hey there! I am finally here with reviews for my challenge. RL, you annoying horrible thing!

Anyway. I adore this story. Let me say this with a few points.
Characterisation - I think that both Ted and Andromeda are spot on considering what we know about them. Ted - the gentle muggleborn who has a playful streak in his character that allows him to catch the attention of a pureblood. Andromeda - the other "out of place" Black, who nevertheless possesses some snarky traits of a Slytherin. I like their subtle descriptions throughout the story very much.

Plot - considering also your Remus/Sirius story, I think you have a great talent at describing a secret kind of forbidden romance. Their subtle, kind of hushed yet bubbling passionately below the surface romance during their Hogwarts time is perfect.

Finally - the quote. I really liked how you used it and how Andromeda retorted to it sarcastically. Truly in the tone of House. Well done!

As a whole, a great great story. First Ted/Andromeda to go in my favourites! :))


Author's Response: I hate when RL gets in the way of fanfiction. :( Keeps me from reading as well. *shakes fist*

So so so glad that you like the way I painted the characters. Their characterization scared me since we didn't know much about them. :D

Ah forbidden and hidden is the most entertaining of all romance. Lol. Thank you again!!

*blushes* You're too kind, thank you! --Jenna

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Review #10, by Nynfadora Once Upon a Dream

14th February 2011:
WOW! You can write EVERY character- I thought Remus and Sirius were your specialities, but now I can see from the way that you write Andy and Ted too, its like you've got this magic key to get into every single characters head and write them perfectly!

I love how Andy is a Slytherine, as this makes sense with her being a Black, and that in such a short space of writing you can see her Slytherine characteristics- the way she doesn't want to let anyone know she loves a Hufflepuff, and the way that she acts so chilly towards the opposing House when there is a crowd- shes so different though, from all other Black family members which have been written about before- she is neither a complete rebel (Sirius :P) or a sheep (every other Black), and its just so refreshing, to read a character like that :)

So, yeah, different to what I normally read but i loved it, and as great, if not more so, as ever. For the twentieth time, your characterisation is brilliant! :)

Author's Response: You're so sweet! Seriously, such a kind review. :D

I'm so glad that you enjoyed my take on Andromeda and Ted. I was a bit nervous since we didn't know much about them.

Thank you so much time like 500! :) --Jenna

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