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Review #1, by Superwholock Fangirl Not Fairies... Wizards

20th October 2013:
Cute! I do love a good "when they were young" :)
I wish there was more! Adorable start!

Author's Response: Wow this is a year later.. I apologise for not seeing this sooner. Thank you so much!

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Review #2, by maskedmuggle Not Fairies... Wizards

26th March 2011:
Awwwh!! This is adorable!!

I actually rather like this fic! It was an enjoyable read, and quite an original plot too!
Some of it is hard to believe, a 4 year old already having the characteristic of putting their hands on their hips? But then again, I am never around little kids so I don't know what they're capable of! :P

I adored the conversation! It was so sweet! And clever, especially the ending dialogue! I like the 'Tuney can read the time' thing, and Sevvyrus ;)

Great story!! And it's written pretty well as well :)

Author's Response: Oh believe me. I know four year olds with attitude. I can't speak for four year old boys as I haven't got a clue but I've known a couple of girls to put their hands on their hips and stamp their feet for attention. Although it could be a tad unrealistic... ah well. Thanks for picking it up though!

Sevvyrus! I kept giggling when I wrote that. I actually had a really really really tough time writing it. I thought one minute they were too mature, the next too childish and it ended up taking something ridiculous like a month to write.

Thanks for the review! I know you are very honest so to only receive one point to sort out is just a.. wow moment for me, haha.


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