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Reading Reviews for The Magical Dursley
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Review #1, by Holly Loose Ends Wrapped Up

7th January 2017:
Very well done. I enjoyed this story immensely and it was quite enthralling. Only corrections I'd make are to so grammar and correct placement of him/her. Thanks for the lovely read.

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Review #2, by Lynchie Loose Ends Wrapped Up

25th December 2014:
This is awesome! I loved it so much!

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Review #3, by Lynchie A Coincidence and a Stakeout

25th December 2014:
O.o PLOT TWIST!!! unexpected!

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Review #4, by Lynchie Learning the background of Elizabeth Dursley.

25th December 2014:
XD Harry's related to Snape! That means Ron is too. >:D ooh this'll be fun to watch.

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Review #5, by Half Raven Prince Loose Ends Wrapped Up

29th November 2013:
This is a awesome story when is the next chapter coming

Author's Response: Alas, this story has ended. Will try to think up new ones after my spring classes are done. Too much work right now.

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Review #6, by irloserable Loose Ends Wrapped Up

13th October 2012:
This story was Great!!! Thank you for writing it.

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Review #7, by Clo Loose Ends Wrapped Up

4th September 2012:
Really good story, loved reading it. Great to find a story so well written!

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Review #8, by Cornflower Brown Loose Ends Wrapped Up

4th September 2012:
great story! Wish there could be a sequel to this with Jessica attending Hogwarts

Author's Response: I'm not as good at writing teenage angst. Feel free to pick up the story line and write it yourself. Sometimes the best stories are ones that are derived from others.

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Review #9, by Bethany Loose Ends Wrapped Up

19th August 2012:
Loved the story! Cant wait to read some more of your stories!

Author's Response: Working on the first chapter of a Marauder era story involving time turners. Should have it out within the next week.

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Review #10, by kellyhp Chapter 9-A Talk with Uncle Vernon

21st June 2012:
hope to god her memory can be fixed i'll have cry for dudley if it cant and jess

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Review #11, by harry potter Chapter 9-A Talk with Uncle Vernon

30th May 2012:
the whole series were great please make more i realy enjoyed the first 9 and i hope that you can make manny more

thank you :)

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Review #12, by magicmuggle01 Chapter 9-A Talk with Uncle Vernon

8th April 2012:
My estimation of Vernon has well and truly gone into the minus figures. I can't wait to see the final result of what you have planned for him.
Another great chapter and I can't wait to see the reunion of Dudley with Elizabeth. I think that will be one of your best chapters yet.
10/10 and please update soon.

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Review #13, by Half Raven Prince A Surprise Visitor

5th October 2011:
Great story I just wish you would write another chapter

Author's Response: Sorry, been kind of stuck on exactly how to end this. Plus, I've been wasting more time on Facebook than I should be ($%$&!@# Facebook).

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Review #14, by leannemariesnape A Surprise Visitor

11th July 2011:
Ooh. This is getting interesting! Can't wait for the next installment :)

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Review #15, by EmilyPotter2390 A Surprise Visitor

9th June 2011:
Please write more!! I am dying to know what happens next :)


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Review #16, by Hopeless A Surprise Visitor

8th June 2011:
Whaa! Didn't see that coming, great plot twist!

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Review #17, by Hopeless Listening in

8th June 2011:
Shame on me for not reviewing sooner. I think your story is wonderful :). Very intriguing and well written.
Good job! ~Hopeless

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Review #18, by Victoria LH A Surprise Visitor

4th June 2011:
Oh Harry has to make Uncle Vernon regret meddling into Dudley's marriage! Sic em Harry!

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Review #19, by magicmuggle01 A Surprise Visitor

4th June 2011:
Well I never expected Vernon to show up. Another good chapter and 10/10. Please update soon.

PS Scotland Yard do not have agents. They have Constables and Inspectors. They are normal police officers. I live in the uk.

Author's Response: Thanks, wasn't sure, so I just went with it. Will change it.

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Review #20, by lauraf68 Listening in

29th May 2011:
Ah, Ha -- my guess was right you did give more information. I now know a bit more of what is going on and that Elizabeth obviously didn't leave her husband and daughter of her own will. Good job! Happy Writing!!
~~ Lauraf68

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Review #21, by lauraf68 A Coincidence and a Stakeout

29th May 2011:
Sorry haven't reviewed sooner, been away from HPFF for a bit, but now catching up.

What a great coincidence!! Wondering why she could be in the same neighborhood but away from her husband and daughter?

On to the next chapter, maybe I'll find out some answers to my questions. :-)

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Review #22, by Avanika Listening in

29th May 2011:
Loved the whole thing. All the chapters. I'm very curious about the rest of it!

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Review #23, by hargin Listening in

28th May 2011:
Sorry I have not wrote a review for every chapter. I promise to try to be better. I love your story! It is funny, cute, and something I can picture happening all wrapped up in one. Please continue the story soon! I loved your Elizabeth character being related to Snape and how Snape and Harry acted towards each other. WONDERFUL!

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Review #24, by Clifton Listening in

24th May 2011:
Keep Going! I have really enjoyed the last seven chapters

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Review #25, by leannemariesnape Listening in

21st May 2011:
Hi again!
I like the progress this story is making. I dont enjoy fics where no new . :)
I think i've mentioned before that some of the language seems slightly wooden? But it doesn't really take away from the intregue of the story. One thing I noticed: "Hmm, I suppose that will work. Before you go back there, stop at the Muggle Liaison Office and pick up your Scotland Yard credentials. In the meantime, k up your Scotland Yard credentials. In the meantime, go home and have a good night." It seems that something happened because the "In the meantime, k up your Scotland Yard credentials" is not needed. :)

Keep going! I wanna find out what happens! :D

Author's Response: Thanks for the feedback. I don't type very well on laptops because of the motion pad is so close to the keyboard. I end up hitting it and stuff gets moved without me knowing it. Anyway, I fixed it.

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