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Review #1, by Katniss Weasley Totally broken

26th July 2012:
SO BLOODY SHORT. Make em longer, love.

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Review #2, by lujia-pop Totally broken

9th February 2012:
I love this story! is it bad for me to hope lily leaves her family to go to the school? like not see them for 10 years and then come back as a famous ballerina or something please update soon and make me happy i love this story and whatever you do with the plot will probably be great

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Review #3, by chilps Totally broken

8th February 2012:
please update soon this story is so adorable and i love it so much!! Lily is awesome i hope her mom doesnt freak when she finds out she might go to julliard! and i cant wait to find out how she will get back with lysander or if she will!

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Review #4, by ForeverInTheCold Totally broken

5th December 2011:
WAHH! Oh my god! Poor Lysander! I cant believe shed blame him so easily (but then i can because she is heartbroken) :'(
I hope they make up soon!

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Review #5, by JamesSiriusPotterLover Something wicked this way...spies

6th September 2011:
Pssht. I'm sorry I'm missing something, maybe you've seen it it's this little button at the bottom of the page that takes you to the next chapter! So awesome! Keep it coming!

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure this is the best review I've ever gotten.
I lost my flashdrive with this chapter, so I'm rewriting it. This is the first bit of free time I've had in a while. It will be up by the end of the month! (almost) promise xD

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Review #6, by DailyProphetPhotographer Something wicked this way...spies

21st August 2011:
I'm more intriged than confused. Please write more! This is one of the better Potter-kids stories, for sure. Thanks for the update. Monica :)

Author's Response: One of the best compliments I've ever gotten. Thanks.

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Review #7, by ILOVEASP Something wicked this way...spies

20th August 2011:
I love this story. this chapter. MORE ROMANCE THOUGH! i love romance :D

Author's Response: ...then you might not be a fan of the next chapter...
Read it anyway though, because after that it gets REALLY romantic

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Review #8, by secretwriter2012 Something wicked this way...spies

19th August 2011:
I have been reading your story from the start and it is amazing! I wanna know if Lilly gets in or not?!
keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you, you will, and thank you again. It's nice to know there are people who have been following my baby :)

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Review #9, by Skyler315 Something wicked this way...spies

18th August 2011:
Well that certainly is a cliff hanger!!! Update soon and let her get her letter from Julliard!!!

Author's Response: The letter's not for *counts* three more chapter. Which means you'll just have to keep reading ;)

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Review #10, by supermegafoxyawsomehot Something wicked this way...spies

18th August 2011:
muahahahahaha! I can guess who this is but i am not quite sure. UPDATE OR I WILL FREAK OUT!

Author's Response: I will update as soon as possible, promise.

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Review #11, by Leela Just, you know, the important stuff

16th August 2011:
I remember reading the first few chapters of this story and really liking it. I should've checked up on it more often. I was so surprised it had 18 chapters already!

It's really good. I like it a lot!
I love that Lily's dancing. Dancing is so fascinating and I like how you put it into your story.

I noticed a lot of spelling errors/typos. And at times I'm like 'Whaaat? I didn't get it'. For example, when Al and James went to Hogwarts because Lily got together with Lysander. That scene was a little confusing, you didn't really write down properly what was going on. Or at least, I get the feeling that you rush through some parts of your story.

But apart from that I really like this. I'd love to know more about Lysander, actually. He seems so nice and like a genuinely good guy.
I like how you developed Lily, her character. She's great.

Author's Response: It's a shame, becuase I'm such a horrible person when it comes to people's spelling and grammer and even just their writing, but I hardly notice when it's me.
I'm trying to get better, honest! xD
Thanks for the review, glad you're enjoying the story despite all the mistakes. When it's done, I'll go back and edit the chapters when I need the procrastination :)

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Review #12, by LilyMilly Just, you know, the important stuff

16th August 2011:
hei !!! i love this chapter !!! and i can't wait for the nextr one !! and i really love the way you describe the auditoin !
can't wait for the next chapter !

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Ugh, I must have rewritten that part twenty times, it took forever to get right.
The next chapter is in the quere

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Review #13, by Mariam Abdisalam Just, you know, the important stuff

6th August 2011:
Awh! Lily and Lysander Are the cutest couple ever!

Author's Response: Exactly! I love them so much. Keep an eye out for the chapter

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Review #14, by ILOVEASP Just, you know, the important stuff

5th August 2011:
Pleas update soon! YOU ARE KILLING ME!

Author's Response: Not on purpose. xD
I'm going to visit my grandmother for a week. Working on this (and writing a novel and cheers) will keep me from going insane.

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Review #15, by Padfoot_The_Author33 Just, you know, the important stuff

3rd August 2011:
actually, you got it pretty accurate. you usually need to audition, then apply for Julliard. I think... :)

Author's Response: Why thank you. I just threw ideas out there. It didn't matter how she auditioned, just that she did.

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Review #16, by Padfoot_The_Author33 Coffee, doughnuts, and too many tears.

3rd August 2011:
THE chapter? Hmmm... Can't wait to read THE chapter ;D

Author's Response: Ah The chapter. It's a good one :)

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Review #17, by Padfoot_The_Author33 Even on Christmas I'm scary

3rd August 2011:
Great chapter! I hope your prom was fun, your dress sounds beautiful :)

Author's Response: Thank you, it was, and thank you again!

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Review #18, by Padfoot_The_Author33 Surrounded by Idiots

3rd August 2011:
"'Not too much fun!'
She flipped me off.
I couldn't blame her."
Perfect description of the usual exchange between me and my best friend.

Author's Response: That's good right? xD

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Review #19, by ILOVEASP Just, you know, the important stuff

31st July 2011:
that was really good keep writing because you have talent!

Author's Response: Thanks a bunches!

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Review #20, by LittleRose13 Nothing special

30th July 2011:
I'm so excited to carry on reading this! I dance myself and I love Lily fics (reading and writing) so this is like my perfect story! I'm gonna read on now :)


Author's Response: I'm so gald you like. Please, don't stop reading :)

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Review #21, by lillyluna Just, you know, the important stuff

29th July 2011:
AWWw i love it. it is so cute! you better update soon or i will go insane

Author's Response: I'm working to get more regular with posting, promise. The next chapter will hopefullybe up sometime in the next week.

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Review #22, by NextGenna14 Just, you know, the important stuff

29th July 2011:
I love your story so much 10/10! :)

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I love it too lol

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Review #23, by amazingfreakingperson My brother's need jobs.

26th July 2011:

Author's Response: There's a chapter in the quere. Promise.

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Review #24, by hula yayyyyy My brother's need jobs.

20th July 2011:
CRUCIO! now you have to update. hahaha

Author's Response: I'min the process of coming out of hiatus. Keep an eye out!

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Review #25, by LilyMilly Different is an understatement

15th July 2011:
AH ! loved this chapter! and i know the feeling when you feel a chapter is ending to fast:P but i thought it was a good one !

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing, even though it's the same review lots of times times, so I'll post the same response. But I appreciate all the support.

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