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Review #1, by Jasnie Uncanny.

30th June 2011:
Yeah! You really figured the caracters personalities I love it.

One of the chapter number is wrong... one says 6 the other says 5.

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Review #2, by Jasnie Godspeed.

30th June 2011:
Nice, just very nice that story turn out like this, of course Dumbledore would of taught like that you got the spirit of the caracter, very good.

Oh god!, I just realised I didn't rate the last chapters I just commented. Don't bother the 5/10 I just forgot to rate.

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Review #3, by Jasnie Breathe.

30th June 2011:
“’Mione, don’t be ridiculous.” Harry said, speaking up for the
firs-(t) missing a t
time since they got on the train. “If you had ...

I have a comment about a paragraphe of this chapter I'll wait for your respond to post it or send it by email.

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Review #4, by Jasnie Inevitable

30th June 2011:
Chapter that had to be writen, well writen, but harry potter fans all know what's comming... Like Hermione does.

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Review #5, by Jasnie Pray Tell

30th June 2011:
I love how the slytherins don't figure out who's the girl !

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Review #6, by Jasnie Prologue: Debut

30th June 2011:
Hi, I really like your story so far I read all 6 chapters that are available right now,(I read them all in the same day). I'm going to comment most of the story in this review and I will add on typing corrections or suggestions in the review of the chapter concerned. I once wanted to be an editor and then a translator. Please tell me if you would like the typing corrections and/or suggestions to be private (email) and I would like to propose my self as a translator (from english to french). I really love this story it's got a good plot and I'm impatient to see where you will go from there. I love that you only used letters in the first chapter, I thought oh no the letters are already done :(... but it well resumed Hermione's summer and the situation of most of the caracters we love from the original books. It is also fun to know that Dumbledore is still there in the last line of the chapter, very cleaver! I wonder if Snape is still there or if he's got his place somewhere in your story since you took back some of the dead caracters. I will continue ''reviewing'' if that's a word, in the other chapters.
Good job continue your great work!

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Review #7, by marauders_17 Uncanny.

30th June 2011:
i love it! can't wait to read more,!! keep writing because you're doing a fantastic job :D update soon pleaseeex

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Review #8, by marauders_17 Prologue: Debut

30th June 2011:
Enjoyed the first chapter, :) good job !

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Review #9, by Khanspunk Prologue: Debut

30th June 2011:
Ok so far. Looking forward to more.

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Review #10, by Firebird Uncanny.

30th June 2011:
I can't believe Hermione just betrayed her friends like that to help a Death Eater.

Harry and Ron should have let her die in Malfoy Manor.

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Review #11, by dariondancer Breathe.

8th April 2011:

This was the absolute best one yet! I swear I've become in love with these stories lol
Lavender is such a. a. ugh! She annoys me. Even in JK's books. Good job keeping her personality the same.. kinda. Maybe it's just the way I always perceived Lavender whenever I read the books. :D

Author's Response: lol hi dariondancer! Thanks for the review. You really did make my day with your post. ;)
I did perceive Lavender that way when I read the books too, and I'm really working to sort of maintain the personalities in my story. :)

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Review #12, by DobbysSock Breathe.

6th April 2011:
Ok ! I'm so happy that you finally updated this and I loved it. I'm guessing Lavender and Ron may have a secret thing they are keeping from Hermione? Just a guess though, I may be wayyy off. And the last part, I loved it. It really seemed like Draco, not really caring about the gossip but just being there to put her in her place really. Loved it.
Also, I remember on my last review you had said you didn't know how to get a banner? Well it's super easy. When you're scrolling on the home page, in the bottom right hand corner area, there will be a link to a website called The-Dark-Arts. There will be an area to fill out a request for a HPFF banner and someone should pick it up within a couple days. Good luck and can't wait for the next review!

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! :) It's nice to know you've kept tabs on my story too. Lol it's a good guess! And I had loads of fun writing the last part so I'm glad you liked it. :)
Thanks for the help on getting a banner! I'll go check it out. :)

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Review #13, by Charlie Breathe.

5th April 2011:
I love where this story is headed. I can understand the exclusions of the deaths throughout the series - its so lovely to have them back in the stories! When will the next part be available?

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! :)
Hopefully I'll have it done by next week! :) I've got a light load for college summer class so I've got free time to write.

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Review #14, by dariondancer Prologue: Debut

31st March 2011:
OMZ! I just thought about something when I was reading this for the second time... One of the twins died in the last book but then suddenly Fred's back again!

You should definitely fix that, but so far I haven't found anything else wrong! Good work! :D

Author's Response: Lol! Hey dariondancer! :) In my author's note for Prologue:Debut, I did say that I was disregarding some character deaths because I couldn't write a story without them in it! :) Fred is one of those characters.

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Review #15, by dariondancer Inevitable

2nd March 2011:
This chapter was as good as the others!

A few comments though:

1. Watch your punctuation. SOmetimes there are commas missing where it could be crucial.
2. "He returned her smile and smile and quickened his pace to get to her sooner." You could definitely leave the 'get to her sooner' part out. It's kinda repetitive. And the 'smile and smile' thing. Watch out for repetitive words.

This is so good! I check it like every week!

Author's Response: Hey dariondancer! :) Thanks for showing me love. Again! Lol.
Anyway, thanks so much for the corrections and comments. I'll be extra careful with my next chapters. :) (Which will hopefully be done next week! Sorry for the delay!)

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Review #16, by DobbysSock Inevitable

1st March 2011:
This chapter was good :) I like how quickly the update came! Can't wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Thanks! :) I'm starting to write the next chapter already. Hopefully it'll be up by next week. :)

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Review #17, by Ehlana Inevitable

1st March 2011:
I love it!!! Please update asap!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I will update soon! :)

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Review #18, by Potterfan Inevitable

1st March 2011:
Your story has a promising start. Will look out for more - please keep them coming!

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! :) I promise I'll keep writing!

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Review #19, by DobbysSock Pray Tell

28th February 2011:
I like how nobody noticed that it was Hermione and even once everyone else figured it out, Draco was still clueless. I really want to see how everything turns out.

Author's Response: Thanks! I had loads of fun writing this. :D

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Review #20, by DobbysSock Prologue: Debut

28th February 2011:
I definitely like how this chapter was just letters Hermione had written and received. It was different then everything else I've read. I saw that you reviewed one of my chapters and thought I'd check to see if you had written anything and, alas! you had. I'll have to keep an eye out on this one to see how the story turns out.
You should check in to getting a banner for your story as well. It draws attention to your story and more people will end up reading it. I know that's what I did with mine and it has really helped the story gain popularity. Good luck with your story!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for returning the love! xx
I was actually thinking about getting a banner for my story, but I don't know where I can get one made, and I don't know how to make one myself. :(

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Review #21, by dariondancer Prologue: Debut

10th February 2011:
I like it so far! I'm really curious about where you're going with this, though I can pretty much figure out that the Head Boy is gonna be Draco, who else would it be?

Good job!

Author's Response: Hey dariondancer! :) Thanks for the review.
Haha good guess! The next chapter should be up soon so stay tuned. :)

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