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Review #1, by HartOfARebel Familiar Faces

22nd September 2011:
I'm very confused. If Voldemort is gone why can't James go back?

Author's Response: well, my logic is that although Voldemort is gone, there is still alot of his followers around. Harry is much safer with the Dursley's at this time than if he were to be with his father. the last thing they need is The Man Who Lived to start causing some issues.

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Review #2, by HartOfARebel Emilie et Julianne

22nd September 2011:
Is Emilie falling in love with James?? It seems like he has a ready made family that he's just fallen into. Why can't he go back to England and take Harry back, get Sirius released and get everyone to help him look for Lily?

Author's Response: James loves children, and is quite taken with little Julianne. Emilie has yet to learn that all she'll ever be to James is a sisterly figure. England isn't an option for James since Dumbledore has told him to stay where he is; the dangers of returning are numerous for everyone... especially for Harry. don't worry, Lily will come around soon... she has an interesting story of her own to tell. thank you for reading :)

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Review #3, by Miranda Jones Familiar Faces

1st August 2011:
Oh sweet Merlin! You have a knack for awesome chapters! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! I have the next chapter in the works now... it shouldn't take too long to write.

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Review #4, by Micdug Familiar Faces

8th June 2011:
poor james! but why did dumbledore come just to tell him to stay put? wat happened to lily?!?

Author's Response: Dumbledore came to ensure James's safety as well as Harry's. If James were to apply for a job in his own name, it would only cause him trouble because there are still Deatheaters roaming around. It'll make sense later on, trust me. Thanks for reading!

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Review #5, by Miranda Jones Emilie et Julianne

3rd June 2011:
Wow. This is really cool. I can't wait to see what happens next!!

Author's Response: Hi Miranda. I'm soo glad you think that. It means alot to me. Please do keep reading. :)

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Review #6, by Maddie Disturbing Discoveries

22nd May 2011:
Oh my god! Best story ever!

Author's Response: sweet merlin, thank you :)

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Review #7, by Rita Skeeter Prologue

21st February 2011:
Wow. I like this!
10/10 and added to favourites

Author's Response: Thank you, Miss Rita.

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Review #8, by michaelasaurus Blind

21st February 2011:
pft! Canada, what goobers we all are here in Canada! Although I am glad someone is finally recognizing us as a magical place!

Author's Response: I'm not soo sure about goobers, lol. Thanks for the review. :)

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Review #9, by michaelasaurus Purgatory

21st February 2011:
LOVE. This is pure love that I am sending you in the form of a review. This is an AWESOME Chapter 1!

Author's Response: Thank you soo much! I love the fact that you're taking the time to review... I'm definitely feeling the love!

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