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Review #1, by Mintleaf Lie To Me

12th March 2011:
Here it is! :)

This sentence is a bit of a doozy: 'In her later years, though she was hardly to be considered elderly in any way, she had moved into her son's home, where there too, she seldom spoke a word to anyone, but still managed to slip out of the house every day for a lunch in a cafe and a walk in the park with her dear friend Margaret.' It might just need to be sliced in the middle somewhere or something!

'yet formal in a mix of what appeared to be greif and' I think the end of your sentence may be missing! And grief is spelt wrong haha :)

'as he left the music say goodbye' let the music say goodbye?

This is a lovely description: 'The second man, who was a portly gentleman whose hair must have been very dear to him many years ago, but now was a mere memory'

Wow, ok that took me a long time to read, but that's a good thing really! There was so much going on I really had to hang off every word.

I don't normally like songfics but I liked this because the song was really in there for a reason.

Also, having read the first chapter of Wolf this is really a grim future to look forward to! They all seem to lovely and innocent in Wolf haha. I'm eager to see how wolf evolves into this though and I really like the mystery and suspense. I like that Bill is in it now and I hope he'll crop up in Wolf too! :)

Other than that I really can't fault you on anything, again! This is pretty wonderful! You write beautifully! :)

Author's Response: Hello again dearie! Yay for another review!! :D

Grammar/Readability: Ouch, I don't know how I let those sentences into the queue! I'll have to go and fix them up in an edit, and thank you so much for pointing them out to me! :D

Characterization: That has to be one of my favorite sentences I've written and it makes me happy to know you like it too!

Plot/Flow: Oh wow, thank you! The song itself has a story of who played the guitar solo that inspired this, so i think the lyrics in it do set it apart from just being a normal songfic. Thanks for stepping out of your normal reading comfort zone to look over the songfic!

Sometimes I wonder if it was right to have these two linked because they are set so far apart and it does make Wolf look really grim. However, I like the suspense it presents, and I hope Wolf's characterizations live up to how they are all presented in this.

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to leave such great reviews and have a great day! :)

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Review #2, by Capella Black Lie To Me

25th February 2011:
Hiya! So, I love a good mystery, and a truly original plot, and this story had both by the bucket! The whole story had an edgy, tense vibe, which was really enjoyable. The decision to have the point of view move from character to character (though remaining in third person - always wise) was a good one, as we needed to see this from different angles for the slow reveal to work.

I am a little confused about the last part - why were they all after the pocketwatch, and why did Felix want to steal it? I get the feeling that these answers have been omitted on purpose, but it still seemed a little muddled (though that could just be me being dense). Potentially some more explicit explanation, or alternatively some more explicit lack of explanations if that was the plan, would leave the reader feeling more confident in their understanding?

Still, the story itself was great, and the flow and writing style are superb! I particularly love your use of alliteration - it drives the pace forward but doesn't feel contrived or over the top, which it so often can (at least when I try to use it!) Really - great stuff!

Author's Response: Thanks for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed it!! Oh I've just reread this over and over (and over and over) again in awe of how helpful it all is! I have to say, i was a bit worried about it changing perspectives, so I am glad that it ended up working out as well as it did! :D

I have some plans for what that will be, but you do have a really good point I haven't thought of, so I think when I edit it, I will tweak it just enough that it's a little more clear as to what exactly the whole artifact thing is all about.

Thank you so much for the review and have a fantastic day,

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Review #3, by firefly910 Lie To Me

23rd February 2011:
Wow, that was so tense and mysterious.
I don't normally read this type of fic at all,
I'm glad you asked me to look at it because I really enjoyed it.

The mystery of who Jo really is and what was so important really kept my attention all the way through the story.
Admittedly at the beginning I was a little confused but not in a bad way, it added to the story.

The plot is such a unique idea, I love it.
I would never ever have thought to pair anyone with Fenrir in my life, you have an interesting thing to work on their.
You've caught my interest with Jo/Fenrir, I want to know their story, especially because we know how Fenrir turned out.

I don't know the Beatle's Song but I do think that from reading it, it fits really well.
Loved the Doctor Who quote at the end, it's one of my faves. You incorporated it into the plot brilliantly.

The use of Bill Weasley was another thing I loved, there aren't many fics about him around. You focused in on what his job as a curse breaker might entail and you depicted him extremely well.

Great job, such an interesting and unique plot!

Author's Response: Hehe, oh thank you so much for this lovely review! I've read it over and over again, just soaking it in and I'm really glad you liked it!

I actually never thought I would even write this because i don't like Hogwarts era, songfics, and I've never considered myself very good at writing dark stories, but then I started writing and ended up really liking it!

I'm glad it came off like I had intended Jo's rather mysterious personality to, because she's not a normal character, but she faced a lot of normal problems in this story that just came to her in not normal ways. I felt like I was learning who she was about a step ahead of the readers. :)

I am absolutely obsessed with them now, even though I fear liking Fenrir/OC stories is not going to be as popular as. the vast majority of other ships. Hehe, the first chapter of my Fenrir/Jo novel is in the queue now and should be up by Friday or Saturday.

Thank you so very very much for your lovely review, and I really enjoyed our review swap!

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Review #4, by ericajen Lie To Me

22nd February 2011:
While My Guitar Gently Weeps is one of my absolute favorite Beatles songs! So happy to see it in a songfic. Speaking of, I think the lyrics were placed nicely and you did very well with them.

This was a really interesting story! I liked it. It's really very creative. The way you wrote is really impressive, I think. I love when people explore minor characters, so I thought this was a nice change of pace from the norm.

All in all, well done! I think you did a really nice job with this(:

Author's Response: I adore that song and was overjoyed when I had that one for the challenge! Between my love for this song and minor characters/OCs in general, I found this to be an incredibly enjoyable piece to write, and I'm happy you like it too! :)
Have a fantastic day, and thanks for the review swap (Yours was AMAZING! Super highly recommended!!)

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Review #5, by TenthWeasley Lie To Me

10th February 2011:
Hello! It's TenthWeasleyWriter from the forums with your requested review. ^^ And before I go any further, congratulations on winning this challenge! Your piece certainly was incredible, definitely chosen well. ^^

I am usually not a huge songfic person - I will read them, obviously, and I do write them on occasion - but you have turned any prejudices I may have had for them on my head! =] I loved how you incorporated the lyrics for "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" (a personal favorite Beatles song of mine) and they worked so well with your story.

I also loved that this was a Bill Weasley story! I adore the canon Weasleys with a fiery passion (not tootootoo big on next gen, although I've written a ScoRose) and especially the ones less written about. ^^

Overall, gingersnape, I really really liked this story and thought it was extremely well written. As always, I love your writing style - you are a very talented writer, there's absolutely no doubt in my mind. =] Thank you for coming by my review thread and requesting!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reviewing this for me! (And I apologize for taking so long to get this up; my iPod won't reply sadly :C) I'm going to put the first chapter of the accompanying novel into the queue pretty soon, and will definitely request you to come take a look at it for me! :)

I'm not actually a songfic person, so I understand what you mean exactly. I'm glad you thought it fit well though! I really love stories that are based on a single, or else very few, canon characters, so one of the reasons I wrote this was to try it out myself, and Bill often gets overlooked, so I liked that I had him as a character.

Thank you so much for the super speedy review and have a fantastic day,

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Review #6, by Olwyn Lie To Me

10th February 2011:
That was amazing, ginger. It was so... wow. Check my blog for the results!

Author's Response: Eeep, I can't believe I was 1st!! Thank you so much for writing such an inspirational challenge and opening my eyes to a whole new era! I'm really excited about all of the doors that this challenge opened for me, and really can't thank you enough for running such a great challenge! :D

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Review #7, by sk8trmafia08 Lie To Me

10th February 2011:
Ack! What was the artifact?! Sooo good!

Author's Response: Hehe, thank you and I can tell you the pocketwatch was involved, but the rest of it is a mix of I haven;t figured it out, and I can;t tell you what I have figured out! :D

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Review #8, by soccerj18 Lie To Me

10th February 2011:
Hello luv!

Hmm, an interesting mystery that you have set up there. A few minor things. When Bill thinks the last words (It was Bill right?), you might want to put that in italics. It looks better.
Secondly. "The first man, who was scrawny and had dark black hair covering most of his features, had come in just after Rex had taken his seat. Rex did not recall ever seeing him before the funeral, but after spending a moment looking at Josephine's body, he sat down next to Rex." This is a bit confusing... you might want to put 'the man sat down next to Rex' instead of he. There are just too many males to differentiate.

Minor things, but really, very excellent

Author's Response: Hello, and thanks for doing this for me!! I really appreciate your help! :DDD

Thank you, and I'll be sure to put the quote in italics; it had completely slipped my memory, so double thank you for pointing it out! Again, went right under the radar but boy am I glad you saw it! Hehe, I'll be putting a revised version into the queue soon, so I can't thank you enough for helping me with those.

Have a wonderful day,

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Review #9, by xLauriePotter Lie To Me

9th February 2011:
gingersnape: Well hello there ;) Laurie here with your requested review, and its a pleasure that you stopped by my review thread.. hehe.

Ooh, Another beatles challenge. My first review request on this thread was another from this challenge. It will be good to see the two huh? ;P i love the beatles♥! Oh and that banner is beautiful. Down to business..

Wow. This story is such a mystery. I've never read much like it before, With Bill as one of the main characters without his fellow Weasleys; Brilliant touch, Original in my eyes. ;)

Felix is brilliant. You've characterised him so well! I always seem to love evil-sounding characters more (strange huh?), I think it's because they hold so much strange emotion and power.

I felt quite sad that Jo and Fenrir didn't seem to have a happy ending, though all stories cannot hold as such, and the way you wrote it with that mysterious twist and feeling was fabulous. I also love the way Jo kept that object that he gave her - Very cute ;)

Overall, I really enjoyed this peice. It's not normally something I would read but I found it refreshing and very gripping from start to finish.
Good job!

Author's Response: Hello, and you are so fast at your reviews! I will definitely be back when I get my novel that goes with this posted, if that's alright with you! Hehe, thank you so much for doing this, it was very helpful and just generally awesome!

Oooh, lucky you getting to read two Beatles songfics in a day! (They are amazing! This is my first songfic, and I wasn't sure about doing a songfic, but I love the Beatles so much I had to join! :D) I squeed when I saw it in the Up For Grabs section! Man the people at TDA are good! :D Oh right, the review! Here, have a cookie and let's get this started! =]

Thank you so much! I'm so glad you think it's original, it really makes me happy to know it's different, and that the mystery in it worked out!

I adore the evil ones too! They always seem to have so much depth and the fact that Felix has that characterization I was going for is amazing. They do hold a lot of power, especially the smart but not quite violent just twisted ones because you never know what they'll do.

I really wanted to give them a happy ending, and actually did in a super early version, but it just didn't feel right. I did want to give them a bit of happiness, so the pocket watch was my way of adding in just a bit of love into this.

Again, thank you so much for doing this and I'm glad you liked it! I actually thought I would have to force the words to come for a story like this, but now I've surprised myself by really liking i!

Have a great day,

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Review #10, by Miss MarlaG Lie To Me

8th February 2011:
AWESOMESAUCE, gingie. I wonder what FAB person beta-ed this to make it such amazing work of art and inspiraton??? *me me me!*
lol! this was so good, even better than when i first read it. and its all thanks to you!
i need to watch Doctor Who. that's sure going to my bucket list! *putting in list*
i hope you get your novel going! i want to know more about Jo!
*peace out, Ginger!

Author's Response: Hehe, I wonder who! I'm going to put the updated version with your edits in the queue soon! *gives cookies*
Thank you so much! Squee, I'm really glad that you liked it and go watch Doctor Who! Like, right now!! (I love that show! It took me almost a year to watch everything because I kept not finding time to watch it, but I did love it! :D)
I can't wait to get Wolf posted here, and I think I want to know more about her too! :)
In a while, crocodile!

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Review #11, by NeverGotHerLetter Lie To Me

8th February 2011:
Now this is a great story! Thoroughly OC and not based any where in Hogwarts or anywhere we particularly recognise, which I think was amazing and we all need one of those stories once in a while don't we?! Ah, I love the Beatles... never got in to Doctor Who though... But that quote was amazing. I like how you didn't get Rex to have the cliche reaction of screaming or something like that when he was told his mother was a wizard. Also, I liked how you made the connection between her and Bill, as it gave us a foundation and someone we recognised. Aswell as that, I like how you gave Fenrir Greyback someone who loved him, as it's true that just because you're evil, it doesn't mean you're not loved.
Ah, look how deep I've gone :) Rolo cookie??
So yes, veeery well done, and I really really enjoyed the darkness and mystery :) A great read!!
~NeverGotHerLetter x x x x x x

Author's Response: Hello! :D
Thank you so much! You have no idea how much it means to em that you like it, and boy am I relieved to know that not having very many canon characters at all went well! :) Hehe, from writing Jo for the novel that will come from this, I just didn't think her son would be the screaming type, plus yelling is overrated. :) On a slight tangent, Fenrir Greyback has to be the single most interesting character for me, as I wanted to play with just how he went from being a normal human to a super creepy werewolf who enjoyed ruining as many children's lives as he could and being a really twisted character. I don't think anyone is born that ruthless, so I want to know what changed him. And you're exactly right about how just because you're evil doesn't mean you're not loved! Gah, this was an amazing review! :)
YUMMY! *hands over gingersnaps and does the cookie party dance*
Again, thakn you so much and I'm really glad you liked this!

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Review #12, by Hyacinth Dursley Lie To Me

7th February 2011:
Just your friendly reviewer for the Great Gryffie Egg Hunt
dropping by to say hey!

Interesting and a nice little mystery you're building for yourself here. :) A complex bit of plot you've got going on there. You've got a couple of small problems, but nothing serious. Just a sentence that ends a word short for example.

'His tone was friendly, yet formal in a mix of what appeared to be greif and' ?

A couple of small spelling mistakes too. (grief) Try printing you're story out and reading it backwards. It can be easier to catch a mistake when your mind is not caught up following the story.

Over all it looks like you've got a good strong plot line going and a unique idea. Be interesting to see where it ends! :D

Author's Response: Thank you and I can't wait for the Egg Hunt! It will be so much fun!

Thanks, I was not sure about how the mysteriousness of this would go over, and I hope the other things I do with these characters goes just as well as this seems to have gone! :D

Arrg! I ended up editing this fairly late at night, and though I caught all of those nasty little mistakes, but I'll be sure to fix that one when I post the edited version.

Once again, thank you so much for your review and I'm super excited to see what other stories there are!

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