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Review #1, by katebabelovesharrypotter The wedding...will he speak up?

27th March 2011:
Very cute little piece. You can only improve as a writer! Try to read over it out loud to make sure you got any little mistakes and to make sure your dialogue sounds right! Nice job!

Author's Response: OMG THX SO Much for th rviw, i will read it outloud like u said thx agan

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Review #2, by massieblockrox The wedding...will he speak up?

7th February 2011:
This story has potential, but it's very hard to read. You need some spelling corrections, punctuation, and grammar revisions. I would be happy to beta this for you.

The idea was nice. It seemed a bit like Speak Now, a song by Taylor Swift. Any inspiration from that?

You should also start a new paragraph each time a different character talks. It makes it easier to follow.

Overall, nice, but hard to read. Congratulations on getting your first story up!


Author's Response: OMG OMG A REVIEW! thx thx thx!

on to th e respond part lol

it has poterncil? However u spell it, u get it. it has it! yayay! yeah i know i shouldve corrected that stuf, but I didn't want to. You dont need to beta, thx for ofering.
I lurv speak now! lol no
ok i will
thx thx thx!

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