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Review #1, by Luzianne The Sun can not fall from the Sky

6th June 2012:
How to review??? The emotions I pictured of Snape The missed chances, misssed looks. how fragile is the hart and yet how few truly love .. you share much of how it could have been on these pages. Of her family and a bit of his. From the first novel I had felt Snape to be more than what appeared. when He killed Dumbledore, stilll I believed in him. Why? something in the way a connection exisited between harrry and snape. Enjoyed the light and the dark the flowers and then the fact of golden leaves falling -an end of a season. Enjoyed the short and heartfelt story.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Snape is such a complex character (like all characters in the series), which makes it so interesting to write about him. His story is very sad, but at the same time, you have to portray happiness; after all, there's happiness in every life, no matter how grim it may seem. Finding that balance can be difficult! Thank you for reviewing! I appreciate it very much

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Review #2, by Kellydofc The Sun can not fall from the Sky

7th March 2012:
Completely heartbreaking.

Author's Response: Thanks :) I'm both sorry and glad you feel that way!

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Review #3, by searching4neverland The Sun can not fall from the Sky

3rd April 2011:
Hi there. Im wildcat from the forums, here with your overdue review. Sorry about that. life got a little more complicated than expected.

I ofund this story a very nice read, it was rally well thought out and touching, but without being obvious or overdramatic. Actually I think this is what I liked best about this piece, the way you kept every emotion so simple but so sharp at the same time. The flow and characterization were according to be very well done, so dont worry about it. Loved your descriptions and the way you put words together.

It really hit a nerve with me the way you made the Fat Lady the witness of Severuss first heartbreak. I had never thought about her that way and when you mentioned 'the portrait that had seen it all before' - that was kinda touching, though I cant really say why.

And it seemed inc character with Severus that for his every little mistake - with Liliy - when he was younger, he never really blamed himself and his alliences, but the circumstances that led him and Lily to fall apart. When he had his chance to console her when she was crying, he hesitated, that thats why James got there before him, but Severus didnt see it that way - which sums him up perfectly. But later on in the story, he blames himself for everything and its really painful to read, because in a way he doesnt deserve all the fault, but in another, it he finally take on responsibility for his part in his own ruination... which makes everyhitng so much worse for him.

I didnt expect the kiss, but I think it was unlikable to be because I was seeing it from Severuss pov. The fact that he would view everything James does as fallacious was contagious.

The dream was particularly powerful, I think, because it embodies both James and Severus as opposites and how Lily made a choice between them, but that had nothing to do with what either of them thought of themselves - but more so with who they chose to be. The part of him getting branded was so sad. I thingk it was more sad than scary really, because it felt like the moment he fully gave up on everything.
The moment when Sev. notices the scar on her neck and wonders which one of his fellow death eaters did that - I had the chills in that moment. It was so apparent that they belong to different sides, but that they will never really be enemies. And his desperation was palpable even thought the way you told this story was always neutral, without too many flowrishings.

'He wonders what she thinks of him now.
He half hopes she doesn't think of him at all' - omg, that line was so so sad, resally. I thought id never read about a lonelier man.

It was strange reading about the meeting of the order that Severus attends. He was so still, seemed so calm, and you wrote the whole thing so neutrality, but the words you used created this weird effect - it felt like I was holding a bomb in my hands and waiting for it to go off. And even thought it didnt, it still felt like something major had just happened. It was almost as if knowing that this would be the last time they would see each other and there was sadness in that. loved the silent interaction between Sirius and Severus, it was so in character, it felt like it could have been canon.

I wouldnt know what to say about the ending. It wasnt in any way lacking but I felt like you could have done it better going from the way you've written the rest of this one shot. I think, that you could always focus a little more on what Severus went through after he knew that lily had died, before passing him into the the apathec mode, so to speak. Show us what happened to him how he reached that point where he feels nothing by showing what broke inside him when lily died. Im just trying to give you ideas here. Overall, I really liked this.
great job!

Author's Response: Hello there! Thank you for taking the time to leave me such a lovely and constructive review. You have absolutely nothing to worry about when it comes to lateness; I know first hand how much of an inconvenience real life can be... that's my (pitiful) excuse for being so late in replying to this.
I think that the Fat Lady probably would have seen a lot of kids get their hearts broken over the years. It would get pretty sad for her, I think, since she would get a sixth sense on which relationships would work well and which wouldn't.
What you said about Snape blaming himself through the years was exactly what I was going for! So glad you caught it! When I wrote the kiss scene I was kinda iffy about it, seeing as romance writing and I are barely acquainted. However, I figured that Snape wouldn't exactly see it as a lovey dovey thing, so I wrote it to make James the antagonist. I'm so happy to hear that those feelings made it through rather than made it feel really bland... I was very worried.
I'm glad you thought the dream was powerful. I was in the zone at that point, s everything I wrote was barely planned out. All metaphorical stuff is awesome, but totally unintentional ;)
It was the funeral scene that I started trying to make Snape turn towards the good side fully. Seeing Lily there totally changed him, and I wanted the scar to be a representation of the differences between them.
Glad you liked that line... it's one of my favourites too ;)
Wow! The Order scene was one of the more awkward ones to write, I thought, since we know so little of the original order, and of what really happened in the meetings. I'm very happy that you got that reaction from it!
I have the feeling that Sirius would not be very mature about the whole Snape joins the order thing.
The ending had me worried. I'm definitely planning on rewriting it; to me it felt very anticlimactic but I couldn't figure out how to change it. I will most definitely take your suggestions into consideration when I rewrite it. And give you credit, of course ;)
Thanks again for the really lovely and humongously helpful review. Sorry it took me so long to get back to you :P


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Review #4, by RumbleroarRedvines The Sun can not fall from the Sky

26th February 2011:
I read this story a while ago, but I forgot to review it! It was really beautiful, especially how the song and the story blended together. I think this is probably the best song fic I've ever read!
p.s. Banner rocks, too.

Author's Response: Great praise indeed! I'm extremely flattered that you think this songfic is that good! It was weird to write (I'm no good at romance :p) but I'm glad that you at least think I pulled it off! Thanks for the compliment on my attempt at a nice, simple banner (aka 5 minutes of work on gimp) it's the first comment I've ever gotten about any of the art, can you believe it? I sure can ;) Thanks again for all the amazingly nice reviews hon. They mean so much to me.

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